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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  August 23, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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after the scaffolding he was working on collapsed at a local shopping center. we have the latest. >> kim: you are waking up to good news this morning with this fire that is still burning veneer las vegas. but we take you to the front lines for a glimmer of good news in moments. it is 6:00 on this tuesday morning august 23rd. gorgeous we say there is personality in the sky, there is also great colors. that would be a great dress color. >> krystal: we have some of the best sunrises and sunsets you will ever see. and we like the way it's feeling outside right now. >> kim: we have the gorgeous crystal allen in for dana today. we have kelly curran standing by talking about the forecast and
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hours ago. >> tom: we have something amiss over here. couple of vehicles on the right shoulder as you head west on charleston. trying to figure out why metro is in the middle of the intersections directing traffic by hand. all i s the accident off in the bus lane on the side. so it is causing a little bit of a problem. traffic volumes not that big right now but a hiccup in the morning commute as we continue with jeff. >> jeff: for the most part freeways are looking ok. just one incident where we have an accident working. through the bowl we're looking at 10 minutes between the
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we're coming off a very busy accused tiff weather night. >> kelly: there are a few light showers and sprinkles in the area. right now upper 60's and low 70's across the las vegas valley. there is another chance for thunderstorms this afternoon into the evening. we'll talk more about it in 10 minutes. >> kim: an awful story to share with you. a local construction worker losing his life when the scaffolding he was working oh on collapsed. that is that shopping facility just off of summerlin parkway. michelle joins us live in studio with the details of this tragedy. >> michelle: this is awful and when you see this video, you can see the pile of debris. authorities tell us the scaffolding gave way and
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vegas fire confirmed one of the construction workers did fall to his death. there were two other workers also standing on that section of the flat form 245 managed to jump off. work was immediately called off as rescue crews were called to that scene. >> it slowly tilted over and slowly collapsed. >> that man says he's been on the scaffolding without noticing any problems. this is the second phase. it's been under construction on and offer for the past several years. whenever it's final completed it's supposed to include a new garage and more restaurant and retail space. for now the governments has been stopped completely because osha has to come in and has to do an investigation on this death and
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there at that site. >> kimberly: such a difficult time for that family. prosecutors saying a 15-year-old murdered by two men that attacked him to steal his ipad. the defense this could have been an accident. craig with information emerging from the jury selection process in this case. he joins us live from the justice yesterday morning at about the 9:00 hour. there were 51 people who were called up from the group of potential jurors. there will be 12 jurors and two alternates chosen. the defendant in this case, you see him in court, he sat quietly. prosecutors say he ran over a teenager who would not let go of
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you had will hear from his father who expects a trial full of high drama. the jury selection process likely to continue today. it's possible opening follow today. >> kim: we have another local story that captivated the community and this is a sad update as well. a local man was stung by hundreds of bees when he went to attend to that swarm.
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the coroner confirming that he died from his injuries last thursday. it was earlier in the month on august 4 that he was attacked at
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residents back into their communities sunday afternoon. that fire scorched more than 37,000 accused 76ers forcing officials to close i15 in both directions for almost two days. as we know reported last week the i15 has since reopened. >> kim: what happened here didn't stay here. hillary clinton's running mate and his message ended up going national. here he is rallying support in las vegas yesterday. he made. that was at the mirage where we're seeing him now at the iron workers convention. he went on to rally members of the plumbers and pipe fitters union. >> do you want a you are hired president or you are fired president? that's what this thing comes down to. >> kim: his running mate at the top of the ticket will hold a rally at the end of this week in
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to hold a rally at the south point on friday of this week, but we learned late yesterday his campaign cancelled that appearance telling news 3 it's working to resaid you'll the date but not giving us a reason behind the cancellation as of yesterday. >> the toddler killed at the florida theme park. now the final report being released on the death of that little boy killed by an alligator. >> tom: pretty easy drive on the 95 right now but there are surface street problems.
