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tv   News 3 Live at Six- Thirty  NBC  August 29, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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welcome back. here we go. anthony weiner is caught up in another scandal over section -- sexual text messages. >> it's an announcement that had immediate reverberations in the political word because his former wife, huma hillary clinton's aide. the new york post reports he was exchanging lewd photographs and one included one with his son 4-year-old in the background. in 2007, he resigned. he ran for new york city mayor in 2013. but that effort was derailed when it was revealed.
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exchange messages. now, huma abedin acknowledging in a statement, i've made the decision to separate from the my husband. we remain devoted to doing what's best for our son. trump said he made a wise decision and is trying to tie hillary clinton saying this shows bad judgment. a statement from the clinton >> can't imagine. marie mortera, thank you. well, 10,000 employees a company made them work off the clock without getting paid. now those workers are suing chipotle for the practice called wage theft. the employees claim they routinely required hourly workers to punch out and do their jobs until their bosses said you can go. lawyers say the employees and
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state in the country the restaurant operates in. thousands of people started taking a test for commercial drone pilot exams. as emily schmidt shows us the bar is lowered to get those higher views. >> reporter: the buzz of drones carries beyond their mechanical noise. as unmanned aircraft systems give us a different perspective of from the rubble of an italian earthquake to a midwest tornado to the idea of getting a pizza to drop in as domino's demonstrated last week in new zealand. >> we successfully just delivered the first pizza in the world. >> reporter: mark zuckerberg gave a model to the pope on monday and drone's popularity is not lost on the faa. >> over the next ten year,
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sy $82 billion for the u.s. economy and by 2025 could be supporting as many as 100,000 new jobs. >> before monday anyone wanting a commercial drone license from the faa needed a pilot's license. something that could be time and money consuming. >> 20,000 at a minimum. >> reporter: new rooms lower -- rules bore that bar. drones must be under 55 pounds, stay in view they can't fly higher than 400 feet. if you want to fly at night, you will need a waiver. >> there will be tens of thousands legal to fly. >> reporter: the faa said the changes could open up opportunities from rescues to inspecting utility lines to helping farmers check their crops. with the sky no longer the limit, unimaginable use a few ago.
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sword and shots at l.a.x. sent people running. the reports of the shooting came shortly after officers through their guns. reports of shots fired led to evacuations and a ground stop even. a lot of people running there. l.a.x. was getting back to normal this morning, we can tell you. the plan with the plastic sword told officers he often performs on hollywood boulevard and takes pictures with tourists. two american planes for united airlines appeared in a courtroom of scotland accused of flying back to the u.s. drunk. the two pilots were arrested saturday morning as they were getting this flight ready to take off from scotland and newark. they are charged with carrying out pilot functions while exceeding the prescribed limit of alcohol. united said both pilots have been suspended.
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version of the drug. erica edwards explains the new product. >> reporter: after enduring sharp criticism for dramatically raising its prices, mylan has announced they are launching their own version of the epi pen. the generic will be us -- will be listed at $300. that's half the cost of the epi pen. mylan released reading in part this will offer a long-term solution to ease the burden an complexity of the process on the patient. some pharmacists are wary saying they will believe it when they see the price fall. . >> i'm glad they are potentially lowing the price but even $ -- at $300. >> reporter: pharmacists will be able to swap in the generic if a
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epi pen. epipen is used when people suffer dangerous reactions. last week in tucson, arizona, a fool nurse used one on a high school senior. he had a few bites of a sandwich not realizing he was eating peanuts. the new episen -- launch in a few weeks. >> this one won't need fda approval. coming up, he brought us so many quirky characters we'll never forget. >> ahead, a look at the memorable movies. and the countdown to kickoff is on. and this season, unlv will have a new starting quarterback. amber will tell us about him --
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on, a lot of us have been sharing our favorite memories of gene wilder. he just passed away. >> i loved him for not only movies but for what he did for gilda's legacy. he died from complications of alzheimer's. i hadn't known that he had that. nischelle turner looks at his life and legacy. >> reporter: you could say this was mel brooks who first saw something funny in gene his break-through role in "the producers" earned him an oscar nomination. gene wilder was born in wisconsin and caught the acting bug by doing theater. his professional relationship with brooks was akin 0 to
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? >> reporter: his role in blazing saddles also helped him rise to stardom. >> but i shoot with this hand. >> reporter: perhaps the film that endured the -- indured the witty actor was willie wonka. his private life game public with gilda radner. sadly after two years of marriage, radner died from ovarian cancer. wilder formed gilda's club. he teamed under with richard pryor for other movies.
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remarried and kept his career going. however, he was diagnosed with nonhodgkins lymphoma. he made a complete recovery. acting took a back seat in his life. except for a few small tv roles, focused on writing. in 2005, he released "kiss me like a stranger." he will be remembered for his wit and warmth and his memorable performan -- performances that were unforgettable. >> my son and i watched young frankenstein. on the vhs tape. >> i remember those tapes. we just dated ourselves. let's look ahead to see what's coming up at 7:00. >> well, as clark county students head back to school, kids in indiana try to return to normal life after their town was torn apart by tornadoes.
