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tv   News 3 Live at Six- Thirty  NBC  August 24, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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welcome back. it is a race against the clock in italy to find anyone still alive in the rubble of that 6.2 earthquake that hit last night. tonight, italy's prime minister says the death toll is up to 159 people. >> these images from the air are just so devastating. rescue crews still digging through the rubble in three hard-hit villages, desperately dianne gallagher has more. >> the house was trembling, shaking. >> reporter: it's a desperate search for survivors after a 6.2 magnitude earthquake and several aftershocks rocked central italy. >> thundering, rumble. it felt like a bulldozer at the house trying to knock it down. >> reporter: rescue workers throughout the day on wednesday pulled people from the rubble
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damaged that no one will be allowed to sleep there tonight. historic stone buildings crumbled into the streets, debris blocking access early on for heavy equipment and help. >> translator: we're going to work because in the next few hours, we must continue to bring people alive from beneath the rubble. >> reporter: the quake struck while most were sleeping. >> it woke us up. it felt like the bed was on rollers. we knew -- just trying to g we could. >> reporter: not the first earthquake for italy. striking near the site of the massive 2009 quake that killed more than 300 people. as today's death toll climbs, rescue crews scramble searching for signs of life knowing every hour counts searching for survivors. the prime minister touring the damaged city this afternoon and thanking those first responders for their dedication. italian authorities believe that
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dianne gallagher, news 3. another powerful hitmyian hit myanmar. the 6.8 quake hit an ancient city. tremors were felt as far away as thailand, bangladesh and inindy you why. there was an attack on the american embassy killing one students reported hearing automatic gunfire and explosions trapping them inside the campus. elite afghan forces surrounded the compound. tonights, the u.s. embassy in kabul is working to count everybody. the joshua robertson and
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found on a remote road in the grapevine area. police in cincinnati are working to figure out why 20 people overdosed on heroin in one spot in just two hours last night. they were all revived with the drug narcan. this happened between 9:00 p.m. one man lost conscious ness with his 6-year-old son in the car. some were in hurt saying they need help, not jail time. >> you might think you are punishing them and not doing right. it's not so. you are saving their life. these officers here, they are great. >> police are trying to figure out if the overdoses are
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the world's largest aircraft takes a nose dive and is damaged during a test flight in the united kingdom. developers of it say the blink-shaped airship sustained damage. the crew was safe, though. no injuries are reported. this is a hybrid of a blimp. it's also fuel than a plane but can carry more conventional loads than an airship. training exercises in alas with transport planes. they dropped 500 paratroopers over a joint base. this is meant to train soldiers and airmen how to seize an airfield in enemy territory. 90 days of planning went into the training exercise.
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if you are a big prince fan, you will like this. consider it the graceland for a new generations. paisley park in minnesota will be open for tourists starting this october. only a few hundred people have had the opportunity to tour the complex. it house uses his home and music studios. an application has been submitted for the 65,000-square foot facility. visitors will be taken studios, rehearsal rooms and a lot more. tour tickets go on sale on friday. if you want to check it out, we have a link at our website, head to the "find it" page. a world war ii veteran couldn't make it any more to his favorite ship. >> what a group of sailers did instead that will really lift your spirits and maybe bring a tear to your eye.
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operation football. that's ahead in sports.
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enjoys one of the best days of his life. it's all thanks to a new generation of naval officers. >> this is amazing. when he couldn't visit his favorite ship anymore, they brought a piece of it to him. the emotional video has gone viral now and casey explains how it all came together. >> reporter: pure joy on 98-year-old ernest thompson's face outside of his gardena home >> reporter: thompson is a world war ii veteran who had to end his regular visits to the u.s.s. iowa in san pedro due to health reasons. he can't travel much these days. so they decided to come to him. >> it was really a surprise. yeah. they marched up the street here and stopped out in front and sang a bunch of navy songs. >> reporter: he saluted the men from his front porch.
