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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  September 1, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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murder after just trying to steal an ipad from a 15-year-old bonanza high school student. we'll find out how much time he could spend behind bars as early as today. >> kim: that is connor fields in the house this morning talking about rio. and also talking about something that he represents for the united states that had never been >> dana: good morning. welcome in and the skies being revealed in the dawn glow on this september 1. it will go down as probably the hottest summer on record here. i know officially doesn't end for another three weeks.
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this morning. connor fields. can't wait for you to meet this guy. >> tom: we are starting out with a hiccup in the this is where something happened with this vehicle here. looked like it ran into the device that is used to stop vehicles from completely crunching if they hit the jersey wall. have you front end damage but it could have been worse. they are talking to a person and another person was seen running up the slope. nhp on the shoulder not causing much of a delay.
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you see the ambulance there. let's continue team traffic with jeff. >> jeff: we also have a surface street accident at tropicana. if you are making your way into the bowl, no real delays. 15 clear. we're not seeing any delays. i'll have another update in 10 this morning. @s, you are going to notice warmer than they have been earlier this week. '8" at noon and 102 at 4:00. we have rain showers in the area. we're going to take a look at those and gusty winds on the way. that's in 10 minutes. >> kim: we have an update on the story that has to do with the great nephew of harry reid.
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police say he was murdered by his roommate. this is according to the police report. henderson police saying they found '2-year-old" lamar reed , jr. dead in his home. a 28-year-old roommate of his is the one responsible for that death. they did arrest him over the weekend. the family saying they have no idea why their loved one was murdered. lamar's mom saying she never met the man accused of murdering her son. >>xc chipotle found totally appalling because he's smiling ear to ear like he just won an oscar. it's crazy. >> there is the piggure she's talking about. he's behind bars. he is facing a murder charge. we'll stay on top of this story. >> dana: smile on his face there. local police department teaming up to chase a stolen s.u.v.
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crash in las vegas. metro spotted the stolen vehicle near lake mead and simmons. investigators say five people were inside that car, ran to a nearby golf course however they were taken into custody. despite the serious looking nature of that crash, no one was injured here. >> kim: the man accused in the ipad murder case has been found guilty of death of the 15-year-old who was just walking home from school. who what is next for this convicted killer? let's find out by checking in with craig who is covering this story. >> good morning. the jury in this case convicted of murder in the first degree. that same jury has the job of deciding the penalty. the penalty phase in this case does continue this morning. it started yesterday and we saw
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defendant michael solid, randle pike told the jury the person responsible for the death of the 15-year-old was the co-defendant. the co-defendant pled guilty 234 this case so that person is not at trial. the jurors heard a lot of testimony filled with high emotion. the prosecution brought up family members and asked them to talk about the victims and their grief. >> i live every day for i go to prom for him, i have a graduation for him. every time i step on the football field, it's for him. every time i step in the ring for wrestling it's for him. nothing is for me. >> the maximum penalty they could impose is life in prison without the possibility of parole. this case continues in the
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morning. >> dana: michael solid trying to steal an ipad. in the end he may spend is the rest of his life behind bars because of it. if you have a medical marijuana card, you can't own a gun. a woman in carson city appealed to the court after she was denied the right to buy a gun because of her use of medical marion. the crt marijuana is still illegal federally users of the drug can't own a firearm. a decision that angered both gun dealers and marijuana patients here locally. >> i think it's going against my second amendment right. i fought very hard for my second amendment. >> this wasn't an answer. this is way more questions. and it's foolish. >> dana: this case is expected to be appealed to the u.s.
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>> kim: that local construction site, they continue to blast out near southern highlands. and the people who live out there say it's not only doing damage to their homes but it's rattling their nerves. >> i was coming out of the shower and it went off. i had to grab the shower and i hit the floor. this is my service dog. i grabbed her and hit the floor. it sounded like a 175 shell went off in my backyard. >> kim: he is a vietnam vet who suffers from ptsd. he says the explosions are terrifying him. the company behind the blasting says they are closely monitoring the explosion levels. they are within county standards right now. homeowners not convinced and they are looking at filing a class action lawsuit. >> dana: we are on storm watch this morning.