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moment. >> kim: live from the heart of new york city where "the today show" is all together again and they are welcoming the final
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president and someone is taking jabs at you about your health and stamina, how do you respond? you go on jimmy kimmel last night like hillary clinton. >> i don't know why they are saying this. it's part of the whacky strategy. just say all these crazy things and maybe you can get some people to believe you. on the other hand, it makes no sense. i don't go around healthy as a horse. to prove she has stamina not only does she have jimmy kimmel say she has a pulse but she gets a jar of pickles sand able to open the jar. they are poking fun at the jabs. there she got it. who knows if that was tough or
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>> krystal: happening today president obama headed to louisiana. the president getting back to work after a family vacation. he's going to get a look at the damage left behind by severe flooding. 30 inches of rain andev flooding over the course of a week have taken the lives of 13 people. >> kim: we take you to the florida resort for a progress report on the gator attack that took the life of a two-year-old boy. many eyewitnesses have come forward saying they told people at that resort they had seen gators in the water before this happened. as that continues to be investigated, the report indicates that the toddler's
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to free his son. the little boy died from a crushing bite and drowning. this was classified as a predatory attack. the toddler did nothing to provoke the alligator. the controversy is did that florida resort do enough to protect that small child especially in light of witnesses coming forward saying they had ginn them a head up about what was in the this is a ride in her shy park in pennsylvania on monday. 27 riders getting stuck on the side winder. all the riders were ok, they got off with no injuries. don't know what caused it to hang in the air with 27 people on board. the ride closed for the rest of the day. this is the second time a roller
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in the last few days. they are not on a good streak. on friday a ride got stuck for a short time. >> kim: not shocking here but the shock waves continue when it comes to the millions of dollars on the line that ryan lochte is potentially losing because of what he told billy bush in rio about that armed robbery attempt. as a result speedo, the first major person to sponsor him who said we ryan lochte. part of the decision to do so also means speedo will donate a $50,000 portion of lochte's fees to feed the children. also a skin care giant and mattress maker dropping ryan
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with matt lauer. some people saying he wasn't authentic. others saying they believe him and feel bad for him but still he's going to lose out on five to $10 million over his lifetime. time to check out the morning commute. before we do that. tom is above that tragedy from yesterday. >> tom: that happened yesterday afternoon when a worker lost his with the construction on the addition. you can see that is the area where the scaffolding came down. this morning we've seen what i thought were inspectors looking the scene over. i've seen them moving some of the boards around. you can see they have the tape around where the accident happened. a lot of work to be done. they have to do a complete inspection before they get all of the debris out of the construction area.
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happened on when it would be opening this new addition. whatever that schedule is might be pushed back a little. there is another small accident on freemont on charleston just past eastern where they are doing traffic control by hand. a small is out. let's check travel times with jeff. >> jeff: the tuesday commute not looking so bad. 15 south bound is freed uor russell. both directions are looking ok. we'll start with travel times on 15 south bound between downtown and tropicana. six minutes at this hour. we have a waze user telling us about a disabled vehicle. you can join the team. give us real time updates on your commute, just do it when you are stopped.
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>> kelly: as the sun comes up we see quite a few clouds out there. some pinks out there in the sky. it is clear blue sky. this morning compute in las vegas not much to worry about but grapey light there are the storms that made it through last night. flash flooding from this and a flood warning for the muddy river. we are starting to see redevelopment spinning around that low. shower activity now, sprinkles at best. we have a flood warning in
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in some of the base sins that feed into the muddy river. high water there. if you come across flooded roadways, turn around, don't drown. 91 our expected high today. chance for showers and thunderstorms late in the afternoon. most of this will be over the local mountains. a couple of showers possible still in the las vegas valley. those storms continue in the evening before clearing tomorrow back to triple digits. when you say summer night a lot of people think this. those are indiana state trooper's and they were marking the final day of the state fair doing it with this hit.
