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tv   News 3 Live at Noon  NBC  August 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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flus to start with on this monday. a shooting and violent fight over the weekend leaves two people dead. >> krystal: the shooting happening near pecos and las vegas boulevard on the screen. then a second shooting happening near tropicana and maryland parkway over the weekend. >> michelle: now police are on a manhunt looking for suspects. news 3's kyndell nunley is live from metro headquarters this afternoon with more. kyndell? >> kyndell: now in this first incident, the shooting, we're waiting for the confirmatio well as the description nor an alleged suspect. but with the second iks dent we have officially reviewed the confirmed information for the victim. his name is david lee helmer. we're working on getting information on what's going to be passed over to the d.a. when it comes to the other person involved. we can tell wu two separate incidents involving two separate people who died in these, you can just imagine how concerned the people are who live in these areas. >> a young kid from what i can
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>> kyndell: this past weekend the sound of gunshots woke up craig kaufman. a man in his 30s was shot and killed near his home. i walked to my back fence. neighbors reported hearing several shots fired. >> i heard this pop. then pop, pop, pop. it was eight shots. >> kyndell: the man's body was not found until hours later. this neighbor who asked not to be identified wants a stop to the >> that's somebody's child. is this going to happen again? is it going be in my house this time? >> reporter: about a 15 minute drive away in a housing complex near tropicana and maryland parkway another man also lost his life. the 44-year-old was in a physical fight with his 23-year-old neighbor. >> he had injury to his head. he was transported to desert springs. and less than an hour, about 45
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parked the 109th and 110th homicide metro has investigated so far this year. scary numbers for those living near the center of the violence. >> to have something happen next door is shocking to me. i just hope they get to the bottom of it and bring these people to justice. >> kyndell: and police are still asking for your help, especially in regards when it comes to finding someone who is on the other side of pulling that trigg where it comes to the shooting death. if you have any information you are urged through crime stoppers. that number 702-385-5555. for now reporting live in front of metro headquarters this afternoon, kyndell nunley, news 3. >> krystal: thank you. we appreciate that report. the trial of the man accused of killing a local teenager. that teenager just a 15-year-old. his name was marcos arenas. and that trial started today. >> michelle: you might remember this one. hard to forget details. prosecutors say marcos was
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it happened outside of a convenience store near charleston and torrey pines. for more on this let's bring in news 3's craig fiegener. he is live from the regional justice center with more. craig? >> craig: good afternoon. the murder trial is in its first few hours. the defendant in this trial is a man named michael solid. he is the one accused with another person of killing a 15-year-old. killing that 15-year-old in the process of trying to steal the that is the accusation by the prosecution and by police. i want you to take a look at video from inside the regional justice center within about the past hour and a half. that is michael solid in court. because of the very sensitive nature of jury selection our camera was not allowed in court during the jury selection. i can tell you, 51 potential jurors are being questioned. the group is about evenly split among women and men. ultimately they will whittle that down to 12 jurors and two alternates.
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last two weeks. remember there was another defendant in this case, at least another person charged in connection with the murder of marcos arenas. that person, jacob dismont, about the same age as michael solid. dismont accepted a plea deal about two weeks ago. so he is not on trial here. a plea deal we understand was likely offered to michael solid but he did not accept it so he is moving toward trial here beginning today in the death of marcos arenas. probably take a couple of days, will likely wrap up on wednesday then perhaps on thursday opening arguments will begin. the sentence for michael solid if indeed he is convicted as charged, the maximum sentence in this case would be 20 to perhaps 50 years to life in prison. i'm craig fiegener reporting live, news 3.