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>> reporter: after the songs, the chief shook hand -- shook his happened and left him this plaque complete with teak wood from the ship bringing a piece of the battleship he loves to him. >> this is the tennessee battleship. >> reporter: thompson was on board the u.s.s. tennessee during the harbor and on the u.s.s. missouri as a witness to the official surrender of imperial japanese forces. >> hardly any of us left anymore. all of us -- we are still heroes. >> reporter: he's still smiling about the surprise visit since he spends most of his time at home. >> this is my wife on a cruise.
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children keep him company and he seems to find ways to pass the time. >> i sit and watch them for a while and i get on my computer for a couple of hours. [laughter] >> well, we have to share another remarkable part of the story. according to the spokesperson for the museum, thompson had been unable to walk or stand after a fall earlier this year. >> but this when they sang, he was able to stand up and salute every one of them. >> the story gives me goose bumps. let's find out what the weather is gonna give us tonight, especially the late nights. been pretty interesting. >> i think we're gonna get to the weather in a moment. but before that, we're taking a look at what's coming up at 7:00. i know you are all stoked for the weekend. this will be a great one. a man's best friend is stolen out of his laundromat's
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this, this thief, what people are hoping will happen with the surveillance video making the rounds. and check out this driver. it's amazing this guy was able to walk away from this crash inside a tunnel. it looks like he may have taken his eyes off the road at the worst possible time. if you are looking for one more family getaway before school starts, consider heading to one of our par. perfect time as it's fee-free weekend. they are celebrating their 100th birthday tomorrow. it's been having events all year and to share in the celebration admission is waived beginning tomorrow through sunday. some of our nearby parks include lake mead, zion, death valley and more. now it's time to get to the weather. this is my buddy, kevin. we have to bring him back.
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>> it's my fault. i got out early. >> you did. the older it takes, that's all it takes. >> i would imagine there's more beauty at the parks. i love going to our parks. we have a bunch of them. most of them within a day's drive or a couple hour's drive. let's head outside, our own view from our camera on top of the rio. a little haze today. we quality day. we can certainly thank wildfires in california for that. but not nearly as bad as we saw a couple of weeks ago. pushed the air quality into the moderate category. gonna make for a great sunset within with the next half-hour. sam hill, 100 degrees. 14% at the moment. next stop, smoke ranch, they are at 96 and 11%. and we'll head up and visit our
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caliente. it's 89 and 13%. you will sleep well. perpetual storms up there. double digits almost valley wide. just the east side. henderson at the century mark. outside of town, pahrump, the 7. mesquite, 99. as you map out -- the lake is up to 101. as you map out your thursday we'll start in the 80s. we'll head into the triple digits don't expect a lot of wind early. that does ramp up in the afternoon. don't be surprised if we get a couple of gusts over 30 miles an hour tomorrow afternoon. . goodbye to the thunderstorms. the wind shifts to the south. that should clear the air. it's also going to help cool the
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expect as we get to the weekend. san francisco, 62. low 70s in southern california. phoenix at 102. and reno looking at 87. for southern nevada, tonight, going down to 56 on the mountain. 78 in the moapa valley. high temperatures tomorrow been, boulder city, 98, 100 in mesquite. for the las vegas valley tonight, going down to 81 degrees. we're calling it lot in the cloud department but we could have haze out there thanks to the fires. 101 will be the official high. winds pick up in the afternoon. the morning, 5 to 15 but the afternoon, 15, 25 with those gusts over 30 miles an hour. they should be gone by friday. we don't want to short change on friday and also with the system cooler temperatures and cooler is relative in las vegas. we're talking upper 90s rather
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but that's a psychological hurdle that we all enjoy. >> by the way, that was a forecast so worth waiting for. >> it really was. >> i want to know what's coming up at 7:00 also. >> thank you. the high school football season begins this week and for local teams, local families, that means the return of operation football. randy, you will be busy. >> i'm excited. i can't believe it's already here. a big week. local teams, friday night starts th during our 11:00 newscast. you can join us. we'll have the scores around the valley. traveling to state for a big game. i feel like an infomercial, tomorrow night is the first live broadcast of the year for thursday night lights. it returns on my lv tv. the crew will be out broadcasting their game of the week. you can join brian and kenny for
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the 8th season. tomorrow night, the trail blazers traveling to valley to face the vikings. when you ask any coach or player, they love playing on television. >> we're so excited. we're pumped. it's good competition. we've been working hard. we're excited. >> the focus is high. you know, we have one less day of preparation but first game of the season. if the kids can't get excited and focused on tv, i don't know what will motivate them. >> we're ready to go. >> durango, i can't say that much. i haven't seen them at all because they have never been in our league or conference. this thursday night, hopefully it's a good game. >> all right. looking forward to that game.
