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tv   News 3 Live at Twelve- Thirty  NBC  August 31, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm PDT

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decide? we're going tell you if she stays in or if she is out. >> michelle: a special event where you can decorate a bag with a message of hope, love and remembrance for anybody that has touched your life who has been affected by cancer. special guest in studio to let you know how you can get involved too. >> announcer: news 3 starts right now. >> michelle: we're continuing to follow that breaking news justice center downtown. a guilty verdict has been reached in the last 30 minutes against michael solid. he is the man who prosecutors say who has been convicted of murdering 15-year-old marcos arenas back in 2013 near charleston and torrey pines. it all happened over that young man's ipad. coming up in the next 30 minutes arenas's family is expected to address the court. we do have a couple of different
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as soon as we get more information and as soon as we hear from any family members if that happens in the next 30 minutes we'll certainly bring it your way. if not we'll have updates on "news 3 live at three." the federal government calls opiate -- calls prescription drug abuse which is a really big problem in this community. also nationwide. it's our country's most pressing health crisis. more people now dying drugs than in car crashes. that's hard to imagine if you put it into perspective. >> krystal: it is an awful stat. governor brian sandoval and group of 500 industry and health experts are meeting right now at a summit on trying to prevent prescription drug abuse in nevada. nathan o'neal admits from the mgm hotel and resort where the two-day summit is taking place. >> think of this as the first
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epidemic. nevada's approach to saving more lives. on average at least one person dies from drug abuse in nevada every day. that's according to new numbers from the cdc. this is a complex issue that is hijacking an entire generation. it usually starts with prescription pain killers but many turn to buy the drugs off the street once the prescription runs out. some turning to a cheaper and more power actual high in heroin. this summit aims to tackle the practices to treatment and recovery efforts on a local level. governor brian sandoval emphasizeed that lives are at stake. >> most everyone in the room has had a family member, a friend who has been touched by this crisis. and to see that pain and grief and to know we all have the ability to do something, that's what this is all about. >> u.s. secretary of agriculture tom dill sack is expected -- vilsack is expected to speak
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traveled to to send his message on the opioid epidemic. i'm nathan o'neal, news 3. >> michelle: the cosmopolitan hosting a military veterans career fair. and it goes for another half-hour. so we just want to let you know about this. if you have time you should try to get down there. the event is giving job sooekz from all military branches the opportunity to explore employment options and speak with hiring managers to find a position that best fits their talents. the cosmo says of its kind. >> krystal: one of cliven bundy's sons will act as his own attorney when he faces charges for the oregon refuge standoff. a federal judge granted randy bundy's respect despite concerns he won't follow court rulings in the presence of a jury. both face charges connected to the standoff. they were also involved in the incident at bunkerville two years ago. jury selection for his trial set
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brazil senate voting to permanently remove the president from office. the decision coming after 61 of the country's senators voted in favor of impeachment. she is accused of breaking fiscal laws that have led brazil to a massive economic recession. she's denied the charges. there is a separate vote happening to ban her from holding any public office for at least eight years. those results have yet to be announced. it's send it over to michelle for a very important interview with a friend of ours. >> michelle: you might race this face here. stacy use to work here years ago. >> decade ago. [ laughter ] >> michelle: no about ten years ago. but we've seen your face a lot. because stacy is a cancer survivor and has done a lot in the community as an advocate for the american cancer society and the local community here. and we're here today to talk about an event.
