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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  August 25, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> dana: good morning. happy thursday. we are waiting for the phones to conference room here at news 3. we are trying to raise flights for kids in our community that need their wishes fulfilled. >> krystal: it's so exciting. we are so proud to be a part of it. our volunteers are ready for your calls. they have donuts in there. >> dana: i'm going in there this morning. we got you covered traffic and weather every 10 minutes on the
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kelly has your forecast, jeff has travel times and tom with a birds eye view. >> tom: we're cruising over the northwest valley in route to the 95-215 interchange. little bit of haze in this view from our sky 3 camera. looking good for the most part but let's continue team traffic with jeff. >> jeff: traffic and weather every program. if you are making your way through that stretch you can expect a travel time of 7 minutes between lake mead and downtown. all freeways clear. >> kelly: we are looking at a little bit of haze out there. the sun comes up in a few minutes. we can see the hazy skies. now the temperatures 89 at 9:00 a.m. 97 at noon. 101 at 4:00. that is normal for this time of year.
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advisadvise're dealing with plus rain and cooler temperatures on the way. we're going to talk all about anytime 10 minutes. >> dana: a large warehouse fire burning next to the las vegas strip. michelle joins us from the location with the latest. >> michelle: unfortunately there are several businesses and two nonprofits that we know of that are dealing with a total loss this morning. they are housed inside of this wa we're near the rio and not far away from the palms hotel and casino. just before midnight a fire erupted. they are trying to figure out the cause of that fire but everything inside is gone. clark county fire says they responded right after midnight. everything was fully engulfed. one of the employees we talked to the c.e.o. of the people autism foundation.
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helps collect items to donate to schools and help with children in our community who are living with autism. they just had an event to collect items that were donated for the first day of school. everything they collected was housed inside and everything is gone. i spoke to the owner of another business inside here that has been here for 20 years and they say everything they have is gone. this is going to be the fire erupted in the back of the warehouse. they were able to put it out quickly. they evacuated animals from a nearby pet hotel. when this fire was burning and the building behind me, there were pallets and propane tanks in in business on the other side. one of the employees could here those tanks exploding when they
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right now they are trying to figure out what caused this fire. but it looks like everything inside is a total loss. is this going to be affecting not only the businesses and the nonprofits and all the people that they serve but the employees of these businesses and the nonprofits who work so hard here in this >> krystal: trump calling clinton's action as secretary of state criminal. he said she made those choices when she was not thinking about a presidential run. >> this is a crime. this is a criminal act. who knows what is going to happen. our government is a much different government than it
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be under this kind of scrutiny. >> clinton expected to address those comments when she heads to reno today to rally voters. >> dana: we've seen wildfires raging in california all summer long. now they are thinking that beetles may be part of the problem there. not that they are causing the fires but they are creating a lot of fuel in insects are attracted to dry conditions and feed on the trees leaving them behind which is fuel for the wildfires. it's a big problem and needs to be addressed soon. >> krystal: this was the scene as local girl scouts visited metro police department to give
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signature cookies to stations. girl scouts of southern nevada to thank the officers for their service. we don't know which cookies they delivered or what was the officers favorites. but they certainly enjoyed them all i can assure you of that. those cookies are delicious. metro getting another treat. we have a brand new area command. it will help balance the work volume to officers the captain says officers will help protect communities between charleston and flamingo and the i15 at red rock. this is the ninth area command center for metro. >> dana: children with life threatening illnesses in our community desperately need your help. there is an easy way for to you do this, especially today. we'll tell you how coming up.
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u.s. women's soccer player, there she is, what she did that got her off the field. >> tom: sky 3 crewing the western beltway and things looking good so far this morning. we'll have an update on your commute coming up in a moment. >> dana: donuts in the conference room. these lovely ladies are standing by the phones. we'll tell you why december last year. 14 americans are killed
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had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns. heck voted "no." 23 times. individuals on the fbi terror watch list have purchased firearms over 2,000 times. it's not just that joe heck does nothing to stop them. it's that he's voted to let them keep doing it.... 23 times. senate majority pac
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, newew england shirt company: this ple here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while
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>> this is wishes in flight. >> krystal: we're so proud to be part of this effort. we're asking for your help to get our to where they want to be and make their wishes come true. dana joining us in the wishes in flight telethon. the phone lines just opening up there. give us a feel for how things are going. >> dana: robert, make sure you show these lovely ladies and not my dumb mug here. we want these phones to ring.
