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tv   News 3 Live at Seven  NBC  August 26, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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a traffic stop ends in a shootout between a trooper and suspect. why the officer has his badge to thank for saving his life. a local man is busted for allegedly running a child prostitution ring out of his south valley home. thank you for joining us. i'm marie mortera. >> i'm jim snyder in for reed tonight. neighbors can't believe coil was forcing girls into prostitution at his home near serene and spencer. alexis fernandez has more. >> grace says she couldn't believe it when she found out her neighbor was accused of running an illegal massage parlor. >> i was totally shocked. absolutely shocked. i didn't think anything like that would happen in our neighborhood. we have wonderful people who live here. >> reporter: she says david coil
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didn't want to talk to anyone. didn't want anything to do with anything. it was as if he didn't want to infect anyone with lepracy. >> reporter: police say he tired teenaged girls through craigslist to perform body rubs and oral sex for clients in his home in exchange for money. police say the house was known as the neighborhood house because victims were forced to work >> i'm shamed. disgusted. if i would have known about it, i probably would have knocked on his door and told him to get out of here. i'm hurt by what's going on with these young little girls. it's very hurtful. i mean, we all have children and grandchildren. >> reporter: coil was arrested this week and pleaded not guilty
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during a court appearance this morning. >> he should go to hell and i hope that he -- that he gets to -- punished to the full extent of the law hand i also help that he gets castrated. >> reporter: coil's bail was set at $200,000. his next court appearance is september 27th. back to you. amazing story here. a nevada highway patrol trooper has his badge that he wears to thank f life when he was shot overnight. it started when the trooper pulled offer a car on boulder highway and the die inside of the vehicle made a run for it. the trooper and suspect exchanged shots and the was killed. the officer's panel -- badge was hit dead center. he was not hurt in the shooting. the other two people inside the car were detained for questioning. a local teacher accused of
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former middle school students took a plea deal in court. 37-year-old nicole wilginer pleaded guilty to sex with a minor and will have to register as a sex offender. a police report says she was a close friend to the student's family even baby-sitting for them at times. officials say the teenaged boy was in 7th grade when the relationship began. today, cell phone records, fingerprints and dna were at the accused of killing a 15-year-old for his ipad. >> nathan o'neal has more on day three of the trial against michael solid. >> reporter: today, inside a packed courtroom, expert witnesses took the stand to help the prosecution lay out their case against michael solid. they talked about everything from cell phone records to fingerprints to dna evidence.[ inaudible ] >> reporter: forensics evidence
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jury that michael solid was the responsible for the death of 15-year-old marcos arenas. police say the boy was dragged underneath the car and killed after michael solid and jacob dismont tried to rob him of his ipad. this all happened near charleston and torrey pines. investigators say the two tried to cover up the crime, wiping down the suspect's car and changing i its appearance. but today, but today, a revoluti i was one suspect fingerprint found on the car. >> that's the only one of michael solid? >> that's correct. >> reporter: meanwhile, the defense casting doubts on their one fingerprint. >> there have been circumstances in which a fingerprint which was supposedly identified to somebody and confirmed by the fbi then turned out to be not that person's fingerprint? >> that's correct. >> reporter: cell phone data presented in court to help experts place the suspects near the crime at the time when it
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extensive dan evidence also collected in connection to the crime. >> were you ever given an ipad to examine and make a determination whether there was any dna on the ipad? >> no, i was not. >> reporter: on monday, the accused drug dealer who allegedly bought that stolenipad will take the stand here. also happening on monday, the prosecution tells me they plan to rest their the defense. i'm nathan o'neal, news 3. a california judge has requested he no longer handle criminal cases amid the extreme fallout over the light sentence he gave to a former stanford swimmer. in early june, the judge came under fire when he sentenced brock turner to just six months in jail rather than state prison for raping an intoxicated, unconscious woman. the coalition to recall the judge says they will continue
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judge can transfer back to criminal cases any time he chooses. want to get back to the weather. we're looking at the same clouds you are out there tonight. some of them look pretty dark. >> we know there's high school football. a lot of families wondering, hey, do i need the umbrella? >> pack the umbrella just in case. seeing light showers across the valley but to the south of us, we've had more than an inch of rainfall due to one thunderstorm. so quite a happening across southern nevada storm-wise. we're tracking it all for you right here on news 3. off-and-on cloudy skies is what we've seen so far throughout the day. we'll put things in motion and you can see across the area a few light showers in the valley mostly on the west side of town and along the mountains. we will see the unsettled weather continue overnight into tomorrow. so far our rain totals are less than impressive. a trace of showers for summerlin with temperatures mostly in the
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moment. we'll see cooler weather into the weekend. as of right now, things are looking pretty calm directly over las vegas. it's a bit of a different story to the far south of us. we'll get close in and show you this. you can see this large thunderstorm right here just above searchlight which is producing quite an abundant amount of rainfall, already prompting a flash flood warning which just went into effect and will remain in effect until 9:30. also this cell, you can -- blue diamond, the storms moving in a northeast direction. we're hanging out here for the most mart. like i said we'll continue to watch this activity. i will let you know where we're expectth the next round of showers. more details coming up in my full weather segment. >> thank you for that. the family of a man who fell to his death at a red rock canyon is remembering all of the great things he left behind.
