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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  August 27, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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coil showers parts of the veil intense rain overnight and will this continue. jerry brown has answer. >> what the trooper did in efforts to put forth to get this making a difference a local math teacher recognized for hard work. in matters of minutes receiving a special reward. live from las vegas. news three today.
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august 27th. stormy start. will things continue? i know the man with plan that is jerry brown. and intense rain and sound of it. >> very unsettled and we could see scattered thunderstorms. of course, we go to bed early friday night and sun kept waking up during the night. great lightning outside. i appreciate that weather alert and you could see we have a 6:09 sunrise. 76? and that's actually one of
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cooler mornings, want to see that, precursor to fall, 70 in mesquite, 74 currently in pahrump. look at radar. let's close in,un low to the south and attack from the northeast. let's close in on street and thunderstorms through the evening, 8:82 p.m., 89 at 6:00 p.m. with high in the low 90s and about a 50-50 shot for scattered storms. not everybody is going to get them but want you to know if
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s. hearing from the trooper about quick decision. christine kim asks us how he saved the man's life. >> reporter: trooper adam welsh patrolling freeways of southern nevada. he saw how close man was death one night last march. unfolding in front of dash camera. trooper welsh to u.s. 95. >> i figured that he was going to go at any time. >> man straddling the barrier wall looking at 70-foot fall below. >> he was halfway over the wall
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>> look at us, look down. without knowing it he just felt like he was going to absolutely jump at that moment. >> reporter: then a split-second decision. >> use the wall and fell backwards. >> two units got the man help. he admitted he was going to end his nothing to live for. >> to know what i did stopped him from ending his life is probably a shock. >> person in his life also attempted suicide but overcame the darkness. that's what he hopes for this man after risking his own life to give him a second chance. >> actually go home and make a difference, that's huge for us. >> another nhp trooper survived a very close call during a deadly roadside gun fight.
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happened overnight friday on bolder station on bolder highway near desert in and car over and suspect took off on foot. in the exchange of gun fire the fall of the suspect was killed and bullet hit the trooper right where he wears his metal badge. the badge did bend but stopped the bullet moving further into his chest. our presidential candidates proving nevada matters when it comes to decision 2016. donald trump made a surprise visit today after canceling a happened yesterday. trump met with leaders of hispanic community at friday afternoon. protesters from the culinary union lined up outside letting the republican nominee they are not giving up on unionizing trump hotel workers. the start of the cool year just a few days away and as teachers are gearing up for the big start and will challenges of heading back to school also comes summer ward.
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excellence. >> my pleasure to introduce to you dana dyer and present her with per association teacher of the year award. >> reporter: starting new school year with new award. >> i was truly shocked and surprised when they -- >> pleasure to introduce to you dana dyer and per association. >> starting the new school year with new award. >> i was truly shocked and surprised when they called and said hey, guess what. >> she may have been shocked when she was chosen by the elks lodge for teacher of the year by dyer's coworkers weren't. >> self-sacrificing when it comes to students and funny.
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>> elks lodge hosted a presentation and many local schools are named after former elks lodge rulers. neighbors say they like to focus on teachers and education. >> not only involved with teachers, teachers, teachers but helping out in the community. >> seen dedication to soon learning. >> hear something going laughing and i would open up the door and stick my head in and students would laugh even more. it has something to do with the content. >> 26 years perfecting the craft still humbled by the peers. >> i'm dedicated to my job, don't get me wrong but i see teachers every single day that i go away, i aspire to be more like you. >> also did you remember to
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happened on friday. henderson smith with local grandparents raise their grandchildren. nine different colors were available, no word what was most popular. i think i like the pink. now coming up the death toll in the italy earthquake continues to rise. coming up figure out what was held for the victims and who attended. couple beachgoers trying to save a massive whale shark. we wilt actually able to rescue the massive animal in time. one man gets trapped in an outhouse toilet. how he managed to get stuck there in the first place and who
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i pledge allegiance, to the flag [continues in background] they're e bringing drugs, they'e brigning crime, they're rapists... you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes... blood coming out of her...wherever [pledge continues in background] you gotta see this guy; "oh, i don't know what i said. ah, i don't remember." get him the hell out of here... get him out of here! get out!