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642-1432 wishes in flight. this is about getting airline miles from people watching the broadcast and even money as well because 75% of the wishes from the wish kids not only in our community but nationwide involve flights. they are flying to disneyworld or flying to disneyland or flying to las vegas to meet criss angel. you've been working with the organization for a year and a half. she's on news 3 today. you've been the w the organization for a year and a half. we've been working kimberly and myself with make a wish for years now. when you meet some of these wish kids, it draws you in immediately and i'm sure you found the same thing. >> they are just incredible and bring so much joy to all of the staff. >> these kids have life threatening illnesses.
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642-1342 donating your miles. going to make it easy. a lot of you have miles and some of them are unused. we could use them for the make a wish organization. if you don't have airline miles, donate money. these ladies are going to make it easy on you. 642-1342. please make the phones ring. we'll be her >> krystal: please tell those lovely ladies we appreciate them so much for helping us in this effort. we need your help. wishes in flight. the number on the screen. the phone banks have opened. we want to you donate your airline miles and money if you feel so inclined. our goal 2 million miles,
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make a wish kids. to a developing story. the family of a gun strengthor who was killed anyway horrific accident while teaching a young girl to shoot an automatic weapon is suing the gun range. charles was shot and killed at the shooting range just over the arizona border while he was teaching a nine-year-old girl how to shoot an oozy. the kick back pointed the gun at his head. the lawsuit claims the owner and the range did not respond to a message that we left them asking for a response to that assault. security forces in afghanistan continue to secure a building after an attack ended that left several dead and dozens others injured. 10 people killed, 37 others injured including 7 police officers. no one claiming responsibility for this as of yet. the attack comes two weeks after
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staff, an american and australian were kidnapped from their car by unknown gunman. it's a race against the clock as rescue crews are trying to find survivors from that earthquake in central italy that brought the town to rubble. more than 240 >> dana: u.s. soccer star suspended for half the year from the women's soccer time for comments she made following that loss in the olympics to sweden.
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goal keeper called the swedish women soccer team cowards after the heavily favored u.s. team lost to sweden in the olympics. she's going to be out until february. time to check out traffic. tom is up in sky 3. >> tom: we've checked out a couple of accidents that have proved not to be problems. we want to give you an aerial view of this building that we had reports from michelle about an overnight fire in this warehouse area off of h gutted inside. the roof caved in at some point or another. that is dust while they are clearing things out of the way. probably a combination of dust and smoke. the inside there is complete loss. doesn't look like it went out into the office buildings in front very much. we'll get more live reports as the morning continues. right now it's team traffic with jeff. >> jeff: traffic and weather every 10 minutes.
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alexander. it's our only surface street accident. for the freights shouldn't see too many delays. we'll start travel time with the slow spot 7 minutes between the bowl and tropicana on 15 south bound. join waze team. you can give us updates on your community just don't do it behind the wheel. let's get a forecast with kelly and dana who i've seen in three different spots over the past two minutes. >> dana: i'm getting my morning workout. do i notice the sun? >> kelly: and the haze is making it glow almost like the moon. >> dana: that is from smoke from the fires in california? >> kelly: exactly. >> dana: we're here to talk about the weather in indiana and ohio.
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happened in indiana yesterday. reports from the national weather service confirming this tornado that hit kokomo was an ef3 tornado with winds 165 miles per hour in howard county. 15 homes were damaged and you can see tornado flood look that the starbucks, gone. totally demolished. mike pence announcing in a press conference 15 people sustained mi no serious injuries or fatalities to report. that is fantastic news there. in the background is someone i know doing the weather there. the governor is expected to tour the damage later today. air quality advisory in place. saw an amazing picture of the sun. looked like the moon coming up. elevated levels of smoke and ozone in the air.
