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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  August 26, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> kim: footing the bill. we have a local billionaire. he's a casino mogul that says he wants the raiders to come to town but he's only willing to pay so much. that will have your head spin. we'll share it and these brand new images of where the raiders could be playing. good august 26 as we scan the skies on the las vegas strip. >> kim: down below a lot of sports books there and soon the las vegas raiders could be on the board for you to be able to place a wager. we have new information on that note headed your way this morning. >> dana: we are the wagners. tom is going to check out travel times but we begin with kelly in the weather center.
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up. the big story is thunderstorms developing later this afternoon. dry conditions this morning. 87 at 9:00 a.m. 94 by noon and better chance for storms at 4:00 today. 97 is our high. that's going to be cooler this weekend. we're going to talk about that in 10 minutes. >> tom: i want to tell you about the 515 or 95 and the lamb boulevard desert inn intersections. it's a complete closure. we have a camera showing you a live shot nhp has it blocked both directions. have you to take an alternate route. there is an accident on the surface street now that has part
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two scenes to watch out for on the surface streets. freeways doing ok for now. >> dana: the reason the boulder highway is shut down, a nevada highway patrol trooper was shot on the scene. craig joins us from the 95 and boulder highway. this just happened several hours ago. the good news to report is the trooper is alive. >> he is and this is really an incredible chain of events. closer look. you are looking toward 2 area where there was a traffic stop shortly after midnight. a bull let did hit a trooper's badge. the trooper pulled over a car. there were three people inside and we're told one of them was a man. as soon as the car stopped, he bolts out of the vehicle and starts running. the trooper chases him and they
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the trooper shot at a bullet hitting him in the chest area in the badge but he is not injured, he is ok. bowler highway 95 and lamb closed at this investigation moves forward. >> dana: that was an incredible story. >> kim: we'll be checking in with live looks throughout the location. tom is all over the traffic implications. right now to what is over my shoulder. after shocks adding to the anxiety in italy following the deadly earthquake earlier this week. look at the devastation on your screen. the death toll has now risen to more than 260 lives lost. one after shock from yesterday crumbled some buildings, damaged
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with the after shock yesterday have now come crumbling down. firefighters escorting survivors back to their home temporarily so they can get their stuff because they are afraid more shaking could start up in this location. >> dana: ryan lochte will be summoned to appear before a judge in brazil for filing a false police report over the incident at a gas station. they are investigation into the criminal case this week and will hand it over to a public prosecutor in rio. a formal document expected to be sent to a u.s. court asking for cooperation in summoning the swimmer to brazil. the olympic gold medalist first claimed he and three fellow swimmers were held up at gunpoint. video footage proved that he gave falls statements to them about what happened.
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admits that he overexaggerated the story although somebody pointed a gun in his direction and demanded he give them money. lochte scheduled to be in las vegas to celebrate his birthday. i can't imagine he's going to come party here tonight. the optics of that would be horrible and remains to be scene whether he will go back tory row to face that seems unlikely as well. >> kim: the fact he was supposed to be here was reported before this incident. it's unlikely because of the optics he'd be seen partying here. ryan lochte lost four sponsors and he's picked up a new one.
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it says just as pine brothers is forgiving on your throat, the company asks the public for a little forgiveness for an american swimming legend. he will appear in commercials for the throat drops. >> dana: very clever. she woulden addleson says they need to increase the room tax in this city to theun $750 million to build that new football stadium. if that does not happen, he will drop his support for bringing the oakland raiders to las vegas. this happened yesterday at that committee hearing. we also know where the preferred site is for this stadium and seeing this artist rendering. -t it's enclosed. at the top it's all glass.
