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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  August 31, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> dana: this man claims he's a british royal and speaking out from behind bars in las vegas. what he has to say about the allegations against him. >> kim: an olympic visit. he's not in rio anymore. he's live in our studio with us this morning. cody miller hanging out with us here in las diet i wonder if you would get tired of all the attention. we are thrilled cody is in studio with us. we'll have that interview in a moment. no olympic gold medal here.
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>> dana: traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we're going to check in with kelly in just a bit.
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let's get a check on the wednesday forecast with kelly. >> kelly: we've got lots of sunshine on the way in a couple of minutes. as you head out the door right now we have upper 70's, low 80's. we're going to warm up fast. 105 is our expected high today. it's going to be a hot one. cool along with breezy conditions and chances for showers. i'm going to explain it all. >> dana: a developing story out of northern nevada brought this as breaking news last night as a small plane crashed into this trailer park just to the east of the reno area. happened about 6:15 yesterday evening at the rivers edge rv park. the pilot was trying to make a
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he had an issue. we do not have the condition of the pilot or anybody on board but you look at the wreckage and it could not have been good. we do know nobody on the ground was injured in this. >> kim: we have a developing story playing out in our own backyard that. metro officer accused of possessing and distributing child pornography will face a local judge this morning. for a preview of what to expect we take you live to vegas where michelle is standing by. hi michelle. >> mark: good morning. >> michelle: , good morning. he will be having a preliminary hearing. he was arrested august 123 after investigators serve aid search warrant at a residence regarding information they had gotten there was possession of distribution of child
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this. he's been an officer with metro since july 2015. he's being held on $25,000 bail. late they are morning he will have a preliminary hearing regarding these charges he is facing. several regarding child porn ago fibrosis. we'll have an update live at noon. >> dana: thanks. we go from the court case happening this morning to one that happened yesterday. an out burst in a courtroom. that is michael solid being restrained. during closing arguments he called the prosecutors liars as you see. he's cued of killing the saturday deferentially-year-old over an ipad. the jury has the case now.
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yesterday afternoon. they'll continue deliberating in about three hours from now. the judge telling solid if you do that again, we will do anything we have to to shuted you up including taping your mouth shut. >> kim: that accused fraud claiming to be a british duke is behind bars. you see what happened later in the day. -y faced a judge charged with three different crimes including burglary and filing a fake police report. even though he's australian he insists he is british no billty and tells us that the royals in london would not approve of his
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you heard him say he didn't do it. his attorney expects his clean to accept a plea deal. >> dana: a crook breaks into a car and gets the garage door opener and tries to get in the house. this happened last week. suspect was able to get in the driveway but no guy was smart. he had the door locked to his home. the burglar was not able to get inside the house however he got away with a little boos from inside that refrigerator but that was it. >> kim: we have a hometown hero
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olympian. he has gold, he has bronze. he has cody miller. how do you do a five minute weather forecast in this town with no computer tom crock open the video vault. >> we have a couple of big boys on the shoulder but they are
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>> tom: weather has been a staple of local tv newscast for as long as they've been around. when i was a kid around here in the late 60's one of the most popular and memorable people giving the forecast was barry the weather man.
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>> barry talks about moving to las vegas. >> most of the time but not all the time the weather was just about the same. >> which presented a challenge when the weather segment lasted five minutes. >> i covered the weather for the entire united states on my local forecast because half the people or more were from somewhere else. >> the visuals were low tech. >> the mercury is rising, humidity at 79%. wind at either miles an hour. >> he would start way glass wall featuring a map of the u.s. >> i would write all over with it a marking pen. it seemed to personalize it more. i've been told that over the years that rather than seeing the graphics which anybody can decipher. it's more fun to see somebody like in a classroom just messing the whole map up. >> tom: las vegas offered something that more weather intensive cities couldn't.
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headliners. >> i found myself deep in the celebrity culture. >> and often they were watching him. >> they became fans of mine. different. no, it's it's a giant city. >> tom: he now lives in the twin cities. >> dana: i remember doing the weather like that 32 years ago. not as good as he did. i was not as accomplished as he was. isis announcing that one of its senior leaders has been killed in northern syria.
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yesterday. according to the isis run news agency he was killed while inspecting operations. his death marks the highest profile killing of an isis member to date. united states military has not yet confirmed this but isis says he is dead. >> kim: we have a great local story and waiting in the wings is cody miller live on the program. before we get to cody, we have another locally to the city of henderson his hometown. boy did he make all of us proud in rio bringing home the first gold medal in bmx racing for the u.s. fields says this entire experience is still surreal and this is some two weeks later. >> it's hard to grasp. it's something you dream about for 10, 12 years.
