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tv   News 3 Live at Twelve- Thirty  NBC  September 1, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm PDT

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foundation is all about and how we can help children achieve personal excellence through extracurricular activities. we have a guest in studio to talk about that. >> thanks for spending time with us, i'm kim wagner in for krystal allan today. we are focusing on the man convicted of murdering that local he will soon learn his fate. >> the penalty phase of the trial continues today. let's go to news 3 kyndell nunley from the criminal justice center. some of the victim's family and friends talk today in court. >>reporter: they did rid i can tell you the prosecution less than a minute ago rested their case. upstairs of the regional justice center right now.
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listened to testimony deciding whether or not the man accused of murdering the 15-year-old over an ipad will spend the rest of his life behind bars. i can tell you that michael silent had been found guilty by the jury conspiracy to commit reiber, and murder with a deadly weapon and the death of 15-year-old marcos arenas. is one of two suspects and the 2013 murder case where arenas was killed as they attempted to steal his ipad. marcos arenas was dragged underneath the getaway car rid . the codefendant pled guilty. he is facing a maximum sentence of life without parole. for the jury decides his fate, they were destined to testimony from the victim's familybut the kind of teenager he was.
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came from the teens girlfriend who shedescribed as her best friend. i day that arenas died, a letter from her was actually found in his pocket . >> . [indiscernable] >>reporter: and we do have a crew in the courtroom at this moment. the prosecution has rested their case the defense bringing their first person to testify on behalf of michael solid, the defendant in this case who is speaking about his childhood. we are hearing this sentence can come down as early as today. if and when that happens we
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kyndell nunley, back to you. >> new at 12:30 p.m., the legal battle continues for eric knaus. the minnick pleaded guilty in the murder of local mother tammy myershe is trying to change that plea now. he appeared in court hours ago. he's been unhappy with his legal team . his attorneys and the judge, they couldn't come up with an agreement on how to move forward with the case. as a result of that, the judge pushed back to the hearing to a later date . the unlv rebels kicking off in our own backyard at home against jackson state. hoping for a great second season under coach tony sanchez.he is the head coach used to coach at bishop gorman high school. local spokes have them winning five games this year. most people on the team are thinking that a bid would be six wins. that's what they are gunning for. of course they want to win each game. to achieve that goal, they need to win tonight for sureagainst a team that they are favored to
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better about his team and your number two . it's official unfortunately. mosquitoes in miami have tested positive for the zika virus. the florida department of agriculture detecting that virus in mosquitoes that were collected on miami beach. health officials say it's disappointing not surprising. out of nearly 2500 mosquito samples collected, three ofthem have tested positive. 47 cases of nontravel so far in the south florida area . we have two important guests in studio today. i really want to take time to talk about this because it's so important to always encourage our kids to take part in extracurricular activities and express their skills and their talents. the cost and the fees can add up and some kids don't get the opportunity because the family
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joins us along with - -. you are the social mediamanagers. i want to get you in a moment to see how las vegas can get involved. i would like to start with you sophia, you started this because you saw there was a need for help . >> the inspiration for strong arm foundation starter with my nephew d'angelo was unable to wrestle due to his mom's inability to pay $300 in fees and high school. of four, it was financially impossible for her.watching him from when he was excited to be part of a team and watching him regress to sit around watching tv and becoming a loner. it hurt mebut it also lit a fire in my heart. and that's how the strong arm foundation formed. >> what the strong arm foundation do .>> we help women and children released their talents through
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the kids to play musical instruments , danceor play sports, we help cover thosefees and we assist with equipment fees . >> it really is true. playing football , all that they need to do that. it's very expensive. it cost a lot and that cost is on the family. media plays a huge role these days and promoting just about everything. how has it helped with the strong arm foundation, more importantly how can people who are at home get involved if they'd of an event wet ? >> they can check us out >> they can check us and there are ways to donate online as well. wereally want to get the word out. that's the most important thing we want to help as many people as possible . >> when did you start this . >> two years ago. >> how has it grown .
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this year we has helped over 100kids which is amazing. we want to keep it going. a lot of kids, alot of people doknow about is in the valley. we are very excited about that but we alsoneed help with funding . >> canpeople make a monetary foundation ? how do people get involved ? >> you build a strong arm, facebook , >> do you guys hold events ? the whole reason they are here so that we can get the word out. if you know someone in your community that can use the help of the strong arm foundation or if you know that you would be able to help out the cause, do so, reach out to them on the website or on your social media. go to and we will get you linked up. thankyou ladies so much.what a great really is something that people don't thinkabout . >> great information, thank you
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starbucks. and it's also something new they are rolling out along with the oldie butgoodie pumpkin spice . we have answers headed your way. real bodies, real experiences, it's an exhibit at bally's that gives us tremendous perspective on the human anatomy. we will take you inside, ahead.
