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tv   News 3 Live at Three- Thirty  NBC  August 30, 2016 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> marie: right now on "news 3 live at 3:30," a tighter race. with the first presidential debate on the hereizeon, the showdown between hillary clinton and donald trump gets closer. >> reed: privacy problem? the high-tech tool used by police that is raising concern from civil rights groups. >> marie: canine communication. the new study showing man's best friend understands more than we've ever known before >> announcer: news 3 starts right now. >> marie: the race for the white houseon more of a race now, a close one. just six points separate hillary clinton and donald trump in a new nbc poll. >> reed: steve handelsman has the latest that and on fbi concerns that hackers could tamper with the final vote. >> reporter: it's still a national lead for hillary clinton. but donald trump is closer in the nbc news survey monkey poll. six points back this week. last week it was eight. just four points back among independents from 12 last week. credit trump's new focus.
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actually acting like a regular republican presidential candidate. attacking the person you are facing off against is helpful. >> reporter: looking into trump's charge that big checks to bill clinton's charity bought access to hillary when she was secretary of state. cnbc's jabbers analyzed clinton's schedule '09-11. >> while the billionaire and celebrity meetings are relatively rare on clinton's schedule you see over and over again state department meetings, foreign >> reporter: no sign that clinton lacks stamina. >> meeting after meeting. conference call after conference call. even during the "snowmegeddon" storm of 2010. >> reporter: the fbi is concerned about tampering with the november vote. after suspected russian hackers breached voter records in two states. clinton running mate tim kaine questioning trump's ties to moscow. >> don't you think the american voters deserve at least to get
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cozy? >> reporter: one state hacked is arizona where how john mccain does in today's primary could show if trump is dragging down senate republicans. the white house has ordered a special intelligence task force to investigate the hacks of state voter records and here in washington of he democratic party. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news. >> reed: we want to know what you think. if the election were held today, who would you choose? donald trump or hry the booth. let us know what you think. head over to and click on that question of the day icon. >> marie: the fbi expected to release documents soon related to its investigation into hillary clinton and her use of private email server. that could happen as early as tomorrow. the fbi this month provided congress portions of its files from the agency's year-long investigation into whether then secretary of state hillary
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a private email server. >> reed: president obama cut short the sentences of the 111 federal inmates in another round of communications or come utations for those convicted of non-violent drug offenses. the president has long called for phasing out strict sentences for drug offenses arguing they lead to excessive punishment. the white house lawyer says he expects the president to continue granting come mutations through the end of his t deserve k individuals a second chance at life. no secret that police officers are keeping one technology to fight crime. >> marie: but there's one high-tech gadget known as a stingray that's caused some civil rights groups to file a complaint with the federal communications commission. >> reed: new at 3:30 national correspondent jeff barnd examines whether an effective law fighting tool is worth the cost of privacy. >> reporter: the federal complaint says baltimore's
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tracking systems to locate suspects in their cell phones. the plaintiff's attorney says everyone's privacy is compromised. >> there's no way for the subscriber to know that that's taking place and that presidents might be collecting information about them. >> reporter: powered up phone seek power for normal new. stingrays trick cell phones into thinking it's a tower. stingray's also block cell phone users from making outside calls. >> that means not just phone calls to your friends or phone calls in emergency situations such as 911 calls. >> reporter: baltimore residents tell me they've seen police with stingrays in their neighborhood. eavesdropping in roughly nine block area. >> if we as a people don't step up now and say something about it they'll keep doing it. >> reporter: the american civil liberties union says police use them in 24 states. but the aclu admits there's so much secrecy this map clearly
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at issue is the federal communications act. that's a law that ensures anyone using a broadcast signal cannot interfere or block other signals. attorney tells me that applies to police as well. >> they shouldn't use the public airways without a license. >> reporter: former maryland state police superintendent norris says the stingray is an effective crime-fighting tool if used properly. >> like anything else. it is a great the vice but open for abuse. >> reporter: it will be up to the fcc to determine if baltimore police have crossed the line. this case could affect police and intelligence gathering nationwide. i'm jeff barnd reporting. >> reed: in the fight against terrorism isis lost one of its leaders the spokesman for the group died in northern syria after being killed. isis released a statement saying he was martyred while surveying operations on the battlefield. no other details were provided we just know he is dead.
