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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  September 2, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> dana: metro says there is a hidden danger when you head to the las vegas strip. what they want to you look out for coming up. plus -- >> i realize that men and women of the military go out and sacrifice their lives and put themselves in harms way for my freedom. >> kim: off the bench. colin kaepernick no longer sitting during our national anthem. he's doing something different instead. wait until you hear how the diego. >> dana: welcome in. it is 6:00 on this friday september 2. boy did the rebel football team look good last night. >> kim: 63-13 they beat jackson state. boy are they off and running. hopefully they will be bowl bound this year. we get you ready for the big holiday weekend.
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right now kelly curran has that important holiday weekend forecast. >> kelly: we're looking at dry conditions out there right now. we expect another triple digit day in las vegas. isolated storms a possibility. similar to what we saw yesterday in the henderson area mainly. further to the east and in parts of utah as well. 88 by 9:00 a.m. today. 97 at noon and 101 at 4:00. a drastic change in the temperatures as we head we'll take a look at the numbers coming up. >> jeff: a good start to the labor day weekend on the roadways. a traffic problem at harmon. we're looking at 15 south bound starting to slow down as you make your way through there. coming in from henderson clear. same goes for all the freeways. i'll have another update in 10 minutes.
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stratosphere destroying a vacant two story apartment building. witnesses say they saw somebody jump from the second story of that as the fire was breaking out. firefighters believe that squatters may have been inside there. two hours after the fire started somebody with burns over 20% of their body was found, taken to the hospital and now they are trying to figure out if that person is responsible for starting the fire in the in the >> kim: that local woman who was found dead in the extreme heat of death valley last weekend was loved by all her family members and friends. she owned several businesses within the chinatown district of las vegas. death valley park rangers say her car got stuck in the sand when she was trying to make a turn. it appears she got out and started walking looking for help
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her friends and colleagues have stunned by what happened. >> doesn't seem like her at all. doesn't seem like her to go walking off into the desert. something just doesn't seem right. she drove a nice car. she would have had aa, she would have had something to protect her. >> kim: we're hearing this is the second heat related death in death valley this year. the first was a german tourist. >> d: takes to the witness stand? downtown las vegas. he got emotional on that witness stand asking for leniency. >> every night i cry for marco. i didn't mean for what happened to happen to marco. i did not. and that is the guilt that i have to live with for the rest of my life.
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murder charges in the killing of marco three years ago over an ipad. an ipad that solid sold for $80 in exchange for heroin. this man is going to be eligible for pa really after serving 20 years behind bars. >> kim: holiday weekend so more police on patrol. for details craig is reporting live. >> stepped up patrols by a number of law enforcement that come into nevada from california on a daily basis is 45,000. that is the number we are told. when you do the math on that, we're talking about 16 million vehicles driving on interstate 15 northbound from california into nevada every year. today begins a three-day long stepped up enforcement. the california highway patrol, nevada highway patrol and local
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speeding, drivers who are distracted and drivers who become stranded. they will patrol from the ground and the air. gas prices is $2.22 a gallon and that is a factor oh of how many people drive. lower gas prices mean people are more inclined to make a road trip on this weekend. this is the third time cops have te people on interstate 15 northbound just as you drive over into primm. move over, slow down, warning people this is a zero tolerance zone. today it has extra emphasis because it begins this three-day
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we're on the line here. >> dana: saving you money, slow it down if you are heading to california this weekend. we've seen the street performers on the strip. turns out some of them are getting a little too aggressive. you see video on your screen of these guys. they touched her face, she didn't lockout. they are hoping you'll take pictures with them and then give them a tip afterwards. s aggressive forcing people to give them money in exchange for the photographs. street performers we talk to hope they get the aggressive street performers off the street. >> giving entertainment to the kid, then if the people or parents want to tip, if they don't, they don't. >> they are harmless. they should leave them be but the persistent ones, they should
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these two men in particular have been known to be very aggressive. so even fellow street performers aren't supporting what they are doing. >> kim: we had that batman beat down. i don't remember the other character. we have seen some things that have gone viral whether it's under the canopy of freemont or the las vegas strip. medical marijuana patients are calling on nevada's governor to investigate the program after they say it is letting them down. we group of users led by a local activist callerring for a forensic audit of the medical marijuana program. the group filed the request last week. the reason behind it they say is a list of problems that include excessive wait times, increased cost and also we're hearing through these activist a number of patients filed applications
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patients have spent months without any sort of information or any sort of answer and that is despite paying the application fees. >> we want them to do a forensic audit. the medical marijuana program, where is the money going exactly. what patients are in limbo and have they cashed the money orders or are they just on hold? we thought it would be faster and still they are i l >> he believes in system is working and points to advancements to make the process smoother. >> dana: we had it as breaking news yesterday morning. a huge explosion happening at a nasa launch site. yesterday we couldn't show you the explosion. this morning we have it. we'll tell you what they think went wrong. >> kim: optimism is high for the
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wait until you hear the final score and also what the head coach is predicting for the season. >> dana: we have live pictures out of tampa, florida where the first hurricane in 11 years came to florida. the last one to go through florida was in 2005. last night it was hermine causing for seniors like barbara, social security makes a difference every mononth. but for the wall street types who've given congressman joe heck's campaigns over $500,000, social security could mean billions of dollars in fees.