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ailments. we had showers and sto arizona. right now we've been watching light sprinkles in parts of lincoln county. heading over toward st. jr. most of this light. we have a chance for showers and thunderstorms in lincoln county today. clark county dry. mostly sunny skies. hazy conditions for us. 101 is the expected high. winds picking up this afternoon
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that will mix it up a little bit. looking at hazy conditions in the overnight tonight. 80 for the low. our seven-day forecast, 80 and -- '9" -- 80 is the low. 98 is the high on friday. showers and thunderstorms the point during the afternoon and evening. same on saturday. 96-degrees. if you have outdoor plans on saturday know where the nearest shelter so if you hear thunder. >> krystal: thank you for that really important information. you are driving along and you hear the sirens behind you. normally that is not a good thing. for residents in nashville, they are happy to see the sirens behind them because the officers are handing out free nfl tickets. last week officers pulled over drivers who were following traffic laws. handed them two tickets to see
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officers in nashville have become known for doing these kind of things. police working to change their image. positive interaction with folks in the community really >> krystal: america has got talent on our channel hours ago with a special guest. do you know who that is? we all know who that is. we're going to tell you what michael phelps was doing on the show coming up. >> dana: and the phone lines are open this morning. it is called wish this is
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injured children in our
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>> tom: they are sweeping that up and the other vehicle on the side the right sho >> kelly: you can see the haze in the air. all that caused by smoke and wildfires. here is another look outside. the red rock resort camera, you can see the haze, high thin clouds out there as well. showers in parts of lincoln county this morning.
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out there. as far as the rest of the week and weekend. cooler temperatures and thunderstorms on the way. we're going to talk about it in 10 minutes. >> krystal: who is that girl? >> dana: katie ladecky. >> krystal: is there anything she can't do. pitch last night. that is bryce harper who grew up in las vegas. down goes harper.
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katie throwing out the first pitch. she's going to stanford. she'll compete on the college level. >> krystal: they'll do well with her on the team. a lion in a yard. what is this all about? >> dana: that is in portland. we want you to reach out today and help children in our community with life threatening illnesses called wish flight. we know that 75% of the wishes for these make a wish kids involve flights. we're asking you to donate your flight miles to the kids in our
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>> krystal: a man missing. he's 80 years old visiting our valley. a desperate plea from his family. how you can help them find their loved one. >> dana: due in court. the trial continues for this young man accused of killing a teenager in our community over an ipad. what we can expect today in a live report. good mor. it is 6:30 on this thursday. wishes in flight, the telethon is under way. >> krystal: we're so excited to be a part of this. donate airline miles and money. we have some miles coming in. >> dana: if you don't have miles, cash always works.
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so glad to be with you on this friday eve. >> dana: we do traffic and weather every 10 minutes. let's begin with tom in sky 3. >> tom: we're just rolling up on something right now so i'm not sure what we've got. this is a residential area out to the far part of the valley. something all over the road there. let me see if i can double it in. just a bunch of debris. something came out of the back. where did it fit to block off the roadway while they figure out what is going on. it's a residential area to the north of the northern beltway. not going to be a major problem. we have one causing a major problem on the 95 or 515 south bound just past the bowl. couple of vehicles involved. looks like the blue car took a
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litter. right now team traff traffic ces with jeff. >> jeff: all eyes are on that freeway because of that accident that is currently working. checking our data which allows us to get an idea of what it could look like in the next hour. currently six minutes and if they get it cleaned up six minutes. 95 south bound between lake mead and the bowl 10 minutes and in minutes. you may want to account for more time because of that accident. let's get a check of the forecast with kelly. >> kelly: we are dealing with hazy conditions out there. let's take a look at the temperatures throughout the day today. noon, mostly sunny, '9". going to be hazy too. 100 at 3:00. wind gusting to 25 this afternoon. the national park service turns 100 years old today.
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>> dana: fire destroyed a local warehouse that is home to two nonprofits. the fire started in the back of the >> krystal: family is so emotion asking for your help to bring him back. last seen friday at a convenience store in bull head city, arizona. the night before he was with his family at a casino. he was here visiting relatives when he disappeared. red rock search and rescue helping with the search.
