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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  September 3, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> anchor: right now on news 3 live today. on the hunt. police catch an accused killer. moments later he escapes. coming up. how he was able to get away in the first place. and shocking terror plot. terrifying plan was in motion to take place in brazil during the olympics. how authorities found out. we will explain coming up. and colin kaepernick's decision to sit during the national anthem. gets attention. what a police union plans to do because of the actions of the athlete. news 3 starts right now. >> live from las vegas, this is news 3 today. >> anchor: good morning. thank you for joining us, as we look live outside at the las vegas valley. today is saturday september 3.
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looking nice. a lot of you starting a long holiday weekend. what exactly will it feel like out there? jerry brown is the man with the plan. good morning jerry. good weekend so far, right? >> weather: so far. getting better. today going to be the warmest of the three holiday weekend days, an hour ago, put it in motion. heading toward 6:14 sunrise. flush of color in eastern sky. few clouds around. and it is 81 degrees down on the strip. at 12 percent. we can handle that. cooler west. jones lake mead, 72 degrees. and more humid. but those figures coming down. temperatures generally in 70s. few low 80s, green valley, warmer thermometer. palo verde at 80. and southern nevada 59 on the mountain. 79 down at boulder city. and pahrump, nye county n at 75 degrees. and what moisture there is has
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and today we will look at a nice one. peaking near 99. 100 or two on east side of the valley. and big story is breezes developing through later in the afternoon. 90 mid-morning. 97 mid afternoon. southwest wind at 18. noticeable. 95 by 6:00. down from after afternoon high. and looking ahead to, well, that'sna. show you the night forecast. i will show you that later on. police are on the hunt for an accused killer this morning. they did have the man in custody but somehow he slipped out of the room where he was being questioned. and news 3 christie wilcox has the story. >> reporter: officers looking for perez. call 911 if you see him or know his whereabouts. >> due to recent instances, homicide last weekend. and prior criminal history.
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suspected of killing father mohammad robinson saturday by mcdonald's off las vegas boulevard and peckcos. arrested perez friday morning 10:00 a.m. three hours later he escaped police custody. and perez was in handcuffs but managed to breakout. >> when they came in, he was placed in a room. and after turning the handcuffs, he broke in and fled. >> reporter: officer patty said he stole a white 2006 ford c 819, after getting out of the building where detectives interviewed him. >> he may be in that vehicle, or may not be. we are looking for that. >> reporter: these are photos of him during the interview. he was wearing a white jersey with number 21. they say at this point he could have ditched the clothes and stolen truck. but he has other identifying marks on his neck close to the ear. >> he has a distinct tattoo
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so does not say air jordan but logo under the left ear. >> reporter: cristee wilcox. >> anchor: in rio this morning group connected to isis plotted a chemical attack during the olympics. one suspect posting under alias in a telegram saying quote, have you imagined a bio chemical tack contaminating water station. end quote. would be terrorists were vocal about gay orlando. court documents say one of the men said he liked the attack using laughing emojis and celebrating number of dead and wounded. documents say they were inspired by boston marathon bombing in 2013. which killed three and wounded 264 others. and this morning all 12 men are behind bars in brazil. and each face up to 30 years in federal prison. man that claims to be british royalty not allowed to leave las
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several charges. police say alexander manchester said he is a 13th duke of manchester in england. attorneys are concerned about mental condition adding he suffered a head injury during an attack in june here in vegas. prosecutors say he is in jail on charges for three different crimes, that include burglary and filing fake police report. judge denied release friday saying he posed a threat to the community if he is released. and back to basics. at least when it comes to chemicals in anti-bacterial soaps saying there is no evidence they stop the spread of germs. news 3 kelsey thomas explains why soaps may pose greater risks to you and your family. >> reporter: our request for clean may be doing more harm than good. anti-bacterial soaps promise to fight germs but fda said you do not need them. >> it makes sense.