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is here in las vegas. at the mirage. that happened this morning. we're taking a live look at a rally that's underway. cain is there --kind is there. he is here to push clinton's economic plan. clinton will visit reno on thursday. she was here in las vegas a couple of weeks ago and we will have more on kaines's visit to las vegas with jeff gillan at 12:30. >> michelle: donald trump will be back in the valley next week. he is going to be making another stop here in las vegas. that's going to happen on friday. trump is going to hold another event at the south point casino. that is all we know right now. once we get more information we'll give it to you and we'll also be there. president obama visiting flood soaked baton rouge, louisiana. that's scheduled for tomorrow. while on vacation in martha's vineyard, we learned the president has been receiving updates on that historic flooding there in louisiana.
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secretary jeh johnson, the fema administrator, who took separate trips there, and also louisiana officials to determine the best time for him to visit the state. the white house says the president is eager to get a first-hand look at the impact of floods and hear more from officials about how the federal government can assist people of baton rouge. >> krystal: it's going to be a long rebuilding process. but now we're going to shift our attention to what's happening here. look who is in the building. >> danahe dana wagner in for kelly today. as we predicted this morning you can see cumulus clouds building over the local mountains. we have heavy rain showers in the mount charleston area as we speak. and by this afternoon, these cumulus clouds are going to feed over the las vegas valley. we're going have a chance of showers. isolated to scattered showers in the forecast all afternoon. 93 degrees right now. i don't think it's going warm up much from this. maybe a few degrees is all. these are the current temperatures.
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issue unless you are in the area of some thunderstorms. a high of 96. five below normal. plenty of clouds filtering in this afternoon. and a chance of rain showers. coming up, a look at your 7-day forecast. >> krystal: okay we appreciate that. u.s. swimmer ryan lochte opening up by what some are calling the biggest blemish on the 2016 rio olympic games. he is saying it w robbery. here is the surveillance video capturing it all lead leading to this international scandal surrounding the olympics. with the last of four u.s. swimmers finally back home lochte is sitting down for an exclusive with matt lauer. the 32-year-old calling his behavior that night, quote, immature and childish. >> i'm embarrassed. for myself, my family, especially those guys. the usa swimming.
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everyone watching. it's just -- i was immature and i made a stupid mistake. i'm human. i made a mistake. i definitely learned from this. >> krystal: that mistake is costing him in the way of dollars. speedo announcing today it is dropping its sponsorship of lochte as well as ralph lauren. saying he was dropping lochte as well. speedo making the point they were only sponsoring him during the duration of e still, the sponsors dropping out. >> michelle: not a good way to go out. he was doing so well. so you know the rio olympics are now a memory. and a great memory at that. when we started with the opening ceremonies we were talking about this leading up to the games. we were talking about all of the shadows over the games. you had zika, dirty water, street crime. was the host country ready. >> krystal: absolutely. that's not how rio will be remembered by most who had an
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story. it went pretty well. >> reporter: rio brought us awe inspiring feats of athleticism. and real life displays of the olympic spirit. michael phelps earned his place as arguably or not the greatest olympian ever. katie ledecky and simone manual made america proud while ryan lochte and three other swimmers landed i robbery report. americans were strong in the track. it's going be the u.s. there were olympian upsets. women knocked out of soccer, venus and serena williams sidelined in doubles tennis. beach volleyballs kerry walsh jennings and roth settling for bronze. team usa earned the most medals but brazil was the big winner giving the world an olympics to remember. this village that brought the world together is empty once
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the torch has been passed to tokyo which hosts the summer games four years from now. brian moore, nbc news, rio. >> michelle: i really loved watching the stuff that reed and chloe did on social media. because they did such a great job. we had an email that came out. they did 72 live shots. >> krystal: it's amazing. >> michelle: let me just point this out. they did 72 live shots and had one photographer. >> krystal: adrian was a cmp viewers who went with them and became part of our crew. fantastic experience and really took us there. >> michelle: and the u.s., boy did we show up and showed out. >> krystal: yeah. >> michelle: it was good. a train derails in texas. 26 cars fell down in the water below. look at that mess. >> krystal: coming up what's being blamed for the crash which surprisingly when you look at all that it's hard to believe nobody was hurt. >> michelle: plus a new scam to
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a movie. if that's something you have ever thought about doing we'll let you know how you can avoid turning your life into a real-life drama in today's rip-off alert. >> krystal: al roker of the "today show" teaming up with shake shack? what's the weather guy doing teaming up with the burger place? we have the answer and you are going to get a chance to get in on it coming up at 12:30. >> michelle: before we go to break, the first official day of h school district coming up fast. we want to share that excitement. we're reaching out to parents, teachers and students. we want you to grab your cameras -- which is easy to do these days. it's on your phone. share your photos. you can do so by uploading them to burst. just go to the website at the bottom of the screen. share your photos and videos and you may see them on a newscast here on news 3.
