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tv   News 3 Live at Twelve- Thirty  NBC  September 2, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm PDT

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building. >> kyndell: plus nasty note. a mother gets a message from a stranger about her autistic son. what was said that left her near tears. >> michelle: broadway in the hood presents the wiz. we have a few cast members joining us this afternoon with a little sneak peek of the upcoming show happening this weekend at the smith center. they are phenomenal! we're going to have them coming up >> announcer: news 3 starts right now. >> michelle: welcome in everybody. kyndell nunley filling in for this story hard -- this information really hard to hear. we heard a lot of the 911 calls right after the pulse night club shooting and now they have released more as family and friends try to reach people inside. >> kyndell: and that attack left 49 people dead as well as the gunman. >> i told him just to be quiet and hide in the corner. >> reporter: heart breaking 911
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night club attack unfolded knowing their loved ones were trapped inside. >> do you know if she has been hurt. >> she is freaking out. she is like tell the cops. please tell the cops. >> reporter: siblings getting frantic calls and texts from brothers and sisters as the first shots rang out. >> i'm calling -- my brother called me about ten minutes ago. he is at a night club called pulse he somebody came in and shot up the told me to call 911 and text my sister. she is inside. >> where is she in the club? >> from what she has told me briefly is that she's in -- near some trash or some garbage. i've never been there before. >> reporter: operators trying to get information and keep their loved ones safe. >> if the phone is ringing i don't want to give her a call. >> don't call her. >> for one desperate father whose daughter was shot twice.
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the arm. all she told us is she was hiding in the bathroom. >> reporter: the operator could not provide what every frantic member wanted to hear. >> i would like to get a call to find out that she's okay. >> sorry there's not a lot of i can tell you. try to deep breath and hope she'll call you really soon okay. >> michelle: that's hard to hear. metro police investigating two deadly shootings that happened just minutes apart about eight the first one we don't have a whole lot of information. we just know it happened around 8:00 last night in an alleyway near twain and paradise. no suspects are in custody right now for this shooting. and the second one happened a few minutes later on lake mead boulevard near mlk. metro says the victim was shot in the chest inside of a vehicle and died at a nearby hospital and police are investigating this as an accidental shooting. they say they know who the shooter is but no arrests have
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county district attorney's office to determine if any charges will be filed. >> kyndell: a mother is shocked to find a nasty note about her son with autism. six-year-old anderson miller was with his mom at a store in michigan when he started imitating the sound of an alarm. his mother didn't think he was being too loud but someone else did. they slipped a note into her cart which reads "buy that kid a >> i turned around and talking to my son, helping him fix his shoe. i turned back around and there's a note in my bag. well on top of my bag, i should say. >> kyndell: granderson's mother says her son is fascinated with fire alarm sounds and imitates their noise as a coping mechanism when there are a lot of other noises around him. several people are dead following an explosion at a market in the philippines.
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people hurt. the cause of the explosion is not yet known. officials have not said whether this is an act of terrorism or something else. >> michelle: the world health organization says the outbreak of the zika virus explains an international health emergency. they say the virus continues to infect new countries. recently in florida health officials have confirmed the first mosquitos on the u.s. territory are there to carry the virus. one bit of good news? confirmed cases of zika following the summer olympics. michelle? >> we have such a special treat for you guys today. broadway in the hood. it's a -- what would you call it? the production. >> i would call it a production. we're producing the wiz at the smith center. >> michelle: broadway in the hood is the company that produces. i wanted to make sure i got that
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country by empowering our youth. we're so excited about this upcoming performance of wiz happening at the smith center. we have kiara and mashous. kiara you play dorothy and you play the lion. >> absolutely. as you can see. >> michelle: you were here earlier and they are amazing. first let's talk about this. broadway in the hood. what's the goal here? what's the idea and what has it done for you guys. >> broadway in the hood has been en since then it has been known for giving back to the community to let knows who are not able to see full scale broadway shows and pay for those tickets, they can come and see most of our shows since its opening has been free and open to the public. russell the founder is known for giving back to the community wells back to organizations and helping transform their lives in a positive way. >> michelle: one thing that we talked about earlier is the idea
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special emphasis on an age group here 8-20 years old. young people like yourselves with a lot of talent. how is it that being in the show? i mean, we heard you earlier. you have amazing voice. >> thank you so much. >> michelle: what has it been like -- not only that but to be dorothy? >> i didn't know what i was going to get. this is my first time with broadway in the hood so it's definitely been an honor to be able to play with part with such you know, we come in here like we have talent, but we also have, like, things that we need to work on. so mr. shawn who is the vocal coach and director for this music has really just drawn some great stuff out of our voices. as well as mr. russell who has directed the heck out of this show. >> absolutely. >> michelle: we are seeing from the pictures here and we're looking at your shoes -- which you are wearing those shoes right now.
