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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  August 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> i'm jim snyder. >> we mean the ground shaking but it's not from what you would think it came from a mining blast in boran, california, out near baker. but it was felt all the way in boulder city and it's our top story tonight at 6:00. let's get right to john treanor. he's been talking to the experts at unlv about this. >> the seismograph started to go off earlier today. they were wondering what it was. we had reports of magnitude. it's actually a 1.6. you likely didn't feel it. but if you did and up wondered where it was, victorville, california, a mining company in boran set off an explosion less than a quarter mile deep. it was felt all the way over here. surprisingly still if you don't know about this area of research. if you were in boulder city and may have felt something, henderson itself may have felt
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seismograph. about a 1 magnitude, maybe a 1.5. so rumblings in boulder city, the cause of which from a mining company in boran, came. now to a home break-in. a mother's ashes were taken in the heist. >> it happened at a home near sahara and cimarron. denise rosch is live outside of the neighborhood. chances are the thieves had no idea what >> reporter: yeah, reed and jim, the urn looks about the size of a large jewelry box. the family just wants it back. now, this happened sunday afternoon in broad daylight in this gated community right over hee. -- over here. you can they have a neighborhood watch program in place. for this family, that seems
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that. >> reporter: meagan wilkes said the pain is almost unbearable. two months ago, her mother, brother -- barbara mulholland, passed away. now her ashes are gone. her ashes taken in a burglary sunday afternoon. >> please bring it back. i don't care about anything. i just want my mom back. >> reporter: the break-in was stopping by for a visit. he found doors wide open. household items stolen, along with jewelry. but it's the urn the family is desperate to get back. >> she passed away two months ago. we feel like they lost her all over again. it's the same emotion. >> reporter: and a quick check of the website shows at least nine burglaries in the area in the past four weeks. now the family is not only
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retur the ashes. >> they can leave the ashes somewhere. i don't care if it's in a vacant lot and call channel 3 and say we just left the ashes at wherever and we'll go and pick them up. >> it's about this big, this big. it's a dark, wooden box that you can't open. you have to unscrew it frhe bottom. >> reporter: barbara mulholland worked for city bank for 30 years and gave tirelessly to charities, including west care nevada spear ed heading a makeover of the campus that serves those battling addiction issues. a mother loved by so many. >> and now the one remaining
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her is gone. >> reporter: again, that urn has no real value to anyone except the family. if you think you can help, give crimestoppers a call, 702-385-5555. remember, the family is offering a cash reward. reporting live, freedom denise -- i'm koch. >> head to news to sign upant get these something isn't right in your community. you can join the conversation today clicking on the features tab. we're learning more about the two people who died at lake mead over the weekend. one woman was from las vegas. park officials say 63-year-old bonnie wong was found unconscious while snorkeling. at callville bay.
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florida dieed while skew wa diving at the lake. he was diving at the bomber when this incident happened. he was from tampa. it's a wrap on the first day of school in southern nevada. 320,000 students are back to hitting the books, maybe have a little bit of homework. kelsey thomas is out at wright elementary where they've had to add new classrooms to accommodate the students. a l always a lot of excitement on the first day back. >> reporter: i loved hearing all of the kids' laughter. right now, it's quiet. the decorations are up. pretty soon we could see very big changes right here in clark county. >> the important thing about you is that you are you. >> reporter: nicole gladdish
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last night. i was nervous but excited. >> it isn't glat. -- flat. it isn't hollow. >> reporter: she's in a new school. >> the other thing that's pardon is not having any windows. >> reporter: the school is bursting at the seams. it was built for 800 students. there are 1300. >> we're trying to catch up. >> reporter: he k temporary solution. >> the goal is to get rid of every portable. >> reporter: a new school is expected to open nearby next year but perhaps the biggest change yet will happen outside of the classroom. next year, a monumental reorganization plan to impact the clark county school district. it would let schools act as their own boss. principals, parents and teachers would have control over the budgets. >> i think technology would be
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need for our own students. >> reporter: regardless of whether reorganization happens for ccsd, this teacher says her approach in the classroom won't change. >> i could never picture myself doing something different. >> reporter: if you want to know how hard working our teachers are, school let out three hours ago and they are still leaving here tonight. it's after 6:00. by the way, that become a official. a yes from the state board of education and then a yes from legislators. kelsey thomas, news 3. >> all right. thank you of as your kids unpack their backpacks tonight. we want to see more of your photos. we know you took some today as they stood on the front step and got on the bus. we have some gorgeous ones here. we're still looking for more.