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event that's going to honor loved ones affected by cancer. if you are a regular to the relay for life you might recognize these lanterns. but this is different. this is going further than just, you know, here in southern nevada. this is something that people in our nation's capital-- >> yes. >> michelle: why is it so important? >> well as a stage 3 melanoma survivor, when -- after i was diagnosed i got involved in the american cancer society cancer action network. the best can have all of the research in the world but if you don't have public policy behind it it's not effective. so we actually go as survivors and caregivers to capitol hill and talk face-to-face with lawmakers telling them why cancer needs to be in the spotlight. so what we do is we have a lights of hope ceremony. so each of these bags is a story. it's a grandfather, a father, a sister. we line them up at the
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september 13th is when we'll be there. last year we had 20,000 bags from all over the country. the important part is tonight how the community can get involved and how the business is helping. >> michelle: i want to introduce reed. reed with pinot pallet. you are going to be hosting this event where people can come down. do they come down and decorate tonight? >> absolutely. we have each of our henderson and boca park. guests come in and they'll get a bag for a $10 donation to the cancer society then we've got all kinds of paints and decorations they can create their own message of hope and remembrance. to send to washington, d.c. >> michelle: i like you pointed this out. these are not just bags and paper that we're decorating. each one of these represent as person who has died from cancer
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cancer. as a survivor -- and i think it's safe to say even if you haven't been personally touched by cancer, these days you probably know somebody who has been touched by cancer. why is it so important as a survivor or somebody who has been touched by cancer to see all of this support around them? what does that do for you. >> it's up lifting. it gives you a message of hope. i always tell people if you are a survivor or caregiver when we take our stories to the lawmakernd constituent, i vote. this is why you should care. because of the emotional, physical, financially impact that cancer has. >> michelle: you are putting a face to it. it's hard for them to turn away from that when they see the real people that are affected. i think it's safe to say they probably have been touched by cancer themselves. >> my wife lost both of her parents within five months to cancer. two different formss of cancer. it's very important to us. we do all we can to help get that message to washington.
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seconds. i want to get the information up on the screen. this is happening tonight. there's two locations. one in boca park near summerlin. the other at the district in henderson. six to nine. go to pinot's pallet. a $10 donation going to get you a bag then you will be able to decorate knit somebody's honor. it's going go all the way to our nation's capital and hopefully make a difference. and thanks for everything that you have done. we love having stacy here. stacy was a reporter at t and you haven't stopped yet girl. >> i love being back. my old family. >> michelle: thank you for being a big part of this and opening up your doors. >> we love to participate. >> michelle: if you would like more information ge to we'll have all that info there for you. krystal? >> krystal: such a great interview. thank you both for coming on. we appreciate it. all right a photo that moved a mother to tears. why this simple act of kindness means so much to the little boy
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wanted to see something like this for years. keep the party going this weekend. hexx kitchen and bar will show us what it has planned for labor day weekend with an extended brunch. >> chloe: it's going to be hot again today. tomorrow we've got chances for thunderstorms. i'll let you know what time we could see the rain next. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be
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alled by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america.
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>> michelle: we're -- start. we didn't start out that way though. you can see this time-lapse running behind me. lots of sunshine earlier this afternoon. then the clouds happened. we're seeing increasing levels of humidity and more moisture is expected as the days go on. which means we could see thunderstorms later this week. i'll show when you. right now we're checking in with a few schools across our community. 105 degrees at cunningham elementary. everyone hopefully having a great day at school. twitchell elementary coming in
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summerlin, palo verde at 97 degrees right now. so toasty day so far. most of us all in the triple-digit category. 99 degrees at the moment for centennial. 96 degrees for blue diamond. 98 for mountain's edge. the rest of us are already pretty much cooking across our neighborhoods. winds are starting off fairly light. they're going to pick up more this afternoon. up to ten to 15 miles an hour later in the day. we're at 105 for overton. 101 lake mead as well as 73 mount charleston. upper 90s for sandy valleys. those winds are going to pick up later today. dry conditions will continue for our area for the most part this afternoon. but we'll see increasing amounts of shower activity over northwest arizona. as we fast forward to the next few days, we're also going to see increasing chances for those thunderstorms. most likely expected by thursday afternoon. that's the best timing chance that we'll see. you can see those thunderstorms develop in our area. after that, another plume of
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afternoon. just be aware of that. as we get closer to the weekend. today though sigh of relief. it will be dry this afternoon. 108 for overton. 100 for indian springs. 77 mount charleston. 103 pahrump. and 100 sandy valley. las vegas is going to be another warm day. if you liked the temperatures yesterday we maxed out at 106 degrees. this basically almost the same thing with a few more clouds in the sky. you can see temperatures well above normal for this time of year. been a lot calmer. remember that's the air temperature we're anticipating. just imagine how hot the ground is. be careful when you are walking why ur pets, the ground, the pavement can be very hot. later this evening still hanging on to the triple digits past 7:00. we'll be dipping into the mid-90s by nine. as we take you out the next seven days, getting closer to the weekend, labor day weekend, best chances for thunderstorms will be tomorrow after noon.
