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tv   News 3 Live at Eleven  NBC  August 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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woman accused of killing her child is charged by a grand jury. >> and just when you thought the local school district couldn't get more complicated or controversial, it just did. tonight. >> news3 starts right now. >> we start with breaking news update. a hiker is dead after falling 150 feet at red rock canyon. good evening, i'm marie mortera. >> and i'm jim snyder. glad you're with us. the hiker fell on an overlook trail just west of the scenic troop. john treanor joins us with the latest. john. >> jim, a 15-story fall. i want to give you an idea how remote an area this is. this is six miles east of where those hikers are being interviewed. this is how far we had to drive to get a solid cell phone signal
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we'll show a shot we maid just about an hour ago. notice the hikers over by the picnic table. those are the hikers we believe that are with the person who fell and died today. they are not out for a long hiking trip. looks like a day trip. this is a very popular day, 100th anniversary of the parks, now a night of mourning as police are trying to find out what happened. these are very steep scenic areas of town. we are right now trying to figure out exactly what happened. as you are investigators. it will likely not come out until tomorrow though. that is where we are expecting to get the identity of the person who fell as well, maybe what happened now. john treanor, news 3, back to you guys.
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those beautiful rock formations can be. john thank you. a local babysitter accused of killing a baby, by dropping it on a tile floor, on purpose, has been indicted by a grand jury. she hears a result she wishes she could have heard with christine kim. >> was a close friend, like a mother to her and now the person sitting behind bars at the county jail, accused of killing one of them. >> i cry every day. >> seven months have passed since she had to make a tough decision to make her five month old son romello go. >> they asked us if he stopped breathing did we want to resuscitate him, i couldn't do it. he had suffered enough with
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>> the woman she trusted with her children is facing murder and child abuse. >> lying to her close friend about the injuries wp. >> she even came to his memorial, got up and spoke. and what kills me is that i got up and i thanked her for watching him in front of everybdy face, knowing she did this. >> she later learned lavender admitted to hurting romello. now she shares life's most painful moment to let other people know, be careful for those who are even closest to you.
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this week. his molting now expecting his little sister. >> my son is gone, she's sitting in this jail and her family doesn't deserve to go through this either. >> reporter: lavender is expected to show up in court a week from today. christine kim, news3. >> thank you christine. body was found at craig road and allen. car that belongs to a missing man and the body was found night. police have not released the name yet. >> now to a developing story, david coyle ran an illegal massage parlor out of his home since last october.
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craigslist. victims were forced to work naked. one of the girls who worked there was his own daughter. he was arrested after an undercover officer posed as a teen. >> needing this before the first day of school, an explosive fire house, destroyed all the school supplies they were collecting to send to families in need. for people's autism foundation the loss is heartbreaking, so they're asking for your help tonight. >> you know you work so hard to help out these kids around the valley. and i want to report my life into this foundation acknowledge tragedy like this are just a set back for us. everything is a set back.
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people are already coming forward to help the charity bounce back. if you want to lend a hand, more information at >> it's a race against time in the heart of italy. to find survivors who could still be buried in the rubble of a deadly earthquake. that 6.2 earthquake has claimed at least 250 lives. epicenter continues to rumble. a 4.7 aftershock reported. the story from amatreche. second night, survivors have been sleeping outside. there are a series of aftershocks and they are scared. for everyone here the trauma continues. still digging still hoping for a miracle after 48 hours but the
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but still they dig and here's why. after hearing a voice in the rubble, rescuers find a little girl and free her trapped legs. come on julia, they say to her, and pull her out. after 16 hours buried, clinging to her rescuer, uninjured. beautiful girl they shout. other chilre officers sift through their belongings. they knew them. there's anger here too. investigators now probing why this school collapsed in spite of a $1 million spend to make it earthquake-proof. and more big after-shocks tonight, one rescuer tonight told me, they're not giving up hope of pulling out survivors. they pulled out one after a
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trying to do the same. back to you. >> caught on camera hit and run driver chase chased down by a good samaritan, after mowing do you a pedestrian on the side of the road. 21-year-old colin murphy hits the officer and keeps on going. tow truck driver chased for about a mile and murphy's location where he was later arrested, officer is about to recover. >> the casino boss who wants to bring the radar to las vegas says he will scrap the idea unless the taxpayers take up a big part of the bill. about radar already have a deal to buy 62 acres off of russell road which could be the site of you a new stadium. any public money spent would be
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>> what we're asking here is a .8% increase in the room tax, to build, from the day the stadium opens. >> we know the team owner has filed to trademark the name, las vegas raiders, if nothing happens by november, the raiders could walk and the whole deal could fizzle out. more controversy in the long process of reorganizing t >> other issues need to be addressed first officials say. >> friday temperature in the upper 70s plenty of sunshine, that's not how it may end. full forecast coming up. >> also ahead, a new name thrown in the mix for nhl team coming to town.