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and why joe heck and wall street support it. under heck's privatization plan, retirement security gets risked on the stock market. and the wall street types supporting joe heck make billions. whose side are you on? senate majority pac is responsible
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>> kim: this was a test launch yesterday morning. they send satellites and rockets to the international space station. hearing from spacex this morning saying no injuries associated with the explosion. nobody was injured down below on planet earth. the blast destroying the rocket and also the satellite
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that satellite was set to launch on saturday. they were launching the satellite to help give better internet service to places in the middle east, europe and africa. >> dana: that is the same rocket they want to put people on to in the future so they want to find out what happened in a big way. mike pence campaigning hours exclusive interview to our sister station in utah saying support for the trump ticket is growing. >> in my stops today, i like our chances in utah on election day. >> dana: this comes on the heels
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>> kim: authorities in florida are not surprised, they thought it was going to happen and now they have confirmation. they have found zika infected mosquitoes for the first time in the united states. this is not surprising. after dozens of non-travel related infections were found in miami dade. until now they haven't bn virus. that changed yesterday. they are going to spray, trap and educate all of us about what is the going on. three mosquitoes traps out of 19 confirmed with zika. >> dana: brock turner scheduled to be released from jail that could happen at any moment.
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in san diego. colin kaepernick kneeled during the national anthem. he explains why he decided to kneel instead of sit. >> i realize men and women in the military sacrifice their lives and put themselves in harms way for my freedoms of speech and my freedoms to take a seat or take a knee. i have the utmost respect for them and i think what i did was different way. >> kim: that's the explanation. listen in to the response he was given.
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he knows they are doing the hard work for >> dana: unlv taking on jackson state. they were expected to light this team up and they did. the new quarterback started his career at the university of nebraska. hooking up with boyd for two
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217 yards passing. remembers go on to win it 63-13. next game is a little tougher. they travel to take on ucla a week from saturday. >> kim: optimism is high for this squad. head coach tony sanchez just paid us a visit in studio and that interview is on our facebook page. >> jeff: something you should check out. a lot of hopeoi season and a good start so far. not a good start fur heading out 95 northbound. we've got a two car accident. this is on the left side making your way northbound. once you get past that another
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join the waze team. you can give us updates on what you see and if you suggested alternate routes. just don't do it while you are driving. >> dana: not a good night along the gulf coast in florida. >> kelly: a lot of people waking up without power as hurricane hermine made land fall last night. it has been downgraded to a tropical lots of heavy rain and wind. some locations receiving as much as 15 inches of rain from this storm. we've got a lot of blue out there. here are the temperatures.