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following up on leads. so far nothing has panned out. >> somebody had told us today that they had seen him down here but it was just a false tip. >> krystal: the family tells us he suffers from alzheimer's and may be confused about what is going on here. he's most likely wearing that signature straw hat you are seeing in the photo and suspenders. >> reporter: it was an emotional day in court as prosecutors
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save the teen's life the day of this deadly theft. police say jacob grabbed the teen's ipad and jumped in the vehicle but he wouldn't let go of the gift his father had recently given him. state prosecutors called several witnesses to the stand. some emotional 278 came from an on duty paramedic who was first to treat t police say he was dragged under an s.u.v. with michael behind the wheel. >> tire tracks on the left side of his face. across his abdomen in the lower area and abrasions on both of his feet and ankles. >> and attorneys are trying to argue he's not the main person
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pled guilty two weeks ago though it is possible he could be called to testify in this one. >> krystal: an adorable predator. they usually don't go together. is that a lion in portland? what is going on? we have the story behind this beast coming >> dana: u.s.a. swimmer ryan lochte lost sponsors because of what happened in rio. we're going to tell you the new deal he may be cooking up. >> krystal: look at our hardworking volunteers. they are holding up signs saying thank you. that means you have been calling and we are on our way to making wishes come true for our local
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donate your airline miles and we always take cash as well. stay with us. please call.
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>> dana: people in portland freaked out after see august lion in someone's yard. >> krystal: he's not a lion. he's a sweet dog. his owner thought it would be funny to make folks think he's a lion. the city made her put up a fence in her front yard to keep excavators from hitting the willow tree. she thought i'll have some fun. >> dana: looks like a lion at first glance. let's find out what is happening in terms of the traffic. here is tom. >> tom: we're in the far north part of the valley over the 215
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development in that area. the big problem now is in the downtown east of the bowl. we have a couple of vehicles involved blocking off a travel lane. going to be a problem with traffic squeezing through the middle. >> kelly: we've got hazy skies out there. smoke from wildfires blowing into the 84 is the current temperature. other temperatures around the area, we're looking at 77. pretty comfort as you are heading out the door. the winds will increase this afternoon. 15-16 miles per hour winds this afternoon. gusts to 25. that should help as far as the
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community with life threatening illnesses need your help. it is easy to do. all you have to do is pick up the phone. 642-1342. these lovely ladies are standing by trying to collect your airline miles so we can send
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>> krystal: good news for our local economy. more passengers came through there. las passengers went through. that's up from last year. more passengers coming through, more money for our city. that's always a good thing. frontier increasing the number of flights happening at mccarron. they will fly nonstop every day to nashville and tampa bringing the total number of city it's serves to 19. this airline really has grown a lot. when it started here two years ago it only offered service from
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september 6. we're excited about this. wishes in flight. >> dana: i know it's wishes in flight because they have a sign made up for me. these lovely ladies are standing by to take your phone calls. there is the phone number. show this thing. 642-1342. we're i love it when you show up because i know i'm going to get a good hug from you. where do we stand? >> 233,000 miles. >> our goal is 2 million. >> we're almost there. >> we're an eighth of the way.
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>> your viewers are very generous. the girls have been busy on the phones. please donate your airline miles. these go to children in our community that are trying to get to their wish destinations whether it's hawaii, disneyworld or disneyland. there is the number. they areta tonight. about 80% of wishes for our make a wish kids involve flights getting them to their
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please help us do that. the telethon all day today until 7:00 p.m. breaking news. while many of you were sleeping a large warehouse fire breaking out overnight in our valley. we know this fire is now out. unfortunately it impacted some local nonprofits. >> it impacted a couple of nonprofits and businesses. several of them housed out of this building. ' warehouse. we've been able to get closer. you can see the warehouse, everything inside is gone. the roof is gone. there is just sky there now. this fire started sometime right before midnight. fire crews got out here and saw these flames raging out of the roof. they called 234 more crew, surrounded it and fought it from the sky. there are still a lot of hotspots burning. the hot spots keep flairing up.
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out and monitor them. in the meantime they are trying to find out what caused this fire. they go in and dig through the debris to find out how the fire start and where the fire started. now these businesses and nonprofits have a big mess to clean up and they have lost everything. one of them is the people's autism foundation. they collect items and donate to people who need it. they just had a fundraise tore collect back to school. everything they had collected was packed up and ready to go and it is all gone. they are taking donations. we'll post their website and facebook page on if you'd like to go donate items and money, they could really use it. we're going to wait to get word on what caused this fire. >> dana: thank you.