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in the middle of training i'm thinking about that moment. when it finally becomes real, it's hard to grasp. >> kim: tom as we send it back to you in sky 3, we have cody miller coming up live in studio this morning. >> tom: it's nice to see the local kid make good so proud. right now we are clearly having a lighting issue here. over on the 95 the ramp from lake mead boulevard to 95 north got a couple of big boys here. looks like this cherry picker, that front tire is shredded so that is what is going on. freeway service patrol continues to work. as people make the ramp they are able to swing around wide.
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lake mead approaching i15 that's been cleared so we are accident free which is a good thing on this wednesday. just a slow spot on 15 south bound. eight minutes there. 215 in the clear. we have a waze user telling us about a disabled vehicle on 15 south bound as you approach desert inn. join the team. download it from the app store and >> dana: these hurricanes are fright president frightening from the ground but from space they are almost beautiful. >> kelly: amazing images we're getting. this is hurricane lester which is a four. >> dana: that's big. >> kelly: it's heading toward hawaii. it is expected to weaken before it hits there.
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it has weakened some. it can affect the hawaiian islands over the weekend. the hawaiian islands first need to prepare for a category one hurricane. that is expected to arrive first and then they are bracing for lester. one-two punch for hawaii. at home the sun is up. a beautiful start to this morning. a lot of blue skyt expect just a few clouds today and that's about it. summerlin 78 is your current temperature. we are starting to see some action in parts of new mexico and arizona as well. a trough moving in from the pacific. the combination could bring stormy weather to our area but
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105 is our expected high today. tonight looking at 82 for our low with mostly clear skies. our seven-day forecast that chance for showers thursday. breezy conditions continue through the weekend but look at the temperatures. mid 90's. not bad, especially if you want to get in the pool this weekend. gold medalist standing by. awesome to have you in the studio. >> thanks for having me. >> dana: you were in michael phelps final race. you won the bronze in the individual race. what was it like to be on the podium with michael phelps in his final olympic race ever? >> it was pretty emotional. there was a lot of tears going. i grew up watching him.
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age in your first race the backstroke winning a red ribbon. which was best? >> i have that ribbon still. >> dana: what does it take to win a gold medal? this is a full time job. >> 20 years of hard work. >> you are in the pool 25 hours a week and in the weight room six hours a week. >> yeah. >> and your fiance who you got engaged to last does she give you advice? >> we talk about swimming but not about my swimming. it's more about what the kids are doing. >> have you two dogs at home. whose idea that was? >> she grew one big dogs and i grew up with small dogs so we compromised and got small fluffy dogs. >> you are self-avowed in other
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wands and we are ready to go. we are going to cast spells and have fun. >> dana: that would be fun if you go through with it. >> you are going to come down the aisle with a wand. >> i know your mom was tough on you who is your biggest inspiration. she still lives in summerlin to this day. i know you live and train in indiana. you are a hoosier. what is your advice for young swimmers out there that wan win a gold med until. >> two things set goals and write them down and listen to coaches and make sure you have fun. for a long time i swam because all my friends were swimmers. you got to have fun. you were swimming with the sand pipers and you were a sophomore in high school you qualified for the olympic trials. you knew you were pretty good by then. >> i knew i was all right.
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>> is she going to win a gold med until. >> she's having a good time at duke living college life and enjoying it. >> dana: what is ahead? >> i would love that. >> dana: you would love to swim in tokyo but there are a lot of things that could happen. >> look at katie ladecky we're going to see her in four years. >> as long as i still like diving in the pool at 5:00 a. >> is that what time you get in? >> yeah. >> and then back in the afternoon? >> yes. >> you got any new endorsement deals? >> got a few things on the table. we'll see what happens. >> this is a full time job. you don't do anything else but swim. >> pretty much. it's a good life. >> congratulations. you made us proud. >> thanks. >> thanks for copping in early in the morning.
