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tv   News 3 Live at Eleven  NBC  August 18, 2016 12:00am-12:36am PDT

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>> we're about to see a high, high level. >> no man has ever won a global championship 400 out of lane 8. >> in world record time! >> this is going to be the most successful women's team in olympic history. >> usain bolt still invincible! >> it's not supposed to be that easy, tom. >> the united states has bronze. >> american michelle carter. >> the first sweep in olympic
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some progress to report from the fire fight in southern california tonight tourists can get here on i-15. but locals can't take the freewaal clues that can help detectives solve our valley's oldest murder mystery. >> also, the heroin epidemic is getting worse. the staggering number of lives lost to the devastating addiction. the battle continues to put out
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california. thanks for stays up late with us. >> officials reopened northbound i-15 letting drivers get here to las vegas from l.a. southbound lanes remain closed until further notice. the fire is still burning west of the pass. it's only 4% contained. >> let's take a live look at the fire. you can see flames still intense. officials map it at 30,000 acres, which is lower than previous estimates. more than 82,000 people have been forced from their homes. 34,000 homes are in danger. >> in my 40 years of fighting fire, i have never seen it so extreme. >> weather and dry brush only help the fire spread.
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aggressively, we are struggling to keep up with it. >> the blue cut fire is east of l.a. >> with the rate of spread that we have seen, if we ask you to leave, you have to leave. >> the fire started around 10:3g mountains in plumes of smoke. the e dangerous. >> this is a challenging year. the fires are burning in real unprecedented fashion. it's to the point where explosive fire growth is the new normal. that's the challenge for all of us to take on. >> so while you can get to las vegas from l.a. at this point, heading there from here is still going to require quite a detour. if you do have to drive there, caltrans recommends you take the
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on highway 18 west, take that to the 14 south which will lead you to interstate 5. smoke making its way to our valley. how long will it stay here. >> it's been coming and going, jim and marie. for a while we had the smoke. it went away in the afternoon. san brd north where las vegas would be back here. now this evening as the winds have relaxed, there is a chance we could see late night and early morning smoke. the latest air quality report has us in the moderate category for the smoke and ozone as well. but in this time lapse, you can see how the day started and the smoke rolled in got an issue there as we clocked over to
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west side of the las vegas valley. we'll update that for you, of course, and have a full look at your seven-day forecast in a couple of minutes. >> we know many of you have friend or family near the fire zone. stay tuned for continuing coverage of the blue cut fire. you can also find out more on our facebook page. a by a pit bull. it happened around 3:30 this afternoon. metro says the child was visiting a friend when the pit bull ran out of the home and attacked. the child died at sunrise hospital. animal control removed the dog from the home. new developments that could help police close a decades old cold case. there are new clues in the
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.>> it was 37 years ago when a body was found off an empty lot near las vegas boulevard. today police have a lead. it is not often new light touches something buried for so long. her name is sahara sue, given to her by hard working detectives who think she's a teenager, found on an empty lot, beaten and it's las vegas' oldest cold case to. investigators it might as well have happened yesterday. >> there is more than one person that knows what happened to sahara sue. >> we talked to mike murphy in january, then a break in the case. this intersection has changed a lot. the case not so much. there's been jane sahara doe and
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and police have crucial details. they might know her first name or where she worked, maybe where she lived. sahara sue may have been named shawna. they are clues keeping a case alive. a case long considered cold. >> there is a mom or dad that do not know where their child is. there is also somethingls justice. someone took her life. >> while they do have a new lead, they don't have a suspect or come close to making an arrest. they hope people at home, this may jog your memory. if you do, contact them. we'll have the contact
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difference. an unusual theft leaves police looking for a nuclear device. they were stolen from a storage facility last thursday. they are used to determine the distance between soil particles and they contain two radioactive isotopes. they come in a yellow box that looks like a cooler. if you know anything, call crimestoppers, (702)385-5555. we are continuing to watch a developing story. the two olympic swimmers are not allowed to leave the country. it jack conger and gunnar bentz were with brian lochte when they claim they were held up. they said their stories didn't add up.
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judge tried to revoke his passport. coming up tonight, it's a drug epidemic getting out of control. >> a local woman's fight against heroin and why there is light at the end of the tunnel for her. things get heated outside the octagon. we show you what started this
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for seniors like barbara, social security makes a difference evevery month. but for the wall street types who've given congressman joe heck's campaigns over $500,000,
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that's what privatizing social security means and why joe heck and wall street support it. under heck's privatization plan, retirement security gets risked on the stock market. and the wall street types supporting joe heck make billions. whose side are you on? senate majority pac is responsible
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new tonight, heroin use is up 40%. >> 76 people overdosed o t year. >> we spoke to a recovering addict about why it's become such a deadly epidemic. >> reporter: here is the scary reality, you can find heroin for cheap. that's the struggle for recovering addicts like a mother of three who has been in and out of these doors several times. just last week angela was using.
