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tv   News 3 Live at Three  NBC  August 26, 2016 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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>> jerry: storms starting to pop up across southern nevada. >> marie: news 3 is your weather authority. we have chloe beardsley back from rio to bring us breaking weather news. back to work and really working already. >> chloe: i'm decided get back to work. to answer your question. for those who need the umbrella it's the summerlin folks. here is a look at the latest plume that we've seen pop up on the far west side of town. you can see near westlake mead boulevard. we're going to get in really close and check this thing out. you can see v that. this is the strongest part of the cell as you can tell by the color difference. this continues to move slightly east of us. we also have more storms popping up in the mountains as we speak. throughout most of the day it's been pretty calm. lots of sunshine is what we started off earlier this afternoon and quickly the clouds taking control over our skyline. a few little drops we've seen so far at the mount charleston area. nothing incredibly measurable across the area. but we're keeping an eye on the
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thunderstorms continue tonight and into tomorrow as well. like i said nothing too measurable. look at that. barely anything in summerlin. we're going see the active weather continue throughout the evening. a quick snap chat of temperatures remaining in the 90s through 7:00 p.m. reefing around 89 by nine. it's going to be a bumpy ride and may continue into tomorrow. i'll show you the odds coming up. >> jim: welcome back once again. we all carry cell phones these days and prosecutors in a hoping to use them to convict the defendant. >> marie: news 3's kyndell nunley was in the courtroom for the third day of testimony in the case of marcos arenas. he is the teen who police say was killed over his ipad. >> starting this morning and going into this afternoon, state witnesses continue to take the stand to testify -- starting this morning and going into this afternoon, state witnesses continue to take the stand up
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solid is currently on trial for the murder of marcos arenas, the 15-year-old who was run over by the suv police say solid was driving as one of his friends allegedly reached out pulling the teen to the ground as they tugged over an ipad his father had recently given him. from a crime scene investigator to officers with metro to an fbi special agent, the officials who collected evidence in this case were called up to the stand today to testify. the metro officer testified he was able to pull data 44 believed to be solid's which shows had been cleared out before officers were able to recover his alleged messages. staying on the topic of cell phones, the fbi agent testified that calls were also made from the time and area of the crime scene. coming from both connected to the last name of the suspect involved in this case. >> two to three of those calls are communicating with each
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crime scene on a tower that was probably about 500 meters away from the crime scene. >> kyndell: another investigator took the stand today testifying that there was only one usable fingerprint coming from the car allegedly driven by solid at the time of the crime. the defense definitely trying to dispute that. we'll have more coming up right here on news 3 at six. reporting in downtown las vegas, kyndell nunley, news 3. >> jim: a state trooper based here in las vegas has his badge t after he was shot early this morning. it happened just after midnight on boulder highway near desert inn. check out this picture of the badge that was tweeted out by nhp's southern command. you can see it was hit by a bullet. the trooper had just pull over a vehicle when a man inside made a run for it. shots were exchanged. the suspect was killed. two other people inside the car stayed in there and were -- after being pulled over and are
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southern nevada health district says a local man has contracted the first case of st. louis encephalitis in clark county in ten years. the virus is spread through infected mosquitos. health officials say the man was over the age of 50. he was treated at a hospital and has since been released. >> jim: also new at three for you, the hiker who fell about 150 feet to his death at red rock overlook has been identified today. metro police say group of hikers just west of the scenic loop that a lot of us have driven on last night when this happened. he fell. they're still investigating what happened just before. this weekend the national park service is celebrating it's 100 anniversary so if you are headed out there the fees are being waived so it is a great time to check it out. but this is a reminder for all of us how dangerous those beautiful rocks can be. >> marie: the culinary union keeping the heat on
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today outside of trump tower. they're calling on trump to give the culinary a contract at his resort. workers voted to unionize in december but the resort has not come to the table so the union keeping up their message with protests like these. >> it means that trump is a [ inaudible ] he is all over the company and the best negotiator. i know how to do it. deals in the world. but here he is running away from this. it's not working. >> marie: the trump campaign did respond saying in part donald trump has consistently maintained excellent relations with employees in all of his businesses. >> jim: the fight to stop the zika virus from spreading across the u.s. is going to be going on for a long time. >> marie: and now we're seeing affects, consequences of this concern. the food and drug administration saying all blood donations
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>> reporter: you'd never know it just by look at her. mikaela was born two months ago in miami affected by the zika virus. she does not have microcephaly. the tell tale small brain and skull seen in so many zika related cases across latin america. >> this is changing the paradigm of the way that we think about the disease. >> reporter: there are worrisome signs problems may develop. hospital in miami found cal calcifications in her brain and skuring in her eye. speaking in spanish her mother says she is terrified zika will harm her further. she became infected while pregnant in venezuela then traveled to the u.s. where she gave birth. >> so she is thankful the baby was born here and she has said the baby has been a blessing to her. >> reporter: florida is home to the first homegrown zika cases in the states.