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spring valley 76 right now. here is a look at tropical storm hermine as it continues to rotate its way to the north and east. you see the center of rotation here. in georgia still bands of thunderstorms across florida. south carolina getting hit hard right now. a lot of thunderstorm activity there making its way into north carolina as well. that is something we're going to be watching as we head throughout the day today. at home we have thunderstorm to be in arizona anted utah. most of us are going to stay dry today. mostly sunny skies, breezy conditions, winds gusting up to 25. tonight mostly clear, 77 for the low. look at the seven-day forecast. got a big change in
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afternoon and sunday afternoon. sunday afternoon 91-degrees, breezy conditions. 90 on labor day with lows in the low 70's. a lot cooler especially for this time of year. >> kim: we have a terrifying scene out of the new york area. this van rolls out of park and hits two people taking the life o we have the surveillance images. the driver just walked into a nearby building when the van starts to roll away. the van crashing into an 80-year-old woman and 70-year-old man. the woman died and the man is still in critical condition this morning. witnesses on site describe the whole seen as chaotic. it is unclear if the driver is going to face charges. the investigation is ongoing. >> dana: what do you do when the
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that's what happened in this business si neighborhood. you are going to see these bears swimming around and who finally scared them off. >> kim: dash cam video from the
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>> jeff: we have a two-car crash and it's slow on summerlin westbound. all other freeways clear. now let's get a check of the forecast with kelly. >> kelly: we have a few clouds in the area this morning. not as much wet w yesterday . the sun is up. just a few clouds in the area. cooler temperatures are on the way. >> dana: what do you do when the kids are hungry? you take them out for a snack. >> kim: it's expensive there so i would enjoy the backyard pool
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dumpster there. all is well that ends well. we're having fun with this but this could have turned dangerous in a hurry. there is a dog that chases them away. they go back into the wilderness which dana said i didn't know they had woods there but apparently they do. >> dana: that dog is very brave. >> kim: a lot of little dogs have that attitude. >> dana: including our chihuahu
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>> dana: a man killed inside a car at a local park. police on the hunt for suspect this morning. >> kim: new video. some of it on your screen as we speak. that nevada highway patrol trooper and we're seeing the moment right before he is shot at. his badge saved his life. the whole story headed your way.
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first week for many parents and children here in the school district. wait until you see what some of the parents had to say. >> dana: welcome in on this friday september 2. clear skies being revealed. sun came up about 20 minutes ago. >> kim: different images coming live from the east coast because of hermine. we'll get to that in >> jeff: we've got an issue on
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>> kelly: little breezy today. big changes on the way for the rest of the weekend. we'll talk about it in 10 minutes. >> kim: just about six hours ago we got word a man was shot dead inside his car at a local park at lake mead and more tin luther king area. the victim shot in the chest and passed away at a nearby hospital. details about what led up to
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morning. a man was seen leaving the scene on foot but no suspects are in custody at this time. if you know anything that can help local police solve this crime, call that hot line number on your screen. that is crime stoppers. >> dana: this video just released by the patrol saved by his badge before killing the suspect. an exfelon fired at the trooper first while running away from this traffic stop. that trooper's badge stopping one of the bullets. nevada highway patrol says the exfelon was carrying a bag of meth in the back of that cadillac. he was trying to conduct a drug deal here.
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a nearby bar. the driver pulls over. even though gibb bonn was telling her not to stop. >> after the initial stop he tried to encourage her to leave the scene and basically from what her response to him was if you have issues with the police, you need to deal with those. >> the trooper fired 11 times at that fleeing suspect hitting him the forehead instantly killing
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>> we're standing near if bus stop near vegas and durango. we expect the kids to come within the next 30 minutes. we were able to get you answers as to what has been going on. the first problem seems many of the issues are rooted in confusion. some of the buses were not stopping at the right stops and others were late. the other problem size and get off and wait to get picked up by another driver. getting these kids to and from school is a massive under taking to say the least. with 122,000 kids a few problems are inevitable. out of all the issues the safety of their children is the number
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they didn't stop where they picked up my children day three. they were late dropping them off. they are working through the problems to make sure all the drivers are up to par getting and back home on time as well. >> dana: the state board of education voted in favor of moving forward with reorganization plan for the clark county school district.
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steps that need to happen. the final step in this next friday a 12 member board from the legislative commission will meet and if they vote in the affirmative these reorganization plans will hit the school district in august of next year. some 320,000 students, fifth largest school district in the nation impacted by this. this plan would strip power from the central administration and give more power to school principals saying the local school principals should know what is best for students at their own school. >> kim: speaking of being impacted, hermine is on the move and still to come live team coverage of what it looks like now and you see some of the damage from just hours ago. >> dana: he's the most decorated olympian of all time hanging out with jimmy fallon on this very channel. jimmy gave him something that
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>> kim: this was the scene in california, brock turner leaving jail. he's the swimmer convicted of sexual assault spending only three months behind bars instead of six months. that led to laws being changed in the state of california as a result.