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and taking xanax. >> but now see the sparkle in her eyes. >> i actually feel again. >> she's a patient going through medical detox. the director says they saw an increase in clients who claim opiates are their primary drug. >> we have not seen these types of numbers for heroin overdose since the 1970s. >> they >> i had everything, house, car, children, volunteered at school. any kind of pain pill was a drug. >> that moment drove her to take the rest of the pain killers. here's the temptation. it's accessible anywhere in the valley.
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well, you go to the street, you find heroin, you can get the same effect for 10:00 dollars. >> she's determined to stay sober, this time for her son. learning yesterday on her birthday if she stays clean, she will see her son once again. she also adds recovery is hard. sometimes you fail. it's important to try again there are programs to help you after detox. thank you. new tonight, police say two tractor-trailers collided near atlanta, georgia spilling bottles of gatorade. quite a mess. one lane was shut down in each direction as crews cleaned up. >> we turn our attention back to the fire in california. they are dealing with these
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difficult. >> not just for the firefighters, but people living with their children and animals. >> hot air temperatures. you can see why it's difficult to fight a fire when you see the actual temperature of the fire itself. the numbers are staggering. once a tree bursts into flames, that temperature, 572?. then as the wildfire gets rolling at ground level, just absolutely amazing. it's being pushed and fanned by the wind, creates havoc down there. here's the smoke as we started the day. it took a while to get the smoke out of the las vegas valley. we started seeing more patches of blue. then late in the day as the wind relaxed, here comes the smoke again.
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develop, they 0.01-inch of rain. lake mead, on the east side of town, checking in at 93. their humidity at 21%. it centennial hills, 86? and 27%. a little more humidity out there now. temperatures across the valley range from mid to upper 80s on the west side. we had a high as the lake is coming in at 95. mccarran, 107. 5? above normal. that 107, exactly on the number what the forecast was for today. didn't feed the 3? guarantee. we packed in another $33. up to 330 for the fisher house and still climbs. 138, down a couple of? as the
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parked outside. stale blast of 138? air when you open up the car door. thursday we'll begin in the 80s. at least at 7:00 a.m. looking for a high between 102, 105. like today, not much wind in the morning. it picks up and shifts enough to come out of the south. that should clear the smoke by early afternoon. that area of farther to the west. result is a, it's right on the border there. we had a couple of showers in eastern parts of clock county, then that one sort of split into two, popped up a couple of showers. they worked themselves through henderson. i wouldn't be surprised with the dynamics that a couple more mountain fire storms fire up. although the chances are minimal
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58 in the mountains, 69 in indian springs for lows. bolder city 102 tomorrow. 82? tonight. we have the bright, full moon. we'll see some smoke late tonight and early tomorrow morning. it should blow away as the wind schiffs back to the south by mid day or early afternoon. the official high 105. then we start 104 by 2 friday and saturday, then early next week barely over a hundred?. in las vegas, that's large. keep track of every degree tomorrow morning beginning at 4:30 a.m. on those days we have a high temperature of 101, you have died and gone to heaven. >> so funny. >> we are going to set the record for the hottest summer ever in las vegas.
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still ahead, a navy sailer was apart for his family for eight months. >> which gave him a lot of time to think about how to surprise
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new tonight, a minnesota couple didn't expect any surprises when they went tout lunch. >> who would. they got a big one and a moving one, courtesy of their sailer son. take a look. >> oh, my god! >> bringing pizza to his parents. i recognize that waiter. it's the first time he's seen them since christmas. >> this is not the first time he's done something like this. likely won't be the last. he will be home for about two weeks before heading out once again. in the meantime, a lot of hugs, smiles, maybe more pizza. >> you figure after a while they
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>> coming up here tonight, today's press conference for this weekend's ufc card ended early when they started to roll obscenities, then water bottles. >> plus, two athletes begin
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he became the biggest name on the company's roster. then 2016, he was kicked off the 200 card, lost in march, the remarch is saturday. saying these guys don't like each other is an under-statement. that was today's minutes late. idea ya decided to give up and leave. the swearing began. it should be interesting on saturday night. it's a big take in rio for two local olympians. cunningham will begin her quest for gold. she managed to place second at the u.s. olympic trials in
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jumper. so far his advice has been good. >> i was indoors when she won. i was able to coach her. i'm her personal coach and nutritionist and trainer. we got a lot going o 18-year-old girl, youngest girl. she's intense like me. everything is serious with her. she's short whenhe conversation with you. >> jumping at 6:00 local time in the morning. also, conner fields will begin his quest. he was one of the favorites in the final neat london. he crashed and failed to medal. he's back and one of the best riders in the world. he's coming off a wrist injury. he told us what to look for tomorrow.
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there are eight riders. the starting gate is eight meters high up off the ground. there are no lanes. it's anything goes as soon as the gate drops. track is going to be about 400 meters long, it's going to be filled with a few turns, jumps and different obstacles. pretty much other than taking your hand off and punching someone, there is no >> nice to know that. >> former golfer inbe park leads the women. >> locals making us proud. >> coming up, rapper snoop dog who is kind of a local,
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runners at this year's rock 'n roll marathon will drop it like it's hot. >> snoop dog will perform before the runners at the las vegas village across from the luxor. they will shut down the
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