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tv   News 3 Live at Three- Thirty  NBC  September 2, 2016 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> reed: politics in the digital age. why your social media page could be revealing about the way you will vote in the upcoming election. >> me: family on the hunt for their lost son after 12 years them surprising sightings of a missing man being reported overseas today. >> reed: are you one of the millions of americans obsessed with your phone? we're going introduce you to a digital de tox trend that is paving the way to help you disconnect >> announcer: news 3 starts right now. >> reed: there's an old saying that we need to learn at my mom and dad's house when i go to
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don't discuss politics. the growing use of social media in every day life makes it hard to escape friends, family and co-workers personal and rather explosive and contrarian views. thank you for joining us i'm reed cowan. >> marie: i'm marie mortera. kristine frazao shows us how facebook views it's users. >> reporter: take a look at your facebook profile. how does it describe you? >> they think i'm older than i am and they think i'm african-american. and i am not african-american. >> reporter: then in this contentious presidential election year there are your political leanings. go to your facebook preferences and click the lifestyles and culture tab ands there a list of characteristics including your politics. facebook decides this information based on what you tell it. who you follow. your likes. the posts you spend more time scrolling through. and it also measures what you
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artificial intelligence that can go through and look at other things that you have done, connections you have made that you wouldn't think of any connection to your political leanings. but if you put yourself in the context of a billion people which is how many are on facebook, those subtle little things reveal traits about you. >> reporter: traits that translate into the posts you're most likely to read and the ads you are most likely to see. >> facebook thinks you are, say, a liberal and your friends have posted articles that facebook knows are liberal those may be they're going keep you more engaged on facebook. >> reporter: as you may have noticed facebook doesn't filter out all opposing views. after the 2012 election 47 percent of readers told the website mashable they un-friended someone based on political views. a tactic not everyone believes in this time around. >> people are going to disagree with this and because the person disa guys that's no reason to un-friend them, to reject them. >> reporter: with newer
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this election season you don't have to. in washington, i'm kristine frazao. >> marie: according to the pew research poll taken last spring, 63 percent of americans say they get their primary news from social media sites. >> reed: an american teenager behind bars for terrorism charges. for more we turn to michelle marsh. >> from the terrorism alert desk in washington i'm michelle marsh. at least 14 people are dead and many morenj in northern pakistan. an attacker threw a hand grenade at the gate of a courthouse killing ten and injuring 40 others. the attacker blew himself up after security prevented him from getting inside the gate. meanwhile at least four people were killed and five others injured in an attack on a christian neighborhood. security forces there killed the four suicide bombers in that attack. a pakistani taliban splinter group claims responsibility for both attacks and warns there
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behind bars facing terrorism charges. investigators say keon cook conspired with individuals he believed were capable of committing a mass terrorist attack. they did not say exactly who cook had been plotting with but say he had plans to carry out an attack at two different places. and france says it will start handing down tougher prison sentences for those found guilty of associated with terrorist groups. those found guilty can now be sentenced to previously the time was capped at ten years. from the terrorism alert desk, i'm michelle marsh. >> marie: tropical storm hermine has left a trail of damage from florida to southeast georgia. the carolinas and now it has southeast virginia in its sights. hermine's heavy rain, tropical storms forced wind gusts prompted virginia governor terry mccalls if to issue -- mccall if
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to eight foot waves bringing a storm surge up to four feet. the national weather service believes hermine will reconstitute as a nor'easter with significant rainfall, life threatening storm surge and flooding. >> reed: the first debate between hillary clinton and donald trump is fast approaching and we know who is going to moderate. and the other two including the final dae bite here in las vegas. the commission says "nightly news" anchor lester holt will moderate on septem the second debate october 9th will be co-moderated by martha raditz and anderson cooper. of course the final debate here at unlv on october 19th. that will be moderated by chris wallace of fox news. a federal court judge keeps the green party's presidential candidate off of november's ballot. it is a story we followed the first part of this week. that's the bottom line from a ruling issued on thursday.