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>> dana: we have live pictures coming out of south carolina as that tropical storm hermine is traveling through the southeastern unitedte carolina expected to get big impacts later on today. the impacts last night were most heavily felt in the state of florida along the gulf coast this. thing came on shore last night as a cat one hurricane, since downgraded. a number of trees were downed. power was out for thousands of customers. thank goodness nobody was in that car at the time that tree came down on that nearby home.
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strong wind. cat one hurricane, the winds start at 74 miles an hour. >> kim: still to come this morning. the subway pitch man is in the news for all the wrong reasons. we'll get to that in a moment. first travel times with jeff. >> jeff: we have a couple of accidents working. this at tropicana, two vehicles collide here. doesn't look like it's impacting the intersections too badly. this is approach martin luther king boulevard. they just got debris out of the roadway. they had to run across lanes and stop all lanes. now they are in the process of reopening. you are going to see a ripple effect from that. from downtown to 2151 slow. everything else in the clear. let's get a check on the forecast with kelly.
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conditions. there is that shot, beautiful blue skies. 78 is the current temperature there. for the kids on their way to school today, it's going to be dry. we are looking at low triple digits for highs today. in the henderson area or lake las vegas maybe an umbrella in the backpack. isolated storms a possibility. >> kim: i just mentioned jarred fogle a moment ago. wa
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>> dana: i can't go trying to save you a little bit of money. >> saving you money because we don't want you to get a ticket for doing something naughty on the roads while you are driving. it is the labor day holiday weekend. because of that the highway patrol is teaming up and local police and focusing on people who are driving unsafe on the roads, mainly and distracted drivers. they will be teaming up together to focus on those people who are on our roads on this holiday weekend. it's the third year this multiagency task force has been in place for the labor day holiday weekend. make it a safe one and happy friday. >> kim: safe travels back here to the station my friend. thank you for that.
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undocumented immigrants must be deported, donald trump seems to be backing off. >> killers and drug dealers and all of them are gone. then we'll make a determination what we're going to do. >> kim: i need a flowchart to follow the immigration plan from day-to-day with trump. now looks like he's softening again. >> what he said wednesday was pretty clear and him say was then we're going to step back and make a determination. he was referring to the other millions of immigrants in this country who are undocumented but aren't criminals and haven't caused any problems. on wednesday he said they all have to go back. yesterday he said well, after we deal with all the criminals then we'll figure that out. at the least he's going to put them on the back burner which is what president obama said he
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prioritize the most dangerous and put the others on the back burner. it's not a path to citizenship or legal status. it's a path to limbo if you compare what he said wednesday to what he said in the last 24 hours. there is that going on. tomorrow he's got this event happening in detroit at an african-american church. it's a big deal because it's the first time he's done something in the black community after courting the african-american vote. problem it's liely scripted. he's supposed to do an interview with the pastor of that church. the campaign is providing not only detailed answers but the questions that are supposed to be asked. they retain editing rights. his campaign said we are going to do something unscripted aside from that with the congregation in the area there. so it looks like he's in a bit
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highly script this event which a lot of people have been anticipating, especially in that area because he hasn't had anything in the black community. >> kim: with everything have you just said you would think they would be doing high fiving in the clinton camp but the polls are tightening so doesn't look like she's going to run away with this one at all if the election were held today. we have a lot more time to come. av we'll see you back next week. >> dana: mexican president taking a lot of heat in his country after inviting trump to come in for a visit. the president wrote about it in a universal newspaper. despite trump's controversy it was a chance for him to meet with someone important in us politics. a lot of people don't agree
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comments he's made about mexicans in the past. he reiterates his stance they talked about the wall and he told trump mexico would not pay for it. >> kim: melania made good on her promise to file a lawsuit. she filed the $150 million suitover what she calls false and defamatory statements the daily mail publishing a report from some magazine alleging that this modeling agency she once worked for operated an escort service that. report picked up by a u.s. blogger also name in the suit. the defendants have yet to respond to this lawsuit. >> dana: former subway spokesman making headlines again. his lawyers say that one of his
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distress and some of her injuries. those parents have filed a civil lawsuit against jarred fogle seeking $300,000 in damages. in response to fogle's attorney say those parents fought in front of her and with her at times. they abused alcohol in front of that victim. arguing that is among the causes of her distress and contends the parents fogle. >> kim: another case captivating the country, the victims of the theater shooting in california will not have to pay the nearly $700,000 in court cost they owe to the theater chain if they drop their appeal in the civil case within the next 14 days. this coming after a number of survivors and victim families
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prevent that shooting that took the lives of 12 people and wounded 70 more. earlier this year a jury did rule in the theater's favor. >> dana: after 12 long years, parents of a missing boy from utah have renewed hope for finding him. david disappeared in 2004. college student went missing in china. he likely died while hiking officials said there. a newspaper said he's in north korea. they think he's married, has two children and working as an english teacher. there are resolutions calling for the u.s. government to investigate whether he is in fact in north korea and they want them to work to get him back here to the united states. >> a today show exclusive we have for you first here today. that is alicia keys who will be performing this morning.