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evidence that anti-bacterial soaps work better than plain soap and water. >> we think helps superbugs or multiple drug resistant bugs. >> reporter: affected by ban, 2100 products. 40 percent of soap and body washes on the market. the concern? 19 chemical ingredients found in these products. these chemicals are not found to actually cause harm to the consumer. what they are doing is university removing they provide a benefit that they do not provide. >> shoppers not surprised. >> soap and water is the most clean that you can use. >> it is better to use soap and water. my parents used it. we use it. they are healthy. >> reporter: take away. stick to washing with soap and water. rule-of-thumb, 20 seconds job just wash your hands to the tune of abc or happy birthday and
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14 people are dead this morning. after suspected extremist group detonated a bomb. where it happened. up next. and one man claims he is the oldest living man in the entire world. and how old he said he is and how he said he can prove i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. four years ago i was diagnosed with breast cancer but early treatment saved my life. so i'm really outraged that joe heck voted ten times to defund planned parenthood which thousands of nevada women depend on for cancer screenings. congressman heck even threatened to shut down the federal government
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>> anchor: welcome back. news around the world. president of the philippines declared a nationwide state of lawlessness. after suspected extremist detonated a bomb that killed 14 people and wounded about 70 others in his hometown. he visited the bomb victims in a hospital near inspection scene of friday knife attack at the night market in downtown city of
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spokesman for islamic group has claimed responsibility for the blast. near a jesuit run university and five star hotel. country president said that investigators were looking at other possible suspects including drug lords which he has targeted in the past during crack downs. and security was tightened around the vatican. one day before mother teresa is becoming a saint. thousands gathered in st. peter's to attend the jubilf when nun will be declared a saint by pope francis. more than 100,000 people expected to be in attendance. including 13 heads of state of government, security is a concern given that isis has said roam is ultimate target as seat of christianity. indonesian man claims to be world's oldest living person at age 146. he has an identity card and memories of the 19th century.
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but impossible to verify the age. survived four wives and said secret is relaxing and taking it easy. and coming up right here on news 3 live today. some people are not too happy after colin kaepernick decided to sit during national anthem. what police union may do all because of his actions. and a look at the morning sports
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>> anchor: as outer banks of north carolina waits for hermine. one couple does not let it interrupt their plans. went ahead you can see took wedding photos on the beach. couple visiting from arizona
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norm stride. they came to carolinas to get married on the beach. and while they may not say i do in front of the waves they weekend they mine as well get pictures out of it while they are there. so definitely jerry, a silver lining up of situation. taking some good with, maybe not so good weather conditions especially when it comes to the weather weekend. when it comes to our weekend at home things are looking good. >> weather: let's hope their relationship is not as stormy as what is show you a satellite shot of the tropical storm. but first. talk about our own weather. nice labor day weekend coming up. the culmination is labor day. which is exquisite. today warmer of the three days. put it in motion. from springs preserve. over the last hour. you can start to see the sun -- about to start glistening on buildings. we have sunrise at 6:14. and over at the springs
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winds are calm. not the story later. humidity comfortable at 15 percent. and cooler at buffalo cheyenne. 73 degrees. again winds are calm. humidity up a tad. and down in henderson 83 degrees. winds, 1 miles an hour. big deal. 13 percent relative humidity. downtown at the studios. 77 degrees. southeast las vegas near sam boyd. 77. 79 in summerlin. temperatures are uniform. few low 80s moving down to the 58 up on mount charleston. 73 pahrump. mid 80s over in eastern clark k at mesquite. over ton cooler at 76 degrees. and closer to water. boulder city. 80 degrees. and officially 80 degrees out at the airport. it is 68 in los angeles. and 56 reno. and 52 up in salt lake. nationally not a lot going on central part of the country. but you saw the wedding ceremony on the beach in north carolina.
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east-northeast at 21 miles an hour is the movement and looks like it will be a rainy day up along the delmarva peninsula. and into the south shore of jersey. not a good beach day today. for us, skies are clear. some clouds you can see over in central nevada. that's along a front that is stationary. not coming in us to. we will talk about sunny skies today. and nothing going on on valley doppler radar. so 99 on the far east side of the valle developing. i think, low 90s in summerlin and westside. and highs today. from the, let's see, low 90s up in indian springs to about 104 down in laughlin. 101 in over ton. death valley, usual hot stuff. but 110 is not bad. 101 on lake with water temperature of 81. caution boaters, winds will pick up 20-to-30 miles an hour by this afternoon. on the mountain again, windy afternoon. with afternoon highs around 71
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and mid 70s is our norm for tomorrow morning. we will be in low 70s actually. so take it. breezy though. southwest winds persisting. and i am not sure what happened here. let's move ahead. let's go to our seven day. which should come up. we have a problem here. let me keep going. all right. we will get it, hold on. hold on. there we go. seven-day forecast. and you can see mid 90s by the mid 92 on labor day. that means 80s most of the day. that's a joy for -- we have had hot labor days around here. overnight lows dipping down to 60s. so i am calling it sustained break from hot stuff. and definitely we will take it. what do you think? >> anchor: looks good. 92 on the holiday. around the nation retired nfl player lawrence taylor arrested friday under suspicion of d.u.i.