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we found out they trademarked the name las vegas raiders. $750 million in public funding. a lot of people saying yesterday that is money well spent. >> we're asking .8% increase in the room tax to allow to us build almost stadium. >> dana: $750 million in a room tax increase. she woulden addleson would put in 650 million of his own money and the raiders would put in are $500 million. this stadium would cost $1.2 billion to build. one of the most expensive stadiums in the entire united states. eventually the southern nevada infrastructure tax committee will make a recommendation to the full legislature and the
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approve the tax increase and the nfl owners would have to approve the move from oakland to las vegas. >> kim: if they make another movie that will smith started, they could have that whole thing levitate off the ground. looks like a big space shuttle of some sort. still to come, a police chase ends with a wild scuffle between officers and a d.u.i. suspect. like so often this played out on camera. you are seeing a portion of it we'll take you to the scene for conclusion ahead. >> dana: what happened after a certain police say a man jumped a fence, stripped down to his underwear and stole a truck and crashed into a plane. why would he do that? >> kim: that's a lot going on and happened while most of you were sleeping. the moment a driver go into a police officer. this caught on camera.
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>> dana: the death toll in italy has increased after that 6.2 earthquake struck that country. death toll 267. the number of injured being treated at hospitals december last year. 14 americans are killed in a mass shooting inspired by isis. in the aftermath, congressman joe heck had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns. heck voted "no." 23 times. individuals on the fbi terror watch list have purchased firearms over 2,000 times.
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does nothing to stop them. it's that he's voted to let them keep doing it.... 23 times. senate majority pac is responsible for the content
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i pledge allegiance, to the flag [continues in background] they're bringing drugs, they're brigning crime, they're rapists... blood coming out of her...wherever [pledge continues in background] you gotta see this guy; "oh, i don't know what i said. ah, i don't remember." i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters... get him the hell out of here... get him out of here! get out!
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>> 12 ambulances and two helicopters were sent to that site. >> dana: police in arizona offering an even bigger reward trying to stop a serial killer targeting victims on the streets of phoenix. officials holding that joint
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officials there. police have received hundred offense tips but none have led to the shooter. a $75,000 reward offered for information leading to an arrest. the victims shot while walking in a neighborhood or in front of a home. >> kim: a man in nebraska was arrested after hopping an airplane fence and getting into a pickup and crashing that pickup into the nose of an airplane and did i mention, he did so as he was to only his boxers. ever officers say the guy's behavior obviously erratic and indicates a possible drug overdose, possibly mental illness. the plane was about to take off for denver. nobody on board was seriously injured. the man is in custody now being evaluated. >> dana: a man about to get hit by a vehicle.
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you are going to see the moment of impact there. looked like he was going to be killed but he was not. he did survive this. and police are saying a 21-year-old driver who was drunk at the time is responsible for this. the officer knocked about 15 feet in the air. police say he suffered nonlife threatening injuries sand expected to make a recovery. >> kim: officers have a started with a car chase going over 100 at some points. this is the d.u.i. suspect police officers were chasing. as a result the officers going at that high rate of speed. and then it ends with what you are about to see on your screen. the suspect putting his hands in his pants as if he was possibly going to pull out a gun. they got into a scuffle.
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deputies finally arrested this guy. one deputy did sustain minor injuries in this scuffle. >> dana: he was tasered several times but kept fighting back. >> tom: better than gunfire. we have a situation on flamingo road. avoid flamingo for we have a police situation we've been covering from overnight involving gunfire. boulder highway shut down between the 515 and '5" and lamb boulevard and desert inn. this is what it looks like from up high.
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travel times on the freeways looking good. here is kelly. >> kelly: outside yesterday we saw a lot of haze. i think we'll see more of that this morning. look at this. you can't even see the spring mountains there even as the sun comes up, the haze blocking that out. we expect hazy conditions thi this afternoon things are going to change. thunderstorms a possibility. 76-degrees right now. centennial 78. henderson down in the 70's. it's national dog day today. get the puppies out and take
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we could see action firing up later today. because of the clouds, because of the storms we're going to get, 97 is what we're looking at for a high today. winds gusting to 20. some storms will be capable of producing small hail. heavy rainfall and lightning too. scattered storms and more storms keep an eye to the sky and know where the nearest shelter is if you plan to take advantage of the fee free in our parks. >> kim: where do community colleges rank here in nevada?