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prominent through the weekend bringing our temperatures down all the way to the mid-90s sunday and monday and even into tuesday. and guys that's going to feel like a break. let me tell you going from 105 degrees to 94 degrees on labor day. >> michelle: i'm looking forward to it. >> krystal: time for trending today. >> michelle: something as small as shaving beard has "star wars" fans going crazy because they think it's a big clue about star wars episode skywalker grew a beard for the final scene of "star wars: the force awakens" and kept it for the upcoming episode eight. now he is saying goodbye to the beer posting a cleaner shaven look. his tweet said at least until episode nine. there's a rumor of another big character death in star wars episode eight. a lot of speculation that it could be luke skywalker. maybe. maybe not.
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star wars episode eight hits theaters. the buzz is happening now. >> michelle: get it the buzz? [ laughter ] grandparents have the best love stories don't they? some do. a 17-year-old tweeted some pictures of her grandparents who match their outfits. and the internet is loving this. it's adorable. >> krystal: the story is they started matching outfits when they went squaran haven't stopped since. the teen says his grandparents text him every morning and they say good morning. then they show a picture of their matching outfits. after their grandson's tweet and they became like a viral sensation now they text and say good morning from your famous grandparents. isn't that cute. >> michelle: so cute. >> krystal: and they switch it up. they don't have the same shirt. like she may do a variation. >> michelle: he is a real man
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a football player from florida state university caught red handed eating lunch with an autistic student. >> krystal: it is a really sweet story. travis rudolph noticed that a sixth grader named beau was eating lunch hi himself. so he decided to join him at the table. pass ki's mother says because her son has autism he usually sits alone for lunch. that is heart breaking. she said she was moved to tears when she saw this photo of the two eating lunch together. rudolph says he and beau had a cool person who he would hang out with one day. can't even read that story without tearing up. >> michelle: it's such a simple act of kindness but it probably made his world. >> krystal: absolutely. just the small things that make a world of difference. >> michelle: with bullying these days as bad as it is this is enlightening to see. each week we're partnering with to bring you stories about cause and giving. >> krystal: this week we are
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superstar tom co sell and his push for als awareness. take a look. >> look how many people are up. >> reporter: youtube superstar tom cosell has 10 million gamers watching his every move. but after tragically losing his grandmother to als he wants his fans to level up their awareness. >> more people know about it, the more people want to get involved. >> reporter: tom traveled to columbia university medical center in new york city. where he met some of the world's top als researchers looking to reverse the disease's deadly prognosis. >> what we see in the lab every day is hopefully changing that. >> reporter: in the mean time, tom's trying to learn as much as he can. >> science. >> reporter: and shine a light on those fighting to find a
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do. >> michelle: if you would like to follow us on social media we'd be glad to have you do so. you can find us @krystalnews3lv, michelle velez news 3. also we are on twitter. our handles michelle and krystal news 3. that's it. news 3 lv. get it together [ laughter ] now we're going to talk about delicious food on the table. >> krystal: oh my gosh yes we are. he is back! he was on our sister station this morning. executive chef -- ship -- let's try this again -- chef matt with hexx kitchen and bars. thank you for hanging out with us. we're talking labor day and you guys are doing it big. >> always. it's always a busy weekend.
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wake up late and still have the pancakes and waffles they want. a waffle we serve with housemaid maple syrup. waffles, cream cheese frosting. >> krystal: these serving size are really big. >> everything is super fresh, seasonable. everything is always ripe. we made it with banana nut muffins that we put candied bacon with maple. always try to element. >> krystal: for those who don't know, you make the chocolate from the bean to the bar as you like to see. >> yes we source the beans and make our own chocolate. >> krystal: you can see it happening. >> we have our own chocolate factory and you can participate. >> krystal: this is the real deal. bacon with chocolate. >> we're here for the colossal bloody mary. it's like pimp your bloody mary.
