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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  August 30, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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allegedly making threats on the internet. who he was threatening ahead. >> kim: also reward offered. the f.b.i. offering up a reward for any information leading to the arrest of a utah polygamist. they are looking for just and we have details headed your way. >> dana: the dawn glow has arrived on this final tuesday of and the sun will be up in 10 minutes from now. >> kim: we were talking about lyle jeff and his brother was captured in dramatic fashion in our community outside the speedway. anyone who is living here at the time remembers that moment. we're alongside jeff who is all over your travel times and kelly has your forecast. i have a feeling if you don't
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going to like what kelly has to say this morning. let's kick things off with tom up in sky 3. >> tom: i'm ok with the intense heat but cooling down is fine as well. we have report of an accident that was called out at this location. as we arrive i'm not seeing anything that appears to be an accident. whatever fender bender we had must have been cleared out of the way. looks like all lanes are open. maybe that's it in the corner. no, that crews getting red do i do the days work. let's move it on over to jeff. >> jeff: thanks for that. sky 3 scratching that accident off our list and that was the only one we were looking at. on this tuesday off tie positive start. i'll have another update 10
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sun coming up in about 10 more minutes. here is a look at the temperatures. today will be hot. 105 is our high today. if you don't like the heat. you might like what i have later in the week. >> dana: metro says a local man was murdered because he didn't hold the door open for somebody. this happened on saturday night vegas boulevard. detectives say that a woman was upset that a 31-year-old bronson didn't hold the door open for her. that's when a man she was with pulled out a gun and shot him. >> it was a stupid reason. it doesn't make cents. why would you take someone's life over not opening a door. >> bronson's family said he was
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if you know anything call crime stoppers. the murderer is still out there. >> kim: nevada congressman hardy is expected to be back at work this week. this is after suffering what his campaign calls a minor heart tack. a spokesperson says this happened yesterday. the congressman underwent a routine medical procedure and is being monitored by docrs recovers. hardy's campaign manager saying he could be back on the trail as early as today. as far as his opponent is concerned, he emerged with a solid victory and has support from the culinary union. >> dana: a man waking up behind bars for making serious threats
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he went on a rant that had people at google concerned. his targets were the lgbt community, sateenist as well. photos on facebook show him heavily armed. in one picture looks like he has a gas mask on. he confessed to everything saying he's not a killer n. his video rants he says he's a christian warrior tired of america and would start week. >> kim: we've had weird stuff happen with royals in our fine city. think prince harry covering the crown jewels and his grandmother very upset when that happened. we have a guy who says he's a royal and that is under question this morning. >> it is under question. we'll find out more later today. the defendant is 53 years old
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we'll see him in person later this morning. various criminal charges could put him in prison for 14 years. he's in court this morning on a burglary charge. wednesday he's cued and will be in court on a false police report case that led to his arrest august 123. back in court thursday on a miss demeanor driving under the influence of drugs duke of manchester and there are seemingly credible accounts of his life in british media reports online. duke is a hereditary title dating back to william the conquer or. i did research and i promised you detail on what duke means.
