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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  September 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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dads? i'm reed cowan. >> i'm jim snyder. glad you are with us as we head into this busy weekend. already the holiday crowds are pouring in. it's our top story at 6:00. your weather authority, kevin janison, will have the oh, so important weekend forecast. will wind get in the way of a barbecue? >> we begin with denise rosch live at lake mead. park rangers are out in force. >> reporter: yeah, reed and jim, if you are looking fo mead is not for you. an estimated 100,000 people are expected out on the water and right over here at the entry station, don't let this lull fool you. it's been busy all day. rangers are asking everyone to play safe. it's the traffic jam boaters have learned to expect. >> we're one of the first ones on the water. >> reporter: long lines at the
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meet anthony and susan edwards from los angeles. >> basically, this is our first time launching this by ourselves. >> reporter: a lesson in team work. >> to the left. >> reporter: as labor day weekend begins. >> i'm just the driver. i don't know exactly but i could have stayed in california this weekend and never had to do this but she's the boss. >> repr: impaired boaters, reminding all visitors life jackets save lives. >> people don't leave an operator on the boat, everybody swims and then people exhaust themselves trying to catch up to the boat. >> reporter: he says while the water level is slowly rising after falling to an all-time low this summer, there's hidden
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all glass and see -- and styrofoam containers are banned. >> do you have a current one? this is expired. >> reporter: this boat cannot launch. meanwhile, anthony and susan are almost there. a lot of work for a few hours of play. the unintended definition of labor day. are you giving her a hard time? >> always. >> repr: a little choppy for boaters, swimmers and hair. for more on the forecast, let's throw it to kevin janison who will tell me when i can take this hat off. >> reporter: my hair is not moving at all. i'm kind of jealous, denise. i wish i had your hair. wind will be a factor. not so much in the morning but tomorrow afternoon we could experience gusting over 30 miles
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breezy period. again, more gusts over 30 miles an hour. the last telltale sign of the child that's been around with these flat clouds probably over denise at the lek and off to the east, it's clear. skies will clear hout tonight. with a disturbance coming in off the pacific, the pacific rather than the south, temperatures are going to cool. we had our last triple digit high for today for about a week. the high temperatures this there will be some winds to deal with. we'll spell it out with the forecast a few minutes away. >> thank you, kevin. if you are getting ready to hit the road, look in the right direction outside of the windshield and fair warning, extra police patrols will join you. many will be focused on the stretch of the 15 between primm
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busiest spots for holiday travel. our crews were out there this morning. we saw dozens of drivers ticketed for speeding. the zero tolerance crackdown continues and officers from the nevada highway patrol and california highway patrol are joining together for that. let's give you a live look at that stretch now from one of the dash-cams out there. gotta tell you for this -- getting into the evening hour on a friday does not look bad at all. that would be the incoming traffic on the left side. pretig las vegas convention and visitors authority, is won't stay that way for long as people get off work in l.a. and hint the road. 300,000 people are coming to las vegas to enjoy this holiday weekend. now to a developing story and a potential danger to the community. north las vegas police say this guy right here, alonso parers was being questioned in connection with a murder when he escaped. we first told you about this
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told you about this as breaking news at 5:00. >> he was in -- he was in cuffs. he managed to take off in this white truck. a big ford f-250 with nevada plates 26 c 819. if you see this truck that he grabbed or peres, don't bother are crimestoppers because they consider this guy dangerous of. so call 911 right away. to north las vegas where a church was set on fire after midnight. our sources tell someone used a molotov cocktail to light the fire. news 3's antonio castelan is live outside of the church near fifth and lake mead. a lot of people upset over this going into the weekend. any suspects come up yet? >> reporter: reed, north las vegas police, they don't have many leads. there are no cameras at this church. sources say the arsonist threw a
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this is where the fire started. >> i mean, it's like how could they do this? >> reporter: this woman depends on the holy trinity african methodist episcopal church survive. every friday the church passes out food for the homeless. so when she came here today, she couldn't believe someone tried to set it on fire. >> they help a lot of at the church after midnight. the church is located near fifth and lake mead. sources say the arsonist threw a molotov cocktail at the front of the church. the flames caught the curtains and parts of the ceiling on fire. firefighters were able to catch the blaze before it spread. this parishioner walked up to find the damage. >> it's very sad. it's terrible. it's terrible. >> reporter: north las vegas police have not said if this is a hate crime.