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we have a bunch of different garnishes. we have cheddar, snow crab legs, shrimp, beef jerky. we pick our own vegetables. we use organic basil vodka. we're going let you make it this morning or this afternoon. >> krystal: this morning when my co-anchor made it he went way heavy. >> i got the big straws over there too. >> krystal: so we can do it up the way we want to. let'se >> that is good. that looks like a las vegas brunch. >> krystal: that's mao we do it in vegas baby. >> leave enough for the garnishes. >> krystal: this is going to be a strong bloody mary. that's how i do it. it's vegas. >> it's over indulgence. that's what we're here for. that looks good. we'll put the crab leg in. give it a little stir.
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look at this. i have never seen a bloody mary like this. this is amazing. >> you got to go big. >> krystal: go big or go home. what is this. >> beef jerky. we pick a lot of our vegetables. we have okra, beans, asparagus. then we use wisconsin cheddar. with the olives. so a little hot pepper for spice. >> krystal: okay. michelle -- i know michelle likes bloody >> michelle: oh yeah. [ laughter ] >> we got the big straw? i don't want anybody to miss it. >> krystal: we have two straws. >> michelle: one sip of that because it's mostly vodka. you will be on the floor. >> krystal: they say it's 12:00 somewhere. might as well start the labor day festivities. that's hexx they're having their extended brunch all weekend saturday through monday at the paris hotel.
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lots of great views. the fountains. >> krystal: and lots of good things happening to satisfy your taste buds too at hexx. with that michelle we're going send it over to you. >> michelle: straw for you. straw for me. one sip of that and krystal allan is on the floor. one sip, two sip, three sip, floor. tomorrow at noon, empowering women and children in our community what the strong arm foundation is all about and to imbraes their talent and creativity. you will never look at your body the same. have you ever gone to the bodies museum? a sneak peek of the new exhibit at bally's. don't miss those stories and more here on "news 3 live at
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ads for joe heck are attacking my time as attorney general. the thing they left out is the truth. the truth is crime actually went down during my time in office. i'm proud of my record cracking down on meth, protecting seniors from scams, and holding banks accountable for defrauding homeowners. i'm catherine cortez masto. i approve this message because i've spent my career solving problems.
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>> chloe: gonna be hot again today. if you liked yesterday you will like today. the ground is hotter than the air temperature so walk your pets in the morning or afternoon or keep them on the grass. we're going cool down a bit into the labor day weekend. 94 degrees. you are welcome. for next monday. [ laughter ] >> might as well take credit because people blame when you it's bad. >> you are welcome ahead of time for next monday. >> i'm overnight temperatures. it's cooler in the morning. you could actually, you know, maybe open up the windows. >> chloe: depending on what neighborhood you are in yes. >> michelle: i'm just glad that we're on the downward trend. and i really want that bloody mary.
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for seniors like barbara, social security makes a difference every month. but for the wall street types who've given congressman joe heck's campaigns over $500,000, social security could mean billions of dollars in fees. that's what privatizing social security means and why joe heck and wall street support it. under heck's privatization plan, retirement security gets risked on the stock market. and the wall street types supporting joe heck make billions.
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>> sonny: hey, where's my girl? >> gabi: uh, well, my mom asked to see arianna this morning, and i just didn't have the heart to say "no." >> sonny: why? is everything okay? >> gabi: uh...[sighs]. no. my dad left town again, and just not sure he's ever coming back. >> sonny: oh, my god. i'm so sorry. >> gabi: yeah, i tried to explain it to ari, but i just don't think she understands. she asks for will. all the time, and--and now that her godmother is gone too, i just-- >> sonny: no, i--i haven't given up on abigail yet. >> gabi: sonny, you haven't heard? >> sonny: heard what? >> gabi: um...


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