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tv   News 3 Live at Three- Thirty  NBC  August 24, 2016 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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new investigation into the ryan lochte incident is shining a different light on just what happened. how another swimmer's side of the story could help the olympic champion. >> marie: it is a video vault wednesday. the crash of a fighter jet near nellis brings back memories for long time locals. tom hawley looks at another crash more than 50 years ago that had a major impact on our valley. >> announcer: news 3 starts right not supposed to exist. look, this is a crime. this is a criminal act. who knows what's going to happen. our government is a much different government than it used to be. >> marie: donald trump talking exclusively to our sister station wpec in west palm beach, florida on the controversy surrounding the clinton foundation. >> gerard: new connections between foreign donors and the clinton foundation are being revealed every day. >> marie: this while the clintons took another step to distance themselves from the family foundation.
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if hillary wins the election. >> gerard: new at 3:30, kristine frazao reports some of these foreign donors may have been behind the failed coup in turkey last month. >> reporter: emails suggesting donors to the clinton foundation gained special access to the clintons themselves shine a new spotlight on foreign money and what those giving expect in return. >> the announcement last week they would stop if hillary clinton wins just creates an 11 week period in whichor rush to buy access. >> reporter: a new report shows connection between donors to the clinton campaign and turkey. including from fa tullea gu len. believed to be behind the failed coup in turkey last month. and a new investigation by the associated press reveals shocking numbers. that half of the non-government people hillary clinton met with while serving as secretary of state were donors to the clinton
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more than $100,000 each. about 20 of that number gave more than a million dollars each. >> reporter: the clinton campaign sent us this statement. still, donald trump is demanding action. >> they should shut it down. and they should give the m discriminate against women and gays and just about everybody else. >> reporter: even the often liberal boston globe called for the foundation to stop accepting funding. and if clinton is elected for the foundation to shut down. >> it should enoch u late the clintons from some sense of they're being influenced unfairly. >> reporter: the extent of that influence sure to be the subject of scrutiny when the newest
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month. in washington i'm kristine frazao reporting. >> marie: we want to hear from you. what do you think with our question of the day. do you believe the clinton foundation's donors gained influence with hillary clinton's state department? head to our website,, to weigh in. >> gerard: explosions and gunfire terrorize american university of afghanistan in kabul. details now from the terrorism alert desk. >> reporter: from the terrorism alert desk in washington, scott thuman. we are following the latest developments from afghanistan tonight. investigators there are calling this attack complex. gunmen launched an attack on the american university in kabul around 7:00 p.m. wednesday night when residents heard a loud blast near the university. gunman entered the building as classes were taking place. afghan special forces responded
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one student inside tweeting... we are stuck in the university and under attack by the taliban. they are killing us. the u.s. state department also tweeting out... reports of attack on american university in kabul. exercise caution. avoid unnecessary movement in the area and monitor news for updates. this is not the first time american university has had to deal with terrorists. two of its professors were kidnapped earlier this month. men in military uniforms reportedly abducted them as they traveled between the campus and their homes in been found. the u.s. military did assist the afghan forces who responded to that attack. those advisors we are told did not take a combat role. from the terrorism alert desk, i'm scott thuman. >> marie: a controversial chemical being sprayed throughout southwest florida as a way to fight the spread of zika. it has been banned in europe and puerto rico but it is being used here in the united states.