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a duke certainly isn't a prince. that is far above the title of duke. >> dana: the f.b.i. offering a $50,000 rewar the leader of the fundamental list church of jesus christ of latter day saints. they have their community on the utah-arizona state line. he escaped from home confinement in june while awaiting trial in a $12 million food stamp fraud case. lyle has been the leader since his brother was convicted on child sex charges relating to
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nfl season and the colin kaepernick controversy continues this morning. >> dana: they are still cleaning up from that d italy. somebody may be charged with a crime for all of this. we'll explain ahead. >> tom: second day of back to school. we're checking out the commute. so far so good. traffic from the air and on the ground coming your way in a moment. >> dana: live pictures off the florida coast. this is the east coast of florida where we expect a little storm system in the gulf of
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if it strengthens it will be b given a name expected to drop more than a foot of rain in some
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>> david: police officers are not happy with this man. that is colin kaepernick. he does not stand for the national anthem because of what he calls racial injustice in the united states taking a jab at police officers and how they treat african-americans in this country. now the police are responding. >> police officers live their life right and to slam them or criticize them on their choice or the training they are going to get i think was unfair. are you going to be a person that actually goes out and does something about it or are you going to be the monday morning quarterback that criticized and do nothing about it. >> they offered to put kaepernick through a police type of training. the police association wants an apology from the national football league on this. >> kim: it's easy to be a big
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the position of a police officer. we went through metro training a few years ago and i blew away every person who came in my path. that was armed with a paint ball gun. can you imagine the stress of being on the street not trying to forgive anything that is unforgivable. but our police officers have a very tough job and we should be thanking them on a regular basis. we take to you italy where prosecutors investigation against the builders responsible for the construction of build that is just came crashing down. it was a big earthquake. it was 6.0 in magnitude. it's horrific. taking the lives of 290 people just flattening villages. a total of 115 buildings collapsed or were severely damaged. what they are investigating this morning is the new construction. those new buildings that came crashing down.
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earthquake proof. as a result prosecutors are goings to going to start an investigation into public facilities that include schools and hospitals. >> dana: he has no attorney for now. criminal history dating back to 1999 in iowa. some of his past convictions include theft and armed robbery. >> kim: we have a freak out alert. we take to you neighborhood in south carolina on edge when you hear why. clowns lurking in the woods trying to lure children out to them. we're not seeing any of this happening because the kids are the ones doing the reporting and the clowns have taken off after
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dates back to august 21. a deputy went out to this apartment facility and said that a lot of kids claim they saw the same thing. a person dressed as a circus clown with white face paint trying to entice kids to follow them into the woods. way too many stories for them discount it at this point. one woman said her son is absolutely frighteninged. they have extra deputies patrolling the area but so far haven't found the scary sight themselves. >> dana: petitions for outraged consumers over the epi pen price hike. mile racist and hateful
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milan agreed to create a generic version of the pen which would be cheaper to purchase. >> kim: a hero's welcome after bringing home gold from the rio games. didn't he get bronze also. the gold was for the team sport. swimming team receiving the keys to las vegas. the entire month has been surreal including including seeing local swim whores look up
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now i'm one of those guys. weird and cool at the same time. to recap, he won gold alongside michael phelps in the four by 100 meeter relay and ro everyone bronze in the meese going to be hanging out with us. >> dana: when you get the keys to the city, what do they open exactly? >> i guess the keys to the strip
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north. now he's got access to the whole thing. we're above a fender bender on the russell ramp to the 215 beltway. looks like nhp has this well under control. no one appears to be hurt in this one. should be cleared up. let's continue with jeff. >> jeff: we are looking south bound at russell because of a reported accident there. looks to be all clear though. speaking of 215 south bound
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>> you would not think you would need the snowplows in august but they did. they brought them out yesterday in colorado. >> so much hail and leaves filled the drains. look at some of the flooding that was caused by that.
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beautiful start to our day. just a few high thin clouds out there. temperatures starting to warm up a little bit. that high is still in control. sunny skies, warm temperatures, light wind today. things are going to change throughout the rest of the week. today it's going to be hot. 105. tonight a few clouds start making their way in. our seven-day forecast tomorrow mostly sunny, still warm. 104 but then gusty winds start moving in on thursday along with a chance for showers, notice the temperatures trending downward as the gusty wind stick with us throughout the weekend. by labor day conditions dry out and wind die down.
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soccer game in colorado as this player you can see bumped into the goal keeper. the ball popped over the goal keeper and so he did a front flip over the top of the keeper. stuck the landing and scored the goal. didn't count because he was off sides. still a great play. the kid's name is school. >> kelly: i'd love to see him in action in the next olympics. still to come a warm homecoming for the winners of the little league world series. this is so great. they got a call from the president of the united states before they even took to the field.