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of defeats in recent weeks where turkish troops are attacking isis. >> marie: u.s. forces on the attack against isis in iraq. details from the terrorism alert desk. >> reporter: from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm michelle marsh. a disturbing discovery in syria and iraq. the a. p. has identified as many as 72 mass graves holding as many as 15,000 of the terrorist group's vics. be excavated as they are in the territories that remain too dangerous to visit. a saddam hussein palace in mosul, iraq used as a headquarters for isis has been destroyed. coalition aircraft from several different nations conducted the strike on august 1st. the destruction of the facility will hopefully hamper the terror group's ability to house and train foreign fighters in northern iraq. three employees of the
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car bomb attack. a car packed with explosives rammed the gates of the embassy tuesday morning. only the bomber was killed. china's foreign minister is condemning the attack. there's no claim of responsibility. from the terrorism adert -- alert desk. >> marie: mourners gathering in the italian town of amatrice. this comes ahead of the funeral for victims of last week's earthquakes. mass was planned killed. it is the second state funeral for victims. the august 24th earthquake flattened three towns in central italy. the first held over the weekend honored weekends from the le marcay region. >> reed: apple in the middle of tax trouble. the european union says ireland has given illegal benefits worth up to $15 billion.
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interest. the e.u. says a three-year investigation found ireland granted tax breaks to apple over an 11-year period. the breaks led to apple paying less than one percent in taxes. >> this decision sends a clear message. member states cannot give unfair tax benefits to selected companies. no matter if they are of a group or not. >> reed: both president obama and the treasury department released statements criticizing that decision. apple says they're going to fight it. >> marie: still struggling to bring back customers chipolte is offering up new deals. this comes after the tainted food scare and lawsuit by employees over pay. now every sunday in september chipolte customers can receive a
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month of september the chain will give high school and college students who present a valid i.d. a free drink with purchase of a meal. >> reed: zika virus may cause hearing loss in babies. the cdc tested hearing of group of infants with microcephaly. it is the condition where a baby is born with a smaller head than usual. five percent of those children experienced hearing loss in the inner-ear. this impaime commonly among infants who had microcephaly and whose mothered develops a rash during the first trimester. experts say it's possible for children without microcephaly to face hearing loss as well. protesters demanding a drop in the price of epi penn drop off petitions at the make's headquarters. petitions signed more than 700,000 people. mylan is under fire for drastic price hikes in the cost of its
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efren in the event of a life-threatening allergic reaction. a two pack has jumped from around $100 to $600. mylan has responded to criticism by rolling out oe. >> marie: dates and discounts along with a generic version of the pen. >> marie: in 15 years since the attack on the world trade center, many first responders have developed breathing problems -- cancer and other illnesses. now it appears the attack also had a major impact on rescuer workers in another way. researchers studied00 clean up efforts. workers diagnosed with ptsd or major depression after the attacks were more likely to show early signs of degenerative brain disease like alzheimer's and dementia. the findings are shocking considering the average age of the responders is only 53. >> reed: facebook is going to make changes. they're going to allow communities to trigger their safety check feature. before the company had sole control over the function during
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themselves as safe on their profiles. facebook is really been criticized for it though with some claiming the company activated it unevenly favoring some countries over other countries. >> marie: a lot of outrage over this next story. a father says his five-year-old daughter was slapped by a 17-year-old on a school bus in rural georgia. the incident was caught on camera. >> reed: makes your blood boil here. you can see the finger marks on that little girl. jasmine peters was left with the district is investigating but the superintendent says it is common for all ages of students to share a bus in rural districts like this one. however peter's attorney wants to know why the teen was even allowed to ride the bus. according to police he is on probation and has a history of getting into trouble at that school. >> he had reached over that seat and he was telling another girl if you don't hit her i'm going hitter for you. >> reed: although jasmine is physically okay her father says