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monday when nevada's green party argued the secretary of state should accept additional signatures to get dr. joe stein on the ballot. the green party collected almost 8600 but 45 percent of those were disqualified mostly here in clark county. the party fell 647 signatures short of what they needed to get her on the ballot. two other parties -- the libertarian and independent american -- are on nevada's presidential ballot besides clinton and trump. margaret was celebrated today in milwaukee. the mass was held in the st. joseph chapel at the school's sisters of st. francis. sister margaret was one of two nuns stabbed to death last week. sisters held and paula merill were found slain in their mississippi home. the two were doing clinic work in a rural part of the state. monday nearly 300 people attended the memorial mass for the two women. >> reed: parents of a missing utah man have renewed hope for
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disappeared 12 years ago. >> marie: japanese news article claims david said in op a college student who -- sneddon who went missing in china in 2004 has been seen in north korea. >> he is easy going. he's easy to get along with. >> reporter: it's been 12 years since roy and kathleen sneddon have seen their son david. they imagine whatever he's been doing he's thrived. >> any one of my children had to be put in such a compromising situation i would like it to be david. old in 2004 when he disappeared in china. chinese authorities said he likely died while hiking. but david's family says there's no evidence of that. they believe he was abducted by north korea. and this japanese news article seems to confirm that. the article claims sneddon has been seen in north korea, married with two children, and working as an english teacher. even tutoring north korean
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correct and part might be conjecture. >> reporter: but they hope it puts things in motion especially in congress. resolutions in the house and senate call for the u.s. government to investigate whether david sneddon is in north korea and work to get him back. those resolutions haven't passed yet. >> it may put some fire in congress. >> reporter: meantime for the sneddons, it is another step in a road they hope will lead to their son coming home. >> i expect said and done we'll have done as much as we can to get him back. it was a miracle. we're glad that we saw him. >> marie: that was daniel woodruff reporting. the sneddons say they've heard from one u.s. senator's office outside of utah who wants to get the ball rolling. utah congressman stewart's office says they hope to pass the david sneddon resolution by end of the year. a shocking surprise for one
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latest video game purchase. a louisiana man says his 11-year-old son opened his new video game to find a bag of drugs. the man says they bought the game from this game stop in louisiana. the father turned the bag over to police who confirmed it was full of meth. it's not clear how the drugs would have gotten into the game's case. a spokesperson from game stop says employees check all games opening and checking for quality when returned, traded in or >> reed: ups will be increasing shipping rates but not until after the holiday sales season. ups says they'll increase those rates for ground and air service by an average of about five percent. the price increase is set to take affect after christmas. a day after christmas. ups says the increases will support on going expansion of capabilities and inhaepsments while they, quote, strive to maintain the high legal of
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can catch two of the actor's most beloved films in theaters this weekend. willy wonka and the chocolate factory and blazing salads will play at 55 amc locations saturday and sunday. so for those who called in listen up. here in las vegas you can see willy wofrpga and blazing saddles at the amc at town square. just join us at town square for that. willy wonka starts at 5:00 p.m. blazing saddles 7:30. cinemas. those show-times are two and 7:00. >> marie: i have a feeling they're going be packed. >> reed: we had voicemails about that today at news 3. >> marie: it means that much to people. gene wilder's life meant so much. let's be honest. are you one of those people that checks their phone every five minutes? you do that exactly five minutes ago my friend. >> reed: 65 percent of us say we want to unplug during vacation but guess what even
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especially when your children are around. we miss so many moments. mark barger reports on this growing trend of the digital detox just in time for your labor day get away. think about this. >> reporter: our daily connection with digital devices cap be obsessive for many, even addicting for others. >> 66 percent of us suffer from no mo phobia which is a fear of losing your phone or not having access to your phone. >> reporter: this has led to a digital detox trend. more people making time to actually are going through a withdrawal from access to your device and information. >> reporter: four those without the will power there are retreats that structure time away from tech. >> it's an incredibly beautiful and sunny day. >> reporter: north carolina campgrounded four days of play. >> having a little anxiety but that's why i'm here. >> it is like a safety blanket.