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tonight. 20 inches of rain is possible because of tropical storm he hermine. >> kim: this morning more proof that here at news 3 we are your olympic station. there is connor fields , the gold medalist from henderson high. he's in studio with us talking about what happened in rio that didn't stay there. plus -- >> we will build a great wall along the southern border. >> dana: donald trump relegalsing his immigration policy in a speech about five hours from las vegas hours ago. what he had to say about anyone who entered the united states illegally ahead.
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this is north part of the valley.
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urity makes a difference every month. but for the wall street types who've given congressman joe heck's campaigns over $500,000, social security could mean billions of dollars in fees. that's what privatizing social security means and why joe heck and wall street support it. under heck's privatization plan, retirement security gets risked on the stock market. and the wall street types supporting joe heck make billions. whose side are you on? senate majority pac is responsible
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>> david: donald trump laying out his immigration policy in a major speech.
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trump sticking by his plan to build a wall on the southern border. he says mexico will pay for it even after meeting with the president of mexico earlier in the day. >> it's our right to choose immigrants that we think are the we will build a great wall along the southern bored. mexico will pay for the wall.
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who is going to pay for the wall and he says mexico is not going to pay for it. >> a lot are saying why did he welcome donald trump into his country. sounds like an answer for the chuck todd of mexico. president obama in our great state yesterday at the lake tahoe area. he was there talking about conservation to keep t protect this special pristine place, to keep these waters crystal clear, to keep the air as pure as the heavens, to keep alive tahoe's spirit and keep faith with this truth that the challenges of conservation and combating climate change are connected. they are linked. >> kim: the president saying this area has been a sacred place for the tribe for
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be sacred for all americans telling the crowd that he intends to visit again as a private citizen. he also praised harry reid who you see him embracing on the stage saying he is one of the natural gifts of nevada. senator reed from search light nevada which is down in the southern portion of our state. the president making a funny saying he's not one for small talk. he's been on the phone with him and realiz has hung up not even listening to the president of the united states anymore. >> dana: harry reid made his point and that's all he had to say. speak of washington, d.c., there a little guy singing the national anthem in front of a crowd of people when he forgot
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you got to feel for the guy. there is a lot of pressure when you are singing the star spangled banner. most people don't even know it word for word. the people picked him up. there theaters in is a luncheon for the redskins team. when they figured out he had forgotten the words they started singing with him. >> kimberly: there is a former governor of texas was on a national debate doing one, two, >> tom: if you asked me to sing it, i can't guarantee i would get every word f. i knew i was going to sing it at the ballgame i would be studying and practicing. we're heading to lake mead. got a report of an accident at the intersections. we'll be over the top anyway moment. police are dealing with this
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let's continue our team traffic with jeff. >> jeff: looking at our freeways 15 north bound is ok considering that accident is still being taken care of. if you are coming in through the bowl a little bit of slowing there. start travel times with that. from the bowl 215 is the only slow spot. about a disabled vehicle. this is 15 south bound. you can give us real time updates on what you see during your commute, just don't do it behind the wheel. let's get a check of the forecast. when you think of hawaii, you think i want to go there but not right now. >> dana: it sound so sweet but
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they are sitting at home right now waiting. it's not one they have to wait out, it's two. madeline downgraded yesterday. waves crashing on the shore. looking at five to 10 inches of rain which causes flooding and mud then lester. that is 110-mile per hour sustained winds. it is a category two. that is following right behind madeline. here is is a look at what we're seeing at home. we have some clouds.
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102 is the expected high. wind gusting to 25 miles per hour. tonight mostly clear, 80. dry conditions the rest of the week.