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bentley into a motor home and sideswiped a patrol vehicle while switching lanes in palm beach gardens. bentley hit patrol car's mirror and no significant damage to the vehicle. and no injuries have been reported. and this happens to be not taylor's first run in with law. hall of famer has had a string of legal troubles since retiring. that includes an arrest for having sex with a minor. and getting busted not once but twice for leaving the scene of once in 1996. and again in 2009. both in florida. and colin kaepernick's decision on sit during national anthem could lead to lack of security at san francisco 49er games. hispanic police union that affects more than half of the paid volunteers security force for games at levi stadium might not work this season. the union sent the 49ers a letter saying they are upset over kaepernick's blanket
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and they are also upset that organization allowed him to wear socks at practice showing pigs in police uniforms. president of the santa clair police union said 49er should treat the quarterback how any company treats other employees. >> 49ers are letting this come out from an employee and making a hostile work environment for us at the stadium. >> anchor: 49ers so far are standing by statement made this week. and in that statement the respects kaepernick's first amendment right to freedom of expression. which includes not participating in the national anthem. >> anchor: and now taking things here local. randy howe has morning sports update. >> reporter: today unlv team has day off. but you can bet revels will watch ucl a-game. bruins visit texas a&m and welcome unlv saturday. and while rebels say 50-point
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heck, first time they have gone 1-0 since 2009. they also have been taught to have a short memory. focus turns now to ucla. team the associated press ranks 16th in the country. >> this is big momentum booster but we have 24 hour rule. we celebrate 24 hours and then back to work. so we will focus on ucla. >> report too. but what team will watch altogether, is film from thursday. >> there is a ton of stuff to get better at. great thing is our guys know that. pursuing excellence. so we will watch every snap of the film. break it down. we will find a lot we can fix and get better at. >> anchor: today former rebel nora looks to continue so far
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bank championship. and phil mickelson look into do opposite in first round action friday. he was even par through five holes until some six hole heart ache. second shot on par-4. and found high weeds next to water and proceeded to turn the club into a weed whacker, after two attempts he decided to just go back and take a drop. no failure. ball did not go he had a quadruple bogey eight for best score in boston. and meanwhile he climbed quietly into the lead. he and hahn each shot six under 65. they share the lead going into round. two and when las vegas native kris bryant had this catch yesterday. his cubs had the lead over the giants. but one way to keep the lead is with great defense.
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and cubs win 2-1. to move a season high 40 games over 500. that's all for sports. back to you. >> anchor: and, of course, thank you to amber for that. and now the words guarantee profits are powerful if you are looking to invest your money. but in this morning rip off alert. there are no sure signs when it comes to investing. >> reporter: no guarantees and no mattr experts say do your own research. >> we will hit great opportunities for investment. and the monies, we have five whales up and running producing. and i can send the information. >> reporter: so former kentucky oil man thought he had nothing to lose by reading the information. >> guy was persistent and sent me a sheet saying buy in 10 percent, 15, 20 percent, five
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every month royalty. guaranteed. >> reporter: guaranteed is powerful word and raburn heard of people making money in oil and gas field and decided to invest along with 200 others. after the first 30 days he expected a residual check. >> first month went by. i got nothing. >> reporter: he called. and repeatedly. no one answering. and he traced the oil and gas fraud to jon g westing. and hism telemarketers. >> they are charming. seem to be able to befriend people. talk their way into people's lives. and they are good at getting things for nothing or for cheap. >> reporter: westing was already on probation when arrested in this case. he served more than 20 years in federal prison for run in in essence same type of scheme. he went to prison back in 1991. so within months back at it. i don't think he knows any
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devastateed. >> just made me mad. i wanted to see him punished. >> anchor: when it comes to investing, check the company online and with bbb to see if there are complaints. with rip off alert. marie mortera news 3. >> anchor: thank you. labor day weekends is here. and this means that many of are you getting ready to hit the road. this is rich margo. i can tell you with honest one auto care you are here to everyone gets to their destinations and back home safely, right? >> all about safety and efficiency. fuel prices have not gone down much and back up on the rise with summer. so some of the things you need to look for. is better ways to get fuel economy. and make sure that your vehicle up to par. tire pressure is set right, that actually has a big impact on fuel economy. and make sure that you are not having any warning lights on.