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who is expected to be charged with third degree assault. he could also be in trouble at school and the principal is recommending he be expelled. recommending? >> marie: let's turn a page and talk about something lighter shall we? many dog owners swear their pets really understand them. now there is scientific evidence. >> reed: we're going to give you a taste of this story next on "news 3 live at 3:30." i'll also have it at 5:00. how our four-legged friends analyze the meaning of the words we >> chloe: stormy weather continues across the southeast. we're not too far off from seeing storms in our area as
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>> reed: ever had a dog look deeply into your eyes like they're hanging on every word you say. >> marie: especially when you say no more treats cooper. >> reed: get off the bed. [ laughter ] >> marie: now there is scientific proof our pooches can actually understand meaning behind human language. erica edwards has the story. >> reporter: dogs have many ways of telling us how they're feeling. from happy to not so happy. maybe even a little embarrassed sometimes. now there's evidence dogs can understand humans too. researchers in hungary trained dogs to sit very still in a functional mri scanner. trainers then spoke words both familiar and unfamiliar to the dogs in various ways. in a sing song good boy voicement then in a neutral tone... good boy. the dogs processed those words correctly regardless of tone and
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meaning they understood the meaning of the words. how do they do it? the theory is that dogs start to understand that the words "good boy" are a good thing when they're said in a positive tone. though even if our furry friends sometimes have selective hearing. >> sit down. hey. sit. >> reporter: eventually they figure it out. >> good doggy. good boy. >> reporter: erica edwards, nbc news. >> marie: while dogs process words in much the same w are unique in our ability to use them. still a connection there. >> reed: that's right. does your dog speak human? or do you speak a little bit of dog? let's continue the conversation. tweet us @marienews3lv or @reednews3lv. you can tweet the station @news3lv. i have a talking dog that follows me on twitter. i do. >> marie: you do? >> reed: yep. >> marie: oh yes. of course.
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connections. and kevin janison i think he can speak dog. we've seen him doing the howl. join the conversation on facebook as well. if you really jive with your pup or maybe the cat too or the rabbit or the snakes, whatever, just search for ksnv news 3 las vegas. >> reed: time for a look at what's ahead at 5:00 today. >> marie: nevada senator harry reid sounding the alarm. is the election in jeopardy because of hackers? at five who he says is behind the possibility. >> reed: a accident. what she says all of you us need to do to really get our arms around this problem here in our valley and make the streets safe. those stories plus a check of your traffic tonight on "news 3 live at 5:00". >> marie: look at this sight. all thanks to an aurora hunter who managed to capture amazing images of the northern lights in finland. the photographer wanted to see the lights as clearly as possible so he drove out into the countryside 19 miles to the arctic circle away from the
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collision -- the result of collisions between the earth's gaseous particles and manner released by the sun's atmosphere. that is the science part. but one thing is for sure. i think people of all levels, maybe even the pups too can appreciate something as beautiful as that. you got to see this powerful display. this weather phenomenon caught on camera on a tower cam to be exact in ohio. you are looking at a micro burst here. a localized column of thunderstorm. wind speeds and micro bursts can reach up to 100 miles per hour. even higher. that's equivalent to a small tornado say the weather experts. >> reed: wow look at that dumping. time for a check of your forecast. >> marie: let's check in with our weather expert here at 3:30. what do you think of those amazing pictures. >> chloe: those are dangerous. they could down a plane. it's actually -- it's beautiful
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that much wind could certainly cause problems. there have been planes in the past brought down by down bursts so you got to be careful when flying certainly. we're not seeing any of that kind of weather around here. at least for now. changes are in the forecast. but nothing too incredibly drastic. outside we've got another day full of sun. look at that. a few -- just a few clouds. you can literally count them right there. school is in session at pahrump valley high school. you can see throughout theay cloudy to mostly sun skies. people are starting to leave and enjoy their day. it's going to be pretty nice. lake mead pretty calm conditions. some people going out in the water enjoying the weather. a few scattered clouds developing over mount charleston and mostly sunny skies in the valley. overall a phenomenal day. temperatures. sunrise 105 for the moment. 102 anthem.
