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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  August 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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about four years. his mother and fare in florida are trying to process this. we went up there. it's very busy. visitors say it's excellent hiking and climbing but the terrain can be unforgiving. >> being a vertical horizon, people want to go up and get a view. >> reporter: jp castel calls this a mecca for serious climbers. it's easy to see conditions evolve quickly. an easy giving way to this, steep cliffs and intense rock scrambling. the trail labeled difficult. >> you can walk in, scrambling up and try to get a trail and one slip and you can make a bad move and it can end your life. >> reporter: and thursday night, a fatal accident in this very spot. 31-year-old justin manering killed while climbing with a group of friends. >> from the coroner said he was
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>> reporter: news 3 spoke to his stepfather chip kight in florida who said justin loved any activity that took him outside. >> he was outdoorsy. he loved to hike. he was just getting into climbing. he's been doing that for a few years. >> reporter: according to the coroner, he tried from blunt force trauma to the head. his family trying to reach out to friends who witnessed the accident. >> he was a good person. didn't have a mean bone in i don't know of anybody that didn't like him. made friends with anybody. >> now, justin's family said he was a waiter at a local italian restaurant. he also loved to play poker, especially text as hold 'em. denise rosch, news 3. let's keep our eye to the sky. we have to because of what we're looking at here. >> looks ominous.
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ride. we've seen some storms pop up. chloe beardsley has more. >> it started on the west side of town. it's a regional thunderstorm. we've been fairly dry with the moisture moving in. we're still seeing the storms generate all a -- all across the area. as we talked about, las vegas for the most part, clear for to continue overnight. here is a look at one of the cells. you can see south of boulder city moving eastward. right now moving in over the 95. you can see it passing right there. a good portion of it still extending over there. if you are driving and ever caught in one of these, you probably want to pull over or be careful because we can expect heavy rain at times. moving eastward and out of our area for right now. but we'll still see some of
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mostly due to the activity. if you take a look, it's happening in arizona. for us, even though we've seen the showers this afternoon and evening, nothing too measurable. we will continue to see the rains and even a chance for seeing them tomorrow. i will show you the odds of that coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. an nhp trooper was struck by a bullet this morning. but trooper is safe at home tonight. >> the bullet hit right in his badge. it went it but it did not break it. >> reporter: i think it's very fair to say that this nhp trooper got quite the scare. it happened just after midnight. the trooper pulled over a car here on boulder highway. it was during that traffic stop that the trooper was shot at by
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the nevada highway patrol says one of its troopers was shot at by a man who ran from a traffic stop, and this afternoon, they sent a picture of the trooper's badge. it's badly dented, damaged by the impact of a bullet. the trooper was wearing a bulletproof vest but many believe tonight that it was the badge that deflected the bullet and protected the trooper. the drama started shortly after midnight on boulder highway near se we saw the scene at sunrise from sky 3. that's the suspect vehicle, a cadillac. three people were inside, two men and one woman. but after being pulled over, one man made a run for it. >> right there by the light pole. trooper was right behind. >> reporter: kevin smith said it looked like an ordinary traffic stop but that all changed with the un mistakable sound of gunfire and
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>> reporter: how many? >> 10, 15. there was three or four and then a pause and then a whole bunch. >> reporter: the nhp confirms the suspect who ran was killed when shot by their trooper. metro is investigating the shooting. and while it's not yet clear who fired the bullet, this picture of the trooper's badge shows what a close call this early-morning traffic stop became. and back here live, alongside boulder highway, where all of that unfolded this people who remained in the vehicle, the cadillac, they were detained for questioning as part of this investigation and the coroner will ultimately identify the person who was killed. metro is investigating the shooting. reporting live, news 3. >> what are the chances. looks like it hit right in the center of the badge. the local teacher accused of having sex with her student took a plea deal today.
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pled guilty with a minor. she will be on the sex offender registry for the rest of her life. police say she was a close friend of the student's family, even sometimes baby sat for them. the boy was in 7th grade when the i appropriate relationship began. several people live until a southeast las vegas neighborhood can't believe one of their neighbors is accused of running a section trafficking ring out of their david coil plead not guilty to several counts today. metro police say he hired teen girls through craigslist and forced them to perform sex acts sometimes for a minimum fee of $80. >> i'm ashamed. i'm disgusted. i'm angry.