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for you. >> thanks for bringing your mom too. >> kim: the good life and a great guy. cody miller thank you. still to come on the program, a scary scene after a driver backs into a gas pump and we know what happened next. we're sharing it ahead. plus -- they are locals. are certifiable and we have the must see memos that played out in prime time on this channel
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tithe you can see the work crews are out there. it started up a couple of days ago and planned to go through november. have you one lane blocked off most of the direction. looks like the restrictions are 24/7. down to two lanes. you might find it down to a single lane. maybe use the combination though
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a two mile stretch for a couple of months. around town has not been that bad of a morning on the roads so far. let's see what your weather is shaping up. >> kelly: a beautiful start to the morning. we have temperatures in the 70's across the valley this morning. here is a look at what we're seeing right now. pahrump you are coming in at 75. boulder city a little warmer than the last few 84 in layoff lynn. wind light, not an issue. today it going to be hot. that's the key today. mostly sunny. 105 for the high. chances of rain are in the forecast. >> kim: we take you to this scary scene at a gas station in connecticut when an elderly driver backs into a pump. >> dana: he hit the gas and you can see they are frantic to get
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adjoining car as the pump falls on to that vehicle. they were able to get the kid out before that car caught on flames. the clerk who was inside the gas station hit the emergency shutoff or this could have been much worse. nobody is seriously injured in this. >> kim: still to come on the program, dramatic images of a different sort as you can see. can you imagine coming face to face with this. we have a person that said they felt the breath ofhi did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why?
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>> dana: warrior chosen. bundy's son has chosen who will represent him in court. who it's going to be and the concern that the judge has about it ahead. >> kim: feeling better, a lot better like back on the trail already. congressman hardy hitting the trail hard and we know what to expect for the rest of the week. we'll share ate head.
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kicking off aimed at getting vets back to work. we'll tell you the employers that are going to be there to help. welcome in. live pictures of the trump tower from sky 3. >> kim: what it would be like to be a fly on the wall in the meeting between donald trump and the president of mexico. trump sent out a tweet last night. it's a surprise visit meeting with the president going over th coming back into arizona not far from where we're sitting now with a big immigration speech on tap for today. we're talking about what to expect live with tracy potts ahead. >> dana: i wonder if he's going to say we're going to build a wall and you are going to pay for it sir.
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>> no, i don't think he has that power at this point. looks like the trailer from a gardening vehicle got off kilter. think it probably belongs to that truck there. the trailer on the curb. flares on the road. there is the other vehicle. nose damage to that van. right in the middle of the intersections. it is blocking eastbound gowen. putting simmons. this happened a few minutes ago. i'm going to widen out to give you perspective on where we are. there is the airport in the background. here is where the accident is to the north of it. watch out as team traffic continues with jeff. >> jeff: traffic and weather every 10 minutes. 15 south bound on this wednesday. little bit slow moving but we're accident free on the freeways. start with that travel time at
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tropicana. no delays. i'll have another update in 10 minutes. >> kelly: beautiful start to this wednesday. blue skies out there. just a couple of clouds. that's about it to talk about as far as the sky conditions. the heat, that is the issue today. 100 at noon. 105 at 3:00. the last average day for 105 day temperature is september 2. so this could be it for us. we'll keep a close eye on the heat will like the temperatures we're expecting this weekend. >> dana: can't be that far away from the record for today either. nevada is mourning the loss of a former first lady. we shared this live at 5:00. boney brian died in las vegas yesterday following a hard fought bat billion leukemia. she was surrounded by her family. she has three children and her husband of 54 years.
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senator richard brian. governor sandoval saying she served with elegance, grace and incredible strength living with a passion for nevada only matched by a love for her family. 77 years of age. >> kim: our love sent to her son-in-law who is andrus or up in reno. our condolences to his family within our family as well. we have a good news update on nevada congressman remember we were talking about him having a mild heart attack yesterday so he was off the trail as a result. he is back campaigning after suffering this mild heart attack. doctors put two stints in his heart after they found a collapsed artery. the congressman says he is ready at this point to go full steam ahead. >> dana: one of bundy's sons will act as his own lawyer when
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a federal judge granted his request despite concerns he will not follow rules in the presence of the jury. they face charges related to that standoff. jury selection for his trial begins in about a week. >> kim: just moments ago we welcomed a hometown hero live in that is our local gold medalist olympian cody miller. every person who puts on the uniform who serves our country is a hero and today we're all here to help them out. for details let's check in with kendall who has information on a very special career fair today. >> that is correct. we're inside the cosmopolitan of las vegas where 50 employers will be out here today holding the supporting our veterans
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cosmopolitan. we're on the third level where all these employers will be this morning starting at 10:00 a.m. going to 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. come down if you are an active or veteran member of any branch of the military with veteran spouses and care givers are invited as well. i can tell you from the clark county school district up and down the strip, restaurants, financial service, hospitals, they have a little b the setup is just going on. that job fair will start at 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. i'ming all the information on you need to rsvp and you can just come down as well. come down 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. get your resume ready and come
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to hear a lot thank you for your service. we're hoping to hear you are hired in that event. close call for a woman. sitting in her garage coming face to face with this guy. how she was able to get the bear away without being harm add head. >> kim: in a matter of minutes we are possibly going to see history in the making on this very program from that location. it is a historic commercial flight fro we take in these live pictures out of fort lauderdale on your screen. that flight to depart at 6:45 las vegas time from fort lauderdale. it's a 72 minute journey that will open up a new era of u.s. cuba travel. stay tuned. we are your station that has all
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>> kim: talk about a close call, imagine coming face to face with that black bear you are seeing over my shoulder. this happened to a florida woman
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they got so close she could feel the bear's breath on her face. she has her cell phone and text her son and says come out here and help me please. don't make a lot of noise. he's a big guy over 300 pounds. officials think this bear is over 300 pounds. everything is ok. the bear walks away. authorities think someone in this neighborhood has >> dana: i have to imagine wildlife officials are going to want to remove that bear as quickly as they can. >> tom: don't poke the bear and don't feed the bear when you are not supposed to. we have smoke coming out of a smokestack. as we zoom in here, seems like a lot of black smoke. you got bright orange fire coming out of the bottom too.