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kill mosquitos on contact. health officials say if used properly the chemical poses no risk to humans but some people living in south florida say they are concerned about getting exposure whether they want to or not. and that it could have a bad impact anyway. >> they're spraying while we're out walking. we're sitting at sporting events. it is a far greater problem than the zika virus. >> marie: on the other hand, other residents say the risk minimize the spread of the virus. the chemical has been used in the united states for decades. county officials say they use the chemical in small doses and have a schedule for when they are spraying on their website. >> gerard: there are new doubts being cast on brazil's version of the incident in rio involving ryan lochte and three other swimmers. a new investigation along with one of the swimmers retelling the events are reportedly in line with some of what lochte
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lochte and three other swimmers left to party at the french house, stopped at a gas station and vandalized a bathroom. security guards arrived and pulled a gun on lochte. money was exchanged and then they were allowed to leave. lochte has lost all of his endorsements following the incident. there's a unique summer camp helping deaf students learn about film making. >> marie: as kirk reports, despite their challenges, these students are eager to learn solidki >> reporter: hunter luther has been a student at the deaf film camp for the past three years. he's aged out of the camp as a student but has come back to help teach what he's learned. it's a passion that may take him into a career. >> michael, the director, he gave me the opportunity to have an internship so that i can practice becoming a teacher in the future. so many of the teachers have been teaching me during the internship how to learn specific
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it's more advanced information about editing that i never learned before. so in the future maybe i can become a teacher. >> reporter: michael coffer is the director and says students like hunter are the reason this camp is so successful. >> he has been amazing and he's learned a lot. and he has been able to work one-on-one with the teachers and learn from them first-hand and really experience everything. so through that, i know that we're going to make sure that he absolutely gets a j industry. >> reporter: but it's not easy getting a job in the film industry. that's why these kids have to work even harder to get their foot in the door. zahara isn't sure the film industry is right for her but she feels there should be more opportunity for deaf film makers. >> i think there absolutely should be more deaf film makers. because there are many who are motivated to make films and directing and a lot of times people think that deaf directors can't do it.
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hollywood and give us the youth to learn more to be motivate ford our future and be able to excel and reach our own goals and grab our dreams. >> gerard: that was kirk reporting. meantime samsung says demand is out pacing supply for its new galaxy note seven phone. the device went on sell last friday featuring a curbed edge display and iris scanner that can match samsung is trying to increase production of the device. analysts think samsung could sell as many as 15 million of them this year. >> marie: we have a couple of recall alerts to tell you about. ford recalling more than 88,000 vehicles because the engines can stall without warning because of a fuel pump problem. the recall covers certain ford flex wagons, ford taurus and police interceptor sedans as well as certain lincoln models.
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turbo charged six cylinder engines. ford says the fuel pump modules can fail and the engines may not start or they could stall. >> gerard: a choking hazard prompted the recall of 91,000 building play sets for babies. the recall involves three alex junior branded sets of infant building toys. the baby builder, first pops and first snaps. there have been nearly two dozen reports of the ends of small parts detaching. no injuries have been reported. the sets were barnes & noble, land of nod, and at consumers are encouraged to contact alex toys for a prepaid shipping envelope to return the product for a full refund. >> marie: touching story here. an army veteran's sign at a miranda lambert concert moved the singer to tears. the soldier who had three separate tours of duty said the music by lambert comforted him every night. when he returned and learned she
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lambert saw the sign and just could not hold back her emotion. >> it was a dream come true. >> that's just one of the happiest moments of my life was when you've got something you really want to tell somebody and you finally get to regardless if you got to do it in front of a gigantic city. you know, it was really cool. >> marie: that army veteran never actually got to meet lambert face-to-face but for him just being able to show lambert how muhe happy. >> gerard: a father and son with a special bond that's closer than most. >> marie: we'll tell you how the two men in texas are keeping their lives normal as one of them fights for their life. >> gerard: also, a rap video going viral. but this isn't your usual rap song. the message this man has to elementary school students. . >> jerry: currently 100 at the airport. that's the high so far. if it stays there and doesn't go up a couple of degrees it will
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this month. we have some below normal days coming up fim think you are going to like the forecast.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes.
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then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs.
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>> gerard: a plane crash that happened in southern nevada last week is bringing up than 50 years ago. >> marie: this one had a much different outcome. tom hawley complains in this week's video -- explains in this week's video vault. >> tom: the crash of a vietnam era fighter jet in north las vegas last week probably had some people thinking, what if it had gone into a residential neighborhood instead of a vacant lot? it has happened before. it was back in 1964 but there are still people here who remember.