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community colleges stepping up their game. in some cases they are giving traditional universities a run for their money and some have four year degrees in high demand fields. >> kim: let's talk about apple. they are issuing a software update that has to do with security for all of us. >> it does. this is kind of unusual because apple is pushing this and telling people phones and ipads as soon as possible. basically it fixes three huge
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>> dana: we teamed up to raise miles to deliver to our local make a wish children because 75-80% of the wishes involve airline travel. children to their destinations whether that be hawaii or disneyland or disneyworld. we raised more than 1,258,000 miles and $35,000. it was a good day for our local wish children.
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participated. it was a sight no one expected when they pulled this car over. looks like three men and a baby. this is an officer and a baby. how did it look like this? we have answers headed your way. >> dana: getting ready for the u.s. open by talking to one of the greatest tenny misplayers in american history. that is coming up a little later on the program. have live pictures of the white house we focus on decision 2016. we have both candidates running for president calling each other racist and bigot.
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>> dana: the u.s. open is coming up quickly. we talk to tracy austin joining us live from new york city. you won the u.s. >> the olympics her shoulder was bothering her and she lost in the third round. that was a surprise. she's had a couple of weeks for that shoulder injury to go away. serena has won it six times.
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reach 23 majors. that's a name most people have not heard before. >> it's an interest story line as well. after the french open djokovic was going to dominate the rest of the year. he's won 7 titles including two majors. he lost early at wimbledon and
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ingly 16 years old and two days later i was back at school which
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>> kelly: we are looking at a little bit of haze. you are not going to need your umbrella. heading out the door but take it notice no triple-double digits on there. state trooper's in west virginia
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this baby in filth. >> kim: they took very cute pictures. as it started off as a terrible story, it transitions to this inspirational >> kim: a live picture of the trump tower and hundreds of people are going to be protesting out front trying to
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breaking news. you're looking at live pictures from the scene as we speak. an nhp officer has been shot. he's going to survive but the suspect did not make it. a live report in moments. plus this -- >> with her i let my guard down, i did. so that is why it's really devastating for both me and my husband. >> dana: still grieving.
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reaction after the woman accused of killing her child charged by a grand jury. >> kim: also still to come exclusive, we team one the experts at consumer reports to make sure that you are getting the most out of your flying experience. we want it to be the friendly skies, not the unfriendly skies. a few tips to make that a reality for you coming up. august 26. final friday in august of 2016. >> kim: lot of money in the casino industry. you are waking up to news that the las vegas raiders may become a reality. i know every day it seems like it's getting closer to that. we're in the national news with artist renderings of the stadium. they are terrific. we have them headed your way and some of the sites as far as
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>> dana: down to two sites and we heard an ultimatum. we'll get into that. we'll get to kelly in a second but there is tom in the traffic center. >> tom: if we can get away from traffic in sky 3 we'll do a fly by on that site where it's proposed the raiders could possibly play and show you where it's located. this does involve lane restringes. on the boulder the boulder highway is closed between the 515 and lamb and desert inn where they come together. here is an outside view looking down at the incident. you want to steer clear of that one. the freeways are looking good right now with travel times up to speed, everything running in the green. let's send it to kelly for a look at weather. >> kelly: outside right now quiet conditions, a little bit of haze in our skies this
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possibility this afternoon. 94 at 1:00 p.m. we'll tart to see them forming in our local mountains an then push down in the valleys. we're going to talk more about the chances for storms today and for the week end in 10 minutes. >> kim: we have a breaking news update fur. this one playing out in our own backyard. a trooper has been shot. his badge saving his life. for detai developments this happening just hours ago. craig standing by live from the scene. >> good morning. a trooper, a bullet hit the trooper in the badge. the trooper is ok incredibly. this happened after a traffic stop just after midnight here at boulder highway. near desert inn road . the trooper pulled over a vehicle. three people inside. one of them a man who jumped out
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the trooper is ok, the suspect is dead. >> dana: a local baby-sitter accused of purposely dropping a five-month-old baby on a tile floor killing him has been indicted by a grand jury. the infant's mother has been waiting months for this to happen. kendall joins us now with a warning to other parents in community. >> the babysitter was a close friend and described her as like a mother to her. the woman she trusted now faces murder and child abuse charges after she intentionally hurt the baby more than once and made up lies to explain his injuries. she had no idea lavender was responsible until after she learned the sitter admitted to
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he would have turned one this week and now she's sharing the most painful moments. >> she came to his memorial. got up and spoke. and what kills me is that i got up and i thanked her for watching him in front of everybody. and this woman sat there knowing >> lavender is expected in court a little less than a week from now. >> kim: we're expecting to learn the name of a hiker who died after falling while hiking at red rock canyon just hours ago. we have a map you can orient yourself where this hiker fell down. this is 15 feet the hiker fell. right off of the scenic loop just west of it. it happened about 6:00 last night. the hiker was with a group of
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west of the scenic view when it happened. this is from when our news crew got to the scene. metro investigating what happened before that hiker fell. once we get that information we'll pass it on to you. a different note as far as our parks going on there celebrating is hundred years of our national parks, our governor brian sandoval spent the night last night at the great basin national park. there will be a lot of we want to emphasize safety this weekend. just make sure that you keep it safe and have all the proper things with you when you are hiking out in nature. >> dana: and the arrest report has been released for the man accused of running a sex trafficking ring out of his home in our valley. this man david coil ran an illegal massage parlor in his home since last october.
