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tv   News 3 Live at Seven  NBC  August 29, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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country. but it was difficult for some kids. a family including a 14-year-old girl trying to cope with the murder of a father. thank you for joining us. i'm mariete failing to open a door for a woman. news 3's antonio castelan has tonight's top story outside the mcdonald's where the murder happened. >> reporter: north las vegas police are hoping these cameras can turn up some leads. we're told one of the cameras caught the shooting on video. now police are looking for the gunman who killed a man who didn't open a door here at this mcdonald's. >> it's horrible. i want my dad back.
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>> reporter: this 14-year-old tries to understand the senseless murder of her father, 31-year-old muhammad robinson. police say saturday night just before midnight, a man shot robinson outside of this mcdonald's near pecos and las vegas boulevard. witnesses say it was all offer an unopened door. >> -- all over an unopened door. >> it was a stupid reason and irrelevant. why would you take someone's life over opening door? >> reporter: she says her father got into an argument with the woman who was upset the door was not open for her. the woman notified the man who was with her and that man opened fire. >> he always had respect for his elders, yes, ma'am, no, ma'am.
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door and held it for the lady but he probably didn't see her. >> reporter: she prays the murderer is caught soon. she says her heart will be forever broken. >> i love him. i wish he was still here. >> reporter: police don't have a description on the suspect. if anyone has any information on this murder, you are asked to call crimestoppers at 702-385-5555. reporting from pecos and las vegas boulevard, antonio castelan, news 3. the trial of a man accused of killing a teen for his will start back up tomorrow. prosecutors arrested their case against michael solid charged with trying to rob then run over marcos arenas. the final witness, the man who ended up with the ipad after the suspects sold it. new at 7:00 we're getting
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posted propaganda and police say he's had several run-ins with the police. they say his video was 15 minutes long where he said he wanted to kill gays and lesbians and satinnists. christopher burn was pulled over and arrested after officers say he was driving suspiciously in a mall parking lot. officers searched his found a rifle with 100 rounds of ammunition and water bottles filled with bleach and ammonia. he pleaded guilty to carrying a handgun as a felon. a man who claims to be british royalty is set to face a las vegas judge on burglary charges tomorrow. detectives say alexander montagu-manchester is behind a home break-in from back in july. he's facing a misdemeanor charge of driving under the influence of drugs. alexander montagu-manchester
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manchester. the usgs reported two small earthquakes in boulder city, in henderson. there was more beneath the surface. an expert tells news 3 the shaking was the result of an underground mining blast. the blast was in boran, california. it was registered at a 1.7 quake. a woman arrested for driving unde charges for farther starting a fire. her car was emitting sparks. she was arrested for driving under the influence. her car later burned as the wildfire burned. no buildings were burned but some were forced to evacuate. as clark county students head back to class, teachers are adjusting to new class sizes or
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s. wright elementary added eight new portables. this school is bursting at the seams. built for 800. now holding 500 extra students. this solution is only temporary as the school board and the state decide on a massive reorganization plan that would give schools more control over the budget and freedom to spend where they need to. >> i think the priority in any school should be excellent teachers in any classroom. class sizes that are small enough that allow our to individualize to the needs of every student. whether they are second -language learners. >> the reorganization plan still has to go through two more votes before it becomes official. for now, kids are getting adjusted. the school day of school provides plenty photos.
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viewers like you. ready to -- hey, strike a pose. [laughter] >> we actually love to see these. we celebrate our kids in our community. cool glasses it and "star wars" outfit. send the photos to and share your images with us. as you just saw, your beautiful, shining stars could end up on our newscast. as local kids head back to school, students innd life after last week's devastating tornadoes. >> what do you think? i felt -- >> sad. >> sad. >> teachers just leading students through a therapy process. that school bus you saw there, a welcome site for many kids. so many of those kids lost their homes in tornadoes. teachers were given resources to help kids talk through and cope with what happened. they are not only opening their hearts.
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kids who have lost everything. >> in connecticut nearly four years after the shooting rampage at sandy hook, the newly-refurbished class is ready for classes. a loneman opened fire in that school. the classrooms where that shooting happened are now part of an unmarked grassy area in the middle of a parking lot. there memorial inside the school but they say there will be a special memorial some day. two brothers accused of fatally shooting the cousin of dwyane wade. the two men have been charged with first-degree murder. police say they gunned the 32-year-old, a mother of four and wade's cousin as she pushed her child in a stroller.