6:41 am
of charleston. haven't seen a fire department response yet but we've flown over this area many times and i've never seen that kind of black smoke with hot fire underneath it. we're going to keep an eye on this one. there is not a lot of weather as we send it over to kelly. >> kelly: scary situation there tom. we're hoping the fire department can respond to that soon. here is a live gorgeous conditions. blue skies. couple of clouds out there this morning. temperatures right now 82. wind out of the west at three miles per hour. nice light wind for us today. temperatures will be hot. on the way to school, as you are getting there 87. 105 on the way back. >> dana: chris brown has been arrested. we'll talk about that coming up.
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fort lauderdale, florida. that jet blue hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america.
6:43 am
have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while
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>> we are getting a better idea of how many people lost their lives as a result of that typhoon that slammed into northern japan. 12 people losing their lives. nine were found in a home for elderly people. helicopters and troops rescuing people on >> dana: that metro officer accused of possessing and distributing child pornography due in a local courtroom hours from now. >> his name is ruben. he is being held at the jailhouse. he'll be in a building behind me later where he'll with v one of
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when they first started investigating him he denied having any connection to child pornography which was found connected to an i.p. address in his name. he finally confessed telling officers and detectives he not only had an interest in child pornography inner a long time in his life but also porn involving animals. they found files on he will be facing a court today and in that preliminary hearing and facing quite a few charges related to child pornography. this is an officer who has been on the streets here since july 2015. now he sits behind bars. we'll have more on news 3 live at noon on his appearance in court today. >> kim: thank you. also happening today , the current commander in chief, president obama is going to be
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north close to the california state line because he's going to be up at lake tahoe for an environmental summit. the president expected to claim his commitment to protect the environment. donald trump heading to mexico to meet with that country's president. is he going to ask him to pay for that wall. let's check in with tracy potts. to be a fly on the wall for that moment in arizona where he has his big immigration speech planned for today. >> exactly and that was the big story until we found out that he had accepted the invitation by mexico's president. both candidates were invited. the clinton team said she had met him a few years ago and may do it in the future. trump is headed down there today
6:48 am
about immigration, probably to talk about this wall that he insists mexico will pay for. mexico says no way. he says they are going to talk about things like trade. but this morning the new campaign manager for donald trump said that he is not going to be changing his policy. his policy is what he's supposed to be talking about later tonight in arizona. here is the thing. he's made comments recently not he will deport 11 million people who are already here working and have been here for years or whether he's going to create a way for them to stay in the united states legally or whether he's going to do what president obama was trying to do which is prioritize who gets sent back first. which is what he eluded to when he talks about criminals. he's going to have to explain
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>> kim: viewers are going to see on this channel savannah trying to pin down kelly with that policy about the 11 million undock membered people in the states and whether they are going to be getting the boot. she could not pin her down on live tv. we'll see if trump goes there today. we have the exact same dress on. i wanted to let everyone at home know we did not plan this. same dress. looks better on you. you get the it better. >> dana: chicago's top cop seeking to fire all six officers involved in the fatal shooting of an african-american teenager two years ago. you have probably seen this video. we're pausing it before he gets shot. this shows mcdonald right before he was shot 16 times by one
6:50 am
toward them with a knife as some officers alleged. the officer who filed the fatal shot has been charged with first degree murder. the police superintendent wants to fire the other five officers for giving false statements to police. >> kim: chris brown is in headline story you are waking up to this morning. he has made his $250,000 bail after this, being arrested on suspicion of assault way deadly weapon. brow s allegation here. and we know that the arrest of the singer comes after a lengthy search at his california home yesterday. lapd investigating an early morning 911 call made by a woman who claimed the 27-year-old singer pulled a gun on her while she was on the property. he did this. he went to social media and posted several rants claiming he is innocent. we know that he has a history of
6:51 am
vegas. the most high profile , the conviction for that assault of his then girlfriend rihanna. >> dana: you are about to hear from real life heroes. this is a developing story. we showed you this 24 hours ago of this 10-car pileup that happened on a freeway in new york. apparently they had faulty brakes on this tractor trailer that caused the entire thing. what we show you next is the heroic part o complete strangers go to save this woman inside a burning car. >> we knew we didn't have a lot of of time. the cabin of the vehicle was starting to fill with smoke. >> you could see the woman inside and i grabbed the door handle and it pulled off and i grabbed the rear door handle and it pulled off. the flames came around the rear quarter of the car.