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work naked. one of the girls that worked there was coil's daughter. he was arrested earlier this week after an undercover officer posed as a teen. police still trying to determine if there are more victims out there. coil expected to face a judge today for his arraignment. >> kim: we've taken you live to italy this morning to show you all the damage from that horrific earthquake that they still continue to have after shocks and now in motion during the original quake. we have it headed your way. many of you still planning to fly before the end of the year. our friends at consumer reports telling you how to get the best bang for your buck when it comes to airline travel. >> kim: as we send to you break a live picture from our nation's capitol. he said, she said and they are saying the same thing. they are calling each other
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we have a live i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. as a doctor, i see how decisions in washington impact my patients here in nevada. so even though i'm a republican, i won't be voting for joe heck. voted ten times to defund planned parenthood, which thousands of women depend on for cancer screenings. and heck opposes a woman's right to choose even when her health is at risk. for me and my patients,
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>> dana: absolutely scary moment for a news crew in central italy. they were shooting a story there when all of a sudden they had an aftershock. you can see rubble falling down. you could hear them making sure that everybody is ok. she says yeah i'm ok. camera man continues to roll. thankfully they are unharmed here.
5:41 am
reporter doing a facebook live report in italy when a building collapsed right behind her. the death toll now at 267. more than 300 people are in the hospital as we speak. >> kim: when you check out those images, you can't believe they are real. >> tom: like something out of a movie. we have a complete closure here. was not killed in that incident. you have closure between lamb and the 515. outside view looking at the boulder highway. heavy police presence in the area. you can go ahead and use desert inn and lamb because the closure is to the northwest of the
5:42 am
charleston curve. travel times look good. let's send it to kelly for a look at your weather. >> kelly: we have dry conditions outside right now. it is national dog day today. take your dog for a long walk while it's still dry. here is a look at the temperatures as you head out the door. nice cool start to our day today. our $462 for fisher house for our military families. that is so great to see. in 10 minutes we're going to have a check on storms developing this afternoon. >> dana: a father and son become a car pool karaoke sensation helping them through a tough situation. more of this inspiring story ahead. >> kim: still to come live in
5:43 am
pour what does that mean exactly? details headed your way. >> dana: not far from that location at madison square guarden the mtv music awards will be held on sunday nightment our local entertainer britney spears will perform december last year. 14 americans are killed in a mass shooting inspired by isis. in the aftermath, congressman joe heck had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns. heck voted "no." 23 times.
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ased firearms over 2,000 times. it's not just that joe heck does nothing to stop them. it's that he's voted to let them keep doing it.... 23 times. senate majority pac is responsible for the content
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there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america.