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seeing today were snapped by anxious parents. keep them coming. you can upload them right to burst. go to and we'll put more on the newscast. an argument outside of a north las vegas mcdonald's turned deadly for a 31-year-old family. he died saturday night after he did not hold the door open for a woman. an pecos and las vegas boulevard. do police have any leads so far tonight? >> reporter: reed, north las vegas police are hoping these cameras will turn up some leads. we're hearing that one of the cameras caught the shooting on video. now police are tracking a killer who murdered a man for not opening up a door here at this mcdonald's. >> he always made fun even when the situation was bad.
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>> reporter: this 14-year-old remembers the father who always made her smile. north las vegas police say on saturday night, 31-year-old muhammad robinson was gunned down as he was walking outside of this mcdonald's near pecos and las vegas boulevard. >> i didn't expect to be this sad and it hurts me very badly. turn yourself in because everyone is, like -- can't believe this happened. >> reporter: witnesses say robinson was shot after getting into an argument with a over an opened door. the woman notified the man she was with about this and he opened fire. >> it's a stupid reason. it doesn't take sense. why would you take someone's life over not opening door? >> reporter: police have not released a description of the gunman. she says it's important the man
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>> reporter: the family needs help paying for this funeral. if you would like to help out the family, you can go to you will find the link in the story. reed? >> thank you. a man who claims to be british royalty is set to face a las vegas judge today on burglary charges tomorrow. detectives say alexander montagu-manchester is behind a home break-in from back in july. he's also facing a misdemeanor driving under the influence charge manchester. will you be seeing another name on the ballot for president? november? we'll look at how locals are remembering latino music legend juan gabriel after his sudden death. we have a full plate of weather. a couple of hurricanes taking aim at hawaii and we have moisture in western mexico that wants to come to southern nevada.
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head to the labor day weekend. former congressman anthony weiner back in the headlines
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whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah.
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well, will nevada be a nail biter in november? a lot of polls here between hillary clinton and donald trump. >> today, one fought to get on the ballot in nevada. jeff gillan is just back from federal court. >> we're talking about jill stein, the green-party candidate for president. she's already on the ballot in
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but nevada is not one of them which broughts to federal court today. this is the green party's attorney. >> this case is about the having the voters say who they want on the ballot. >> reporter: the green party needed more than 5400 signatures to get on the ballot. it collected more than 600. 6 -- 8600. but thousands were disqualified be county. the secretary of state's said the green party missed deadlines which the party claims are unconstitutional. the bottom line, the greens are off the ballot so far. no decision. the judge said she will rule quickly. >> i got the hardest questions. i got the most questions. she was against me from the start. >> reporter: she could attract sanders' supporters. this man used to feel the bern
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say. i thought, well, she represents what i want in a candidate. >> reporter: a clinton supporter said stein wants on the ballot to hurt the democrat. >> to me it's a ralph nader move. but at least he did it the right day. >> and the libertarians have their candidate on the ballot, so does the american independent party. if you are saying write i but you can vote, none of these candidates if that's your choice. >> we have that option. >> yes, nevada only. >> thank you. the las vegas walk of stars is honoring the life of juan gabriel. >> yeah, the singer and songwriter died at his home in santa monica, california last night and we have been watching today as fans have been stopping by, to take photos, talk about their favorite songs.