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and great idea is usually to get a preroad trip inspection done. i know in our shop we do that for free. we can go do it 21-point safety inspection. and just to make sure that all the belts and hoses are up to par. and especially pay attention to pretrip inspection if you have unusual lights on. noises. smells. if you are leaking any fluid. always a good idea to get that checked out before you go. >> anchor: before you hit the road and paying attention to indt smells or noises going on with the vehicle. there are things you give to have in the car if you have an emergency. right? >> safety is a big factor. so make sure that you will have a can of like fix a flat tire air. and lug wrench, if you have to get the wheel off. you need to use, that jumper cables. speaking of electronics. cell phone chargers. and also a tire pressure gauge f 1 of your tires looks low,
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it. first aid kit. always a big deal. if you are traveling with kids. obviously, as well you want to make sure that they are entertained during the trip. so love -- load up tablets with movies and play list and have chargers. and make sure that they have their head phones. >> phone charger is important. now let's expand on, you were saying free. people love that word. lots of viewers awake this morning getting ready to hit the road. how can they see you. springs and arorra grand. so across the street from green valley high. we are up at 7:00. if they are up. come in. free inspection and we will take care of them. >> anchor: thank you so much. i am sure you will get lots of visitors this morning. rich thank you for joining us.
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. four years ago i wasas diagnosd with breast cancer but early treatment saved my life. so i'm really outraged that joe heck voted ten times to defund planned parenthood which thousands of nevada women depend on for cancer screenings. congressman heck even threatened to shut down the federal government
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>> anchor: wild weather,
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eastcoast. and coming up, why there is growing concern that it could intensify this weekend. and public outrage, many are not happy after brock turner was released from jail. hear what some said about sudden release, next. and later in video vault. how would you do a five minute weather forecast without a computer graphic and in a town where they seldom make changes. tom hawley takes us back to 60s. news 3 today. >> anchor: good morning. thank you so much for joining us. we are looking live at the las vegas valley. it is saturday september 3. expect it to be a good day. good holiday weekend. as we get you your local forecast this morning. jerry brown i know later in the news, that we will go back in time with tom hawley. but i can say, hey you have the skills, right? >> weather: i have been
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weekend setting up. today will be hottest of the three days. and we could see triple digits like we are talking about 100, 101 east side of the valley. most of us in the 90s. sunrise officially at 7:14. 77 downtown studios. quite nice, east-southeast wind at four -- south-southeast, this is live. anemometer updating. that's rising. humidity coming down now in teens. franklin here, cooler at 74. and you can see 70s generally with 80s down in the southeast valley. also over to the southwest, 80 at mountain's edge. across the region. 86 at mesquite. 78 boulder city. 75 pahrump. and batie 62 degrees currently. clouds well they are not a lot of them. frontal system over central nevada will not be visiting us. stationary at the moment.