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about it, i probably would have knocked on the door and told him to get out. >> shocked reaction from neighbors. coil's bail was set at $200,000. he's scheduled to return to court september 27th. new, a north las vegas man has been missing since friday, he's been found dead inside a vehicle. we told you about this last night at is 11:00. brandon sumerlin was found in craig and allen. back on august 19th. his family said he hest -- left his home to get snacks at a gas station and never came back. the official cause of death is still unknown. police and forensics were at the trial of michael solid. he's accused of killing a man for his ipad.
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packed courtroom, expert witnesses took to the stand to help the prosecution lay out their case against michael solid. they talked about everything from cell phone records, fingerprints, to dna evidence. for represent sicks evidence and expert testimony, a play by the prosecution to convince the jury that michael solid was responsible for the death of 15-year-old marcos arenas back in 2013. polic s underneath the car and killed after michael solid and jacob dismont tried to rob him of his ipad. investigators say the two tried to cover the up the crime, wiping down the suspect's car and changing its appearance. but today, a revelation in court that there was one suspect fingerprint found on the car. >> that's one of michael solid? >> that's correct. >> reporter: meanwhile, the defense casting doubt on that
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>> there have been circumstances in which a fingerprint way was supposedly identified to somebody was confirmed by the fbi but ended up not being that person? >> correct. >> reporter: cell phone data presented in court to help importants place the suspects near the crime at the time when it happened. extensive dna evidence also collected in connection to the crime. >> were you ever given an ipad to examine and make a any dna on the ipad? [ inaudible ] >> reporter: and on monday, the accused drug dealer who bought that ipad from the suspect will take the stand here in this court. also on monday, the prosecution team tells me they plan to rest their case which would turn this trial over to the defense. i'm nathan o'neal, news 3. >> the trial moving along.
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las vegas health officials. for the first time in nearly a decade, a local man has been infected with the st. louis encephalitis that's carried by a mosquito. the man was treated at a local hospital. this is a disease that can cause inflammation of the brain. still ahead -- out in force. hundreds of people show up a trump tower to protest. >> this while donald trump himself was here in las vegas. the dem candidate. and on this dark and somewhat stormy friday night, we'll have another look at the forecast as the possibility of more pop-up showers linger here in the valley. and back to the presidential candidates, they continue to step up the attacks on each other. the accusations each, trump and clinton, are throwing out.
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this picture pitchily sets sets -- perfectly celts up our next story. you see donald trump's plane and you know he's in town. his audience, local hispanic leaders. he is trying to reach out to the latino community amidst criticism. our jeff gillan is live at trump tower on the strip to fill us in. jeff? >> reporter: that's right, jim. good evening. this meeting was very unannounced. no local media were told about this. but here's the deal -- because we're a battleground state and because trump has a real shot here in nevada, the outreach that happened here today at the building behind me is very important because he could -- he
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november. the scene just a few hours ago, trump at the resort bearing his name, saying america needs new leadership especially with sluggish economic growth numbers. >> very serious problems. it's gonna get worse. it's gonna get worse with this group of people that don't know what they are doing. >> reporter: trump also told his audience of historic and civic leaders he's doing well with latinos. >> we've been doing amazing. far greater than anyone understands. and we're gonna bring jobs. >> reporter: trump arrived at his resort a few hours after the culinary protested outside. frustrated trump still has not hammered out a contract. workers voted to join the culinary. >> he says he wants to america
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with the families? >> reporter: trump said he's good for the middle class, will bring jobs back, stop trade deals. this ironworker doesn't believe him. >> he makes all of his product overseas in china. come on. really? >> he will actually help the union. he will provide more work. >> make america great again. >> reporter: this woman is a lonely supporter in the march. >> hillary and kaine aren't gonna do anything to help the been the last eight years with obama. >> reporter: the trump campaign says million of workers are backing mr. trump because he represents real economic opportunity in jobs. in the meantime, a debate from a union guy. >> how could he say he's our friend? he's not. >> reporter: to a trump supporter. >> that we need trump to bring jobs to make america great again. >> reporter: free speech.