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94 sunday and 93 on labor day. >> dana: connors fields has a gold medal around his neck. is that a gold medal? yeah, no big deal. thanks for coming in man. >> thanks for having me. >> congratulations. >> it's been crazy. it's been the most whirlwind of two weeks i've ever had. >> dana: you went to green valley high school and we execked you to win the gold. you wanted to win the gold. you finished seventh there. heartbreak. you come back four years later and you have all of this pressure on your shoulders to perform. all of this pressure to win the gold and you did it. how? >> going into london my mind set was i wanted to win and that was all i was focused on. in rio i focused on putting my best foot forward and doing my
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with my effort and that was the hardest thing. i wanted to leave rio proud and happy with my effort. if i did, that i'd probably have a chance to win. >> dana: i hope people have seen this racing. it's 34 seconds. you are going on the a concrete track going up and downhills and have you jumps. but you start in a line. how many bake racers start the race? >> eight. >> this is for the gold medal get to the first turn first. if you don't get to the first turn first, your chances of winning a gold medal are greatly diminished. >> the start is i coo. it's a 34 second race. the first 10 seconds is the most important thing. if you are in sec or third, you can pass one or two guys. but if you are in sixth or seventh, you are not going to make up six positions in 25 seconds. >> your dad is your biggest fan.
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the gold medal signing every autograph. posing for pictures with children. this has to be fun to get all this attention i'm sure. but your biggest fan is your dad mike. he competed in the triple jump in college. university of south carolina. this kid, your dad is an athlete as well. after the race and you are getting the key to henderson, your dad was in being at the olympics so much security and so much separation between the athletes and the public that the only way i could get to him was through a fence. i had our team manager called him and said meet connor at the fence. we couldn't hug or embrace but we could hold hands through the fence. it was a cool moment. 87 what he said.
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i was in shock kind of. it was a really cool moment. everybody wants to touch the gold medal but there is a down side. here is the reason i'm hesitant. you said a lot of people are touching it. >> everybody wants to see it and touch it. >> there are fingerprints all over the thing and it's dulling up. >> it's been dropped once. >> dana: who dropped y medal? >> i don't want to call him out on tv. >> president obama. >> i'm going to see him. i got invited to the white house. >> if you see him out ask him to touch his gold medal. i know you are celebrating 24. you are a bike racer and look like a full on athlete.
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what a great product of the clark county school district. a green valley high school graduate. still to come this morning we take you back to the prime time moment , the must see moments from america has got talent on this very channel. that's a local husband wife team known for their deadly games. did they make it through? we have answers ahead. chris brown, it was the rant that was seen around the world. he's out of jail now and we know
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>> kelly: we have a few cloud out there this morning as we get ready to head out the door. temperatures warmer than we've seen the past few days.
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man did that saved the lives of others here in the valley before his own life was taken. >> kim: colin kaepernick says he's going to sit down just like he was here last week when our national anthem is sung in san diego tonight. he's getting unlikely support though and we'll share ate head. >> dana: vacation nightmare. looks like they are having a great time. behind bars and could for a long time. we'll tell you why ahead. good morning. it is 6:31 on this thursday. >> kim: right now on your screen live pictures from sky 3 downtown las vegas and that building and the people inside of it could play prominent on the today show this morning
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against alzheimer's. in case you are new to our community, don't be surprised if you hear the cure for alzheimer's came from here in las vegas. they are doing terrific work every day in that building. >> dana: welcome in. we're the wagners. traffic and weather every 10 minutes on the program. we go to tom. your football team in action as college football action begins now trying to get in the spirit for the game coming up. unfortunately we have stuff going on now off in the distance. you see the flashing lights. north bound on 15 where a car hit the wall but the jersey wall protected which saved the motorist from more serious damage. then this one by joe's crab shack on rainbow just past lake
6:33 am
the pole. it did not sheer it off. right now metro is trying to figure out what happened here. south bound rainbow is closed. we continue now with jeff. >> jeff: if you are coming in through the bowl, little slow spot, 52-miles her pour. not looking so bad bad though. on 125 south freeways are looking ok on this thursdayment let's get a check of the forecast with kelly. >> kelly: look at the shot behind me. isn't this gorgeous. the sun is up. we have a few clouds in the area this morning. temperatures today low triple digits. 98 at no. 102 by 3:00. winds will be increasing today. gusts to 25. we have showers in the area. we're going to talk about where
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>> kim: that man convicted of threatening people on the strip with a gun in january. he's scheduled to be sentenced in a local courtroom. he took a deal to avoid trial. police tell us it was late january they got multiple 911 calls about a man waiving a gun around. when metro got to the scene, they is a that black pointed his loaded gun at a local officer. that's when local officers fired in all of this. that child made a full recovery.