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plus -- >> dana: remembering the man. the life and times of gene wild area head. >> kim: as we send to you break, a live look out of the heart of new york city. there is home of the today show. on this program the survivor in the sexual assault case is coming forward for the first time. she and her about the ordeal and moving
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? ? ? you live life your way.
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from chase. so you can.
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>> tom: you can see this tow truck here. it just got in position a moment ago. we can't get on top of this because it's directly under the departure path. this son sunset and cameron to the east of decatur and a few metro vehicles. this is where have the nhp headquarters where they operate the fast cams from. not a heavily traveled portion
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scene clearing that one up. >> kelly: the sun is up. just a few high clouds this morning. temperatures not bad right now. it's comfortable right now. get out there now. walk the dog. temperatures will be warming up this afternoon. winds light out of the west. winds will stay light today. temperatures are going to climb. 105 the temperatures for the rest of the week, that is a different story we're going to talk about in 10 minutes. >> kim: u.s.a., u.s.a., we're still patriotic coming off the olympics. little leaguers winning the world series from here in the united states. >> dana: the kids from new york. the town's name is end well. they beat the team from south
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series. been a long time for a team from new york. last time 1964 when the team from statten island beat the team from make makes. you've hard the term political hot potato. we're potage twist on that this [ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why?
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is.
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>> kim: an emotional plea.
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of their loved one. wait until you hear what was ripped off from their local home and what you might be able to do about it. >> dana: the food and drug administration asking for more in depth screening of donated blood. we'll tell you live n. we have the city and the mountains out there. thank you for providing those pictures tom. welcome to the program. for many of you possibly groggy because you've been sleeping in for the past several months. we are in back to school mode and we have you covered. >> dana: we are going to get to travel times in a second and we have your forecast as well.
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>> tom: we had a pretty good commute this morning so far. a couple of minor fernando benders but nothing causing delays. this is at the green valley parkway interchange. no delays. there is one fender bender on sunset just to the east of decatur. tow truck on scene clearing things up. that is not a heavily travel >> jeff: we have an issue at decatur and sunset. this is a car fire. not impacting anything on the 215. so you should have a clear commute on that stretch. looking at is 12 minutes from summerlin parkway to the 95. 95 eastbound looking good on this tuesday. no delays on the highways. >> kelly: you are going to want to grab the sunglasses. it is going to be sunny and hot this afternoon.
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105 by 3:00. by 6:00 103. light variable winds. got changes coming later this week. wind, rain, cooler temperatures in the forecast. we're going to talk about anytime 10 minutes. >> dana: lawsuit. that's what some residents are threat tongue do. they are not happy because their homes are shaking. it's not mother nature's fault. >> no, it is not. it is explosions going on development project. people who live in this neighborhood waking up with us this morning, some of them are saying the walls and floors which hold their homes together have begun to crack following the blasts. this started when homeowners got a alert saying geological conditions prohibit normal construction methods. homeowners say they are still having issues. the attorney looking to represent these homeowners said
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part of the class action lawsuit against richmond american homes. one home own showed us some of the damage she's allegedling came from these blasts. >> this is some of the cracking that began showing up after the blasting occurred and started as tiny hairlines and began spreading. >> we did reach out to richmond american homes for an interview. they have attorneys and their comment they have no comment. >> kim: i know that floyd money mayweather lives out there. can you imagine him knocking on some attorney's door and said you should see what i have going on with the foundation at my house. that could put a scare into somebody. it happened. it registered on the scale but
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going on. there was a tremor the other day not felt in boulder city just registered because of a blast that happened at a mine about 200 miles southwest of boulder city. local geologist say it was a small quake that was created because of this mining blast. it actually is quite common. >> most people won't feel an earthquake less than a 3 and that is partly dependant on the size of their ear so larger people may not feel it. >> dogs may have been going nuts but no injuries to report or no damage. it brings up the larger issue of how many fault lines go through southern nevada. they say it's not if but when the big one will happen in in
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somebody's ashes. they were inside an urn and stolen recently from this gated community. the pain is almost unbearable because two months ago her 74-year-old mother passed away unexpectly. somebody stole her urn. they just want it returned. now they are offering a $2,500 reward for the safe return of her ashes. >> kim: that comes from the w at news 3. food fight and the race for the white house. what do these sandwiches have to do with that? details copping your way. >> dana: and decision 2016 with tries tracy potts. boy do we have a lot to talk about today.
