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tv   News 3 Live at Six- Thirty  NBC  September 2, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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all right. now to a story that's engaged so many people. the swimmer who received a six-month sense for russian is out of jail. >> as new photos after his release are being released, brock turner got out early for previous time served.
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the photos show turner four hours after his arrest in january of 2015 and you can see all of the marks on his hands, back and stomach. >> two college students tackled him when they saw him on top. up conscious victim. kim hutcherson explains the outrage and why some of it is directed at the judge in the case. >> reporter: just after 6:00 local time on friday, brock turner walked out of six-month sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. >> he should have never been in our jail. he should have been in prison. he's been released from custody. >> reporter: he was arrested in january of 2015 and charged with three felonies. emwas -- he was convicted on all counts. instead of the six-year sentence recommended by the prosecutors,
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months. turner found himself in the national spotlight and the subject of protests when his victim's impact statement went viral. >> to read those words and he only got three months. the message that the judge sent to all survivors, including this victim, is your pain isn't valid. it doesn't matter. >> reporter: the judge has been the subject of protests. there could be other consequences. >> we believe that the judge against women and we do not think that he is the best we can do for a judge in santa clara county and we believe the voters will agree with us. and so we're going to be working towards his recall. >> reporter: turner will have to register as a sex offender. now he's expected to return to his family's home in ohio. kim hutcherson, news 3. >> if you remember last week, we told you that the judge is being reassigned to the court's civil
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lawsuits, not crimes. that happened at his own request. former subway front man jared fogle is suing the parents of a girl. two parents filed a lawsuit against fogle on behalf of their daughter identified as jane doe. the suit says was a guest at the home of one of fogle's b associates, russell taylor, and was secret videoed while showering. they are seeking $300,000 in damages and emotional distress. guess what. now fogle's attorneys have filed suit claiming her parents caused her emotional distress because of an abusive relationship. alcohol abuse and fighting with the victim. you. tropical storm hermine is making its way up the east coast tonight. the storm left one person dead. this widespread flooding and thousands of people without
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category 1 storm just before 2:00 in the morning there. we'll show you more of the damage left behind. this is alligator point, south of tallahassee, as you can see. some of the roads buckled. a 56-year-old man was killed when a tree fell on his tent. and people who live in the area say they are just gonna have to pick up the pieces and move >> gotta keep on living. go back to the house and start cleaning up our yard. i don't know what we'll -- we're working ong the house. -- working ong the house. >> even though hermine has been downgraded to a tropical storm, it could still bring 10 inches of rain in this the carolinas and georgia. the finn is releasing notes
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releasing notes when they had their interview with hillary clinton. this shows her staff unaware of the state policies on e-mail use. the fbi has turned the documents over several congressional committees. you might remember james comey announced that the agency would not recommend criminal charges clinton. the commission on presidential debate says nightly news anchor lester holt will moderate the first debate on, on september 26th in new york. the second of eight on october 9th. a town hall-style format will be co-moderated by anderson cooper. that one will be at washington university in st. louis and, of
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that's on october 19th. it will be moderated by chris wallace. one of our goals is to give you a voice in this very important race. we want to hear from you. what would you ask hillary clinton or donald trump? send them to us or post them on the facebook page. jill stein won't be on the green party argued the secretary of state should accept additional signatures for the ballot. she collected almost 8600 but fell short by 647. the party asks the judge to order secretary of state barb cegavske to accept additional signatures. the hacking of voter data in illinois is not as bad as originally thought. earlier this week, state
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now they are saying it's closer to 90,000. according to the state board of elections, records of about 700 specific voters were accessed an those people are being notified. another 86,000 records were strongly suspected to have been viewed. they say hackers targeted records because they can make money off selling that personal information. still ahead tonight -- a speeding car crashes into a river. >> and is captured on a what police are saying about the driver and what happened before it crashed. and it's week two of high school football. we'll have a preview of the action you will see later
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this week russia eased escalating tensions in europe by announcing it about exercises. the buildup along the borders has raised concerns about maybe a new cold war. a lot of people were worried that russia had intentions similar to what they did in ukraine. the u.s. sent troops and heavy machinery toward the russian border as a deterrent. that included the unit are
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message. >> i think there are conditions out there that prompted our response. and the decisionmakers within washington within the pentagon have said, there's enough going on in the world right now that we need to forward -- move units to assure the nato alliance. >> this could be much bigger, couldn't it? >> it could be yes. it can be scaled up and down. there will be armored brigades i think that's a firm commitment from the united states. >> in the bidup of troops on the borders has reinvigorated the debate on nato's purpose and the future. you can watch more on this store on "full measure" at 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. pretty amazing this guy is still alive. >> just a take a look
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speeding down the street and straight into a river. it happened in maine. the man suffered a medical emergency. >> a guy who saw what happened ran toward the pickup truck to help him and amazingly, the guy inside was able to get out himself and he walked away with just minor injuries. now we want to give you a look at some of the stories for news 3 live at 7:00. >> a single mother's car totaled in a crash. and beyond to help her back on the road. and a tree crashes on a house. why this isn't the only damage in this same community today. those stories and any breaking news as it happens tonight at 7:00. well, the holiday weekend is here and we have your very important holiday forecast. >> and it's shaping up to be one of the best labor day weekends. a lot of us can remember. kevin janison is here to tell us about it. he's having fun at first friday
