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tv   News 3 Live at Eleven  NBC  August 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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give up his tablet. >> last seen miles away from southern nevada. >> news 3 starts right now. >> a major change is coming to how we handle pets in las vegas. good evening, i'm m. >> and i'm jim snyder. no longer can they surrender >> john treanor joins us. >> the decision tonight, try to fix what's broken on one on one counseling. >> on any given day the shelter cages are full. the animal foundation, the temporary home for stray and surrendered pets in clark
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added here. many brought by owners who say they can no longer take care of them but that process will soon change. >> what we will start doing is having owners who wish to surrender a pet by appointment. >> maybe there's another option, a little help, that will keep the dog with the owners. >> really give us a chance to have individualized discussions, >> pushing some owners to abandon their pets. >> owners call on wednesday and say hey i'm doing this in the next two days and they say you know come talk to us in a week or two. that is a concern for me. >> the animal foundation admits, wait times could be an issue but they are confident fewer strays
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more happy homes will stay together. >> they really have fallen on hard times, maybe live in an underserved part of the community, they just need to help. >> this change goes into effect on september 1st. by then it is going to be phone call only, although they do expect a few weeks to see how quickly the community will react. john treanor, news see how it works out john. now a developing story, the family of a gun instructor, who was killed in a accident, is suing the gun range. shot and killed at the last stop shooting range just over the arizona border while he was teaching this nine-year-old girl
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gun. the vaca family says the owners were negligent. they did not respond when we called them for an interview. >> difficult journey for the family and friends of 15-year-old marcos arenas, as our christine kim explains there is one person who witness stand with incredibly powerful testimony. >> state prosecutor called up multiple witnesses on this first day but emotions ran high when a woman who tried to save the teenager's life. christine sees through her rearview mirror how the teen's life is cut short.
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car. >> the on duty emt, tried the save the boy's life. >> this is the boy you assisted in 2013? >> yes. >> an emotionally testimony stephanie teague explains, how he was dragged behind an suv, grabbed the but arenas wouldn't let go of the gift his father gave him. >> he had tire tracks on the left side of his face. >> even harder for arenas family to share. his son was already at the hospital. >> something inside me wanted him to go up there and say oh
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that was not my son. still out there playing. >> prosecutors are laying out their case telling the jury, solid planned the robbery that killed arenas three years ago. solid said he's not the person responsible for arenas death. pled guilty about two weeks ago in this case. tomorrow, thee examining a metro detective who responded to the scene. the prosecution expected to call about 25 witnesses then the defense turn. christine kim, news3. >> thank you christine. >> 24 hours after a devastating earthquake, we have surveillance footage when the wait hit last night. at least 247 people killed,
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toll to rise. at least we can tell you there is some good news. rescuers have pulled a ten-year-old girl out of the rubble. she will be okay. >> stunning images out of indiana tonight where a powerful tornado leveled several buildings including a starbucks in kokomo. dan shenman has the story. >> in a level everything in their path. some were trapped inside the starbucks but nobody was hurt. >> he managed to pop the doors out and get everybody out. >> knocked power lines down, reduced other homes to piles of rubble. >> we saw a funnel cloud, went in the hallway and took cover and the ceiling fell on us and it was over.
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>> oh my gosh a mess! >> disaster everywhere. i'm just thankful my kids weren't here. >> miraculously, there were only a few injuries. and they were minor. >> i don't know how that happens. seeing photographs of the starbucks coffee shop and there were no injuries. >> indiana governor and vice presidential candidate has left the campaign trail and returned to his state. he has asked everyone hoosiers in your thoughts. >> donald trump sat down with one of our affiliates this afternoon during a campaign stop in florida where he went after his rival hillary clinton. he calls her action he as secretary of state criminal, but she made her choices when she was not thinking about a presidential run. >> look, this is a crime.
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knows what's going to happen. our government is a much different government than it used to be. she probably didn't know for sure she was going to run. probably didn't know she was going to be under this kind of scrutiny. >> we'll be hearing from hillary clinton tomorrow when she rallies voters in reno. >> new at 11:00, can something as small as beetles be a factor in wildfires? california since 2010 and people who live near the sequoia national forest think the bark beetle is to blame. they hit with a vengeance in the presidents near cedar city. they kill trees from the inside, they feed off of pine and cedar trees leaving dead trees behind as ready fuel for wildfires.
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ecological problem that needs to be addressed soon. >> new command near sahara and duran imrvetiono, the area command captain says officers will help protect communities between charleston and flamingo. this is metro's ninth area command. >> a man being searched for who wandered off near las vegas. >> his family's plea for help. >> the impressive rescue caught on camera that will melt your heart. >> much more tranquil than it was 24 hours ago. we'll relive last night's lightning and show you where we're going from here. the temperatures might be trending down. 81 as you start your day. rest of the forecast when we
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>> welcome back.
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>> last spotted at a circle k convenience store in bullhead. >> a desperate situation, 80 years old, family says he's very active. police agencies in arizona are looking for him. they suspect he may be lost or in danger. >> that's when my grandpa disappeared. >> it's been for the crabalero family. last week they last saw daniel cabalero. he was caught on surveillance at a convenience store in bullhead city. since then nothing but false alarms. >> some people said they had seen him down here but it was just a false tip.