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aircraft. i saw it go over. >> tom: jan was a student at lincoln elementary a few miles southwest of nellis where pilots were getting use to the f-105 thunder chief. >> it is a turbo jet engine. >> tom: the f-105 with up to 14,000 pounds of bombs and missiles was part of every day life here remembers frank wilcox. >> we were running the whole valley at that time. you had planes breaking the >> i was always in wonderment as they flew over. to see him so low and the nose up and tail down i just kind of knew something was wrong. >> tom: 26-year-old rainor has been at the controls of the f-105 as it departed nellis. he radioed back his landing gear was not retracting. he was in trouble. but still at an altitude where he could have ejected safely. directly in his path? lincoln elementary school with hundreds of kids. he stayed with the plane.
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lake. >> it was played up big that the guy was a hero. the guy flew over the school. >> tom: as that tragedy was averted five residential houses were destroyed. three children were killed. betty died trying to save her baby. the r.j. showed her husband receiving the news. a priest giving last rites to the pilot. >> it was on all the news. you had two newspapers. it was front page of both papers for several days. >> tom: the d with live ammo mixed in the wreckage. a horrific scene. though today it's hard to tell anything happened there unless you know what to look for. >> that development was all single stories. and there's one or two two stories and those were the homes rebuilt. >> tom: a park honoring rainor was dedicated in 1966 next to lincoln elementary though it's closed while a new school is built. a new park opens on the site of the old school in 2018.
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dozens of navy officers took the time out of their busy lives to march the home of a california world war ii veteran to honor him. ? [music] ? how awesome is that? that's the famous navy song anchors away and the 98-year-old pearl harbor survivor stood in salute of his visitors and watched that performance from his porch. video of the surprise grandson on facebook. and rightfully so has been viewed more than four-and-a-half million times. moving huh. >> gerard: i love that. >> marie: the bond between a father and son can be unbreakable and the two men you are about to meet prove it. >> gerard: they complete add 60 day yoga challenge in texas. it is the story behind it that is the true challenge. jocelyn lockwood has the story. >> i have to have someone assist
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anything. >> reporter: despite not being able to do it alone, 22-year-old richey smith lets nothing hold him back. >> i just find a different way to do it. >> reporter: he is a regular at this yoga studio. >> i go to my dad and i'm like oh hey you are taking this class with me. [ laughter ] that is pretty cool. i've been hooked on it since. >> reporter: that means his father, rick smith, is too. >> he fir it's like how is he going to do yoga. he said somebody can partner with him and i became his partner. >> natural range of motion. >> reporter: richey has been battling grade four brain cancer. >> i lost a lot of mobility in my left side. >> reporter: his attitude is inspiring. >> for me it wasn't scary. i just know that whatever happens is for a reason. >> reporter: his smile, con take us. >> he's authentic when he says things like i'm ready to have
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authentic about that. >> reporter: since his diagnosis in 2012, he has created a foundation to help others through the arts. his mother the inspiration behind its motto. >> one of the things that she said to me was if life gives you lemons and you expect to say make lemonade. but she said don't just make lemonade, make lemon pie, lemon cake, cookies. every time something comes up we do our best as a family we make it happen. instead of there's no way we can do this. it's how can we do this? >> reporter: we being the keyword. >> he assists me through whatever i am doing. >> reporter: a father, a son, and entire family standing together, tackling life's challenges. . >> gerard: jocelyn lockwood reporting. a chicago teacher is spitting rhymes and sparking
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students. ? hello i'm your teacher my name's mr. reed and it's very nice to meet ya ? welcome to the fourth grade ? . >> gerard: that's duane reed a first year teacher make this catchy tune and posting it to youtube so his fourth grade students can watch. reed says he intended the heavily synthesized song to be a friendly introduction so his students can get an idea for the he also plans to write a letter for parents and students on the first day of school. as for his classroom? he still has time to finish decorating. chicago public schools start in september. >> marie: can we sign up for his class? . >> gerard: he seems like a cool teacher. >> marie: i want to sit in. let's keep this conversation going about what's made you smile. tweet us @marienews3lvee or @gerardnews3lv ard and the station would love to hear from