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>> anchor: community gym at italy ahead of staged funeral for earthquake victims. prime minister was among those in attendance. 6.2 earthquake struck and felt across a broad swath of central italy. close to 300 people have lost their lives and death toll could continue to rise as recovery efforts continue. several people are still alsoun accounted for. and france top court overturned back at burr keenis. they are all body swimsuit mostly worn by muslims women. they can no longer ban the suits. the dispute over the clothing has divided the country and brought world attention to france's difficult attention to muslims people. dramatic footage with massive whale shark caught in a net. the whale shark wound on a beach
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prattly pouring away the heavy fishing net that was entangling the creature. they are gentle giants and many parts of the world are protected species as they flailed around and fisherman cut through the net and pushing the animal into the water. young man in norway had to be rescued by the fire department after he lost is cell phone in outhouse cell phone and got firefighters had to rescue the man after taking photo of his hands on on the outhouse seat. now coming up local olympic gold medalist conner fields will be receiving a special honor from his hometown that is over in henderson.
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ads for joe heck are attacking my time as attorney general. the thining they left out is te truth. the truth is crime actually went down during my time in office. that's why i've been endorsed by law enforcement across nevada.
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and holding banks accountable for defrauding homeowners. i'm catherine cortez masto. i approve this message because i've spent my career solving problems.
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>> anchor: jerry brown, i like the change of weather and not sure so many people do during >> anchor: a lot cooler and keep eye to the sky if you have outdoor plans because you may have to dodge a thunderstorm. tomorrow it will all be over. so kind of have a very turn len len -- turbulent end to the weekend and determine a sunrise, 6:09 the official time and look into east and red rock resort and not seeing much. i guess it is a few rays hind those clouds.
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at coc elementary. 68?, would like to see 60s in august. high dew point and they have had nine-one hundredth, tenth of inch. alta and at the 70? mark. they were 72 when i set this up, 69% the relative humidity, 18-100 of an inch and see around the valley, heaviest up in the northeast and northern parts of the valley and 16-100, nine-100 mid-70s east side and 50 up on the mountains and 71 in miss key and 75? and 74 out at the airport, 55 intonnappa and 60s for l.a. and 54 up in reno. now, this is kind of interesting, kin kind one, two,
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upper atmospheric low and back system and third little batch of moisture is moving through, not as intense as what we had last night, but still significant if you're going out this morning. here is better view of it. third and we will go street level. where is it going right now, significant precipitation but moderate stuff out on the west side of the veil, that would be n durango and another batch coming in near shasta blue over there. could see evening thunderstorm but then going partly cloudy overnight into the low 70s,
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because pretty good chance for scattered showers and storms down there and hikers up on the mountain and first day of school hot, how about 104? to 105 on tuesday and cool off and batch of thunderstorm by week's >> anchor: medford field between innings entertainment and got loose from the enclosure and wandered out on to the field. grounds crew slowly surrounded
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on. the state college had booked whiplash monkey to perform between innings and brought the sheep to the ballpark in the first place, no animals or outfielders were injured during this delay. special honor from his hometown and city of henderson will present key to city and mayor plans to issue a proclamation naming tuesday connor fields day. congratulations to him. rany has the morning sports update. >> national titles will have a tough opener and on the road in texas and taking on cedar hill and fifth in the preseason hole
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texas televised on espn and go unbeaten no doubt they are the best program in the nation and travel number one akwaneus and two other top 20 program, hit to hawaii and host cocoa beach, florida, the toughest seat in nation. >> yeah, going into texas going to be pretty cool. haven't had a chance to do it and not because we didn't want to, i think anyone knows right anybody. so just -- you know some things work out, sometimes they don't. this year we end up getting put
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>> logan ryan, tom brady first pass of the game, how about shake off and get 37 yards to aaron dobson, and touchdown pass to make nine-zero. probably won't see any action until week five after the win and second round action yesterday best page brad barkley first event of the fed-ex playoffs. patrick read he was hot, birdie put 15 feet and lead outright going into the weekend and hudson and back up into the eagle and sixth hole and want to put it on the green and puts it
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inches from the pin and fed-ex champ and jordan getting a birdie a few shots off and great round of golf this weekend, former rebel ryan moore in top four and going to do it for sports. back to you. >> moving forward the i.r.s. is warning parents, students and schools about a back to school scam. here is marie mortarra with the weekend's ripoff >> reporter: i.r.s. warning targets against parents demanding payments for taxes that don't exist such as federal student tax. the i.r.s. says scammers can become aggressive and threaten student to police. if you receive a phone call from i.r.s. and asking for money, do not give out any information and hang up immediately.