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of tampa, florida. hermine is officially a
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sustained winds at 75 miles per hour. within that storm, hurricane hunters passed through and brought back the latest's a look at it. clearly defined eye, picture-perfect hurricane. the first hurricane, if it stays a hurricane as it makes landfall, that's the eye crossing over onto land. it will be the first hurricane to hit florida in a decade. more than a decade. isn't that amazing. a lot of torrential rain, a lot of thunderstorm activity. we've actually got activity happening at home that we are watching closely. especially northwestern arizona and into southwestern utah as well. we will zoom in closer on the storms here. to the south of interstate 40, southeast of - -, the storm here prompting a flash flood warning as it tracks its way to the north. a lot of heavy rain there. a good time to avoid interstate 40. more showers continue to track north into utah getting weaker as they do but a lot of rain between lake george
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area. mesquite is drying out after rainfall this morning. this camera is facing east , you can see her big thunderstorm cells are . further east along that utah-arizona border. definitely will be a active afternoon. current temperatures, mesquite 97, sandy valley, 98, las vegas valley, spring valley 99 degrees. sunrise, 102 degrees. temperatures are not expected to rise a whole lot are picking up. gusts today up to25 miles per hour. highs today 101 laughlin, 106 mesquite, 102 seven-day forecast, breezy conditions .25-30 miles per hour. look at the highs though. that's the big change we have coming up. 94 sunday, 93 on labor day. overnight lows in the 70s . >> i love it. chris brown already making
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remember when we were watching this break on this program. that's him there in thered hat. this is when his house was surrounded by police officers, he was refusing to come out. he has been arrested and posted bail, he also dropped a new song . >> is called, what would you do comes to chris brown this day. the 27-year-old announcing he is revealing a new music project still to come. we are supposed to hear about it soon. you are seeing the pictures on your screen from tuesday of this week where he was arrested following that hour-long standoff with police at his los angeles mansion. it was taken into custody but released early yesterday morning after posting bail.>> we have onethat we have to be delicate with. he put up the middle finger
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intersection in houston. if you look closely you will see what we are talking about . >> it supposed to be a hand saying stop, but this hand was flipping the bird. authorities in houston are looking for somebody that managed to hack into the sign and changed the saw it there, people were laughing. not everyone thought it was funny. some pedestrians were really offended by it and others laughed it off. city officials have since fixed e steps up with information on who may have been able to change the sign.>> maybe a back to school prank. kidswith too much time on their hands during the summer months. >> like we said, these kids are so good with technology these days . >> not fall yet but we are close. about three weeks away. forget whatever mother nature says. it's all about when starbucks releases pumpkin spice lattes. that's when you know fall has arrived.
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running, they released a oldie but a goodie.they are saying stay tuned, by tuesday of next week they are introducing another fall beverage. the chile mocha, it can be served warm or they have a frat pacino version. for a limited michelle mentioned, pumpkin spice already making itsreturn today. it's been a fall favorite for years on end with more donald trump who travel to mexico to meet with the president. when we saw that news conference it seems pretty somber and serious. >> twittered this greed. twitter was cracking up jeannie most reports on the # that thad the donald . >> donald trump and the president of mexico were diplomatic. >> i call you a friend.
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trumps mexico trip sayings, sayings like please don't let him back into our country until he gives his taxes.or this one from rob reiner, clearly, we are not sending our best to mexico, we are sending liars, narcissists, sending sociopaths . a sendup of the donald's own words. >> when mexico's sense is people, they are not sending their best. >> there were gifts of an immigrant cleaning woman, tanning tromp . now they are going to want to bu it was thefavorite topic . >> powerful wall. >> no, i said i would build a mall red one tweet. pick a color for your side of the wall. either way, you are paying for thepaint also. >> who is paying for the wall . >> mexico! >> that'snot what mexico's president , enrique pena nieto
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think i can't getmexico to fund the wall ? i've got the media to fund my campaign. hashtag attracted random images like a sign advertising, mexican food so good donald trump wants to build a wall around it. cartoonist ed hall, cartoon new mexicans gazing at the wall saying we are going to make this wall extra tall red mexico's president >> to be a flyon the wall at that meeting . >> there was a fly on the donald as he talked about the wall. >> we are going to have the wall. >> even a wallwouldn't stop this fly from crossing the donald's hairline . jeannie most, cnn, new york. >> if you have more to say
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you, you can go to facebook and searching michelle wagner . [indiscernable]. if you want to follow the station for breaking news updates and alsoslice of life type of stuff . just do at news 3 lv. up to date, up tospeed. pick whatever one you want . >> here. you might not look at your body the same after today. this is so cool. i've never seen the bodies exhibits in person. this is the first time i've been to close to real body parts. we president and ceo of imagine exhibition. to tell us about the real bodies exhibit which is now
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our cw show. these are actual body parts. all of them belonging to somebody at one point or another that donated their bodies to research.when you walk through that exhibit, you are looking - - it so intricate. there's so much to it to see it up close. >> here we have, slice of a head. what you would see in an mri digitally. this is a real life example. this is a brain. you normally can't handle a brain like this because it squishy and soft. you certainly couldn't cut it andpass it around the classroom. that's what this does. when you see real bodies at bally's, there's over 24 body specimens dissected to show , and 200 organs and parts. for example, this is a dissection of a hand. a lot of people come and that might have ailments. a knee replacement, or torn their acl. here's your acl.