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the conversation on facebook by "liking" our page. search for ksnv news 3 las vegas. >> marie: just outside the studio there's a whole newsroom working hard on the next newscast. the federal government's case against ammon bundy getting closer to trial. ahead at five, what attorneys for both bundy and the government are facing as they start picking potential jurors. >> gerard: plus divorce american style. the times of the year when you are most likely to say i don't. those stories plus a live at five". scientists say they've discovered a earth like planet orbiting the sun's closest neighbor. the planet has about the same mass as earth and is 4.3 light years away. it was detected using what's called a hearts instrument on a telescope in chile. the discovery could lead to finding more planets in the universe that could sustain life. officials plan to continue to
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discovery captures the world's imagination. >> marie: wow. let's turn to weather now where this time yesterday you were probably going nothing's going to happen tonight. it's going be a nice try tuesday. and then the skies opened up. >> gerard: slim chance of rain. >> jerry: never know. it's always excitement. but finallyi think we're going to settle down. we've got fairly benign weather ahead. that's the way a lot of people like it. let's go right to it. we do have an air quality advisory that i mentioned you might see that indicated as i put the clouds in motion. or, i should say, the lack of clouds. just a little murky out there. looking east from the springs preserve. clouds way off in the distance in really over utah. springs preserve currently 101 degrees. that's central valley. wripdz calm. 14 percent the relative humidity. the dew point starting to sink. the pressure starting to rise. 102 little further west. fabulous freddy's car wash.
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business over the next seven days. you can see the humidity at 14 percent. barometer 29.95. pressure definitely coming up now. boy my little computer doing a little glitch there. 101 north las vegas airport. green valley same reading as is downtown henderson as is spring valley. mountain's edge 98 and 96 in summerlin. 96 also up in indian springs. 102 overton. 100 down the i-15 in primm. 106 down the colorado river valley in laughlin. of nines currently. these are live temperatures on our weather bug network. okay. tornado watches now over illinois, up toward extreme southeastern michigan there. and some severe-thunderstorm watches out over through tornado alley. western missouri into kansas. meanwhile, rain coming up into louisiana. that is potentially again a tragic situation with all the
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well off that upper atmospheric low that gave us moisture. high pressure ridging in. that's going to keep it quiet around here. 79 overnight. quiet. finally we get a quiet night. overnight lows in the 70s. how about upper 60s in nye county in pahrump. tomorrow's highs generally low one hundreds. still a few upper 90s boulder city, indian springs. how about 101 here in the valley with afternoon breezes blowing. generally ten to afternoon hours. southwest at 16 through 5:00 p.m. should be 99. how about 90s for highs on friday and saturday? 101 on sunday. then we do warm up a bit monday, tuesday and wednesday. these are the last seven days of meteorological summer. we keep the records june, july and august. that's not too bad. when we look at the final records for this summer its going to be up there. >> marie: painful.
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>> marie: thanks. check this out. this is a huge pearl, you know, that. but it could be the largest one in the world. it was originally discovered inside a giant clam in the philippines. according to the city tourism the pearl weighs 75 pounds and is more than two feet long and one foot wide. gemologists need to verify its weight and value but as of now the largest pearl that has been recognized weighs4 diameter. if this pearl gets that verification it could break that record. >> gerard: there's got to be more out there too. finally here, panda watch on at the atlanta zoo. the giant panda loon loon is expecting not one but two panda cubs. zookeepers discovered her pregnancy last week then realized monday the news is twice as nice. she is now under 24 hour watch
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>> marie: she would probably say do i need cameras please. let mama alone. i want to kick my feet up. >> gerard: i think she looks like she's okay with it. >> marie: as long as he gets snacks and everything else she will be all right. congrats ligss to her. it's always nice to see when there's excitement over little ones coming in. >> gerard: this is a developing story. so we'll have follow ups for sure. >> marie: and i love the panda cam. you know, again, if we could hear her talk i wonder what she would day. >> gerard: that will do it for
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