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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  August 23, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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august 23 reasonable doubt. and wet roads this morning. dana who was filling in for kelly yesterday warned us about popup storms and boy did they pop up. quite a show above the las vegas strip. normally we're known for the performances down below but definitely lightning in the sky giving us all the others last night. >> krystal: we didn't have to pay for that drenched this morning, especially the northwest part of the valley. >> kim: you can get localized flooding. so great to have you in for dana today. kelly, i misspoke and said you were under the weather but you were dealing with flooding
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>> kelly: definitely had thunderstorms move through last night, northeast getting hit the hardest. flash flood warnings issued as well. this morning things have quieted down. it feels good outside right now. maybe a light jacket. temperatures are in the 70's right now. and 83 by 9:00, 93 by noon. another chance for showers and thunderstorms. we're going to talk more about that coming up. >> krystal: thank you for that. an unfortunate tragedy to tell you about. the phase on hold after a construction worker fell from the scaffolding that collapsed while he was working.
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two other workers managed to jump off. >> it slowly tilted over and then collapsed. it landed on top of him. i've never seen anything like that. >> krystal: the second phase has been under construction on and off for the last several years. it will include a new parking garage along with restaurants and retail space. this is the first deadly accident on that site. >> kim: we transition to this local story. police warning all of us to have a healthy heads up, be aware of our surroundings and this
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within the same area within a couple of hours. five women robbed at gunpoint in five different places but the crimes were similar. just minded their own business when someone approached with a gun demanding money. police have a warning on how to stay safe. >> whether you are in a parking lot through your streets, pay attention to people. there are people in our community that do sit out there and prey on individuals who may not be pay ago tension. >> kim: if you have information that may help police solve these crimes, please call that hot line number on your screen. in decision 2016, donald trump
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las vegas that was planned for this friday. we just got word yesterday. the reason for the cancellation has not yet been released but the visit was supposed to be part of trump's campaign he was dubbing as immigration week. we have a former candidate for thank you for joining us sir. >> my pleasure, thank you. >> kim: let's start off with the news a lot of people waking up. to hillary clinton went on jimmy kimmel and he was joking around and had her open up a jar of pickles since trump has been making a lot about her health and stamina.
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15,000 emails her campaign did not turn over to authorities when she was running for president. why should americans care what is in hillary clinton's emails? >> the allegations after pay for play. they have been selling access to foreign entities. this is extraordinarily dangerous. to have someone as your president who has such a lack of judgment should be extraordinarily alarming to people. >> kim: as a former candidate yourself, donald trump coming off a few rough days but seems to be hitting the stride of late, what does he need to do to continue to garner support.
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african-american community through live television and saying what the hell do have you to lose. is this the play to get that elect rat since he's polling at zero% when it comes to african-american voters? >> that depends on which polls you look at. the key point here is the republican party has over the last few decades not paid a lot of attention to the african-american community and to he donald trump recognizes that we're all in the same boat and if part of the boat sinks, the rest is going down too. you can't have a strong society where have you pockets of problems like we have. he's going to be talking about kinds of programs that empower people, not the kind of programs that keep people down. it's going to make a big difference.
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majority of their vote. but when you see programs that empower people, i think you'll see a significant change when it comes to reelection. >> kim: we appreciate your analysis. thank you for your time. we love we're going to be able to have you on regularly as we head into november. >> krystal: great interview this morning. let's talk about tim kaine saying nevada is an important state in the elect. in east las vegas on monday. take a listen. >> the clinton plan if implemented at the end of the first term, you would have 10.5 million new jobs and the economy would be in a significant recovery. hillary clinton will be your mire president. >> krystal: that was in the morning.
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the reason tim kaine is here because we're always in play when it comes to presidential elections. nationally clinton is leading trump has a chance here as we heard referenced in the interview with ben carson, we'll see how things work out as we inch closer to the election. a baseball player gets excited when he hits a grand slam. he wouldn't be so ball ended up. >> kim: it's a life saving device for many young children in our community and beyond. where are they jacking up the price? we have answers headed your way. we have live pictures out of our nation's capitol. on the topic of politics the current commander in chief won't be in that city today. he'll be going down to louisiana
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severe claiming at least 13 lives so far. they have a huge mess on their hands. a lot of homes still under water. about 9:30 our time the president will be in louisiana
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>> krystal: he hit a homer and it cracked the windshield of his truck. >> kim: we were talking about the president going to louisiana. with when he arrives he's his vacation time. what the critics are saying we have headed your way. still to come we're talking about ryan lochte , the word that he's sorry. a lot of people are saying is not good enough. he has sponsors dropping him like hot cakes. we'll talk about that. on the topic of olympians out of houston, texas, we have olympians arriving back in the
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at our local airport connor fields coming back. kendall hanging out with his girlfriend and some family members. you are going to see the big welcome home he's going to walk
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>> kim: welcome back to the program. the president will be in louisiana about and we'll have live coverage. when he gets there, i'm not sure he's going to have a welcome mat waiting for him. a lot of people criticizing he continued to play golf when this was going on in major parts of louisiana. 13 people have died because of this severe flooding. a lot of people waking up to a completely devastated area. some homes still under water. people are saying the vast
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>> it will get to you. you get frustrated because it's so much you know. >> i grew up here all my life. >> we going to be all right. we going to be all right. >> kim: critics said the president should have cut that summer vacation short so he could focus on the federal response. the white house fighting back saying the president has been focused on the response. that the governor of that state because you are well aware whether the president of the united states is in your community it changes the makeup of the entire community, roads are closed as a result. look at what they are dealing with. he thought it was going to be too overwhelming to welcome the president when they were trying to get a handle on this disaster. >> krystal: a lot of them don't have flood insurance. it's going to be tough but they
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saying because it wasn't a named storm, some people are just now seeing the severity of that. >> kelly: a lot of people weren't paying attention it to. it was the worst they've seen in a long time there. they are still cleaning up. here at home we had minor street flooding yesterday, flash flood warnings issued in parts of the area. here is a look at the southeast camera. this is a time lapse of yesterday during the day a going on. you can see the clouds starting to move n. you got a rain shaft right there. the heaviest of rain coming after dark. summerlin it's 68-degrees as you are stepping out the door. green valley you are at 71. southeast 72. get out and take the dog for a
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there. here is a look at what happens. we have this low pressure rotating through the area. we have a few lingering light showers. more activity possible this afternoon, especially in the higher terrain. that is something we're going to continue to watch. today's high 98-degrees. wind shifting to the east about 5-10. possibility and drying out with a low of 80. back in the triple digits tomorrow 102 but it's brief. friday and the weekend upper 90's with plenty of sunshine. >> krystal: thank you kelly and i really mean it that time. a local man facing the reality his son is dead and it may be his fault.