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rescue. volunteers combing the area with search dogs hoping to turn up clues but each minute that passes is excruciating. daniel speaks to us in spanish. he asked his father's forgiveness for not being with him during this time. the search will continue, the family pleading for people to be on the daniel they say is a very kind man who always wears his signature straw hat and suspend suspenders. >> i can't explain it, we are going to be strong, we are going to find him. >> daniel we're told may suffer from slight alzheimer's, according to his family. still very surprising to all of them. here in las vegas in the
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hopefully someone will catch a glimpse and get him back to safety. >> talk about a perfects rescue. these miami beach firefighters caught a kitten trapped in a drain. that kitten is now looking for a forever home. >> we asked for your help and you blew us away generosity. so a heart felt thank you for you who helped thousands of kids to get back to school. more than $135,000 worth of school supplies, it will all go to about 60,000 kids in town as families can't afford what they need to succeed. that total is more than double what we collected last year. fill the bus, a partnership with
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leading dropout prevention program. less than a week from the clark county school district first day of school. back to school photos and videos, we asked you to go to burst, share those images and i have a feeling they're going to end up right here on air. >> it's fun to see the families kindergarten. >> how about that last weekend before school? intermore important. >> imagine going out crazy for final days no doubt about it. we'd like to be able to reverse the aging process, can't do that but we can turn the clock back 24 hours. it was during this newscast that we were watching this live as this incredible lightning
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vegas valley, summerlin parkway, lots of reports of small hail, the lightning it stole the show, it made the luxor jealous. it my be a while to see an encore performance. import ed some of the wildfire smoke. we did hav moderate category. that's going to change again tomorrow. you can see from aliante looking south ward, definitely more so on this time lapse, you can see the mountains on the east side of town and by mid date they're hazed out. getting a little better tonight but even more improvement tomorrow.
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shadows of the meadows mall 89 and 8% over there at griffitht. griffiths. beautiful downtown henderson, down from a high of as hot as 104 outside, the lake still at 95, over to max out at 103. 102. are at 6:00 last night we had 102 for forecast and the rains came cooled the air saturated the air mass somewhat. so i went going down to 101 dra, ?., it turned out to be 102 but
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getting a little tighter which i think it will during the other part of the month. low 80s start well into the 90s at lunch time. into the trouble digits we go. the wind, ramping up, staying between 15 and 25, some bursts to 30 miles an hour. we have a little ripple to the north and those wi they'll also bring down this little disturbance that's going to flock the temperature down only a couple of degrees but crossing a psychological barrier. sandy valley, 97, still 105 in [ laughter ] li, and mid 70s in the mountain. your day tomorrow, are winds
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thursday high temperature, when you can call aunt mill ea in the midwest and say look how beautiful, the kids on their last with weekend of freedom you know kids being kids, kelly will keep you updated with the weather, beginning at 5:30 a.m. their lips will be turning blue, they >> my little one still can't swim on her own yet, but she cries, baker -- >> back in the water right? >> we fill the bus, now local
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>> we hope to let kids fly to their wish. you can either call the number on your screen right now, 642-1322, local number, we'll be reminding you, you can stop by the dave and buster's restaurant n >> can using your cell phone
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>> new at 11:00, schneider may never get alope again. can your cell phone battery play a role in your credit score? >> some banks are planning to do this. in asia for now but singapore based lendo, can help lend credit history. >> browsing activity, battery
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customer would be to default on a loan. thankfully, no u.s. banks plan to do it yet but a couple of insurance companies, liberty mutually and state farm are considering it. >> high school football season begins this weekend, randy has a preview of week 1 ahead. >> plus, the 51s
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>> all right, it's the final home stand of the year for the 51s. the team is seven and a half games behind el paso with 12 to play. kids usually run to cosmo but this little girl w to him. good afternoon comes to score, it's 1-1, he delivers minel scores it's 2-1, up 4-1 in the 4th, johnny minel on it again. el paso won as well so no ground made up.
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had to hold all that hardware so she could throw first pitch. i call that a strike! it was 10-3 baltimore, spoiling the night. but the mets get a big night. harper gets on base and then anthony rondone stays deep. as close as they would get as they fall tonight. high school football is back, operation football returns on our 11:00 news. thursday night lights returns on mylv tv. beginning at 7:00. first game of the year in the valley going to be the durango trail blazers. these folks love playing on tv. >> we're so excited.
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game because it's good competition. they're on our level so we've been working hard. we're excited to be on tv. >> we have one less day of preparation, so we are the first day of the season here in town. kids can't get focused and excited to be on tv. we're ready to go, dplo doubt about it. >> durango, i really haven't seen them at all our conference or whatever. so thursday night, hopefully it's a good game and best of luck. >> head out to gorman, they go on the road saturday at katy texas, you talk about a game that's going to be a good one. >> thanks randy.
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?? ?? ?? ?? >> finally tonight local girl scouts gave metro officers a sweet gift today. >> how about 2400 thank yous here? they donated 2400 boxes of their signature cookies. the donation is to thank the officers for their service. >> we assume it is a variety, we have not heard which cookis we all have our favorite. [ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- aaron paul,


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