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>> krystal: a bridge failure causing a freight train to
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texas. or, i should say, just north of fort worth. officials are telling us that part of that bridge just fell, collapsed around six local time there. 26 cars derailed. five falling into the water below. you saw the mess on your screen earlier. look at that. cars carrying coal. fortunately despite all that no one injured. >> michelle: funeral service held over the weekend for 51 people who were at an outdoor wedding when a suicide bomber attacked and officials say that turkey's president blames isis for the bombing which wounded dozens more. speaking live on national television in front of istanbul city hall the president said the attacker was somewhere between the age of 12-14. 69 people were wounded along with the 51 who were killed and 17 of those wounded are still in critical condition. >> krystal: all right. a fast moving dust storm rolled through phoenix, arizona
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>> krystal: yes. and that's legit. goog it up it. >> michelle: look at the stadium close right before the storm arrive. >> dana: that's where the cardinals play. >> michelle: do you know the name of it? >> dana: it's in glendale which is west of downtown phoenix. >> michelle: i've been to several games there but i don't remember the name of it. they have the outdoor and indoor stadium. >> dana: university of phoenix. >> krystal: that's what we're looking at. >> michelle: this time of year though right? haboobs is -- i guess that's the meteorological term? >> dana: these come during the summer man soon. they come from out -- monsoon. you get very strong thunderstorms and a cold pool of air aloft. when the thunderstorm releases that cool air, can't hold it anymore, it hits the earth and spreads out quickly and creates a strong straight line wind. >> michelle: didn't you say were you at the top of the
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one heading for las vegas. >> dana: exactly. oh yeah we get these here too. but not as often as they get this there. haboob is a real term by the way. it is a real term. you just like saying it. no haboobs around here today. however things are starting to pop here in southern nevada. we're going show you the latest radar and satellite. that will get you up to speed on what we're talking about. check this time-lapse. it's cool this morning. southeast career and technical academy. this is the southeast part of the valley. it shoots towards the west. now you are going start to see these cumulus clouds starting to bubble over the top of mount charleston. we are seeing heavy rain showers associated with this cell right now. if you like thunderstorms you want this to grow taller. the taller the better. we are expecting to see some of this action filtering into the las vegas valley later this afternoon. hyde park middle school at 92. currently 88 at desert inn and
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well on our satellite doppler. over the last hour or two things have started to pop in the atmosphere in southern nevada and in the northwestern arizona plateau. we told you that these storms would first form over the mountain areas. you get that moisture laden air and it bumps right into the mountain range, has nowhere to go but up. we call that or agraphic lift. when you get that air rising then you get clouds and some thunderstorm development. this is t oranges that indicates moderate to heavy rain. we're getting it over the top of mount charleston. also over the sheep range to the north of las vegas. we're also seeing returns on the doppler as we speak. because of the cloud cover, we're not expecting to gets a warm as we normally do this time of year. 98 at lake mead. 101 laughlin. our normal high for today is 101. we're expecting 96. isolated to scattered showers out there.