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they say he was an avoid outdoorsman who lost his life after falling 150 feet during a hike. news 3's denise rosch has more. >> reporter: justin manering lived in las vegas for four or five years. but his mom and stepdad are in florida trying to process this 2300 miles away. we went back up to the canyon. very busy. visitors say it's excellent hiking and climbing but the terrain can be people want to get up, get a few. they want to look around. >> reporter: jp castel calls red rock canyon a mecca for serious climbers. it's easy to see conditions evolve quickly. easy walk in at icebox canyon giving way to this, steep cliffs and intense rock scrambling. the trail labeled difficult. >> you can be walking on the edge or scrambling up and trying
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can end your night. >> reporter: thursday night a fatal accident in this very spot. 31-year-old justin manering killed while climbing with a group of friends from. >> from what the core said he -- what the coroner said he was like 150 and then fell. >> reporter: news 3 spoke to his stepfather chip kight. >> he was outdoorsy. he >> reporter: according to the the clark county coroner's office, he died of blunt force trauma to the head. his family trying to reach out to friends who witnessed the witness. >> he was just a good person. didn't have a mean bone in his body. i don't know of anything that didn't look haim. >> reporter: now justin's family said he was a waiter at a local italian restaurant. he loved to play poker,
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in las vegas. intense moments for a tv crew in italy while recording the aftermath of wednesday's earthquake when another tremor hit. >> the canadian news crew was filming when the tremor struck. fortunately, the cameraman, reporter and propose dueser were all not hurt. you see them walking away. the experience conditions journalists and rescuers and survivors, what they are dealing for right now. so far, 278 people have lost their lives in the quake and unfortunately that number is expected to rise. donald trump, a few days ago canceled a rally that was planned here in las vegas today. but it turned out he came to town and met with some hispanic business owners and local civic leaders. this is a live picture out at mccarran.
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airplane. but we're told he was supposed to be up in lake tahoe for an event tonight. so not sure if he took a smaller plane up there in reno. that reno airport is tough to get a big bird into. but the republican nominee after doing fund-raising got together with this group at trump hotel. he was overheard claiming his campaign is doing amazing and told everyone that america mass anemic growth and he plans to change that. a police officer is being called a hero after saving a stranger during a fiery crash. >> the moments caught on camera, they are intense. we'll tell you more about the rescue that could have had a much different ending.
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visiting his son in jail. and another look outside where you see the sun gone. all we have are these dark clouds. what this all means for your
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that video is incredible. it shows a georgia police officer rescuing a man trapped in a burning car. you see the flames right there. the officer grabs a fire extinguisher from his trunk to back to the person inside. he was trapped in the rear seat. just as he pulled him out, that car explodes under the hood. officer the officer's heroic actions, police say that passenger would have likely died because the back seat melted within minutes. a wild chase in florida ended with a scuffle between an accused drunk driving and three deputies. check it out. they say they saw this by going
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video shows the suspect here walking toward police. he puts his hand in his pants. they think he's going for a gun and they got into a scuffle at the hood of the car and then they decided to tase him. they were finally able to get the cuffs on. you are watching that happen now. one of the deputies was slightly hurt. a kentucky minister finds himself on the wrong end of the law after he allegedly smuggled drin investigators say gary smiddy conspired to sneak meth and marijuana into the local detention center. they say he was taking part in a jail min city program when they used a guitar case to smuggle in the drugs. the minister's wife and daughter-in-law also charged and accused of aiding in the scheme. let's take a turn here from all of those wild stories to
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night. >> a big night. football games going on all offer town. we're headed into the weekend. how wet is it gonna get? >> well, in searchlight, about an inch has fallen just within the past hour or so. so flash flood warning has been issued there. we'll show you exactly where that is. for las vegas, it's been kind the spit fours so far. -- spit showers so far. mostly cloudy. we'll stay like that. here is a look at our h made it to 98. slightly below normal for this time of year. we'll see even cooler weather tomorrow. so prepare for that. we started off very sunny, though, today but then quickly the clouds thickening, getting darker and darker and dropping light showers at red rock. same kind of picture in pahrump but drier. you can see from the high school and in the valley also saw those clouds all across the area, dropping light showers.