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quarterback colin kaepernick has made millions running and throwing a football. now he's sitting down. jay gray has more. >> 0 say can you see -- >> reporter: it's the way most games begin, the national and then. but colin kaepernick took a seat on the bench. >> i will continue to sit. i'm gonna continue to stand with the people. to me this is something that has to change. >> reporter: he says this is a way to stand up against what he calls widespread racial injustice in america. >> there's people being murdered unjustly. >> reporter: it's something that he's discussed openly online for a long time and those who have
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>> if they can take away football, that's fine. i'm standing up for what's right. >> reporter: in a written statement, the league said, players are encouraged but not required to stand during the playing of the national anthem. still, there has been some pushback from fans and players, including the giants' victor cruz. >> you have to respect the flag and you have to stand up with your teammates. >> reporter: but colin change. jay gray, nbc news. the entertainment world mourning two stars tonight. >> a look back on the lives of comic legend gene wilder and juan gabriel. and if you are saving up for the dream vacation, there may be another way to get there. the new payment plan. and the temperatures are getting warmer. we made it to 104. the numbers are just gonna go up from here.
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all right. to rhode island we go. look at that. two workers had to be rescued from a dangling bridge. a boom truck tipped on its side and the workers were stuck in the bucket above the boom high above the river. it took rescuers about an hour and a half to get them to safety. they were put into ambulances but didn't show any signs of injuries. they were the bridge. a car took quite the plunge here in baltimore. a water main break created the hole in the road. the driver got out. but 135 homes lost water service in the area. an investigation is underway as to how this happened. movie fans are mourning after the passing of an icon. gene wilder. he brought willy wonka to live, a role for which he will always
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young frankenstein and a number of other mel brooks movies. he died late sunday in connecticut from complications from alzheimer's. gene wilder after so much good and so many smiles dead at the age of 83. we loved mex -- beloved mexican pollutionish juan musician, juan >> we've lost a great artist. >> reporter: this man stopped to take a photo in front of juan gabriel's star. >> he was a great singer but a greater composer. >> reporter: the 66-year-old musical icon died sunday in his home in santa monica, california. there, fans sang some of the most popular songs. a performer played regularly in las vegas especially in the weeks leading up to mexican
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september 16th. lopez says his shows were inspiring. she was lucky to see him perform love. she says because he would give all to his -- to his audience. a career that included the sale of more than 100 million records. >> this is someone that set the standard, opened a lot of doors. as an artist, the way he co sacrifices he went through are still an inspiration to us. >> reporter: on his website today, it did say that he created a character that was a music legend. and as long as there are artists
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our local olympian is getting a hero's welcome. they honored cody niller with the keys to the las vegas strip. today is cody miller day in the greater las vegas area. 24-year-old miller won a bronze in the 100-meter breaststroke and a gold in the medley relay. miller started swimming with the sandpipers when he was 8 years old. so many of you have told us, i remember him when. combating a medical condition that can affect his heart and lungs. and another olympian being honored, connor fields will be given the key in henderson. you are watching his excited arrival here in las vegas when he came back home from rio. he's so appreciative of the fans who came out to cheer him on.
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local olympians. >> bragging rights. his dad and i are kind of buddies now. [laughter] >> he's so humble. >> he's a ralph lauren model now. such a good kid. >> you had the honor of meeting him, chatting with his dad and chloe, you spoke to cody mil >> right after the president bush? >> -- right after the bronze medal. >> he was making those faces. i hate to say it, but we really do have the left olympians. >> so nice. >> sorry to everybody else. but we had the best. they were the coolest, most down to earth people. we could talk 20 minutes about how awesome they are.