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taxes. you can report any suspicious phone calls to the ftc complaint assistant on and add i.r.s. telephone scam in the notes. with ripoff alert, i'm marie mortarra. >> anchor: what you need to do to protect yourself. this is charlie augilar. here on news three, we have table out for live interviews regularly but this is something pretty unique that we have on our table this morning. >> yes, actually these are real human organs and bodies displayed and brought them to look at and also show viewers. >> anchor: this month with sun safety awareness month come out
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those affect various systems of the body. >> part of the touch ones, right? >> yes. >> anchor: i know my mom is watching right now and went over to bodies exhibition and she said don't touch that stuff. it is totally safe, >> taking anatomy and physiology classes we can help you. we have all the information you will need and going to see the real, real life specimen, not just models. >> the entire location, it is not only the touch specimens but let's tell everybody painting the picture from here and on seats watching us here on news
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and casino. >> come to luxear hotel. >> anchor: i have seen it but everybody might not have. >> systemic breakdown of human bodies. show you specifically the organ system or the part of the body want to display and emphasize >> explain too back to school right around the corner this might be a good way to get the little ones even back into the mode of summer break is over and come and learn something and new
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least i was there for news three during the smoking safety awareness month where you can see the effects on actual human bodies and it really does -- i'll not a smoker but imagine for someone that is, how that would be a little bit tough to see. these are what, inside could potentially look like. is that what you're at least the goal is for the safety awareness month? >> i had agree with that. we have -- we live in las vegas and we have the worry of the sun and damage itc there's a lot of fun to be there but if you're not being smart and safe, you could put yourself in harm. harm's way. >> charlie, thank you so much. bodies exhibition over at luxor hotel, get the little ones out and have fun this weekend. we know jerry has been telling us it could be rainy out there so at least stay indoors and get educational fun. >> a little break.
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>> anchor: last week a fire jet crashed in las vegas. luckily no one was hurt. that wasn't the a neighborhood near air force base. tom holy remembers this morning video vault. >> august 27th, things were clear at least a couple hours ago and obviously wake up a
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normal population and pretty pronounced overcast, south in the veil. two-100 at ksnv studio, winds are light and humidity and dew point way up, 76 over on southeast side and going to feel good, coolness in the air and 50 up on the mountain, no surprise there and 69 down in prim.
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let's go closer in on our doppler and see the moisture right across the central veil. we are going to be under the gun today and early evening and can't tell you when it is going to rain, temperature 80s to low 90s, keep eye to the skies today. lots better tomorrow and i will have the complete forecast up ahead. kendall? >> anchor: jerry, thank you. sticking with theme of weather, indianapolis numerous streets and intersections flooded after heavy rain in th some drivers stranded friday. now, one driver attempted to cross a flooded underpass. that didn't work out so well. the suv began to float and driver was forced to swim to safety and postponement and high
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was held off as well. and an arrest has been made in the shocking murders of two nuns over in mississippi. authorities say they charged 46-year-old rodney earl sanders with two counts of capital murder in sister margaret held. they failed to show up and so were checked on. sanders is awaiting court appearance. >> anchor: cousin of duane wade was shot to death while pushing child in stroller on friday. police say 32-year-old was not the intended target and shooting may have been gang-related. she was walking when two males approached another male and she was pronounced dead and in
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investigations is currently ongoing. the mother was on the way to register children at school when she was shot. >> one of the men even had a goal stick with him and happened earlier this month. royal canadian mountain police posted on youtube in ho nbc news exclusive. the doctor who said donald trump will be healthiest person ever elected president now telling us how the letter came to be. it was written last december by trump's personal physician and while painting trump's health and glowing terms it is medical history trump had promised. nbc has the details.
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documentation of donald trump's medical history in five minutes. i get rushed and anxious when i get rushed so trying. >> anchor: examining trump everyday and black car from the trump team waited outside the park avenue office. >> five minutes sitting at the desk and driver waited for hi filled with what trump might use. describing the patient as the healthiest individual ever elected. no time he says to proofread the letter beginning to whom my concern. >> in rush i think some of those words didn't come out exactly the way they were. >> trump would be the oldest president ever elected. he enjoys fast food. >> i have the other night kentucky fried chicken, not the worst thing in the world.