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all over the world. >> this is something who set the standard, opened a lot of doors. as an artist, the way he contributed himself to his art, his dedication, lifetime, the sacrifices that he went through are still an inspiration to us. >> he was set to perform in las vegas next month for mexican independence day. so fans who have tickets to that are asked t authority and kevin joins us now with a look outside. >> beginning of a new workweek and school year. >> and we are looking at labor day weekend. >> yes. >> a lot of things to discuss weather-wise. we had plenty of sunshine and warmth. temperature back in the triple digits. check out the view from our camera out there on the lake mead marina. sun came up. water-like glass. boy, dewouldn't have much wind at all today.
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the only specimens we could identify, a couple of flat, kmmy cumulus clouds. that's about it. we soared into triple digits. charleston, 105, 8%. next stop, roads ranch, they are at 98 and 16%. and over the hump, 101 and 10%. nice, comfortable, but warm evening. double highlands. 106 near sam boyd stadium. they maxed out at 108. it was 105 downtown. 102 in centennial hills. death valley is still at 111. that's their current temperature. they maxed out at 115. overton topped 110. at mccarran, 104. pretty warm day. 4 degrees above normal. 77 was the comfortable morning low. it's prety safe to say, although
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wednesday evening that this will be the hottest summer ever on record -- on record since records have been kept. tomorrow we'll start out in the 80s, work our way to triple digits by lunchtime. i think we'll get up to 105 for the high temperature. not much wind at all today. should stay below 10 miles an hour all day. it's active in the topic this one, not so sure. it will sort of hook a turn and probably hit northwestern florida. and then in the pacific, we have hawaii over here. here is madeline.
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not much in the way of cloud cover. we have a disturbance that will help pull up the moisture from here and by wednesday night we'll see a few clouds. maybe a mountain thunderstorm. in the meantime, 56 on the mountains. highs tomorrow, boulder city, up to 101. laughlin, 109. 103 over the hump but 99 in indian springs. for our valley, going down to 81 under a clear sky. pretty nice but warm overnight. tomorrow look for an official high of 105. we'll but with a slight increase in humidity in the middle of the week and clouds, we think we'll top out at 103 and 102. i think those thunderstorms will stay over the mountains. we'll watch them. on the back side of the system heading into labor day weekend. that's not bad. i imagine a lot of people will head to the lake. friday morning, i was honored to emcee the reading rangers.
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am telling, you this -- they are fired up. you would be amazed how many of their students are reading above grade level. they are doing a phenomenal job on the eastside. i want to thank them for having me out. they do a great job. >> bring a lot of energy to the job. >> that was friday. hopefully that energy was still there. i wasn't able to show that friday night because i was returning my own child. when the college returns the child, you get a receipt and you have up to 90 days to take them back. interesting how it works out. >> is he all settled? >> he's all settled. >> i got back from rio and the kids said you get to work again with kevin. >> did you get them ice cream? >> they like ice cream.
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>> it sent -- it sent everybody running for the doors. and our star cody miller getting another honor today.
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ramp closures along u.s. 95 are coming your way. it's all part part of this project neon. it's a million-dollar project around the spaghetti bowl. beginning next week on tuesday, the martin luther king ramp to north will be shut down and for a while, until november 15th. this entire area will get an
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that will be nice when it's done. it will connect the 15 to the 95. if you take that ramp four your for you're route, you will be detoured to rancho. skyrocketing costs and the epi pen. mylan is making a change. >> when it will be available. and remember this guy, gene
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welcome back. here we go. anthony weiner is caught up in another scandal over section -- sexual text messages. >> it's an announcement that had immediate reverberations in the political word because his former wife, huma hillary clinton's aide. the new york post reports he was exchanging lewd photographs and one included one with his son 4-year-old in the background. in 2007, he resigned. he ran for new york city mayor in 2013. but that effort was derailed when it was revealed.


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