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the brewers. struck out the first two players. he cranks his 31st home run of the year. bottom 4, ryan braun, knocks it out of the ballpark. 23rd of the season. 278th of his career. gold ole braun comes up again later in the 6th and delivers a second home run of the game. former sierra vista star chris brewers win it 7-1. cubs going for the sweep of the padres. kris bryant on base. later, zobrist will striple -- triple. padres, 3-2. top 6th. russell, he grounds to short. that's mishandled. bryant and zobrist score. bryant hitting .301 after going 2 for 4.
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chargers rookie holdout, they are ending negotiations with the number 3 pick. he rejected their latest offer which is the largest signing bonus that anyone has gotten as a rookie. they plan to lower his offer. he has no levering in this contract. he could technically sit out a year. but that would be suicide. he would go in the third, fourth round. negotiations. you can't be bluffing. >> exactly. >> right. >> especially as a rookie. massive pearl has been discovered in the philippines, it could be the world's biggest. >> yes. the biggest but it wasn't necessarily a secret except for one fisherman. we'll tell you why he held onto it for so long. let's give you a look at what's coming up tonight.
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all right. we'll get your thursday rolling with a mostly sunny sky. there could be stagnant air in the morning because there won't be much in the wind category.
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the winds fire up. i expect gusts over over 30 miles an hour. but it will clear the air. kelly will keep you updated with each degree as the temperature rises beginning at 4:30 a.m. on news 3 today. >> . >> thank you. it could be the largest of its kind in the world and looming behind marie it's easy to understand that. >> we can't get it in the it was discovered in the philippines, found inside a giant clam and was being kept by a fisherman. he says he's hidden it for the past ten years at the very least. the pearl weighs a whopping 75 pounds. it's more than 2 feet long and a foot wide. >> wow. hard to wear it around your neck. i thought it was oysters that did pearls. >> apparently, this is a very special clam.
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value and if confirmed, it would likely have a value of $$1 -- $100 million. >> the fisherman didn't know it was worth that m much. december last year. 14 americans are killed in a mass shooting inspired by isis. in the aftermath, congressman joe heck had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns. heck voted "no." 23 times. individuals on the fbi terror watch list have purchased firearms over 2,000 times. it's not just that joe heck does nothing to stop them. it's that he's voted to let them keep doing it.... 23 times.
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the trial has started for the man accused of killing a local teen for his ipad. what the victim's father said in court. and a local middle school teacher admits to having a sexual relationship with one of her students. the consequences she now faces.
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treat for those behind the badge. we will tell you how a local charity stepped up to honor those who serve and protect. we begin at 7:00 with breaking news. the family of an arizona shooting range instructor who was accidentally shot and killed by a 9-year-old girl is suing the business. the wrongful death seeks the trial to determine damages for ch children as well as his mother and ex-wife. >> the suit claims the operators of the range in white hills were negligent in his death in 2014. he died at university medical center. a manned accused in the murder of a local teen for his ipad appeared before a judge. >> prosecutors consend that michael solid intentionally ran over the 15-year-old with his car during this robbery.


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