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utah. that won't affect us. 90 by mid-morning. 97 at 2:00. and winds are noticeably up southwest at 18. and staying in 15 to 20 miles an hour range, at least, through early evening. 95 degrees. looking at afternoon high of 99 degrees. and then overnight tonight. low 70s. which is refreshing. we are talking about some lows in 60s this coming work week. it will continue to be breezy. breezes will be around tomorrow. and temperatures will little. labor day looks nice. i cannot wait for that forecast up ahead in main weather. back to you. >> anchor: jerry, thank you. hermine first hurricane in 11 years to make landfall in florida is a tropical storm that churns across the southeast. and now taking aim over at the eastcoast. now there is growing concerns the storm could intensify this weekend. reaching hurricane status again. and jay gray has the story from
6:32 am
hermine. crashing the florida gulf coast overnight. winds pulling apart trees and powerlines and buildings. and rain and storm surge 12 feet in some areas pushing water into places it is not supposed to be. day light revealing stet of the damage scattered for miles across the strike zone. >> this has not happened in years. >> reporter: more than a decade since a hurricane made landfall in florida. as hurricane moved through the state. 253,000 floridians experienced power loss. >> reporter: inland hermine lost power. but very little of the punch. and tropical storm as it pushed into georgia continuing to shred everything in the path. >> my wife heard noise 2:15. transformer. >> reporter: it gathered speed crossing into carolinas continuing a path of destruction. a path that forecasts now say could take it into the waters of the atlantic. growing again to hurricane
6:33 am
seaboard. threatening areas like cape cod where tourists are trying to get in, at least, one more day of fun. >> we will enjoy what we can. >> reporter: while for residents bracing for storm. >> we are putting extra lines on the boats and stuff like that. >> reporter: this long weekend, will be anything but a holiday. jay gray, news 3 savannah georgia. >> anchor: president obama and chinese president entered two nations into last year's air force one landed in china where president obama traveled from hawaii for a brief stop. president there to join chinese president in announcing two countries are formally joining global climate agreement reached in paris. he is on the final trip to asia as leader. and go to another environmental [inaudible]. >> anchor: and donald trump
6:34 am
to african-american voters, a group which polls show give him little support overall. it was a highly orchestrated event to show that trump does in fact, have, at least, some backing in black community. we have details from nbc hayley jackson. >> reporter: in the city of brotherly love, donald trump finding some. surrounded by african-american supporters. >> first time in my life i count. >> reporter: afterwards attendees peppered by protestors. similar reaction expected in detroit tomorrow. with trump's first campaign visit to a black church. carefully choreographed with presubmitted questions from the pastor. new york times publishing leaked memo of the scripted answers aimed at african-american audience. >> having a tremendously hard time. and we will make things so good we will make things so good. get rid of the crime and help with schools. >> reporter: some detroit
6:35 am
problematic. >> we are hearing we need savior to save and us we can do it. >> reporter: trump's outreach may be intended for another audience. >> important for donald trump to prove to college educated white voters he is able to relate better than he has to african-american community. >> reporter: as he tries on win over more minorities, including hispanic he gets help from supporters like this. defending the nominee's immigration plan but bizarrely. >> myt culture. and it is impulseing and causing problems. if you do not do something about it you will have taco trucks on every corner. >> reporter: and also making national headlines. tulsa police confirm a teen was shot friday night at a high school football game. police say two male teens got in an argument inside of the stadium when one of the two boys opened fire near the end of the game. police say they have a 16-year-old in custody. and a 13-year-old is expected to
6:36 am
helped them to make the quick arrest. officers evacuated the stadium and ended the game early. and there is a new public outrage after a former stanford university swimmer convicted of sexual assault was freed from jail. brock turner freed after serving three months of a six month sentence that drew nationwide criticism when a judge imposed t we have the latest from nbc. >> reporter: with a of the jail house door. former stanford swimmer brock tourney met by a crush of cameras. he spent 90 days in jail for sexual assault. news 3 news given exclusive evidence to access to the file. pictures showed him with torn shirt after he was tackled by students after they saw him on top of a unconscious woman by dumpster.
6:37 am
rape a girl without her consent. i was trying to hook up with a girl. when brings turner about the victim detective asked if you saw her again would you recognize her. turner responds, ah, probably not. turner faced up to 14 years in prison for felony sexual assault and judge sentenced turner to six months in jail. which in california meant three months for good behavior. today protestors took to the jail house steps what they equaled a lenient sentence. crowd calling for enter to be removed from the bench. and his defenders saying judges should not influenced by public opinion. >> not only is justice supposed to be blind but justice is independent. needed out independently. front of the county jail ex-con out of lock up offered this perspective. >> i stole a purse from a shop mall and got more time than he did. >> reporter: turner returns to home state of ohio where he will
6:38 am
probation. name on sex offender registry for a crime that many still think is not punishment enough. nbc news, san jose. >> anchor: and coming up. right here on news 3 live today. if you will be riding on a recreational off highway vehicle this holiday weekend. there is a recall that you should be made aware of. we will tell you which vehicles to stay away from and why they are recalled. and if you are playing host this labor day weekend. there is one beverage there is a must v which drink rained supreme as america's favorite beverage. get this. flight attendant would not stand for it when a passenger started to do head stands in her seat. jeannie mose tell us what happened in a report. coming up. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us.
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we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america.