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than 13,000 times and been up for only hours. new meaning to the word top dog. it is the story that has a lot of people talking for good reason and we have it ahead. >> krystal: bill board getting a lot of attention. we'll show you what it says. we'll tell you who is responsible and what they are hoping this will ultimately do and maybe gain traction acros >> kim: as we send to you break we focus on decision 2016 with live pictures out of our nation's capitol. donald trump will not be coming to las vegas on friday of this week. he had a planned rally at the south point but late yesterday his campaign cancelled that event. they did not give us the reason
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing, now where were these made?" trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're great. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.? trump: ?well, it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." letterman: ?ties? where are the ties made?" they have to work, too. these are beautiful ties. they are great ties. the ties are made in where? china? off-camera voice: ?china.?
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>> tom: we are looking at a pretty good commute right now at the intersections of the 215 and 95 interchange where work continues from westbound south bound. still a lot of work to be done. this won't open up until next spring. the commute looks pretty good on the freeways from here. there are a few clouds out there this morning. dry commute for most of us. it's the temperatures you'll notice this morning. pahrump 71 is the current temperature. primm at 69. boulder city 70 at this hour. as we head through the rest of the day temperatures cool this morning but warming up. by 2:00 93. we'll be in the mid and upper 90's by this afternoon.
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weather. >> kim: not often that you can say to the mayor who is a good boy. this is a small town in minnesota and duke is the mayor just got re-elected. >> krystal: he is the top dog. look how cute he is. first elected three years ago. he got a bunch of write in votes. looks like the town's residents are pleased wh handling things. he didn't have any challengers in the election.
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we're so excited to welcome america has got talent back. we had olympics coverage and now we have back the gang all together trying to score a headlining gig here in las vegas. america has [ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? why?
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>> jeff: both directions not seeing a lot of slowing, we'll continue to monitor that and see fit c minutes. we are coming off a busy weather night so let's see what is going to happen this morning. >> kelly: we had street flooding and severe thunderstorm warnings issued around the area. this morning quieter at least in the las vegas valley. here is a look at what we expect
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fantastic. upper 60's, low 70's. grab a sweater heading out the door. 93-degrees and it is muggy. there is a chance for thunderstorm activity later today. we're going to talk more about where coming up. >> krystal: thank you. now to an exclusive. a 44-year-old man died after a fight in our valley and a teenager facing the harsh we talked to alberto who asked us not to show his face. he hasn't been arrested because he claims self-defense. here is what he said happened. his neighbor and friend threw a hammer at him a couple of times. then started hitting him. this happened over the weekend. the teen saying he hit that man in the head with a pellet gun. he saw him bleeding but didn't
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this case. alberto claims the reason they were fighting was because of his girlfriend. >> i want everyone to know that i never meant for him to pass away. we're waiting on county coroner's office to release the cause of death. >> we're going to lighten it up a little bit by showing love for our local olympian who scores gold in rio. let's take you live to his girlfriend's home. that is where kendall is standing by. connor fields making all of us so proud in rio.
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get back to the airport? >> that is correct. he's on his way back home. we're standing inside his home in henderson where quite the homecoming in store for the olympic gold medalist. i can only imagine how excited you are to see him because you haven't seen him in quite a few what is going through your mind? >> it's still a little bit surreal. i'm so happier for him. it's been a couple of weeks since i've seen him. i'm so excited to welcome him home and celebrate his accomplishment. >> what was it like to watch him on tv? >> there was a lot of emotion running through me. i was nervous hoping he would do well. when that final race came around
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>> you were in rio watching everything play out. what were the sights, sounds, everything going through your mind, what was that like? >> it was surreal. i sat with a bunch of columbians. they are crazy and screaming fans. it was incredible watching the ce to verify the finishes and see when he qualified in the semis. i couldn't relax until i saw he qualified. then i allowed myself to jump up and down and act like a fool. >> connor is on his way back home. he's just a few hours away. we'll continue to bring live images from here and the airport when he arrives.