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scattered clouds. mostly where the mountains are. we're looking pretty calm this evening. temperatures outside right now, still in the triple digits on the far east side of up to. -- east side of town. low to mid-90s at the moment. winds are pretty much nonexistent. this will stay like that over the next few days. checking in with a few temperatures, we're back to school and checking in with some of the temperatures at some of our local schools. perkins, 103 right now in moapa. ranch and maryland, 79. a little bit on the cooler side of things. somewhere in the middle 99 at ketterson. that's in warm springs. in henderson, quite a variation of temperatures even outside of the valley. we're still cooling down. triple digits for overton and mesquite. 98 for lake mead and pahrump. it will be another hot day for tomorrow. get ready, everybody. before we talk about that, we've
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see -- you can see in the southeast. off the coast of north carolina we have a tropical depression and to the far south of miami, we have another tropical depression, moving at 35 miles an hour, sustained winds from those systems moving actually about 5 miles an hour. but with winds over 35 miles an hour sustained. so we're looking at some pretty serious conditions in the southeast. but for us, it's just another day to go out and enjoy the park because it will be hot. it will be dry and no storms at least forecast. overnight, lows will drop in the 80s. warmer than normal for this time of year. winds will be fairly light into the early-morning hours with regional lows dropping down to 56 degrees in mount charleston in the low 70s. 76 boulder city. low 80s for lake mead. racing to 106 tomorrow.
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valley. 103 for pahrump and the 99 for sandy valley. as we take a closer look at las vegas, a little bit warmer compared to our temperatures today. about a degree warmer than this afternoon. 105 is our projected high. it's above normal for this time of year. as we look ahead to the next few days, still gonna be in the triple digits, at least through most of the week. after that, the system passing through will bring our temperatures back down in the upper slight chance for thunderstorms by midweek around the region. not exactly going to see that in las vegas. we'll remain fairly dry with those overnight temperatures at least for the next few days remaining in the low 80s dipping down in the mid-70s by the weekend and triple digits, back in the forecast. >> as long as we are heading in the right direction. we know there will be beautiful fall temperatures where we're
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highs. >> i think about reed when i think about the pumpkin lattes. >> you started it. what would you consider a milestone birthday? 60? 90? >> one woman shattering all of them by a decade. >> one woman shattering all of them by a decade. what she says the biggest i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> one woman shattering all of tthere's a race going on right what she says now.biggest the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. stalled by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america.
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they are probably not facebook friends but the founder of the facebook met face to face with the pope. >> we're talking about mark zuckerberg and his wife. they sat down with pope francis at the vatican. he talked with the pontiff about how communications in technology could help fight poverty. he even gave the pope a model of a solar-powered aircraft. new tonight, cuban the first flight to fly there. jetblue will land on wednesday, after taking off from fort lauderdale, florida. it will be the first of as many as 100 feets. ten daily flights from the u.s. to cuba. they will begin flights from miami in september? if you would like to take the dream vacation but don't have the cash now, you can pay
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to month. is teaming up with the finance company to offer purchase plans for air fair. this month it's for travelers who don't have a credit card or can't manage the cost at once. buying a ticket involves a credit check. the website also lets you buy tickets with bitcoin, even western union. time for a look at what's coming up at 11:00. a local community outraged after their homes were damaged. the the damage and what's being done about it. and a massachusetts employee from down syndrome gets an unforgettable party that the whole community can be very proud of. those stories plus breaking news. and marking a century is so yesterday for a michigan woman who is about to turn 110. her life is a time line of history. edie survived two world wars, survived the great depression,
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she will turn 11011 -- she will turn 110. >> her favorite president was franklin roosevelt. but he could be unseated by another woman poised to make history. that would be hillary clinton. >> i learned that you treat people definitely the wayt you want to be treated. you -- you don't take things for granted. that's for sure. >> well, after all of that living, her greatest achievements, her two sons and eight grandchildren. her birthdy bash will include a visit from the mayor and others. >> you treat people the way you
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>> and she's italian just like our producer. i knew kelsey would tell us. >> and she says perfect. >> good. >> when we're not on the air head to for the latest headlines. >> and we'll be back for the cw
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but before i do that, i'm going to talk. >> that speech, that romance, that return.
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night. i'm scott evans and who's that girl in kanye's new video? we have everything you need to know about teyana taylor. >> she's someone i've been in love with since i was 22 years old. >> true love on the stage, we take you moment by moment through drik and rihanna's evening. >> which of the style stars was draped in $12 million worth of jewels and why not keep the couture flowing a with the legendary barbara streisand. >> yes! >> a fiery performance by beyonce who steels the vma show. over new y wheorkre vm as took madison square garden, a night brittany made her comeback and they came out as a couple and the star, beyonce.


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