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>> anchor: welcome back in today's consumer headlines consumer product safety commission urges writers to keep
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includes all terrain, recreational off highway vehicles, side-by-side, dirt bikes and other utility vehicles. according to cpsc. there were at least 900 deaths during a four year period related to atv's ridden on paved roads or parking lots. off road vehicles are at higher risk of being in a collision with cars and trucks and other vehicle when is driven on paved roads. and if you are riding on a recreational off road vehicle this weekend there is a recall. polaris recalled rzrx turbo and four turbo vehicles from 2016 model year. about 13,000 rv's are involved in recall that include about 2200 previously recalled last december. and polaris received 19 reports of rv's on fire resulting in six results of burn injuries, with
6:42 am
you are urged to stop using the equipment. and if you are playing host this labor day weekend add beer to your grocery list. new poll finds that beer raises america favorite beverage for third year in a row with 43 percent preferring the drink. 32 percent selected wine. and 20 percent chose liquor. beer lovers check out the list -- let's gra website for beer centric recipes with grilled corn, with beer butter. and get this. coming up. one unruly passenger and a flight attendant.
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>> anchor: welcome back. now, we are heading to a holiday weekend. lots of good conditions. not only during the daytime. overnight as well. i can tell you i am loving it. >> weather: overnights are cooling down. that's nice. because it gives us great mornings. dog walking weather. good news. and let's go over and we will start with time lapse right now. this is an hour ago when things were dark. looking west from secta. and then you will see skies brighten up and they are clear indeed. down at secta. russell and southeast valley is one of the warmer spots. south-southwest winds down to 4 miles an hour. they are coming up this afternoon. humidity comfortable. low teens at 13 percent. more humid at to bebler elementary. 73 degrees there. and cooler there. 78 down at boulder city at king elementary. 71 percent. and 31 degrees dewpoint 78 downtown las vegas. that's the studio sunrise
6:46 am
also summerlin in at 80. at least at palo verde high. across the region. indians springs 69. low 60s up on the mountain at mt. charleston lodge. and 67 pahrump. and eastern clark county, 66 at mesquite. and over ton at -- 85 laughlin. not a lot going on meteorologically central part of the country. although size malogically morning, 5.6 magnitude. which is big for them. believe me. and let's move in to eastcoast. tropical storm. hermine, 60 miles an hour winds east-northeast movement at 21 miles an hour. moving over outer banks of north carolina. if you have been there they are flat. not decreasing intensity. so it should be a factor. will ruin beach days along the delmarva, rehoboth beach, delaware up to jersey shore.
6:47 am
beach. frontal system over central nevada is not going anywhere. not heading our way. skies are clear here in clark county and remain so through the holiday weekend. valley doppler radar is not anything. forecast today. warmest of the three-day holiday weekend. 99. maybe 100 degrees east side with afternoon breezes developing from south. 15 to 25 miles an hour this afternoon. and around the region. few 100th but generally 90s. 92 way up in alamo. not bad for an afternoon high. 101 on lake. boaters be aware. south winds 20-to-30 this afternoon. and same prospect on mountain where it is 71 to 93 at red rock. and low 70s overnight. the breezes persisting. then a really nice seven-day forecast. getting down to 92 by labor day. and mid 90s through the central part of the week. many really mid 90s to friday. ninety seven for a high.
6:48 am
overnight lows refreshing. down to sixties in outlying areas. i am calling this a sustained break from hot stuff. and i think we will take it. we will like it. kyndell. >> anchor: sounds good to me. well get this. flight attendant would not stand for it when a passenger started to do head stands in the seat. jeannie mose reports on workout that did not quite workout at cruising altitude. >> reporter: as if shoes and the arm rest bare feet on a tray table, ponytail over the how about a head stand on a aisle seat? >> we were all laughing because this was in my opinion the best inflight entertainment i have had. >> reporter: rob whipped out the phone and captured the passenger limbering up on two hour united flight from l.a. to mexico. he started to live tweet making up names for the move. from dragonfly shuffle to raptor spirit. when she started to do a second
6:49 am
face right now. >> she is saying miss if you could stop doing that. and the lady is like, i guess. and like she was just weird. i will be honest. but i mean she seemed like a sweet lady too. >> reporter: at least she was not naked wearing a pillow case over the eyes. or giving herself a pedicure. or trying to smash the door to the jet way. the lady doing the head stand told the flight attendant that she was not feeling passenger misbehaving comes just as american airlines has launched a new ad campaign. a campaign showcasing how the world's greatest flyers are supposed to be behave. they like babies but bring noise canceling head phones. and they are always ask before they praise and lower the shade. shouldn't you ask before you raise your legs. >> in all fairness to her she did it well. >> reporter: so well she did
6:50 am
next to her. >> we told him afterwards when he woke up. and we showed him the video and he could not believe it. >> reporter: feet in the air. 35,000 feet. jeannie mose, cnn. new york. >> anchor: just seeing toes sticking up there. next one is a harry competition in nashville this weekend is generating buzz. national beard and mustache championships will be held in the famous ryeman auditorium. come from around the world. in hopes of conquering facial feat of world best beard or mustache. reporter terry follow gertakes us back. >> reporter: if you are goal in life is to keep to yourself and fly under the radar, get a razor. these boys and beards attract buzz. >> it would not be what i like.