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powerful no makeup movement and joining the season of the voice. >> first of all, you don't wear it so well. you look gorgeous. how does it feel inside? >> really empowering and freeing. it kind of came from we put so many limitations on ourselves. i think we put limitations on each other, society puts limitations on us. i'm sick of i'm over it. that's what the music is about. it's about being our unique own selfs and we each have something no one else has. it would be so amazing just to embrace each other. >> dana: if you have a face like that, you'd never have to wear makeup. >> jeff: currently i have to cake it on every day to coffer up what is behind it. let's take a look at what the going on with traffic.
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northbound as you approach martin luther king boulevard. an accident was working. southbound is running slowly as you head into the bowl. construction crews have labor day off so you can finally make that exit temporarily as you make your exit to rancho. been closed for weeks. temporary reopening until labor day week send over. back to closed tuesday night. slow moving at eight minutes. let's get a check of the friday forecast with kelly. >> kelly: beautiful blue skies outside to get things started today. there is a chance for thunderstorms later this afternoon. at least in parts of the area. as you step out the door this morning heading out the to work or walk the dog, summerlin 76, green valley warmer.
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you step out the door. isolated thunderstorms a possibility. similar to what we saw yesterday in the henderson area. here is a look at the current radar picture. we don't have a lot to talk about at least not yet. thunderstorms expected to fire up in arizona and utah. las vegas expected to stay dry. pahrump 100 today. boulder city 98 is your eec high. our seven-day forecast triple digits today 101. little breezy this afternoon. look at the temperatures for the rest of the weekend. 10-degrees cooler on sunday. 91 and 90 for the high on monday with lows in the low 70's. >> dana: loving it. here is hoping you don't have to labor on labor day. he is the most decorated olympian of all time. michael phelps stopping by "the
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about that famous phelps face. >> you are making the maddest face and oh my gosh. in fact, let me see if you know what that is. >> dana: he's going to hang on to that i'm guessing. it's weird to see him nec to the cardboard cutout. that was the actual face from the olympics much the crocodile husbander loved hiss parents. 32 years old at the time he penned this. i want all children to hear this. he was 32 when he figured it out. he said i'm finally starting to figure it out. in good times and bad you were there. your strength and endurance to raise me will not go unrewarded.
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accident. he was stabbed in the chest when he was diving in the ocean. princess kate living life advice. stopped by a youth center to talk with the staff and volunteers. the prince is showing the teenagers it's ok to take time to figure out career goals saying it took him a long time to figure out what he wanted to. he said i want to be king of england. that's his career goal. look at this. his wife is pouring a pint of cider. they are famous for that. she's laughing as he gets a bit tipsy. >> kim: i saw a reporter saying they were in the club before they were married and she was doing shots of tequila. princess diana would be proud. >> dana: as long as you are not
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they were saying they are just like us. have a wonderful holiday weekend. "the today show" is next. michelle and jeff are on the cw las vegas this morning. >> mark: i don't think they have to worry about driving. happy friday. >> jeff: we are following the latest out of florida as tropical storm hermine touched down overnight. we have the layest >> michelle: teaching people how to unplug. the benefit of being without your phone.
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good morning. breaking news. hurricane hermine slams into florida overnight bringing pouring rain, driving wind and violent surf. now a tropical storm passing over florida and then heading in te for the holiday weekend. we're live inside the storm zone. >> explosion. investigators trying to figure out why that spacex rocket blew up on the launch pad incinerating a $200 million facebook satellite. this morning why the accident isn't just a major setback for facebook but for the future of


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