6:35 am
the father of three who died in that accident yelled at them to get out of the way. >> i heard look out and i thought maybe a bucket was falling or >> dana: now an investigation is under way. >> kim: it was 31 years ago today that the site of the titanic wreckage site was found.
6:36 am
community. for details we take you live to luxor where kendall is standing by. >> we are currently insidety tannic artifact exhibit. you will see rarite happens came from the wreckage site of that ship with you as one of the collection experts, what do we have on the table in front of us? >> it's made by ben wade who was
6:37 am
maker. have you a shoe brush here. the back is missing. an officer would have to have his shoes polished at all times. we have a straight razor. the blade has coroded away but this is the box it came in so it
6:38 am
>> dana: kicking off the football season at 7:00. live pictures of sam body stadium, taking on jackson state. local sports books have total wins for the rebels at five game this is season. improvement of two over last year. they have a new quarterback who career at the university of nebraska. now he is a rebel. he will start tonight. if they can get to six win this is season, they can go to a bowl game. >> that would be so fantastic for all of us who are rooting ifer our local team. >> kim: still to come, why did
6:39 am
the kids are not scared. >> certainly takes more than trying to make up for a year of insults and insen situations by dropping if on our neighbors for a few hours and then flying home again. >> dana: hillary talking about trump and his visit to mexico and his major immigration speech he gave last night. we're going to talk to tracy potts about what his speech means for undocumented
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>> kim: drivers in oregon did a double take. he spent the morning teaching kids and others the importance of being safe while walking to school. he's reminding drivers that school is back in session, be alert and slow it down. >> we've seen a similar situation play out here with
6:43 am
turkeys crossing the road. >> tom: among other things. we've got a case here of someone making an early turn intoe joe's crab shock but not calculating right. this s.u.v. hit the bottom of that pole. that will probably require an inspection this should be cleared soon. we have bright sunshine coming in as we toss it to kelly for a look at your weather. >> kelly: beautiful start to this thursday morning. temperatures warmer today we
6:44 am
this morning 86 on the way there, 102 on the way home. >> dana: colin kaepernick says he will sit during the national anthem tonight. we're going to tell you why people may be more upset this
6:46 am
>> kim: we have breaking news now that takes to us florida where we're getting word there has been an explosion that rocked the spacex launch site in
6:47 am
nasa reporting that spacex was conducting a test firing off the unmanned rocket when the blast happened this morning. the test is considered routine and it was in advance of a planned launch for saturday from the air station there. this is developing as we speak. you are seeing on your screen from our news 3 site where everyone in the world who jumps on social media when they have a #, we're able day for updates on this breaking news event. >> dana: just hours ago live in primetime, donald trump giving a major speech on immigration. just about a five hour drive from las vegas, in phoenix. let's go to our nation's capitol with tracy potts standing by. he talks about a deportation task force. people here, thousands of undocumented immigrants want to
6:48 am
force? >> he said it's a group within immigration and custom services so within the homeland security department that already handles that that is going to focus on identifying people who are undocumented, starting with people who are criminals who are undocumented and finding them and deporting them. he endorsed mass deportation, broken the law but for anyone who have come into this country illegal i have subject to deportation. the thing here, it came after he sat down with the president of mexico earlier in the day in mexico. he flew down there and talked to the president. came out and said no, they never talked about paying for the wall that he wants to build.
6:49 am
wall but not paying for it. the president office said we talked about paying for it and mexico has no intention to do so. this policy threatens mexico. they have no intention of paying for the wall. he made that clear to trump. trump said they didn't discuss it. then he went to arrests arrests and said mexico is going to pay for the wall. there may be arrest about what went on b >> dana: there were questions about whether he was going to soften or harden his stance but it sounds similar to what he's had the last year or so. >> kim: president obama will visit the university of hawaii before he heads off to the pacific island conference of leaders. here is air force one touching down yesterday. the president addressing a group of 20 government leaders on the
6:50 am
of conservation of nature. later the president is scheduled to visit land between asia and north america where he expanded a marine monument. today is an important day in world history. this is the date that world war ii started. >> dana: september 1, 1939 when nazi germany went into poland. s now to italy where rescue critical road which was devastated by that earthquake. 292 people have been killed but they are having trouble getting in supplies they need because this road has been damaged so heavily by that quake. >> kim: happening this evening there are going to be boos in san diego for colin kaepernick.