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december last year. 14 americans are killedd in a mass shooting inspired by isis. in the aftermath, congressman joe heck had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns. heck voted "no." 23 times. individuals on the fbi terror watch list have purchased firearms over 2,000 times. it's not just that joe heck
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to let them keep doing it.... 23 times. senate majority pac is responsible for the content
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>> did another session for the school board tonight. part of the discussion was about the potential reorganization of the school district. >> plenty from school support staff about an upcoming decision on health insurance. >> christy, these workers believe this decision could make or break them financially. >> yes they do. support staff held signs as traffic slowed down to a trickle those people with a very emotional me to the school board members. >> just off flamingo and eastern, theigns read, no pay raises for eight years. and hunt for support staff. a 13-year-old district employee
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told board members support staff like her are stressed due to an upcoming decision that will increase their health insurance premiums come this january. >> 15% insurance in health care cost. i canned afford nap. >> karen jefferson has been a bus driver for 15 years. she feels the same. >> i heard they want to go up my insurance, cost me $370-something for my insurance. >> a pay increase is leadings to frustration and some say it causes. >> yes they have college degrees but do i too. >> another ongoing concern, school reorganization. >> i feel like change is a good idea but the way the reorganization has been done,
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is out of town, it leaves me feeling very uncomfortable. >> board members are uncomfortable too. saying some of their concerns are not being addressed. >> fifth largest school district in the country. christy, thanks. >> a stunning loss for uber this year. bloomberg said the company was on track to lose $750 million. huge expenses for uber's drivers are responsible for the majority of the company's losses globally. one spokesman says there is no
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huge growth. >> when all of you who called in today to help local make a wish kid see their dreams come true, it's really overwhelming to see the generosity of their gifts, again. we partnered with dave and buster's restaurant for miles and wishes in f of more than $35,000 in money and 1,258,000 miles. this will help terminally ill children fly to the place of their dreams. >> many of those volunteers have
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>> it made them kind of punchy, watching the football game, reminding you to call in when you can. they do such great work it's easy to help. >> big fan of that, no doubt about it. meteorologist to talk about. we have a little ripple in the upper levels of atmosphere trying to come up the back door from up north. it could give us a slight chance of thunderstorms. t first of all, the smoke, it does produce one heck of a sunrise and sunset. and we saw those forces of orange as the sun was low over the horizon, to a much denser part of the atmosphere. at this hour, remains in the mild category, the winds starting to push some of it out, hopefully we'll get the rest of it out tomorrow. you can see that somewhat brown
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the afternoon, we cleared off some, couldn't get rid of all it.. a little boat-boogie going on. green valley parkway, 89?, this is a drier air mass with the relative humidity. 12%, 86?, 87? add spring humidity, with the exception of downtown henderson, that wind did gust to 39 miles per hour. many neighborhoods have the gusts at or above the 30 mile-per-hour threshold. prum still 87, and southern navy
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exactly where it should be the 25th of august, exactly with what did forecast was calling for. another $33 raised for the fisher house this month of august. by the way, the slightly cooler day has brought down the average temperature for our summer but still above where the previous report was in 2007. we still have a week t it's a lock for august. mid 90s at lunch time, probably people in the upper 90s, a little breeze in the afternoon as well, but the focus is on this ripple coming down from central nevada. it produced the storms near lincoln county. any wobble on the pattern will
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we'll keep an eye on them. we'll have a little disturbance in the neighborhood on saturday. 67 in pahrump, high temperatures for your friday afternoon, boulder city 95, love lynn, 102. morning low temperature is 79. the bounce back tomorrow looks to be double digits, 98 expected high, we do have chance of thunderstorm, in town, in sunday, we dry out in a huge way, stay in double digits barrel, around new school on monday. that begins in 5 hours and ten minutes. >> who's counting?
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anyway. hot return back to school and we want to eavesdrop. parents, teachers, students, wish to grab your cameras and click away. >> here's the deal, we're all parents in the studio so we just want to see those amazing family photos. mom and dad if you cry on camera, it's okay, head over and they could end up on air. still, a celebrity goes a long
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. four years agogo i was diagnosd with breast cancer but early treatment saved my life. so i'm really outraged that joe heck voted ten times to defund planned parenthood depend on for cancer screenings. congressman heck even threatened to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood.
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>> new at 11, now, he may be known for tacos. >> yes, actor danny trejo. star of machete, opened up a
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now he intends to take that national. >> he also might rotate in other flavors during the week, i remember him from breaking bad, when he played a character called the turtle. i hope the turtle doesn't show up on the taco truck. >> unlv held their state of the
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>> all right, high school football is underway in las vegas. the first took place tonight, game 1 was televised live sister station, mylv. adding to a jason johnson touched up the gut. kayden renshaw, only a sophomore quarterback, going deep again.
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37-nothing. remainder, operation football, scores and highlights during the valley. during our 11:00 show. just a few games you'll see tomorrow night on our first operation football. team kicks off the season one week from tonight. sanborn director invited the media. men's and women golf, men's and women's tennis, that's a good year, they hope to contend for titles in the near future. >> it's not easy to win a championship. football is such a big machine to turn around.
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better, nobody believes it better than his teams. each year he is competing for the mountain west championship and going to a bowl game and that's our dream, that's where we're going to go. i'm really proud of our programs because being baseball is coming, football is on the move and men's basketball is right behind us, so here we go. >> two against salt lake, won the first game lost game,dale didn't make tonight ground against el paso. remember those hockey games that cait out a few weeks ago, remember night hawk desert hawk, red hawk, the trademark cait owm
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>> like knights in shining
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>> finally tonight, a big milestone for our national parks. >> celebrating their 100th birthday and you are invited to the party. all sunday. >> yellowstone was the first prark in 1857 [ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- barbra streisand,


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