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>> dana: this is a restaurant in the state of new york turning
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some might be called a food fight. >> kim: they are offering four meals representing the republican, democratic, libertarian and green party presidential candidates. let's start with donald trump and the g.o.p. he has a sandwich they filled with bologne. they've thrown homm and cheese on that. the libertarian party candidate al customer can decide what to top it with. sales tax on the house for that one. as for the green party candidate, it is a salad served in a con tearer friendly to the environment. he's going to donate money to the candidates whose meal is ordered the most. right now clinton is in the early lead.
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>> tom: i've been called things arhonda rousey those lines before. it looks great along the freeways. as we look off in the distance, everything is in good shape here. a couple of minor fender benders but they are clearing up. good news from this perspective and we have traffic and weather every 10 minutes. here is >> kelly: lots of blue skies. grab sunglasses and sunscreen fur spending any time outdoors. just a couple of clouds out there. mainly blue skies and temperatures not bad right now. 80-degrees. going to get warm this afternoon. the kids on the way home from school today 105. going to be a t shirt kind of day.
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we are remembering the life of
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>> we are talking politics. a survey released four hours ago showing clinton leading donald trump. trump is trying to win over
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to separate from her husband. >> dana: time to take you live to our nation's capitol. tracy potts joining us this morning from washington, d.c. let's start with the top aid to clinton. she announced yesterday she's splitting from her husband anthony weiner because she was sex ting again. third time he was caught. u saying anthony weiner may have had access to classified material. is there any truth to that? >> there is no evidence of it, nothing that he offered other than the fact there is a connection between him and the top aid for hillary clinton. if there is any evidence that something was actually passed on to weiner, he didn't offer that. the other thing he said was
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up, hanging around someone whose husband is sex ting. she is an extremely close advice or the to hillary clinton. the clinton campaign is saying nothing about this. it's clearly a personal matter and whether or not it spills over into politic, it could but there is nothing that has been offered as evidence of that. the clinton campaign is washing their hands of are not going to respond at all. >> dana: i got distracted there seeing anthony weiner on the front of the washington post with that sex ting thing. are you supportive of donald trump and he sent out a tweet of hillary clinton in black face couldn't come at a worse time in that he's trying to court the
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>> he's poll jizzed. he took down the tweet. he is pushing trump and the message he's trying to get out. democrats haven't done anything for you. why don't you try something different. in this case the very people that donald trump is trying to court, african-americans, this black pastor who is behind him offended many people. it's minority vote. >> dana: donald trump expected to give that major speech on immigration tomorrow in nearby arizona. he was talking about a deportation force months ago. is he going to bring that up again tomorrow until. >> what he's saying is the deportation force is already in the government. immigration and customs. that's not what he initially
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what he needs to clarify is how that is going to be used on the 11 million undocumented immigrants already here. >> kim: an tony weiner is a royal pain in the you know what for the clinton campaign. we have a guy in town about to face a judge who claims he's a royal. he's probably a royal pain in the you know what to his family. >> he is 53 years old. he has three court dates, the first is this morning in connection to a home robbery. another one tomorrow and another one thursday. he does claim to have royal lineage. he says he's the 13th duke of manchester. that is his picture. we haven't seen him in person but we will when highway pierce in court at 9:00 this horning,
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of three set for this week. i will be on royal watch and report to you on what happens in court live at noon. haven't been able to say that before. >> kim: before we let you go. we don't have extra security for a royal about to walk into the justice center, nothing like that. >> that's a good question. if it's there you'll learn about it at noon. we'll see. >> craig. >> dana: the food and drug administration calling for the entire u.s. blood supply to be jeaned for the zika virus. zika screening for blood donated in florida and puerto rico. the agency said that screening needs tobies panned for all organizations. more than 2500 cases of zika have been reported in the united states. >> kim: you are about to see