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dorothy's-- >> silver slippers. >> michelle: those are her ruby slippers. this is a really big cast. if you look at the pictures. >> yes. what we have here in this picture you have our shoes. you have myself as the lion, marcus weathersby, kia brown as dorothy, andrew maze as the scare crow in the blue. and we also have a cast of 250 locals. that is a big cast. it's huge. we're just so exd. i want people to hear what you are doing. a little taste of what you can see when you see the show this weekend. i'm going step away then i'll come back and we'll wrap it up and give people more information. >> absolutely. thank you. ? ? i'm standing strong and tall ?
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them all ? ? of them all ? ? i've found courage i must try and i'll keep on trying and trying and trying ? ? i'm a lion ? ? just a lion ? ? in my own ? be a lion ? ? i am a lion ? ?. >> michelle: yeah! [ applause ] very, very -- you guys are amazing. can i say one thing. i have to let you know what happened. we could hear the music. all of you at home but they could not hear the music here in the studio. i just want you to see it was still good. my director is saying they still
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why there was a pause there. amazing. you guys did it a capella. we could hear the music but you couldn't. high-five. let's pop up the information one more time. tomorrow september three, 2:00 p.m. and seven at the smith center for performing arts. ticket prices vary. thank you so much. you are amazing. i love having you on the show. and good luck this weekend and good luck from here on out. >> thank you so much. >> michelle: kyndell back to athlete. of course the most decorated olympic of all time. and his famous phelps face only adds to his image. how jimmy fallon paid tribute to the phelps face during a late night tv interview. forever home friday. how you can take home a new furry friend. that will be today. >> kelly: that would be a great weekend for hiking if you want to adopt a puppy or dog this weekend. we're going take a look at some
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>> kelly: 12:43. we are seeing quite a few cumulus clouds as we look outside this noon hour. and that is the good news. a little bit of shade in there too. as we look further east we're seeing showers and storms firing up in parts of arizona and utah. and now a couple of firing up in closer on some of these storms so we can see where they are and where they're headed. here's ones i have been talking about. in the lake mead national recreation area. south of mesquite. we've got a little bit of activity starting to fire up. a few more clouds over the lake as well. near peach springs seeing thunderstorms along interstate 40. these cells are moving north and east. this one right here pretty intense. actually heading toward the grand canyon. showers and thunderstorms
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today. also parts of utah. that's where we're seeing showers and thunderstorms as well. keep that in mind not only as you are traveling interstate 40 but interstate 15 you could see a little bit of activity if. even near mesquite we're starting to see showers popping up. not very intense. but a lot of these building as they continue to track their way north and east. here is a time-lapse look. this is the red rock resort camera. starting this morning. quite a bit of sunshine. now you see those clouds really starting to build here. more of them getting into the valley. isolated thunderstorms are possible. mainly in far eastern sections of the valley and down around henderson where we did have humid conditions this morning. western side of the valley today expected to stay dry. temperatures. pahrump at 95. mesquite 97. boulder city 95. downtown coming in at 99 and spring valley 97. temperatures aren't expected to climb a whole lot more this
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mesquite 100. boulder city 98. pahrump 100 even. overnight tonight, mount charleston going down to 54 for a low. and laughlin going down to 80 degrees. here is a look at the 7-day forecast. today's high in las vegas 101. breezy conditions developing in the afternoon. isolated thunderstorms. the bulk of the activity staying on tower east. as would get into the rest of the weekend breezy conditions each afternoon. 98 saturday but 91 on sunday. 90 on monday. overni l middle of next week we're still looking at highs below normal in the low to mid-90s. >> michelle: time for trending today. how can you forget the phelps face? we all saw it during the mrigs with his game face on. it's now dubbed "the phelps face". >> kyndell: fally when phelps joined "the tonight show" with jimmy fal on he affect had to have a little bit of fun with
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were making the maddest face and oh my gosh. in fact let me just see if you know -- [ laughter ] >> kyndell: he was not playing around. speaking of phelps, did you know that his arm span measures six feet eight inches wide. that is four inches taller than phelps himself. over a foot-and-a-half taller than me. it's no wonder he is the most >> michelle: he got up when they were getting ready to do this game they were playing and he did his arm flap thing. >> kyndell: have you seen knit slow mo. it's like my goodness. [ laughter ] >> michelle: me is not entirely human. i'm convinced. >> kyndell: facebook can make just anything become an internet sensation but this is for a good reason. >> michelle: this is a west virginia mom. she posted this picture of
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she has tears going down her face. her mascara smeared. she was saying i'm having a really rough day with the kids today. she wrote... this is motherhood. no fansly filters. no good lighting. no lipstick. it's messy hair wet from the rain. yesterday's makeup i was too tired to wash off and tears. goes on and talks about the fact she is a single mother and it's hard. it took while for the post to go viral but once it did it has 15,000 shares, 30,000 likes. it is a reminder of what parenting is really like. it's something that you really don't fully understand until you wk a parent yourself. then you get it. >> kyndell: give those mamas out there and fathers too a big hug. they do so much for us. and you don't realize it maybe until you are older. >> michelle: once you become a parent you call your parents and you're like i'm so sorry. [ laughter ] >> kyndell: you get it. >> michelle: duane the rock johnson getting ready for his next big action film.