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governor rick scott said he'll travel to washington the first day congress gets back from recess pushing them to approve money to help fight the virus. >> we're the tip of the sphere of what's going -- this is an issue that our whole country going to deal with. >> reporter: many places are preparing. in baltimore johns hopkins is opening a comprehensive zika center where patients can get any kind of zika related treatment and support they need. and the food and drug administration said on friday, all blood donations across the zika. erica edwards, nbc news. >> marie: a robbery has several people upset. >> jim: it's because of what was stolen. we'll tell you why it had very special meaning to the victim. >> chloe: we've got a stormy night ahead. if you are heading to the west side of town, you are going to
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. as a doctor, i see how decisions in washington impact my patients here in nevada. so even though i'm a republican, i won't be voting for joe heck. joe heck's voted ten times
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s of women depend on for cancer screenings. and heck opposes a woman's right to choose even when her health is at risk. for me and my patients, joe heck makes no sense. . >> chloe: we are your weather authority. you know you are in southern nevada when you look at one side of town and it's super sunny and the other side looks just crazy. look what we're seeing right now. thunderstorms starting to develop across the area.
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these storms coming up. you can see a nice pool of moisture near lake mead boulevard as we get in closer. it is dissipateing a little bit. certainly good news there. but we are expecting more activity over the next few hours especially in the overnight hours. as far as movement of the storms. we're moving mostly in a northeasterly direction as we look at this plume of moisture. that cell right there. like i said, it is dissipating but we're in for more action later tofrpt. a lot nice sprinkles there. it's going be an active evening and is going to continue into the weekend. we'll show you the odds of this and when we're going to expect drier weather coming up. back to jim and marie. >> marie: thank you. usually pets are no big deal but a couple are a big deal. a big problem for one community. >> jim: you will see when you take a look here. the guy who owns these two pythons says he has no problem letting them roam around his house. and if they escape into the neighborhood every once in
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>> marie: hear from his neighbors coming up. a push for a harsher prison sentence for blade runner oscar pistorius. the answers to whether the prosecution was successful. >> jim: and this photo is going viral. but it is the story behind it that will have you talking.
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>> marie: a somber day for so many in the broadcast industry. today marks one year since a virginia tv reporter and photographer were murdered during a live newscast. >> jim: we all remember this day. wdbj held a moment of silence today to mark the deaths of allison parker and adam ward. their former co-worker shot and killed the two journalists then turned the gun on himself. flanagan was a former reporter for the station. tributes for parker and ward are coming as well today. earlier this month the station completed a memorial to parker and ward right outside the entrance to their studios. >> marie: neighbors in a washington community are unhappy
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pet pythons that keep escaping. andrew ryan says he breeds the pythons as pets but they aren't contained in the tank so if the window is open they slip right out. neighbors say they fear for the safety or the safety of their pets. they got involved and had police get involved as well. those officers issued a nuisance report now ryan has ten days to respond or he will be cited. >> jim: the prosecutor fighting to try to get a harsher sentence for convicted oscar pistorius lost in court. pistorius shot and killed his girlfriend reeva steenkamp on valentine's day in 2013. he claimed he mistook her for an intruder. the prosecution argued that the six-year prison term is shockingly lenient. they could petition south africa's supreme court of appeal. >> marie: police looking for an expensive bag of golf clubs belonging to a special olympics golfer. keith key and his coach were getting ready to play nine holes
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were gone. the bag was marked special olympics and was donated to keith by a golf pro. his coach said whoever took them has no empathy for special olympic athletes. >> special olympics on the bag. whoever stole them had to know who they belonged to. to me that's a little more egregious than just, you know, stealing somebody's set of clubs. >> marie: as awful as this is, keith is a true athlete. he says he will continue to play on o clubs. >> jim: who would take those? all right. plenty of excitement in our skies on this friday afternoon. some rain showers falling. >> marie: chloe beardsley joins us once again. welcome back my friend. i can see all the rain behind you. mainly on the west right. >> chloe: clearing up right now but more storms popping up in the mountains as we speak. what a day to come back to work! i was hoping for the sunshine. what happened to that? got to talk with mother nature.
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i hope you enjoy this change of pace. i know you guys dealt with whackry weather recently but here we go again. another round of storms tonight. so it's going keep you on your toes for sure. looking outside on the east side of town it's pretty sunny. looking west and north we're starting to see storms developing mostly in the higher elevations but we're already seeing a little bit of the shower activity dipping into the valley as well. taking a look at conditions outside. we didn't start out cloudy though. you can see l the clouds thickening across the valley as we take a look from our time-lapse from o'callaghan middle school. clouds thickening and we're starting to see that storm activity outside right now. checking in with temperatures around the region. mid-90s at the moment for lake mead. southeast at 95 degrees right now. and here's the storm. look at that. as we look to the far west side of town from southeast career and tech where we're currently in the mid-90s. temperatures below normal as we
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just a trace of showers in summerlin. everyone else fairly dry and cooperative. that's likely going to change throughout the evening as more thunderstorms are anticipated to pop up over the next few hours. temperatures you can see as we get closer to where the storm was in the upper 80s right there. mid-80s in summerlin. comparison it was 99 in sunrise. winds picking up just out of the south. you can see the strongest winds for centennial at the moment. winds coming out of the south as i mentioned. we're tracking it right now. these cells moving in a northeasterly direction. you can see it right here. you can see quickly clearing up. this really just developed over the past half-hour. you can see as it continues to move on the edges of town at the moment. but more is on the way as we take a look at mount charleston getting a nice amount of shower activity right there. also seeing a nice snapshot of what's happening as i am speaking. like i said, things are clearing up a little bit. but we've got more activity brewing near blue diamond area.