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summerlin at 99. blue diamond currently at 98. like i said, mostly calm conditions. winds most part are up to ten miles an hour. but pretty light for most of our neighborhoods. nice weather does continue even outside the valley. temperatures warming up nicely. 102 degrees for pahrump as well as overton and lake mead. mid-70s mount charleston and upper 90s for indian springs. as we look at the satellite, take a look at this. we talked about the stormy weather that cin southeast including tropical depression eight. you can see it off the coast of north carolina. continuing to move northeasterly direction. around five miles an hour with sustained winds up to 35 to 40 miles an hour. we have tropical depression nine moving into the gulf. also slow moving but sustained winds still up to 35 miles an hour. this one moving in a northwesterly direction. as we get closer to home we're thought seeing any kind of that storm activity for our area.
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are anticipating later in the week. some moisture you can see developing and starting to move into our region from the south. mostly impacting arizona and utah over the course of the rest of the workweek. looks like we're going to stay mostly dry. if you are traveling there are chances for thunderstorms increasing as we get closer to the weekend. overnight tonight it's a fairly nice night. mild weather. nice temperatures. 83 degrees. not quite as cool as last night around the region. mid-60s for alamo. and 78 degrees for boulder city. 102 by the afternoon. 107 on tap for overton. if you are feeling brave, 118 for death valley and we're waking up to nice temperatures. 84 to start you off. we'll hit the triple digit threshold by noon. highs above normal for this time of year. winds picking up slightly out of the southeast shifting south later in the afternoon. winds will start picking up by thursday. a slight decrease in our temperatures is anticipated. as we make our way into the
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i hope you guys are excited about this. we're going to go from 105 to 95 monday and tuesday. >> marie: for las vegas that's awesome. here is a candidate for sports play of the year. take a look closely. columbine high school junior dylan got behind the defense and found himself in a foot race with the goal keeper. they got the ball multly the keeper slides down and dylan goes way up. he did that front flip with half twist and stick landing. all capped off by scoring a goal. i wonder if he was in gymnastics? you could call the kicker, the goal didn't count because the referees called dylan off sides. so this was not a long celebration but the memory is still a very nice consolation prize and, of course, the video that's now gone viral. >> reed: that's got to be some in recruiters hands.
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we go. a civic duty we all have to do. taylor swift showed up for jury duty in nashville monday. swift posed for pictures. swift was in the jury pool for an aggravated rape and kidnapping case. she was dismissed when swift explains her concerns over hearing a case of that nature citing her own upcoming trial over allegations she was groped at a fan meet and greet. swift also assured the judge she's happy to serve on a on any other type of case. >> marie: what is nice is that she was able to pose with potential jurors. look at all those smiles. they're probably like hey this is the best jury duty call ever. [ laughter ] >> reed: and she could actually get out of it so she could clear the way for her and have a fair trial for the victim. have a good night. >> hello. i'm mark hyman. federal law says every federal agency must complete an annual audit.
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unbelievably federal agencies didn't have their books routinely inspected. a 1996 law was supposed to change that. the results have been mixed. federal government doesn't use the same accounting standards required of public industry. it's created it's own. even then some federal agencies fail at delivering a clean audit. or in the case of the defense attorney, it doesn't eve -- defense department it doesn't even bother. for each of the past 20 years the pentagon h in not undergoing an audit. let's examine the army. they reviewed the army's financial statements. this isn't an audit. it's just a review to ensure the army's numbers add up. it's paperwork is in order. for 2015 the army didn't have paperwork justifying six-and-a-half trillion dollars in financial activity. not million. not billion. trillion. the army couldn't justify changes to how it received or
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to the tune of six-and-a-half trillion. in just the third quarter, 16-and-a-half thousand accounting records were removed without explanation. and no one at the white house or in congress appears overly concerned. to comment, go to
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