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they are thrilled. >> kyndell: it is not often that you get a reboot of the 1995 film jumagi that starred the late robin williams. >> michelle: he posted this picture on instagram. he's got that cowboy hat, weather gloves. a holstered gun and he captured it with "not sure where my pecks kwoent." i guess he is looking flat in that picture. i was looking at his arms. >> kyndell: he is used to more buff. >> michelle: it's getting fans excited for jumanji. it's going to hit theaters next july. i love that movie. watched it many times. tough news for fans of nascar. particularly people who like dale earnhardt, jr. >> kyndell: that's right. the nascar driver announced he will be missing the rest of the season because of a concussion. the 41-year-old suffered the
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the most popular nascar drivers. this is the second time earn hart has suffered a concussion. he was also sidelineed in 2012 after a crash during testing. drivers alex bowman and jeff gordon will drive earnhardt's number 88 while he continues to recover. a lot of nascar fans here as well. >> michelle: absolutely. i know that dale earnhardt is yun of the ones people love the we wish him a speedy recovery. okay. >> kyndell: a flied attendant wouldn't stand for it when a passenger started doing headstands in her seat on a plane. >> michelle: i was going to ask what's the weirdest thick you have seen on a plane. >> kyndell: not that. >> michelle: this workout didn't quite work out at cruising altitude. >> reporter: as if shoes on the arm rest, bare feet on a tray
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seat. >> we were laughing because this was in my opinion the best in-flight entertainment i've ever had. >> reporter: rob whipped out his phone and captured this passenger limbering up on a flight from l.a. to mexico. he started to live tweet making up names for the moves. from the dragon fly shuffle to raptor spirit. when she started to do a second headstand a flight attendant intervened and rod face right now. >> she is saying miss if you could please stop doing that and the lady's like i guess. i'm like -- she was a little weird. i'll be honest. but, i mean, she seemed like a sweet lady too. >> reporter: at least she wasn't naked wearing a pillow case over her eyes or giving herself a pedicure. or trying to smash the door to the jetway. the lady doing the headstand told the flight attendant she
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passenger misbehaving comes just as american airlines has launched a new ad campaign. a campaign showcasing how the world's greatest flyers are supposed to behave. they like babies but bring noise canceling headphones. they always ask before they raise and lower the window shade. but should you ask before raising your legs. >> in all fair thes to her she dit really well. >> reporter: so well she didn't eva >> we told him afterwards when he woke up and showed him the videos and he could not believe it. >> reporter: feet in the air at -- seat in the air at 35,000 feet. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> michelle: okay. do we have the cutest puppy today. this is brenda from the animal foundation here for forever home friday. today you have gimet. i'm -- gim gidget.
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>> she might be. she's definitely mixed. i was thinking greyhound or even a whippet because of the long legs. but might be beagle. >> michelle: look at her. >> she is available for adoption. she's three-year-old chihuahua mix. picked up as a stray so we don't have a lot of info on her. she is ready for her forever home. right now if you are looking for a pet the perfect time to adopt as we just started our adopt your mvp best friend down to $25 if they're six months and older. if you are looking for a pit bawl they're also on special. but if you are looking for another pet that's not a dog we also have cats on sale. the fee is waived as well. >> michelle: you are having a really good special. you are waiving fees on pit bulls and cats. >> correct. >> michelle: and have you had this one around other animals or kids. >> not kids yet.
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introduction she ud should be fine. we did walk around other dogs and didn't see issues. we would counsel you on the proper introductions if you have other animals or pets. >> kyndell: she is very cute. we want to get her into a forever home and we'll be right back. >> michelle: work that camera gidget. work it. >> tom: thanks to everyone who took part in tom's trivia challenge. the answer to the question... wind route made its last run. for now catching a train between las vegas and l.a. is not an option. one entry wins four fick toetdz the utah shakespeare festival. go to the news 3 twitter page
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>> kelly: a few clouds today. showers mainly east of las vegas valley. triple-digit -- no triple digits today. 101 today. a little breezy tomorrow afternoon. 91 on sunday. and 90, that's the high on monday. that's it. 90! >> michelle: my favorite part about that forecast is the overnight temperatures. this is when you can get up in the morning. you are able to walk the dog. do whatever you got to do and you won't be roasting. even open the windows and get fresh air in. we could see more triple digits. >> kelly: not in this seven day. we're getting a break.
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. as a doctor, i see how decisions in washington impact my patients here in nevada. so even though i'm a republican, i won't be voting for joe heck. joe heck's voted ten times to defund planned parenthood, which thousands of women depend on for cancer screenings. and heck opposes a woman's right to choose even when her health is at risk. for me and my patients,
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