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if you are telling me trump is at mccarran, he better fly fast. he's due to attend a fund-raiser up in reno. back to you. >> thank you. more construction to tell you about. this is for project neon. it's set to continue tonight. several lane and ramp restrictions will hit the downtown las vegas area this weekend. that includes the u.s. 95 southbound offramp to rancho. look for a closure there. areas before you make your plans, head to are you going to be driving on slippery roads? the dark clouds say yes. >> let's check in with our weather authority, chloe beardsley. >> it's mostly a nuisance. nothing too severe which is something i would be thankful
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you know, it's gonna -- it's gonna be off-and-on thunderstorms. nothing too crazy. dark clouds look intimidating. when you go outside, you are like whoa, do i want to do this? it's not a that bad. more sunshine. things are clearing up a little bit. this afternoon, hey, temperatures, 98 degrees was our high today. slightly below normal. we'lle tomorrow with another chance of seeing the thunderstorms pop up for saturday. you can see the clouds thickening across the area. and you can see the light showers, very light showers, barely measurable. you can see the off-and-on cloud cover, seeing more sunbreaks this evening. 88 degrees. west-southwest winds 18 miles an hour near lake mead, 88 degrees
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off-and-on cloud cover. we'll still see the pop-up thunderstorms for the rest of the evening. as far as the rainfall totals, just a trace was only reported near the summerlin area. we've been pretty dry. look at that. across most of our neighborhoods, mostly the nuisance showers. if you are driving and it gets on your windshield and you are like, man, i need to wash my car. that's what you are seeing. upper 80s for summerlin. sunrise. winds will continue out of the south up to 15 miles an hour. here is a look at your wind speeds. looking at the satellite, you can see a lot of activity as far as the thunderstorms go all across the southwest. coming closer to home, you can see over the last hour or so, we've dried up. just a little bit of high moisture passing through. but other than that, things are
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we are keeping our eye on this cell right here. you can see moving just south of boulder city in the northeastward direction. it's not gonna impact us that much. we've been keeping our eye on that one. but like i said, the off-and-on showers will continue. most activity is concentrated across arizona. we'll see showers by tomorrow afternoon. by sunday, drier air is expected and we'll see much calmer at week. overnight temperatures will be cooler, compared to our temperatures last night. same kind of story for our regional lows and highs over the weekend. we'll be below normal for saturday and sunday. 92 for your proprojected -- projected high temperature. may see a slight chance of some storms over the lake mead area. highs in the mid-90s. and the next few days, slight
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saturday. after that, drying is expected and we'll see temperatures reaching the triple digits by next week. only cooling down a degree or so by thursday and friday. man, i cannot speak to save my life. [laughter] >> you can speak in portuguese. [laughter] >> thank you. parents, kids, we know you are gearing up to go back to school. get ready with a back-to-school fair. tomorrow from 10:00 to 4:00 at downtown summerlin, a one-stop for everything you need from food programs, bus schedules, even school immunizations. for more information, go to and we want to be there. we want to share that first day of school excitement with you. if you are a parent, a student, teacher, whatever, just grab your cameras and we want to see all of the photos and videos you
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you can share them by uploading tome this burst. you just type and your photos and videos may end up on the news that night. we also want to let you know that high school football is back in action and news 3 is the place for you to see all of the best moments. and you are a big part of that. share your operation football highlights with us. upload your photos from stands. >> tune in tonight on news 3 live at 11:00 to see the best moments on the air. unique gathering in in nevada. >> we're talking about burning man. this has become a national phenomenal. how the festival continues to grow every year -- when news 3
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the world famous burning man festival kicks off this weekend in the black rock desert up in northern nevada. tickets for the nine-day event sold out in just 30 minutes when they went on sale in march. 70,000 people tried to buy them. there were only 30,000 available. the annual celebration of artistic expression and all things popularity since it started. governor brian sandoval encouraging people here to adopt desert tortoises. if you ever thought about adopting one, now is your chance. it kicks off this weekend with the tortoise group. it's a nonprofit waiving fees to offer them a suitable home. in june, the governor adopted one of his own. he's keeping it at the governor's mansion.
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to i imagine the digs there, a little nicer than -- >> yeah. moving on up. >> not bad. >> i have talked to people who have adopted them and they say they are very relaxing because they are so slow. >> but they get big? >> yes. the war of words between the two presidential candidates shows no signs of showing down. >> the new attacks and attacks they are hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while
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