6:51 am
come to the competition. the national beard and mustache championships. saturday night at the ryeman. 25 bucks just to watch. staring is allowed. >> if you think you know what a beard looks like. guarantee something will there be you have never seen. >> reporter: judging from today's downtown reaction. he is right. >> well first i thought they were like zz top wannabes but unique. pretty cool. >> reporter: all they wnt saturday night. they have come across country to compete. posing for pictures with babies. and, yeah, even the one-year-old does not really get it. >> i say is it real? 5.5 years real. that's how long i grew it. >> reporter: some hating the look. bad night sleep does not help it. >> when i wake up it looks awful. like trolls on the end of the pencil.
6:52 am
down. settlements in put coconut oil and electricity, and hang upside-down for a bit and good to go. >> reporter: good to go. and they did. down lower broad. >> anchor: my goodness. years and years of progress and hopefully good luck to them this weekend. get this. coming up in video vault. it is time for a look at the weather. the way it was done 50 years ago. tom hawley takes us back.
6:54 am
6:55 am
>> anchor: welcome back. as we have tuned in all this morning jerry brown forecast. we can truly say weather has been a staple of tv newscast for as long as our meteorologists have been around. and this week's video vault tom hawley takes us back to one memorable forecaster from right here in las vegas. >> that was nation's lowest maximum. highest maximum texas. >> reporter: berry talks about moving to las vegas in a new memoir life among the giants. >> the fact that most of the time, but not always, weather about the same. >> reporter: which presented a challenge when weather segment lasted five minutes. >> what i did is covered the weather for the entire united states. and on my local forecast. because half the people or more from las vegas were from somewhere else. >> reporter: visuals were by today's standard low tech.
6:56 am
mercury rising. humidity at 79 percent. winds from southeast at eight. >> reporter: he would start with a glass wall featuring a map of the u.s. >> i would just write all over it with a marking pin. and it seemed to personalize it more, i have been told that over the years, that rather than seeing the graphics, which anybody can decipher. more fun to see somebody like in a craft roof, like messing the map up. >> reporter: las cities could not. >> nowhere will one find an array of headliners. >> reporter: >> i found myself deepfully celebrity cul church people that came to las vegas to watch were watching him. >> so blessed that they became fans of mine. jimmy durant and harry james, and just a bunch of others, sammy davis.
6:57 am
feeling of las vegas, was so different then. now, of course, it is a gigantic city. >> reporter: tom hawley news 3. >> anchor: and looking back in time. i mean you can honestly, you have been there. >> i don't go back 50 years but first couple of jobs i didn't have a computer. 8.5 minutes of drawing on a board. filling time. and floor crew doing this. because guest should not show. that's how it used to be. doing that. actually. i like good old days, let's look at our satellite shot. which is clear. no rain today. lots of sunshine. highs in the upper 90s with some afternoon breezes developing. so you will notice them this afternoon into the evening hours as well. but low 70s for overnight low, not tough to take. seven-day forecast. just gorgeous kyndell going into labor day. 92 on labor day. and we have had triple digits on
6:58 am
mid 90s through the week. with overnight lows, check it out. down to upper 60s. and that's the way we like september on its good behavior. first week. >> anchor: yes, i do like the forecast. all 90s. no triple digits. >> weather: we will take it. >> anchor: we will. thank you for joining us right
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. hermine on the move. the tropical storm battering the carolina right now. the storm packing top sustained winds of 60 miln people who live near the shore and now hermine slowly moving up the east coast. expected to make a mess of the labor day weekend for tens of millions all the way up through massachusetts. dylan is tracking it all. on the hot seat. donald trump trying to reach out to skeptical african-american voters today with a visit to the


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