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the on and off thunderstorms popping up. a chance of seeing that in saturday. likely going to clear up by sunday. overnight temperatures tonight. a few degrees cooler compared to last night. the numbers will feel normal but the thunderstorms, that's not going to feel normal. slightly cooler temperatures on tap tonight as well as below normal highs for the weekend. reaching -- wreaking? [ laughter ] i'm just waking up guys. 92 is where we're going reach our high temperature in las vegas. look at you for the slight chance of thunderstorms later in to mount charleston. rain is likely in the afternoon. 95 degrees to the lake area. as we look ahead to the next few days. showers tapering off as we get closer to the end of the weekend. next week we're saying hello to our trends in the triple digits monday, tuesday and wednesday. another storm will bring us slightly cooler weather literally by a degree thursday into friday. >> jim: still trying to shake rio.
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reaching, reeking. >> marie: rio is what you wanted to say. [ laughter ] . >> jim: is she sambaing over there. >> chloe: i was about too. then i was like not today. >> jim: a solo turns into a duet. >> marie: you won't believe how these two were able to put on a show without even knowing each
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. >> dana: good afternoon. i'm dana wagner. here's what's buzzing today las vegas. a police officer risking his own life to get a man out of a burning vehicle. this happened in athens, georgia. you are going to see it all on one of those button cams. happened around three in the morning. the senior officer dan whitney coming on to the scene of that burning suv.
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to put the flames out. he then races to get the man strapped in the vehicle. the officer pulled the man through the rear window. an explosion from under the hood knocked off the officer's hat and body camera. other officers on the scene describe the heat from the fire as unbearable from 50 feet away. both men did survive this fire ball. now video of a university of arkansas police officer helping this has gone viral. video starts with that skunk walking in circles. next you see two campus officers watching the animal. corporal golden suddenly reaches down, grabs the club and throws it away before darting away. he did not get in the line of fire here so to speak. but the other bicycle officer in the gray uniform, not as lucky. golden posting this video on facebook on wednesday already
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views. woe take you to west virginia where that little baby was found in the back seat of a car cover dmd his own filth including vomit. the driver of the vehicle has been charged with dui. but they had to decide what to do. so they took the baby back to their headquarters and they were able to clean up the baby. you can see that officer there tending to that baby. he is a father himself. they then waited for child to take care of that little guy. that's what's buzzing today las vegas. we'll send it back to you. >> jim: nothing like the sink bath. hopefully that mother gets her life on track. >> marie: certainly hope so. you see these two here? they don't know each other but thanks to the power of music this man and woman in texas are no longer strangers. ? [music] ? >> jim: wow!
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hospital patients in texas when me started playing the piano. to his surprise he soon had back-up. that woman on the left. her name is vera swain. they make an amazing duet together. this is all just impromptu. the video of this has been viewed millions of times since it's been posted on facebook. now one step closer. nasa says they're making progress in their mission to put a man or woman on mars. >> marie: we'll tell you how today's test could >> jim: and this is trouble. krispy kreme and reese's teaming up to create this donut. who wouldn't want to be tempted to give this one a taste? we'll tell you why it won't be to give this one a taste? we'll tell you why it won't be easy getting your han december last year. 14 americans are killedd in a mass shooting inspired by isis. in the aftermath, congressman joe heck had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns. heck voted "no." 23 times. individuals on the fbi terror watch list
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it's not just that joe heck does nothing to stop them. it's that he's voted to let them keep doing it.... 23 times. senate majority pac is responsible for the content
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>> jim: a new concern for the presidential candidates. why questions about their health is forcing both of them to respond. >> marie: plus free speech
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getting limited. how one group of students and staff trying to take out certain words from the school's vocabulary. >> jim: the rain is here just in time for the weekend. some parts of town are getting wet right now. news 3 is your weather authority. we'll tell when you it will hit next >> announcer: news 3 starts right now. >> jim: rain falling in southern nevada. we've had the clouds coming and going all week. this time they're delivering. >> marie: especially on the west side. chloe, you have b doesn't mean you are in the clear today. >> chloe: absolutely not. we're in for a bumpy ride tonight. we'll see thunderstorms continue to pop up across southern nevada. right now the concentration is on the west side of town. you can see the clouds really ominous and thickening across the area right now. as we look outside we're going show you the movement of those storms coming up in just a second. as of right now, the only place that's gotten love when it comes to the rain is summerlin. just a trace of showers right there.


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