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pay a lump sum for have for -- for your vacation doesn't mean you can't go. and we have the gang back from rio. >> glad to have you back. >> i look less tired there. >> great to have the entire and he has heavy hardware around his neck. the honors continue. >> the clark county commissioners honored him with a key tonight strip. he won gold and silver. he was also given the proclamation cody miller day. >> all right. congratulations. now we tant -- we want to talk about the
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a question in the 5:00 news, where does the key go? >> well, there are several vaults that he can randomly open and -- >> okay. >> i like that. >> exactly. might as well add more gold to your own medal. >> yeah. let's head on outside and enjoy a beautiful las vegas evening for late august. it's been a clear day. this view from the north end of town. not too much going on in the sky, in fact, we have to look the other west. from the east side where we saw some cumulus clouds over the spring. that was the only pseudonym weather we experienced. last week, 7%nd are. next stop, they are down to 97. we are seeing a few more neighborhoods dip into double digits, including centennial
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double digits within an hour, hour and a half. outside of the valley, the mountain sinking in the 60s. the lake at 99 while up in indian springs, they are at 96. making your plans for tomorrow, we'll get rolling in the mid- to upper 80s. 100 by lunchtime. 103 late in the afternoon. i think we'll have a high temperature in between of 105. wind, not much of a factor at all. i don't think it will get over 10 miles an hour for the entire day. around the concern will be this sopping wet, tropical system that might hit northwestern florida. we have scattered showers throughout much of the central part of the country. we're high and dry. there is a disturbance sliding on in. as it does, very well defined up there. it will pick up moisture from western mexico. that's gonna move in, give us more humidity. but a chance for thunderstorms over the mountains, it looks like, late wednesday, not a huge chance at that. reno is at 89. salt lake, 90.
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upper 70s along the southern california coast. and still mid-90s up there in northern nevada. southern nevada, mountains in the 50s, indian springs 70. boulder city, 76. your tuesday, 117 for death valley. our valley heading down to 81 under a clear sky tonight. we'll bounce back tomorrow to a high of 105. we don't have too many more 105s as we look week there will be a slight uptick in humidity and a few clouds strolling in as we get to late wednesday into thursday. 103, 102. then on the back side of that system, oh, my, could this be our labor day weekend? 98, 97, 100. is it too late to take it off, put in -- >> somebody may be having a cough come out. >> yeah, mental health day. [laughter] >> go out and celebrate that
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>> yes. >> thank you. time for sports now. amber joins us with a look at the rebel football team which starts the new season in three days? >> yes. >> thursday under tony sanchez, the coach, they open their season at home. unlv has not won any season-opener since 2009. what they have had is plenty of turnover at position. tony says johnny stanton will get the start on thursday when the rebels face jackson city. >> it was give and take. there were days we felt kurt was ahead. days where johnny was more ahead. they looked at the over all
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physicality, some of the stuff he can do in the red zone. he's just a little bit ahead of kurt. but kurt is not out of it. you will see him play. >> he has a strong arm. he's like really strong. i think he has good ball placement. there's been a lot of times in camp when he was army stuff and threw the ball and i was like, okay, he helped me out a lot. >> one whiteout start is kendell. he hurt his knee. had surgery on friday and is out for the rest of the season. and in the nfl, joey bosa is back in. he signed a four-year contract worth $26 million with a $17 million signing bonus. the number three yoreall pick in
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first contract and because he wasn't getting his signing bonus in full as quickly as he wanted. i mean, who has the time to be waiting around on millions of dollars? for him, he's 21 years old. i mean, time flies. today as the u.s. open, a tumble. chases the ball down, crashes into the clock and it almost fell on him. he had nice good footwork to get out of the way. a scrambled mess. a metaphor there, as time, we need to protect it. just joking. [laughter] >> as for unlv, the time is now for them to have a good season. they say last season was disappointing, 3-9. they have the tools, they do that have injury at wide receiver. but they have depth at their position. they are excited. >> it will be fun to watch
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>> thursday. still ahead here tonight, we've seen some big gators before. but we think this one takes the cake. >> takes the cake and the pie. we'll tell you about how big this mississippi gator really is -- coming up next. and coming up here tonight on channel 3, you will see more news as we talked about, news 3
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very nice, warm start on tuesday. 82 at 7:00 a.m. on our way up to a high of 105. it will be the last 105 this week. kelly will keep you updated as each degree beginning at 4:30 a.m., bright and early. gator hunting, mississippi. got off to a record-breaking start. >> thanks to this big fellow. one party from bicksburg. take a closer look at their catch. the state department of wildlife fisheries and parks confirms that this was a real catch on sunday, weighed in -- as 14 feet long. 686 pounds. >> it took its gator vitamins.
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friday. >> i hope it's dead there. i don't wish it any ill-will. >> they have their hands in his mouth. >> yeah.
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i want my dad back. >> a local father gunned down outside of a mcdonald's for not holding a door. his daughter's message to the
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country. but it was difficult for some kids. a family including a 14-year-old girl trying to cope with the murder of a father. thank you for joining us. i'm mariete failing to open a door for a woman. news 3's antonio castelan has tonight's top story outside the mcdonald's where the murder happened. >> reporter: north las vegas police are hoping these cameras can turn up some leads. we're told one of the cameras caught the shooting on video. now police are looking for the gunman who killed a man who didn't open a door here at this mcdonald's. >> it's horrible. i want my dad back.


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