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hasn't shared details about medical status. borne stein not concerned. >> health is good, particularly the mental. >> his brain is turned on 24 hours day. >> graduate of tufts medical school to lennox hospital. trump's doctor for tee hanging in his office. the health is now back in the spotlight for hillary clinton's physical fitness. >> shooting down took of conspiracy theories and still only a couple pages and more than a year old. 2016 unprecedented in how little
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candidate's health. >> anchor: health officials say woman traveled to country known to have zika where she contract the virus. woman's case fourth in washue county and nevada seen 14 cases of zika virus, none which were contract locally. nevada company offering to help make money even if you o investors big bucks during football season. >> numbers at sports book almost look like what you see on the stock market. chris conley says his company is similar and trust him to place the right bet. >> offers alternative form of
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>> that is core, people giving you money to place sports bets. >> exactly. >> the investment fund started operating in nevada after recently passed law in this type of business and so far only on nba finals and went well and convinced in sports betting >> investors have no say where the money goes and computer program, serious research and sports knowledge to find the right wager. >> wait and waited for opportunities where.
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between this and traditional sports betting anyone around the world can do it legally. it may be sports betting but for conley it is business. >> i'm not in the sports book rah-rah rooting for a team. it is a transaction that a make and a lot of times not watching the game myself. >> if you want the rush conley lets investors what game the money is riding on to add to the thrill of the bet. news three. >> and coming up there's a major recall of whirlpool microwaves. tell you why they are being pulled from the shelf in the report coming up. >> big names signed on white house equal pay pledge. what this is all about and who's
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>> anchor: fire recall read to
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microwaves and stainless steel black and white from january 2014 to april 2016. the firm says internal arching during the use and ignite internal plastic component posing risk of fire and surrounding cabinets. stop using the product immediately, unplug t contact whirlpool for repair. >> anchor: announcement made friday on woman's equality day. the pledge includes promise by employer's paid by gender as well as review hiring and promotion processes. during the united states of women summit latest efforts by the obama administration to address the gender wage gap.
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cents what every men earn and similar companies are analyzed and women are still paid less but the gap is i pledge allegiance, to the flag [continues in background] they're bringing drugs, they're brigning crime, they're rapists... you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes... blood coming out of her...wherever [pledge continues in background]
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get him the hell out of here... get him out of here! get out! priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. ads for joe heck are attacking my time as attorney general. the thing they left out is the truth. the truth is crime actually went down during my time in office. that's why i've been endorsed by law enforcement across nevada. i'm proud of my record cracking down on meth,
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cortez masto. i approve this message because i've spent my career solving problems. isn't that what we need more of in washington? >> anchor: jerry brown has been explaining with cooler temperatures, right? >> anchor: tradeoff and a lot of people don't like rain on the weekend, have outdoor plans but cooler temperatures don't think anybody will complain about it. behind my back, active evening. let's go over and take overlook at skies. we will do a time lapse and this is view from las vegas springs preserve in looking to the east,
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morning, plenty of overcast and currently 68 delightful?. i tell you take 68 over 82 any day and we have had a wind gust of 25 miles per hour since midnight. and 16-100, two-100 in downtown studios and temperatures from the 60s, mid-sixties west side to the low 70s on the east side around southern nevada. 50 up on the mount charleston and hasn't changed in last half hour. 75 over in pahrump and 71 over in mesquite. 120000 of inch, zion quarter inch of rain and over half an inch down at search light, also some rain down in laughlin as
6:46 am
composite and another system to the north hits us with some moisture and then we got a third little batch moving in. very unsettled juicy atmosphere. see one hardware two, three close in a little closer and we will go to valley doppler right now. secondary system going through and then here comes -- there we go. right now the third. we will go street level. we got moisture up in the northwest moving in, moderately heavy, and then down over to the east side some moisture has moved through but still straddling from desert inn through late las vegas moderate precipitation and moving fairly quickly and don't have any flooding concerns right now. highs today not a misprint, 80s to low 90s. want triple digits you have to head over to death valley. 91 for high today, humid and definitely not as hot and under