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[indiscernible] we have a bill board to show you that is getting a lot of attention. what is written on it we have. it is raising eyebrows and hopefully getting people to think. that's what the people behind it are hoping anyway. we have the story for you. >> kim: donald trump raising questions because of his cancellation. he was supposed to b that has been cancelled. no longer a rally at the south point. we're talking about it with edward lawrence ahead. as we send to you break, we have another gorgeous live look at rio. even though we had the closing ceremony, before you know it we'll have the opening ceremony for the paraolympic games. the court of arbitration for
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>> kim: hey isis you suck signed # actual muslims. it's getting a lot of attention because of the language. this is in the phoenix area. the group that put this up want this to know that islam means peace. they hope this will start a conversation. the group say it's meant to show isis goes against islam and everything it means. the bill board make sure it turns up in cities all around the united states. he does not suck. he is the opposite of sucking. here is tom up in sky 3. >> tom: i appreciate that endorsement there. the roads are drying out but not completely dry yet. case in point here where you see mud caked on the roadway. and this offshoot here you have water in the intersections and along the shoulder with cars
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cleanup vehicles in order to get everything back to normal. >> kelly: outside no issues as far as the weather is concerned at least not in the las vegas valley. we have clouds to the east and the west a lot of clear skies. check out these temperature though. 66-degrees. relative humidity 83%. we have a chance for more thunderstorms later this afternoon. the three degree guarantee almost $400 raised for fisher house. >> krystal: we probably expected this to come. late night host poking fun at the controversy surrounding ryan lochte. jimmy fallon getting in on it. we're going to have the funny
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just a little bit. >> kim: after news 3 is over and we hand you off to "the today show," her first interview since the passing of her husband, a legend and icon known all over the globe, muhammad ali. >> is this strange this happene. these life size nude statutes of do this? they showed up in cities across the country. it just showed up there. walking in the park and see this statute. forget building the wall. trump can just put a bunch of
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>> krystal: just an awful story to bring you. construction worker killed when the scaffolding he was working on collapsed. summerlin parkway. >> michelle: this giant pile of debris, this is what was left after that scaffolding collapsed and unfortunately there was three people standing on top of it. one of them lost his life. the other two were able to jump off. this was about 20 feet up in the air. work was immediately called off as rescue crews arrived that the scene there. one of the construction workers
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these platforms before and never had any problems. this area has been under construction on and off for the past several years. as osha investigates they have halted all construction. >> kim: let's take you live to our nation's capitol where edward lawrence is standing by. we're focusing on decision 2016 and a lot of pun dents are saying it was a bador >> and it was. donald trump backtracking on his immigration plan. he's now saying existing laws are the 11 million illegal immigrants would fall under existing laws. he wants to divide that group into two. one being the bad ones. he would deport immediately. the rest of them would follow existing laws in effect on their path to citizenship.
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won't change is he will build the wall. >> kim: before we let you go, i want to get to the bottom of something. went after jeb bush as the low energy candidate. now he's saying hillary clinton doesn't have the stamina and strength and health to be commander in chief. she pokes fun at this with jimmy kimmel last night opening up the jar of pickles. as someone who covers politics, any truth to those claims or is >> at this point it appears he and other folks are just throwing that out there. hillary clinton's doctor came out in strong language saying she's fine to be president. the bigger problem is 15,000 more emails were released by judicial watch. those show a pattern of big donors to the clinton foundation
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clinton's deputy chief of staff while she was secretary of state. in many cases they did not get what they wanted or request but they had the access in all emails to hillary clinton. this email scandal will dog her more tan the health thing that the republicans are trying to drum up. ben carson with thus morning talking about that email scandal you can find o page. >> krystal: melania trump threatening to sue news outlets for defamation. she has placed the news outlets on notice. trump claiming they made false allegations about his wife being
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kite we take you to california for the start of the new school year. some new for teachers, they are allowing up to five staff members to have guns on campus. the district made this rule in april and the rule as it stands is that guns have to be concealed and students do not know which teachers have the win. the idea coming from the superintendent in that area who says the school has to be able dangerous happens on campus. >> we're not trying to take the place of law enforcements officials who spend hours upon hours training for these types of situations. all we're trying to do is provide an opportunity to limit or eliminate potential casualties during that response time. >> the law of the land in place here. the armed staff members have to have concealed carry permits and
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evaluation. >> krystal: russia not competing in the paraolympics next month. the russia losing an appeal against the ban for state sponsored doping. the paraolympics set to kick off september 7. the court of arbitration for sports confirming russia's ban. thid banning the russian team. they said they did not time any evidence contradicting the evidence on which this decision was based. >> kim: the final five, they are back together again here in the united states on the set of today. >> you are from this area, do have you to do chores, go through your normal stuff again
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>> kind of hoping i don't have to do the dishes when i get back. >> kim: the first one that we got to know through these games. they call her the human i mog just. emoji.>> they are all adorable o talented. speaking out today for thest time since the death of her husband muhammad ali. we have a look at the exclusive interview. >> i was wondering as i sat at this memorial service were even you surprised by the out pouring and stories of impact he had on others lives? >> absolutely. we had planned for this the last five or six years and i kept thinking it was mum mad's wish it be in an auditorium. i said nobody does that.