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is tech heavy. >> i'm freaking out. i have no idea what i am going to do. >> reporter: campers went through a tech check. >> i agree to refrain. >> reporter: trading in their digital devices for analog activities. >> let go of some of the patterns of their daily lives like keeping track of time and schedule and being glued to their technology. >> reporter: participants say the digital detox has physical and psychological benefits. >> we're not saying that technology is everything is neutral. can be a medicine or a poison. >> reporter: taking time to stop and smell the roses instead of just instagramming them. mark barger, nbc news. >> marie: let's a talk about those benefits. well, when you take a digital detox of course you are more active. you are just not holding on to a phone the whole time and you sleep better. that blue light can interview with your sleep pattern.
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reduced anxiety level. our brain processes take a toll from information overload and excessive use of social media has been linked to depression. >> marie: another reason to unplug. turn it off. a man thankful to be alive after suffering a heart attack at the gym. >> reed: it wasn't with the help of any co-workers. who came to this man's rescue ahead. a death defying fight. you do see an animal expert on the scene. we'll tell you anchor though to the left, he perhaps could be up for hazard pay after this incident. [ laughter ] >> chloe: oh no. we never do that. winds picking up quite a bit this afternoon. looking at some cooler weather as we make our way into the labor day weekend.
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>> reed: we're going to talk about boating on the digital age. coming up on "news 3 live at 3:30". >> marie: i think that's the wrong video. we're supposed to be talking about the good stuff. not sure why you are looking at these images of facebook. julia in the booth. okay. we're talking about the good stuff once again. let's shine a light on people doing facebook we find these stories on facebook. >> reed: this is what it looks like when you take a show back from a computer. ohio man alive thanks to the quick thinking of a nurse. he has a heart attack. jay warren has the story. >> reporter: it was last monday here at l.a. fitness when the lives of two strangers could cross. sarah an r.n. just completed her workout.
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building. when i went to the front of the building i was there maybe one minute and when i heard a loud noise. >> reporter: that loud noise was made by jack bernard who had just finished a game of racquetball. >> i felt something coming on and i said well i'm going down. well that was the last thing i remember. >> reporter: he suffered a cardiac arrest and collapsed to this floor. helton rushed over. >> basically after he lost pulses and wasn't breathing he and shocked him with an automated external defibrillator. he remembers coming to in the ambulance. >> i remember being somewhat combative because i thought i was in a fight at that point. >> reporter: sharon jack's wife shutters to bring what could have been and explains when they met sarah. >> she came in the room and said you probably don't remember me. we said, no. >> reporter: but now they do. after learning what sarah did
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angel. >> we don't say luck we say blessings. it's been a miracle. >> if it weren't for sarah and her knowledge of cpr and the ability of an aed at l.a. fitness, i wouldn't be here. >> reporter: jack bernard is here and he has sarah helton to thank for it. and she didn't just save jack's life but the couple's life together as well. that is jay warren reporting. if you are a football fan demand especially for those ohio state football games. starting saturday one will always remain empty. here is why. one seat has been set aside as a special p.o.w./m. i. a. chair. it was placed in the horseshoe in honor of sacrifices of those who have served our country but have not yet returned home. a student came up with this brilliant idea calm of years ago and composed an email to school
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be in a stadium with 105,000 city seats and know all those seats will be filled but there's always one here right in front of the student section that will remain empty. >> reed: what a great idea. i think our friends at unlv should do this. the university officials estimate more than 2,000 osu students are connected to military in some way. >> marie: i could definitely see this tradition spreading to not just universities stadiums but stadiums everywhere right. boston anchor got into a surprise wrestling match on air today. wbz tv sports anchor steve burton was doing a segment with an animal expert. that man's name michael. when the alligator in his arm started acting up. >> come in closer. do they know each other? hold it tight. hold it tight. >> i am. i am.