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change law. california lawmakers have passed a new sex crime sentencing bill in response to that young man's case. he is the former stanford university swimmer who was sentenced to six months behind bars after sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. his sentence sparking outrage leading to the recall plea for the judge what gave him that this new legislation would make jail time mandatory. the bill is headed to governor jerry brown's desk for his signature. turner is set to be released later this week. >> dana: it's a news 3 exclusive , the victim in the st. paul prep school sexual assault case coming forward to speak about what happened to her two years ago. >> this is the first time you've
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>> well, it's been two years now since the whole or deal and i feel ready to stand up and own what happened to me and i'm going to make sure that other people, other girls, other boys can own it too and they don't
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we are part of the community and we love you in the community so please go to burst. it's easy to do this. it's slash news 3lv. share your pictures with us and they could end up on news 3 today. >> dana: we have dramatic dash cam video out of the state of new york. you can see a major pileup on this highway. the driver of that tractor slammed into 10 cars including this one that was on fire. bystanders come to the scene and were able to get the flames out and they were able to get the female driver out as well. she only suffered minor injuries. in all 10 people were injured in this. two of them had to be taken to the hospital and surprising it wasn't more. >> kim: i don't think you could see the images from sky 3 but
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interstates. for some reason it did not have the outcome we just had. most of them are dire the once you covered. >> tom: we've had all varieties over the year and seen it all at this point. what i'm looking at now is a light commute. that's what we
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get this day going this tuesday. beautiful day this morning. get outside and get exercise. take the dog for a walk before it gets too hot. beautiful blue skies. a few clouds, that's about it. 81-degrees. the downtown coming in at 77. sunrise 75. centennial 81 right now. very pleasant start to the yet again as that high is still in control but not for long. tropical pressure is going to be kicking that out. 108 today, boulder city 154. las vegas 105. lots of sunshine. the temperatures trending downward for the rest of the 7 day period. breezy conditions begin thursday with a chance of showers in the
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90's through the weekend. even labor day sunny and 95. >> dana: 105 could be the lottest temperature we have for the next nine months. time for the water cooler. this morning we are mourning the loss of gene wilder. gene wilder known for a lot of willie wonka. he died from complications of alzheimer's on sunday night. he was diagnosed with cancer in 199 but he beat that. wilder was 83 years old. swimmers at a water park in idaho had a good time over the weekend. every year on the last day of
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turns over the pool to the four legged varietity. dogs had a lot of fun flashing around. some dogs love the water and others hate it. these love it. all the money raised from this event goes toward building a dog park in that >> it's a family show for sure. this woman has previously made history by being the first woman on the show to make it up the warped wall during the qualifier and again in the finals.
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>> kim: you can see a lot of strength in that small package. thanks for spending time was. "the today show" is next on this channel. we always encourage to you check out our friends on the cw las vegas. >> krystal: lot more to come on the cw. >> jeff: we're going to follow the developments in the case who claims he's a british royal. craig has the details. >> krystal: a four-year-old thrown off a his mother standing by and watching. child would be ok. we show you the viral video
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america.
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good morning. weiner's woes. anthony weiner dumped from two jobs on the same day his wife announces she's leaving him over his third sexting scandal. the question now could this lead to a new investigation. double whammy. intensify today. one headed for the gulf coast. the other for north carolina. bringing heavy rain and tornadoes. survivor speaks. the young woman at the center of the st. paul prep school rape case comes forward revealing her identity for the first time in an exclusive interview. why she's opening up now, what she thinks about owen labrie's sentence and the campaign she hopes will bring good from her painful journey.


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