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to come so we did it. >> krystal: you can catch that full interview in minutes on this channel on "the today show." >> tom: we are cruising the southern beltway right now coming up on the eastern avenue interchange and seeing sunlight in the background while shadows are over most of the valley below. it looks good froms perspective. >> jeff: we've got a wet perspective at craig and las vegas boulevard. we had a real active weather night with storms that passed through leaving behind rain. we're looking at this intersections here withstanding water in the right lane. drivers able to get past this ok. keep an eye out for standing water. doesn't look like there is a lot on the freeways and not a lot of
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today. >> kelly: at least for a little while. check out this image behind me. this is stunning. as we take another live look outside, looking to the southwest here, you are seeing more blue sky. there are clouds as you look to the east and a few showers. temperatures heading out the door, you might want a light sweater. 67 at anthem 69. sunrise 72. we have rain showers in the area. here is that big storm system that made its way through last night. you can see the center of circulation. most of this light shower activity moving eastward. we could see storms firing up later this afternoon, that humidity still out there. especially over the higher elevations. we'll watch and see if those
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keep that umbrella handy today and into the evening hours. flood warning still in effect for the muddy river. oh had a lot of rainfall come down in the basin. keep an eye on the roadways. turn around, don't drown if there is water standing on the roads. overton high 98. pahrump 99. boulder city 95. 98 in las vegas today. we have a chance for thunderstorms in the afternoon. best chances will be in the higher terrain. back to triple digits tomorrow but check out the weekend. upper 90's and sunshine. >> kim: time for the water cooler. and you know that jimmy fallen is going to bring the funny although ryan lochte probably not laughing. >> bob said he think ryan lochte may have cost himself millions of dollars in endorsements
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he's endorsing dishonesty and the shoe brand sketchy. they are comfortable shoes. and finally the new sponsor for the book row your for dummies. >> kim: the new episode airing here on channel 3. beauty and able to channel the funny in serious fashion. here she is with her best britney spears. >> oops, i did it again. i played with your heart. got lost in the game. oh baby, baby. oops, i think i'm in love. >> kim: that was the only time she broke and lost her
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views. britney spears a resident headliner. someone spotted her at wet and wild the other day. kobe bryant retired but he still has reason to celebrate. today is the 23rd. by tomorrow he gets kobe bryant day in los angeles. the city council there designating that day. he went out on a high note last season scoring 60 points in his final game. he's since retired. philanthropy. i am going to say goodbye to you but i'm going to inbound the ball. you are going to be the starters on the cw las vegas this morning. >> krystal: look at you with all
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craig continuing to follow the latest on that ipad murderle trial where a 15-year-old lost his life. tomorrow is national waffle day but we're celebrating it rise and shine is the going to show us how to get it done right. >> jeff: they have a special deal for clark county employees because they are bringing in the new year onon a positive note wh a discount on breakfast.
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good morning. pay for play. donald trump asks for a special prosecutor to investigate hillary clinton after a watchdog group accuses of her of giving clinton foundation donors special access when she was >> i've become increasingly shocked by the vast scope of hillary clinton's criminality. on late night, clinton laughed off trump's unfounded claims that she's in failing health. >> it's part of the wacky strategy. just say all these crazy things and maybe you can get some people to believe you. deadly encounter. a north carolina trooper shoots


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