6:51 am
out the national anthem once again before the game. this night is of particular importance for military members. they've dubbed it military night. this is what he did last week. hundreds of thousands of current and retired military personnel who live and work in san diego will be pay ago tension to what happens tonight. we know that kaepernick started that controversy just a week ago. he says he's doing this, the reason he's hand over his heart is because he would like to bring attention to racial injustice and will continue to do so until he sees some changes. he is getting unlikely support by a lot of veterans, some of them former football players who say they don't know what it's like to be on the receiving end of discrimination so even though he's sitting, they stand with colin kaepernick. >> dana: hanging out in las
6:52 am
we know brittney has her show at the planet hollywood. i can see her likeness on the side of the building. >> do you see this as a comeback in your career? >> i've always been here. maybe a reinvention of myself. just a different time in my life. a really good. ou >> dana: she gave a special performance. >> kim: we are checking in with tom up in sky 3. >> tom: we've had a few trouble spots this morning the latest at i15, the ramp from lake mead boulevard to i15 south where looks like a sedan got sideways with this gravel haulier.
6:53 am
let's continue with jeff. >> jeff: wanted to show this accident tom was over not too long ago still in the cleanup process but not seeing any slowing. if you are coming into the bowl, it is starting to jam up. 95 is seeing a little bit of red. 15 north bound clear, south bound 7 minutes. summerlin parkway no >> kelly: we are tracking showers in the area this morning. they are becoming more numerous as they track to the north. let's see what we've got going on. a lot of light shower activity. spotty. and then into st. george we are seeing more steady showers this morning where you are seeing shades of yellow. thunderstorms in there too where
6:54 am
orange. that's what we're watching this morning. this chance of showers you see the cloudy skies here. temperatures as you are heading out the door, it's warmer. highstoday mesquite 102. primm 103. temperatures cooler than yesterday. there is a chance of showers mainly to the east of the las vegas valley and then local mountains. note the change in the temperatures. we're talking 90's for the weekend and 93 on labor day. >> dana: here is hoping you don't have to lab boar on lab boar day. >> kim: breaking news that takes to us florida. what they were doing is
6:55 am
unmanned rocket when the last blah happened this morning just minutes ago. this test considered routine in advance of a planned saturday launch from there. buildings several miles away shook from the blast and multiple explosions continued for several minutes. a cloud of dark smoke filling the sky. that is evidence on your screen now. additional details not immediately available. we will have an update live at noon. >> dana: chris brown, that singer social media just hours after he was released from jail himself. song is called the what would you do. brown hinted he would be revealing new music in a video he posted on instagram just 12 hours after being released from jail. he was arrested at his home in southern california after a woman called 911 to say brown threatened her with a gun. he was released on $250,000 bond. check out this shirt they are
6:56 am
chores she had surrounding the oscars do. they are on a vacation posting all these photos instagram. and now they are behind bars in australia. apparently as they were collecting souvenirs and pictures and great experiences, they were also collecting cocaine. 210 pounds of these women now facing the point of life in prison. >> kim: i was jealous looking at these pictures until i heard the prison partment now it's girls gone wild. an exclusive interview with britney spears next. more local knews continues with michelle and jeff.
6:57 am
different locations across the united states. people in hawaii are also preparing for that. we'll have the details. >> michelle: controversy brewing over a 9/11 monument. why some fear it could spark heyed hatred toward muslims. >> jeff: the real bodies exhibit allows you to explore the human experience like never before. about. really cool stuff if you haven't checked out that exhibit. now you have more options here in las vegas learning experience for sure. that and a lot more on this
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good morning.>> state of emergency. florida braces for the worst with tropical storm hermine expected to become a hurricane as it bears down on the gulf coast. evacuations now under way there and then it's set to slam nearly the entire eastern seaboard. how will it affect your labor day plans? we're tracking it all live. who's telling the truth? donald trump meets with the president of mexico and then says this about that wall he wants to build. >> we didn't discuss payment of the wall. >> the mexican president says it not only came up, he told trump mexico isn't paying for any wall. back in the states, trump is back to his biggest applause line. >> mexico will pay for the wall.


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