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neighbor and friend on saturday afternoon. he says his friend threw a hammer at him twice and missed. he said he hit him in the head with a pellet gun later finding out that his friend had passed away. he's claiming self-defense. meth use may have been a factor in all of this. i never meant for him to pass away. i can't sleep. >> krystal: he claims they were fighting over his girlfriend. the coroner's office releasing the exact cause of death soon. the results of this
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attorney's office for review. >> kim: that's a local investigation. we take to you charlotte for this one where as you can see people gathering for a vigil remembering a man who lost his life because of a miss communication and a police officer possibly to blame here. the man was deaf and the police officer was trying to pull him over and apparently the police officer didn't know that he was trying to sign something to him. he thought it was a threat. gathering together sharing prayers and stories about this man who lost his life. we're talking about daniel harris, a state trooper attempting to pull him over for speeding. he didn't comply and drove back to his home. the police officer took that as a chase. when he was at the home, most people at this vigil believe he was trying to get someone to
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officer. they should change their dmv registration system so when they attempt to stop someone they know if that person is deaf. the investigation continues. >> krystal: after a lot of public out cry congress is demanding answers about the skyrocketing cost of epi pens. these can be life senators are asking or sending letters of the company that makes these pence asking them to justify the increase. officials saying the cost has gone up over 400% since 2008. parents can't afford these pens as children are heading back to
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and blame healths care plans requiring people to pay more out of pocket.good morning how the clinton come pain is responding to the call for a special prosecute tore investigate her time as secretary of now the final five are ready to take over our studio. they will be here with us live. we will reveal the name you picked for our new puppy with a purpose when we see you here on today. >> kim: did you ever do the stick the landing. we're going to see those girls
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they are adorable. right here in las vegas you could be seeing something else that is big and hairy within the next few weeks. >> krystal: for all you who are afraid of spiders, they are here and looking for love. >> almost everyone has one fear they can't seem to overcome. wonders. >> they are hairy and ugly. >> ted says despite their creepy reputation they will not chase you down. they only want one thing right now. >> typically males will live in
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which point they have a molt and go look for a mate and not long after that they pass on. >> male spiders on the prowl. the nocturnal creatures on a mission to mate. >> now the bachelors are heading off to the bull pin. >> what is there not to love? they are harmless. they are fuzzy and cute. >> maybe not cute but they only bite if you startle or hurt them. >> like they eat other insects, sometimes scorpion i don't knows. s.if you find outlaw side -- >> leave it alone. >> there is a whole or gap. >> mating season runs through the end of october so watch your step. >> i'm going to be putting shoes on and shaking out my shoes
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>> krystal: ok. so let's turn to something very different. back to school time. you parents are in back to school mode. the kid does wrapping their head
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ads for joe heck are attacking my time as attorney general. the thing they left out is the truth. the truth is crime actually went down during my time in office. that's why i've been endorsed by law enforcement across nevada. i'm proud of my record cracking down on meth, protecting seniors from scams, and holding banks accountable for defrauding homeowners. i'm catherine cortez masto.
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>> kim: some happy, some not so much. her kid's uncle started posting the picture. she was initially concerned but then thought the picture was cute and funny. her daughter go. her son on the floor behind her. we've got to opposite siblings here. the son just starting kindergarten. he was apparently fine once he got to school. >> krystal: that brings us to our local kiddos. clark county starting on monday. a lot of private schools have started already. upload your pictures to burst so we can share them on the program and also on social media so all
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one town not too
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>> krystal: you can hear the pain in that father's voice. that man talking about his son's murder that happened a few years back . the suspect back in court. one of the men accused in this crime, we're live with the latest. >> kim: we're talking about a lovable mare so why are we looking at a big dog? we ha way. good morning. 5:00 on this tuesday, august 23rd. they do this in hollywood to make everything look shiny and bright as we take in a live look at las vegas our fine city. we didn't have to spray down the area for it to look gorgeous. mother nature did it for us.


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