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is hateful. i would say when one burns someone's home, it's hateful. >> reporter: reverend sinthyia pitts whoever did this is forgiven. >> i'm not upset about it. the church is not upset about it. we hope they get the help they need. >> reporter: they say he or she, the arson i to church on sunday. is. >> thank you for that. two people died of gunshots within a matter of minutes and a few miles. one of the deaths was an accident, according to detectives. but the shooting that left a man dead in an alley here near twain and paradise was no accident. metro detectives say the man was shot at close range, left there to die. it happened before 8:00. so far no arrests. if you know anything about this crime, call crimestoppers. the man found minutes later
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shooting. it happened at lake mead and mlk near the basketball court. the person believed to be responsible did talk with police. the case will be handed to the d.a.'s office. the angry is only intensifying in a southern nevada community over blasting at a nearby construction site. police say it's cracking their homes. we were there today when a county commissioner showed up to talk with those homeowners. live. nate, those folks are telling you they are getting desperate. >> reporter: i'm standing near cactus and jones. this is the area with you all of -- where all of the blasting is going on. neighbors say this is too close for comfort. a large boom and rattle an explosion that homeowners say is responsible for splitting walls,
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after the blasting occurred. >> reporter: wesco drilling and company is the company behind the park, part of a major development to dig into this land and build hundreds of new homes. while some residents plan to file a lawsuit, many feel like they've been ignored by people in power. today susan brager speaking to homeowners. >> that rattling is my home. that's my house shacng earthquake. >> tell me -- were you on your balcony? >> yes. >> reporter: brager hearing concerns over safety and a lack of notification about the blasting. >> i want to know how that gets stopped until we're able to make sure what's happening, why it's happening. did you have any pictures? >> reporter: residents hoping for help as they say their homes are crumbling right in front of them. >> i was delivered a letter saying this wasn't going to cause any damage.
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involved in this development project on tuesday. in the meantime, the blasting will remain on hold at least through the holiday weekend. i'm nathan o'neal, news 3. >> let's hope they get that worked out. changes could be coming to nevada's legal brothels. they are in pahrump and nye county. >> they include stricter oversight and higher fees and the top man in the business feels singled out. tonight. it's about tacos and who is it aimed at. and the man who raped a girl is out of prison early.
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products
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trump says he'll make america great again while
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welcome back. brothels low kited -- located in nye county could soon have to pay more to stay in business. >> new at 6:00, alexis fernandez has been talking with the guy who owns most of the brothels. >> reporter: the proposed new codes backed by the nye county commissioner could change could you the county regulates brothels like this one. existing brothels codes. new regulations for bros and an increase in licensing fees. dennis hof who owns five brothels says he's being targeted. >> i can't afford any fee increases. i would like the county to only increase me as much as you want to increase any other business. >> reporter: background checks will increase from $5,000 to
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say the money is needed. >> they should be paying more. we're the only county that has the brothels. nobody else has them. >> i think they should pay more. they don't have much money for the city here. pahrump is a mess. >> reporter: the changes would create more transparency about who is financing a brothel and when they should be checked. >> i'm also concerned about who is -- who gets vetted. are you gonna keep the laws the way it be developed? >> reporter: nye county leaders who declined to go on camera, are asking the sheriff to investigate two brothels for illegal tearing. hof says there's never been an issue until now. >> it's totally political. i'm running district 36. it's a way to put me in the news in a negative light. that's all it is. >> officials with the nye county declined to speak on camera about the proposed codes. they plan to address the matter
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tuesday. reporting from pahrump, alexis fernandez, news 3. straight to another controversy. the founder of latinos for trump under fire for how he's defending trump's immigration policy. >> we have a problem. the -- the needs of the -- of many are the needs of the few. my culture is very dominant. it's causing problems. if you don't do something about it, you will have tau toe trucks every corner. >> they responded by hosting a rally in front of joe heck's office. at the center of that rally sat a taco truck. the group want heck to disavow donald trump and his campaign. they are making it clear that comments like those from marco gutierrez are purposely inflammatory and nothing else. >> they are not speaking out of
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coherently about any type of policy. >> this comes on the heels with troupe's historic meeting with the president of mexico, to stop the flow of undocumented immigrants and drugs flowing into the country. for most of you, the holiday weekend has begun and we want to focus on a fantastic forecast. >> news 3 is your weather authority and kevin jan i what to expect and we have a feeling it will be good. >> reporter: are you talking about the weather or the food? one of the highlights coming to first friday, all of these wonderful food trucks. we found spud shots. who came up with that name? actually, my boss, cheryl. >> it's her own little creation. it's a wonderful bite. >> reporter: show us what you have.