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tibia. another part of the exhibit, full-body, we so a knee replacement. apretty importantmuscle . >> your heart . >> look at that muscle here. >> hold it up so we can get a shot of it. >> it's working all the time for you and me. you get to see these really details dissections that illustrate certain things. this is a beautiful piece. this is appropriate >> this is the placenta. we were talking about the craze nowadays which is to put it into capsules and people say it helps with postpartum depression if you want to eat it. i asked you aboutthis. there are places here where you can have this done . >> you can do it yourself. in other cultures, they just eat it. just eat it. or in soup. or in many know.
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i can stirinto menudo and he wouldn't know . >> this is a long or slice of a long period andexhibition you can see a healthy lungnext to a severe smoker's lung . this is pulmonary congestion , due to heavy pollution or smoking. this, for those of you that like beverages in theevenings, this isliver cancer. ic by . >> too much alcohol . >> you can see >> at the exhibit, can you touch stuff wet. >> you can get very close to them. all of these came out of cases. ibrought them here just for you . >> this is really cool. it's neat to be able to see this close and see what we look like. and how complicated the human
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cultural stories about how we look at our lives. we'll take it to a deeper level. it's at bally's on the lower level. we have more placentas. youshould see it . >> i will be known as the placenta lady. that's okay. it's interesting to see all of this in front of you. i know that thebodies exhibit shows everything from head to toe. every body part. every body part . >> real bodies at >> perfect. thank you for coming on. thank you for doing that research. not for me, but interesting to know you can get it done. comingup at noon . [indiscernable] >> michelle the less putting a twist on each or spinach. eat your placenta. we are welcoming the people
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for seniors like barbara,
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over $500,000, social security could mean billions of dollars in fees. that's what privatizing social security means and why joe heck and wall street support it. under heck's privatization plan, retirement security gets risked on the stock market. and the wall street types supporting joe heck make billions. whose side are you on? senate majority pac is responsible
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. four years ago i was diagnosed with breast cancer so i'm really outraged that joe heck voted ten times to defund planned parenthood which thousands of nevada women depend on for cancer screenings. congressman heck even threatened to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood.
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thunderstorms ease of the las vegas valley. most ofthem in arizona and utah. we can see pop up activity in our local mountains stay dry milk . a little bit breezyif you're heading to the game tonight. gusts at about 25 miles per hour. 102 is ourexpected high . >> is it possible to say that we could maybe be out of triple digits are: ? >> i think we might see one or two more. >> look at what our forecast is two more. >> look at what our forecast is for labor day. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america.
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have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. we tllhere is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while
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>> anne: oh, my god, you look so gorgeous in this dress. >> theresa: okay, thanks. all right, take a picture from the back, all right? i want to see if my butt looks big. >> anne: are you kidding? >> theresa: what? that is what people are gonna be looking at when i walk down the aisle. >> anne: honey, your butt looks fine. are you kidding? after all you've been through, you're like skin and bones. >> theresa: okay, well, did you get the photo? let me see it. >> anne: yes. >> theresa: let me see. >> anne: okay, hold on. >> theresa: oh, my gosh. >> anne: what? it's like matching luggage. >> anne: cut it out. you're gonna take a few days off, you'll get some good nights' rest, and you're gonna be your gorgeous self for your wedding. >> theresa: [sighs] i hope so. oh, anne, i am so excited. i mean, my baby's finally home, and he's safe, and in one week, i am going to be mrs. brady black, and there's nothing victor can do to stop it. >> anne: no, not after he got that summer bitch to steal your baby. >> theresa: yeah, well, i mean, at least brady finally sees him for the monster that he is. >> anne: yeah.


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