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joanie you got it. [ laughter ] >> i promise i am. i'm really holding i swear. you saw that alligator started to flail in an attempt to escape the anchor's grasp. the gator no match for the anchor. he tried to hold firm until another animal expert could take over. they say that animals can pick up on your anxiety and nervousness. maybe that's what the alligator thought. you know what i have a feeling anchor man you just don't people feel anxiety holding an alligator. >> marie: that's true. what would you do in that situation? tweet us @marienews3lv, @reednews3lv, or the station @news3lv. >> reed: make sure to join the conversation on facebook. just hit that thumbs up like button there. search for ksnv news 3 las vegas. we love it when you hang out with us and chat with us on social media. we have a busy newsroom and they
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5:00 newscast. you can find one of these almost everywhere around the valley. but tonight those delicious taco trucks are at the center of a presidential campaign. at five, why the trucks are leading to a local protest at a congress member's office. that story and breaking news as it happens on "news 3 live at five." the holiday weekend headed our way and so are tourists. according to the las vegas convention and visitor's authority more than 300,000 visitors are expected to come to our valley. that's up more than 1,000 visitors from last year's estima roadways prepare for very busy drive. we're told that rtc expects heavy traffic this holiday weekend as an estimated 189,000 drivers are expected to drive through our valleys. >> marie: you know those tourists are in for a treat. it's going be so nice outside. >> reed: we're so glad they're coming and so glad that mother nature cooperated and our weather authority chloe beardsley to talk about that. >> chloe: for us it's going to
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going be like vegas isn't that hot. so a win either way. but we're tracking it right now. we're going take a look. you can see throughout the day the winds have been picking up in las vegas. take a look at those trees shaking quite a bit at las vegas day school. this is just over the past few hours. you can see temperatures still pretty warm around the area. 101 degrees right now southeast career and tech. also in the triple digits near lake mead. lots of people on the water show up to work today because it's so nice outside. 100 degrees for southeast. most of the neighborhoods are still in the triple digits at the moment. on the west side of town seeing more 90s, mid-90s for summerlin. 98 centennial. upper 90s at the lakes at the moment. the talker has been the winds picking up just out of the south. here is a look at the current conditions in our neighborhoods. you can see a little more of a breeze on the edges of town. wind gusts so far today have
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hour. the same breezy conditions tomorrow tomorrow nchl 32 miles an hour at lake mead. 26-mile-an-hour winds as well for mount charleston. temperatures still pretty toasty. but we're going see a decrease in temperatures this weekend. here's how the winds will look overnight. decreasing slightly over the next few hours before picking up again by tomorrow morning. outside it's pretty much picture perfect. we're going see the n weekend. as we take a look though at the southeast we do have an update on tropical storm hermine. you can see still moving through the carolinas. did downgrade to a tropical storm from hurricane status last night when it made landfall. winds sustained at 50 miles an hour. moving in a northeast direction at 20 miles an hour through the carolinas. we'll continue to update on later editions of news 3 on the progression of that storm. we've seen thunderstorms again
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arizona and portions of utah. as we get closer to the las vegas valley it's been a pretty dry day. the winds picking up this afternoon. we're going to see as slow pressure moves in those winds continue over the weekend with a slight cooling trend as we make our way into labor day. overnight tonight looking at temperatures dropping down into the upper 70s. near normal conditions with winds out of the southwest continuing ten to 15 miles an hour. highs tomorrow actually today. 98 degrees for projected high. near normal temperatures. the numbers are going to keep going down from there. winds will pick up by tomorrow afternoon. a great day to fly a kite for saturday. temperatures on the decrease into monday. dropping down to 91 degrees. and looks like into the next workweek slight increase. mid-90s on tap. lots of sunshine headed our way. >> reed: thanks. the weather couldn't be better
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be all over nevada, southern nevada to catch those games. if you are going one send your pictures and videos of your team on burst or share them on or facebook page and >> marie: thankfully the weather is going to be super nice. not just for the tourists. goes without saying we're all going to enjoy this awesome 90 degrees come monday. >> reed: be safe. make sure you spread the word at your parties no drinking and driving. the afternoon talking about that and good luck to all you
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