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>> someone who is very much peddling bigotry and prejudice and par no i can't. >> hillary clinton is a bigot who sees people of color only as votes, not as human beings worthy of a better future. >> dana: let's go live to our nation's capito we're about two months from election day and donald trump calling hillary a bigot. >> and he's trying to reach out to african-americans and latinos and say take another look at the republican party because as he argues democrats haven't done a lot for those communities in the last several decades. high crime, high poverty, poor schools. he argues maybe they should dump
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that's one of the reasons today he's meeting with african-american and latino leaders in new york at trump tower. we found out in the last hour looks like those leaders are part of the republican leadership institute. no idea how many. looks like they are more conservative members of that leadership institute as opposed to some of the more activist groups we were believing he was going to talk to today. that should be happening sometime clinton's response today. she's going to be up in reno this afternoon. >> krystal: a walk in a san francisco park took a terrifying turn for one woman after a man approached her and started hitting her. this video is disturbing. the attack caught on surveillance video. it is horrible. it happened saturday night in lafayette park.
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on her here. the suspect punching the woman several times in the face. he broke her nose. doctors say her injuries will require surgery but she is expected to make a full recovery. the bad news is they don't know where this guy is. he's still on the loose. >> dana: can we go to a nicer story. little boy five years old in new jersey buying lunch for his local police officers. using his own allowance to buy some of the guys subway sandwiches there. they sent him home way t shirt they were so appreciative. >> tom: we've got a couple of things going on up here in the north part of the valley. this at the intersections of clayton. looks like two vehicles hit hard here. just a moment ago we saw they were loading a person who was
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scene up to the far north at the intersections of maverick. that's a residential area with debris spread all over the place. there were reports of someone being thrown from a vehicle. we don't see anything that looks like an accident but police have taped off that area. let's get to team traffic. i know we have problems in the downtown area on the freeways. >> jeff: we do. south bound at main. that means fur coming in on the 95 approaching the bowl, seven mimes per hour so it's at a crawl. it's affecting everything that direction. 95 south bound between lake mead and the bowl jammed 19 minutes. if you are coming in on 15 south
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let get a check of the forecast with kelly. >> kelly: we are dealing with hazy conditions out there this morning. an air quality advisory in place. this is a live look outside at lake mead. the sun coming up. today is the 100th birthday for our national park system. free admission to our national parks today through sunday. head out to lake mead, enjoy it this weekend. here is a look at what we're seeing as far as the temperatures are concerned. downtown 77. henderson you are coming in at 85. rain activity we have a little bit we're watching. these showers moving west to east. they are light for the most part making their way into las vegas
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looks like at least in the morning if you wanted to go for a hike, saturday and sunday looking good. >> dana: time for the water cooler. the most decorated olympian of all time, michael phelps hanging out lasti got talent. >> what advice do you have for the act going through to the next round? >> for us, whenever we were relaxing playing cards or joking, like just trying to enjoy the whole experience. i think these guys have prepared for this for a long time. >> dana: five acts eliminated last night. 7 going through. if you wonder who got eliminated, the contortion nest,
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martin and comedian all five are going home. with the controversy surrounding ryan lochte slowly fading , the olympic swimmer could be going for gold in a different event, dancing. in talks to take part in season 23 of dancing with the stars. we'll find out next week if he made the cut. jones get ago tacked this time they took over her website. it's called justless light shut down yesterday after hackers posted personal photos and racially charged comments against jones. this comes about a month after jones was hit with numerous hate comments on twitter. can't catch a break. and ghost busters is when she got a lot of hate from people out there.
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this channel but you guys have more local news coming. >> anchor: en the cw. >> krystal: thank you dana. it was a lot of fun this morning. we're following the latest from the warehouse fire unfortunately affecting two local nonprofits. >> jeff: we'll be checking in with michelle in moments and the second test flight for the largest aircraft didn't go so well. we'll show you how this ended. >> in las vegas. master's of illusion friday.
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good morning. death toll rises. now at least 241 killed in that powerful earthquake in central italy. residents desperately trying to dig out more survivors where their bare hands. moments like this one bringing hope. fighting words. donald trump goes after hillary clinton questioning her true intentions when it comes to minority voters. >> hillary clinton is a bigot. >> this as she dismisses claims that clinton foundation donors were given special access to her while she was secretary of state. >> what trump has said is ridiculous. my work as secretary of state


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