6:52 am
cuts and bruises that is it. that full interview coming up on "the today show." >> kim: happening right now jet blue taking off for cuba as the airline becomes the first american air carrier with regularly scheduled flights to that country. it's still on the tarmac through these live pictures on your screen. this is right before takeoff. we know it's a 72 minute flight and it's going to land in clara from fort lauderdale. jet blue one of several airlines approved for round trip flights to cuba. u.s. law prohibits tourist travel right now to that island nation. there are now a dozen categories of authorized travel that includes family visits, journalist visits, educational activities. right now we're about to witness
6:53 am
>> david: two time olympic gold medalist stopping by "the today show" to talk about her historic victories. >> you were the first individual gold medal african-american woman. tell me about that moment. what was going on in your mind? >> just a lot of relief to see my hard work pay off and see the number one by my name. it was exciting and i was relieved. to be the first african-american woman to do that is i hope to inspire people to get into the sport. >> dana: an inspiration to all americans especially aspiring african-american swimmers out there. >> kim: he's not a gold medalist but he gets a that aboy for his team traffic skills. >> tom: i like to swim, i'm just
6:54 am
the rush hour. there is one mishap we want to mention at north las vegas. looks like that van ran into the trailer. they are talking it outment doesn't look like anyone is hurt but blocking off where they come together. >> jeff: 95 south bound at rancho seeing traffic add up at this hour. it's slow on that stretch. nine and downtown. 15 slow at 7 minute compute between the bowl and tropicana. off to a good start on this wednesday. let's get a check of the forecast with kelly. >> kelly: lots of blue sky to get things started. just a few clouds around the area. beautiful start to the day. temperatures right now are comfortable. 78 right now in north las vegas.
6:55 am
summerlin 80. expect mostly sunny skies today. dry conditions although a few isolated thunderstorms a possibility. dry conditions in las vegas today. pahrump dry as well. 1303. 103 in boulder city as well. mesquite 1306 for a high today. tomorrow there is showers but mainly east of the las vegas valley. eastern portions of clark county and lincoln county and arizona and utah. temperatures down into the 90's for the long holiday weekend. >> dana: time for the water cooler. last night our local act on america has got talent was
6:56 am
they call themselves deadly games and you can see why. he's firing these arrows next to his wife's head. we'll find out if they make it through tonight in primetime. that is tim tebow looking good working out major league baseball teams yesterday in los angeles. the lefty wants to play major league baseball. he has not played competitive baseball since high school. >> kim: he should shout at michael jordan about what it's like going into a different discipline. we are taking you to fort lauderdale for history in the making. the first commercial flight bound for cuba about to take
6:57 am
for live team coverage of this very cool event coming up on "the today show." we encourage you to get more local news from our friends on the cw las vegas. >> krystal: good morning. we're going to follow that historic flight as well. and here locally a story that metro officer accused of possessing and distributing child pornography. >> jeff: a woman arrested after pulling a bizarre prank. to grab the emergency brake to put a stop to it. >> krystal: the weekend fun doesn't have to end on sunday. the extended labor day brunch
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good morning, crossing t good morning, crossing the border. donald trump announces a surprise trip to mexico for a private conversation with the mexican president on the same day he's set to make a major speech on immigration. reversal? we'll ask his campaign manager live. in the path. a major storm in the gulf strengthens overnight as tens of millions in florida brace for winds and flooding. we're tracking it live. stars stand off. chris brown out on bail on weapons charges after a stalemate with police that


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