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there. but most areas will remain bone dry. where the showers pop up? impossible to tell. >> krystal: i love listening to dana. he gives you a scientific approach. i feel like i'm in science class. >> michelle: well he knows his stuff. hollywood movies brought in an estimated $38 billion last year. broadway shows another $1.3 billion on top of that. so it's a big market. >> krystal: oh yeah absolutely. no shortage of offers maybe for you to get in on the action by money. in today's rip-off alert, marie mortera learned, you could be walking into a real-life drama. >> marie: investing in show business can be tempting but be part of popular culture. cnbc's american greed says the best movies and shows playing and the biggest show biz scams do the same thing. whether you are the star, director or in the audience, fame is intoxicating.
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part of for a very long time. >> marie: karen mason never reached center stage in this show. one bad investment halted the $12 million broadway musical "rebecca." the tale told on american greed exposs a cold fact of show business. it is a high risk investment. in rebecca's case the director was scammed. the producers used this didn't get made. in a $25 million scam. 16 people including a former cia agent were convicted. if you are still determined to invest in show biz here is a more sensible way. >> if you really want to invest in movies and get a return, invest in studio stocks. >> marie: or just put down money for a ticket. if you like what you see that's not a bad return on your investment at all. with this rip-off alert, i'm
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we need to call this guy holy knievel! >> krystal: he is a pastor on a mission. he is fired up! we're going tell you about him
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five things we'll do. make investments in infrastructure. , in advance manufacturering, in research. you got to invest if you want to grow infrastructure. especially mayors and governors. i was both we love building roads an and ports and water systems so that our kids can have clean water in communities like flint and all over the country where old systems mean they don't have clean water. and broad band rollout to people can have access to the 21st century economy. the great thing about infrastructure is when you invest in it you hire people today but then live off the investment for decades and that's what we're going do -- infrastructure investments, manufacturing investments, research. that is number one and that will
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>> michelle: okay. that is vice presidential president tim kaine speaking here in las vegas as part of a campaign stop. we will have a live report on the latest coming up. we wanted to dip in real quick and give you a little snippet of what he is saying here today. look at this. 80-year-old myrna beston of boise, idaho is a butt kicker. >> krystal: she is fierce honey. >> michelle: she can cross one more thing off her bucket list she strapped on a parachute and smile saturday and jumped out of an airplane. she is 80 years old and she said her son thought she was crazy but that gave her more motivation to do it. she said it was awesome. >> krystal: she says she is ready to do it again for her 81st birthday. i want to see her go bigger. >> michelle: we have a correction. we were talking about that haboob video showing the stadium closing. i just got a series of texts from my husband calling me out. that was not the football stadium. that was chase field.
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phoenix. alex, thank you. we got the note. and we stand corrected. >> krystal: we got it. >> michelle: leave it up to the sports experts to let us know. a daredevil pastor in new york at it again. last month john mercury morgan jumped through a wall of fire on his motorcycle. now he is doing something even crazier. >> krystal: look at this. oh! and he nailed it! he used a ramp to jump over a okay. >> michelle: like i said, even crazier. >> krystal: so this pastor saying that his face is on fire! i'm glad it's his face and not him. morgan says the jump is symbolic of his faith with the ramp representing the highs and lows of life. wow! that's pretty good. >> michelle: that's one way to show it.
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>> krystal: we're taking a live look at tim kaine. he is speaking in front of a union for plumbers and pipe fitters at the mir aung. we'll dip in and hear what he has to say on the campaign trail. >> michelle: and taste test. does coffee really taste better if you pay more?
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>> krystal: and shake shack surprise. when shake shack teams up with al roker, boy, they really cook up something special and it's benefiting a good cause. how you can get in on it coming up later in our show >> announcer: news 3 starts right now. >> michelle: good afternoon everybody. thank you for joining us. we're happy to be back here on "news 3 live at 12:30." we're starting with this. nominee tim kaine here in las vegas on his latest campaign stop. >> krystal: he is speaking at a plumbers and pipe fitters union convention at the mirage. let's take a little listen. >> so that's the hillary plan. hillary's going to be the you're fired president. that's what she's going to do. donald trump, on the other hand, he is going to be a you're fired president. i will say this. it is a little hard to know about trump because he doesn't like giving details.


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