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bites, onions, bacon, and we deep-fry them and sell with a chipotle ranch. >> reporter: and they kind of warm the soul? >> yes, they do. if you are a potato and bacon fan, this is what to get. >> this is a fan favorite. >> this is. it's a good seller for us. it's potato skin nachos. we roast it in there fo buy tom tomatoes, sour cream. guacamole is homemade. >> reporter: spud shots. now we have to talk about the weather. we hit 102 for the high temperature. hope you got out to enjoy it. last triple digit high temperature for a while. in fact, we'll see double digits through the labor day weekend. next stop after the highs, the winds, they will be a factor.
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tomorrow afternoon and sunday the winds could be blowing most of the day with some gusts tomorrow over 30 miles per hour. hermine continues to track north-northeast. we've seen some brutal rainfall totals in parts of florida. we're talking 18 to 22 inches. they won't be that heavy in parts of north carolina and virginia but there will be some flooding that will be reported. as we fly on home, the only thing we're focusing in on is the system off the pacific. winds and bringing in the cooler temperatures. overnight lows mid-50s on the mountain. mid-60s in pahrump. probably see 70s everywhere else. including 76 in boulder city and then high temperatures tomorrow afternoon, okay. mid os on the mountain. on -- mid-70s on the mountain. the clouds will continue to clear off. then tomorrow with plenty of snipe, breezy in the afternoon.
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hour and maybe over that. high temperature should top out at 98. check out the seven-day forecast. oh, my. labor day weekend in las vegas. desert rats are running for the hills. 92 on sunday. 91 monday. and those 90s keep on keeping on right into the first full week of september. besides all of the wonderful food, there are several stages for entertainment. our friends at team be performing at 6:a. 6:-- 6:45. they come in all ages and sizes. this theme is the '70s. my friend back here with the fro. it brings back the memories i had. mine was even bigger than that. don't they look great? they are from all over the las vegas valley. they put on quite a show.
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minutes. jim and reed? >> a lot of good food. >> yeah. >> a lot of kids saying we got our first week of school over with and we're gonna dance. well, jared fogle is preparing his next legal maneuver. >> he's going after parents of one warm front accusers. he says the parents are to blame for his sex crime. up next, when y your respects to a local world war ii, a guy who we loved here at news 3, gaetano benza.
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we see a lot of colorful characters here in the valley. the map who claims to be the duke of manchester england. he won't be getting out of jail as he awaits trial. attorneys for him say they are concerned about his mental state. they say he injury during an attack in las vegas. prosecutors say he's in jail for burglary and filing a fake police report. well, the judge denied his release today saying he poses a threat to the community if released. hey, we know there is a lot of interest in it. we wanted to let you know about the services that are planned for world war ii veteran, gaetano benza. we told you a few nights ago he passed away at the age of 91.
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years whenever we needed perspective on the war and the people who fought it. i met him at a pancake breakfast on rainbow. they were raising money for honor flight to the send the vets back to washington, d.c. it wasn't just us. he loved to share his experiences with everyone he met. we introduced you to his sons. his visitation is monday, labor day, between noon and 4:00 at the palm mortuary in las vegas. and his funeral is tuesday morning at the southern nevada veterans memorial cemetery out in boulder city. >> somebody tells me dana wagner will be tending flowers or attending. he has such a heart for veterans as many of us. hurricane hermine is a very powerful tropical storm. it's taking aim at the east coast. some of the damage left behind in florida. and a young man convicted of rape walks free after only three months in jail.
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all right. now to a story that's engaged so many people. the swimmer who received a six-month sense for russian is out of jail. >> as new photos after his release are being released, brock turner got out early for previous time served.


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