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raining quite a bit. bit virga, so nothing too measurable hitting the ground. i do mean it when i say that. our rain totals are impressive. i'm being sarcastic. it's a different story near searchlight for tonight. we'll show you that in a second. winds continue out of the south up to 15 miles an hour. here is a look at your current conditions. winds will continue to decrease as we continue the after midnight it will be much calmer. as of right now, over the past 45 minutes, you can see not a lot of activity. high-level moisture moving about the valley. it's been active all across the region. arizona, utah. take a lack at that. pretty nice amount of thunderstorms all across the area. we seal them pop up and a chance of seeing the showers tomorrow. we're tracking this cell which
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minutes. you can see to the northwest of blue die mid. we will see if that will bring us some showers into the valley. be aware of that. may see some more light precipitation across the area. you can see south of boulder city, a little bit north of searchlight and we'll get in closer and you can see the development of this cell bringing pretty abundant rainfall. this is the system that brought nearly an inch of rainfall just within the past hour or so. so we're anticipating flash flooding expecting quite a bit of rainfall there if you are gonna be on the roads. don't plan on doing that until things clear up which should be within the next hour. but again, the flash flooding is still expected. it remains in effect until 9:30. you can see it's along the 95. if you are gonna be on the roads, this is the area you want to avoid. you can see the mass of this
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dissipate. you can see the flash flood warning. it goes until about 9:30 for tonight, it's not really near our neck of the woods. you can see to the north of searchlight right there. slight chance of seeing those storms again by tomorrow afternoon, drier air will clear things up by saturday and we'll see warmer weather on the horizon. overnight, temperatures in the upper 70s. cooler compared to the numbers last night. highs tomorrow will be slightly below normal. for the weekend, highs reaching winds picking up slightly out of the southeast up to 10 miles an hour. like i said, warmer and drier. we'll be in the century club by next week. breezy weather is on tap as another system passes through. it doesn't look like it will bring us any rain. but it -- we got a little bit of everything in the forecast. >> i like it. >> on your trip to rio, you had 17 bags reporting. did anything get lost? >> actually -- i hope the boss isn't watching.
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but we found it. >> oh, that's good. >> but they put it on a different plane. >> but we didn't know that. >> glad they came back. we all know with traveling sometimes it can be a hassle trying to get to where you are getting to. >> whether you are bringing tripods or not. >> consumer reports has tips about getting the best bang for
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs.
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savvy travelers book seats ahead to avoid that dreaded middle seat. but increasingly, that's not an option, at least not for free. >> airlines have long charged for extra leg room. but now selecting a regular economy seat in advance can cost you. >> airlines will often release the seats they haven't sold or were canceled 72 hours ahead of that flight. so keep trying and you might e knowing which seats give you the most room can help you as well. check out seatg for the information about the seating plans. that includes, size, limited recline and leg room. >> if you are still in a cramped seat or your flight is over four hours, get up to avoid blood clots. >> another trap you can avoid,
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least two hours between domestic flights and four if you are traveling overseas. sitting in the front can save you as much as 15 minutes when getting off the plane although you will probably have to pay for that seat. avoid booking the last flight of the day. and if possible, also avoid major airports that have the worst on-time departure performance. you do have rights if you are bumped from a flight or it's de if the flight is domestic and $1300 if it's international. this is according to the department of transportation regulations. consumer reports latest survey found that just like in years past, jetblue, southwest and virgin america topped the ratings. kim wagner, news 3. we are working on stories for 11:00.
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of those. while teachers are gathering up for the new school year on monday, one educator is receiving a big honor. tonight at 11:00, you will meet this year's teacher of the year. and only on 3, you will hear from a local trooper that you are watching right now with this takedown. we'll tell you why he's being called a hero for doing this. those stories and any breaking news that's going on, your latest forecast for the weekend. news 3 live at 11:00. about a trooper. they are calling him a trooper as well. when he decided to channel his fatherly incisions. -- instincts. troopers arrested the mother of this 1-year-old baby for dui. it was covered in vomit and feces. >> they did the only thing they could do. the mom's going to jail. they brought the baby back to the police station here and gave him a bath in the sink. wanted him to clean up and then
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by child protective services right now. >> the trooper is also a fare. -- he's also a father and he just had to
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ooting inspired by isis. in the aftermath, congressman joe heck had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns. heck voted "no." 23 times. individuals on the fbi terror watch list have purchased firearms over 2,000 times. it's not just that joe heck does nothing to stop them. it's that he's voted to let them keep doing it.... 23 times. senate majority pac is responsible for the content
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lights. cmera. access. is it true that the affair's just a rumor? >> there are people talking about you, you two. >> how are you doing with the rumors of the affair? >> they were open and willing to talk. >> as they appear together, how
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alleged affair rumors? i'm natalie morales. then comes a bit of bedroom therapy. >> shaun, sit down. larry, sit down. i want more. >> how many more? >> more babies for britney? i'm liz hernandez. then came her surprising answer to this question. >> what are you looking for in a guy? >> both britney and kanye are back at sunday as video music awards. i'm scott evans. do either take the number one spot for the wildest vma momt en ever? >> i just have a new motto, just -- >> >> make room, courtney and renee. when it cometo aging you'vs e got a kindred spirit in debbie bson. gif we all appear as we are and we're like, yep, here's some lines. >> lights. camera. access. larry king's life. he made a career of asking the toquugh estions. now it's his turn to answer. welcome to "access hollywood." despite climbing into bed together this morning, is larry's eighth marriage unraveling following rumors that


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