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the garden has escaped. the entire garden has left. we have katie and carolyn here. katie, what do we have going on? >> we have in circus decouture. we'll be at the joint october 7th at 7:00 p.m. this is some of the fashion we have. it's a full-on production full of dancers, clothes. >> reporter: and you are raising money for? >> children with cancer. >> reporter: i would try that but i wouldn't know what shoes. okay. the big labor day weekend forecast, let's get right to it. 1012 for the high today. -- 102 for the height today. breeze gusts to 30 miles an
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the story has been hermine racing up through the carolinas and southeastern virginia. dropped huge rainfall totals in parts of florida. they shouldn't be as heavy but still flooding expected as it moves to the mid-atlantic states. we have a system in the this pacific. it will slide through. as it does, it the winds will usher in some cooler temperatures. yeah, cooler temperatures for labor day weekend. let me show you the numbers. 50s on the mountain. the lake tops out at 100. for the las vegas valley tonight, we're going down to 77 degrees. we'll continue to clear out. a few clouds remain to the east. tomorrow, the bounceback, 98. that will be the warmest day for a while. the winds pick up in the afternoon. they will probably blow through sunday. sunday's high in the seven-day forecast, 93. labor day, 91 and we'll stay in
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week. back live now with our friends at first friday, we came across bulldoggies. i was looking at this wonderful menu. i came across the angry dog. >> pretty spicy. you have a bun, all-beef angus dog and slaw in there mixed with soy and some ginger and then you get the fiery mayo on there. that's what spices it up. we and peppers. >> reporter: are you saying, i have to eat this? and then you are ticked off? >> no. you are happy. it fills you up. it's just right. >> reporter: it should be a happy dog. >> we have more. endless dogs, burgers and fries. the best in the world. >> reporter: they are piled up in front of bulldoggies.
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got them hungry. >> i think everybody should come down here. you will never look at hot dogs the same. >> his goal was to make us hungry, he succeeded. >> thank you, kevin janison. want to talk sports. amber is here with more on tonight eight addition of "operation football." >> i know you will be here but for the folks at home, tune in tonight at friday night lights, they sure are bright and the pigskins, they will be slinging throughout southern nevada. it is week two of high school football and one of the eight games we'll be at is battle mountain at the meadows. that's where we find randy howe. randy, those meadows mustangs are looking to go 2-0 tonight. >> reporter: you are exactly
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they took a bus here today of seven hours. they will leave after the game. but both teams made it to the two-way playoffs. both were bounced in the first round. there they are warming up. they are the bad guys tonight taking on the mustangs. they haven't played a game yet but the meadows have. 40-8 they won on the road last week. it will be a great game. how about our game of the week bishop gorman. they will be florida, the gales coming back from that big win with texas over 30 on the road. the gales will have the cocoa tigers. they upset a team last week, knocking off trinity christian academy. the tigers are ranked 6th in the state of florida. they had a huge rushing attack.
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cocoa is gonna bring it. >> they are good. i mean, they just got -- they are number 30 in the country. i think they are the four-time defending champion out of florida. they have some of the top players in the country, the top corners. i mean, when you beat a team like that, your resume gets hyped up a little bit more. but they've played in the last four semifinal state championship games in florida. they are always right there. we >> reporter: all right. in fact, the last time the gaels last who games again, it was booker t. washington, ranked number two in the poll behind the gaels. tonight, it's cocoa, florida. when they play this game this week, next week they take on california. a tough, tough schedule for the
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we'll have highlights at 11:00. back to you, amber. >> thank you. doesn't get any easier for bishop gorman. here is a look at the other games. cheyenne at canyon springs. utah taking on harborview. shadowridge plays el dorado, desert hills utah plays at foothill, the cowboys go to the home of the wolves and rancho plays at desert pines. catch these "operation football" at 11:00. we're looking to make stars in the fans. upload your moments by using burst. you can also find a link on our twitter and facebook pages. fans of unlv's football team have been lighting it up after
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night. it's the first time the rebels have gone 1-0 since 2009. while senior defensive back tori who returned this interception for the score last night says that's motivating. he said the rebels are also taught a short memory. unlv visits the bulls september 10th. >> this will be a momentum where we celebrate for 24 hours and after that we're back to work. we're focusing on ucla. another advantage that they have for playing on thursday, tomorrow they will get to see ucla play against texas a&m. get a little sneak peek of the competition. >> bigger tasks on the way than last night. >> oh, yeah. they are feeling good. but only 24 hours to celebrate. all right.
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these earpieces in our ear. >> but look at this, alligator
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we love studio gets. many -- guests. many times they are animals. check this out. >> hold him tight.
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burton. apparently gator got spooked by something nearby. not too happy to be there. >> . >> he said get me back to my
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right now -- a religious community outraged after someone set fire to their church. the pastor's message of peace to the person responsible. a murder suspect escapes the police bureau this morning. what police say he did and what to do if you see him.
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tree falls on a home. all caught on camera. why this isn't the only damage in the community today. well, they are calling it just plain cruel. las vegas police investigating arson at a local church. thank you for joining us. i'm reed cowan. >> i'm marie mortera. the arsonist used a molotov cocktail. this is our top story. antonio castelan s t congregation recovering from the setback. >> reporter: church members can't believe someone tried to set their church on fire. crews are fixing the destruction left behind. everyone out there said it's very important that the arsonist who did this get caught soon. >> i wanted to cry. it's like how could they do? >> reporter: carol frost depends on the holy trinity african methodist episcopal church to


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