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>> kim: a lot of people getting away. and when we talk about airline profit, digest this. it hit $25.6 billion last year. customer complaints shot up 34% higher than we saw the year before. dissatisfaction is likely terrific by cramped seating, long lines, having to pay for services that used to be free for advice on how to squeeze the best out of the airlines that are trying to squeeze you. >> with airlines packing in more seats than ever before, travelers backseat ahead to avoid that deaded middle seat. increasingly that is not an option, at least not for free. >> airlines have long charged for extra leg room. now even a regular economy seat selection in advance can cost
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seats they haven't sold or were cancelled 72 hours ahead of that flight. keep trying and you might score a decent free seat. also knowing which seats give you the most room can helpous as well. check out seat for information about most airline seating plans and that includes size, limited recline and leg room. if you are still in a cramped seat oher your avoid blood clots. these days with increased security consumer reports recommends allowing at least two hours between domestic flights and four fur traveling overseas. sitting in the front can save you 15 minutes when getting off the plane although you probably have to pay for that seattle.
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have the worst on time departure performance. and you have rights if you are bumped from a flight or delayed, you may be entitled up to $650 if the plight the domestic and $1,300 fits international. consumer report customer satisfaction survey found like in years past jet blue, so the ratings. >> tom: hate the middle seat. i always try and get a good one on the aisle if at all possible. we have a politician situation police situation onthe boulder .
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in the bowl getting sluggish in the south bound lanes. the overall travel times once we get past that hiccup is looking good. everything is running in the green. we have rain here but nothing like what they had in the midwest. talking about too much rain. >> kelly: this is out of iowa. torrential rains filling up the turkey river causing it to rise to voluntarily evacuate homes, rv parks and building. many citizens who haven't been hit yet are preparing for that water to come down river. the citizens getting ready for that water coming down river. they are going to be dealing with this probably through the weekend. here at home we're gearing up for showers, thunderstorms a possibility as we get into the afternoon hours.
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a pretty cool time lapse shot this morning. we start out in the morning with a few clouds. look at the darker clouds building in in the afternoon. we had brief rain showers and more clouds as we head into the evening. thunderstorms are still in the forecast today and through the weekend camping, make sure you have rain gear with you and know where the safe shelters are. here is a look at the temperatures as you are heading out the door this morning. 78 in spring valley. anthem 74. nice cool start for us. dry conditions in las vegas and across much of nevada right now as we have thunderstorms in parts of utah and arizona. we'll see action later this afternoon. i think it will fire up mainly
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mt. charleston high today 71. boulder city 94 for your high. las vegas 97. storms developing in the afternoon. those will continue into the overnight and more storms expected saturday with a high of 93. sundays looks to be drier with a high of 98. >> kim: the governor of this state spending the night at great basin national park last night. the only national park we technically have here in the you don't want to be interrupted during your morning workout. ellen has an interruption that has gone viral for good reason. it's cute and we're going to share it ahead. diet this father and son becoming a car pool karaoke sensation after years of personal struggle. this is helping them.
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a live look on miami beach this morning. they are expected to get pounded with rain, more than five inches of rain is probable. there is a tropical wave forming near cuba. it could strengthen to become a named storm. that is a possibility as it heads toward the west and
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>> dana: time for the water cooler. and a father and son have become internet sen sayings doing a
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not only can they sing pretty good but it's a touching story. ted was recently diagnosed with dementia and he's been forgetting more and more but his son says that singing in the car helps his father's memory so these two driving around singing car pool karaoke. and the dogs. the talk show host posting this video struggling to do crunches while her two dogs are up in her face. morning workout. it's not the first time she's had her exercise routine interrupted by her dogs. they just want some loving. >> kim: still to come, we're
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big milestone.
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[ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason. >> kim: live pictures on your screen as we speak from the scene. a trooper was shot and survived but the suspect has been killed. craig has the story headed your way. plus -- >> we're asking for a .8% increase in the room tax.
6:00 am
the people that want to bring the raiders to las vegas have an ultimatum telling the public pay up or else. the latest on this ahead. >> kim: ryan lochte being called back to rio over the whole armed robbery scandal. what else police are saying this morning and what they are trump tower. >> kim: at 9:00 a.m. they are putting the pressure on the candidate that has that building that bears his name locally. i'm kim wagner alongside dana wagner on this friday morning. >> dana: we're going to get to jeff with travel times in just a


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