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and partly cloudy overnight into sunday and lake mead boaters take caution and thunderstorms to the south and mountain scattered thunderstorms and highs today only in the 60s. here is 7-day forecast. warming up tomorrow on sunday and drying out the, pushing 100 and still below another chance for thunderstorms by thursday. kendall? >> jerry, thank you. hot start to the school year. get this. he has done it again. donald trump shocks one of the own supporters into making a face so funny it has now gone viral. genie has story. >> reporter: what happens behind donald trump doesn't stay behind donald trump. >> hillary clinton is bigot. >> reporter: reporter to act
6:48 am
pounced on critical load we are all this woman's see one guy feed another chip and who could pay attention to hillary when guy covered with stickers chewed over. >> what are the different nicknames you have? >> idiot. >> reporter: watched a hyped up supporter display and wag a finger give thumbs-up, thumbs down, signal ask cut off immigration, pray when prayer was mentioned and even climb. >> restore the ladder of
6:49 am
>> sneak in cloud for the cameras. pranksters like the guys who got behind clinton. >> incredibly grateful. >> trump rally the same pair showed up wearing arm bands. trump is spigot of startling statements. this is more mobile than the claps and trump no slouch at making funny faces. >> it is saturday morning and get ready to get grub on and yummy brunch options not only today but tomorrow as well. let's talk about what you have over there and we know saturdays, at least the weekend
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>> a lot of several different choices for everybody, got fried chicken with jalape?o syrup, also have brunch burgers and bunless with fried he goes on top and omelets, skillets, boneless by mimosas. >> lots of different flavors here. before waffles. we know when it comes to chicken and waffles, savory and sweet flavors you got spiciness as well. >> jalape?o, vinegar and
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these are different flavors, orange juice, not the case at double helix. >> we have lavender and pomegranate and lime very popular one. >> my goodness. at least it is a juice, of course, still mixed with champagne but flavoring. >> let's go over the times and days are saturdays and sundays, right? >> 11 start with regular dinner menu. >> located over at town square. >> for someone that's ever been there before, what do you want to say to get them there this weekend. >> come on down. try the fresh food to enjoy it. >> when will you be cooking? >> saturday and sunday. >> a little bit later today. >> we have seen talked about the burgers, chicken and waffles, what else do you have?
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we a little bit of mexican touch to it and also have french and fried egg on top, homemade home fries and sunshine crepes and banana and nutella sauce. >> i like nutella. branch menu 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and you will be there
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. stalled by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america.
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>> anchor: crash of jet in las vegas last week, what if it had crashed in residential neighborhood instead of vacant lot. it has happened people here that remember it. tom hawley takes us back. >> hear sound of aircraft and saw it go over. >> jan dockry student at lincoln elementary, few miles southwest where pilots getting used to f-105 thunder chief. >> it is the j75 turbojet engine. performance is shrouded in secrecy.
6:56 am
here remembers frank wilcox. >> we were in the whole valley at the time. planes breaking sound burrier all the time. >> also as they flew over and see him so low and the nose up and tail down, i knew something was wrong. >> 26-year-old right-hand lane e bear at the cools -- controls of 105. safely. directly in his path lincoln elementary school with hundreds of kids. stayed with the plane impacting nearby land wood in salt lake. >> guy was hero. guy flew over the school. >> as that tragedy was averted five residential houses were destroyed. three children were killed. betty died trying to save her baby. rj receiving a news.
6:57 am
>> it>> it wan all the news, two newspapers. it was front pages of both papers for several days. >> danger continued with live ammo mixed in wreckage. today it is hard to tell if anything happened there unless you know what to look for. >> one or two two stories there and those are homes that were rebuilt. >> anchor: going from the past into the future let's move the forecast. >> look at satellite doppler and see moisture around southern nevada and shower activity straddled across much of the laughing valley and showers in the forecast and it is going to be humid but not nearly as hot as we have experienced, afternoon highs only in the upper 90s. we will warm up tomorrow and dry
6:58 am
century mark and first day of school, 104? and head back to school. maybe next round of thunderstorms by week's end.
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good morning. breaking overnight. under arrest. one man behind bars charged with capital murder in the death of two nuns. a crime that rocked the small town of mississippi and the nation. this morning, how capture the alleged killer. flooding fears. all eyes on florida as a tropical system in the caribbean is closer to landfall. major concerns it will dump up to 10 inches of rain. the middle of the country slammed by flash flooding forcing drivers to flee for their lives. governor under fire. maine's top official facing


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