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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  September 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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esponsible for the content of this ad. right now on new s 3 live at 6:00 -- the manhunt heats up for a suspected murderer after he escapes police custody. we're live from the scene in moments. and thieves make off with a local family's irreplaceable heirloom. now the search is on for those responsible. plus -- >> no no trump! >> going one on one with trump as the campaign rally heats up in detroit. his message to voters tonight. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm alexis fernandez. gerard has the night off. a suspected murderer escapes police custody in north las vegas. now police are on the search for a man believed to have killed another man for not opening a door.
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news 3's antonio castelan joins us live outside of the north las vegas police department and antonio, do officers have any leads? >> reporter: investigators are remaining tight-lipped on the search for the man who escaped police custody. sources close to the case do say they suspect the man is still in the area. officers recovered this stolen truck that was stolen yesterday. police say 25-year-old alonso perez used this truck as a getaway car. thr returned to its owner. detectives say perez was arrested yesterday at around 10:00 a.m. two hours later, the suspect slipped out of his cuffs and escaped. police want to recapture perez. they believe he shot and killed mohammed robinson outside of a north las vegas mcdonald's last night. >> it's one of those instances where we have a suspect in an interview room. the detectives step out for a moment and then a situation like this happens. it's very rare.
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do apprehend him because he's wanted for murder. so we definitely want him off the roadway and we're asking for the public for help if they do see him. >> reporter: alonso perez is hispanic. about-63 and weighs about it 2 -- about 220 pounds. if you have any information, call crimestoppers at 702-385-5555. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. a vermont woman fraud charges. police say she falsely collected money for a fallen firefighter killed here in nevada. police say 31-year-old krystle holmes was asking for donations for the family of justin beebe back in his home state of vermont. he died last month while battling a wildfire in the eastern part of the state. holmes faces seven counts of fraud and one count of providing false information to a police officer. i fully understand that the
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that there are many wrongs that must still be made right. they will be made right. >> this holiday weekend, donald trump is courting african-american voters. today, he attended a church service in detroit to talk about his plans to improve the lives of people in urban communities. mr. trump spoke with reporter dave bondy from our sinclair sister station about what he's doing to win the black vote this know that i am here to listen to you and i've been doing that. >> reporter: donald trump preaching the need for change before parishioners at a predominantly african-american church in detroit. speaking at great faith ministries, donald trump says inner cities have suffered under democratic policies. >> i'm a business person. i built a great company. i know what too do.
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they've learned a lot about me. bishop jackson is an incredible man. i think we'll do very well with the african-americans. >> reporter: despite his confidence, polls show he has much work to do. l.a. times usc poll shows hillary clinton leading trump in support among african-americans by a wide margin. 84% to 4%. this is the third stop by donald trump to michigan in less than a month. he's hoping to t h clinton to president obama's policies, policies that he says have failed of a -- have nailed african-americans here in detroit and other parts of the country. >> you look at all of the empty warehouses. >> reporter: is there a plan to do that? >> we have to bring our jobs back. the real plan, we have to negotiate trade deals that are good deals. >> reporter: the congregation was respectful and gave trump a
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and is glad she came. but feels it's too late. >> he needs to make himself more visible as far as the african-americans are -- are concerned and not wait until the last minute. >> reporter: dr. ben carson grew up in detroit. the two stopped by carson 'childhood home and discussed the challenges faced by residents and businesses. listen to trump's message and give him a chance. >> they need to listen to what he's saying and compare that with what his opponent is saying. and you know, look at a record of doing things verses a record of doing things that lead to bad consequences. >> reporter: trump has a message for african-americans. is your life any better than it was eight years ago?
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you look at crime, jobs, education. everything you could look at is a disaster. we're gonna change that around. >> reporter: with a little more than two months until voters elect the next president, donald trump insists, cities like detroit can make a comeback. if someone with his business background is put into the white house. in detroit, dave bondy reporting. >> dave bondy has reached out to hillary clinton's campaign for a one-on-one interview. as soon as we get it, we'll bring it to you. >> no trump! >> a few hundred protesters waited for trump outside of the church. several groups from the community and labor activists denounced his visit. some tried to push through a barrier parking lot but were stopped by security and police. another group of pastors also marched in protest to the church. former president bill clinton will make a stop in detroit this weekend. he will be headlining the city's labor day parade on monday. clinton is commented to deliver
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plans to build an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top and celebrate the contributions of american workers and organized labor. meanwhile, hillary clinton will be spending the holiday weekend campaigning in ohio, another swing state along with vice presidential nominee tim kaine. still to come -- a priceless piece of art stolen leaves one local family devastated. >> this statue means a lot anymore. >> tonight, one woman's mission to find those responsible and recover a family treasure. and construction break. a billion-dollar traffic project on hold. where it's taking place and the
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new at 6:00, one local woman reached out to us after she says thieves took off had with her
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home with more on how this happened. >> this is where it cass. >> reporter: for beverly voiss -- >> had the lights on it. >> reporter: just walking outside of her home has been painful. >> this statue means a lot to me since my husband isn't here anymore. >> reporter: she says the friday before last, thieves took off with a 250-pound, full bronze statue that used to sit outside of her home. her husband, tom, was the >> every time i leave and every time i come home, i look at it. >> reporter: voiss says before they brought it home, the statue was on display at the regis gallery inside the vee nearen. while sheer, she -- while there, it held a price tag of $85,000. >> it had to be hard to steal. >> reporter: and it sat outside for everyone in the neighborhood to enjoy.
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said i look out my window at that every day. >> reporter: voiss has filed a police report and thinks the thieves were waiting for her to leave. >> they had to a truck and no less than two people. probably three. >> reporter: she says what hurts most is not the monetary loss, though great, but the sentimental value that the statue holds. >> he's a wonderful, wonderful, generous, loving, kind person. >> reporter: making this $85,000 work of art to her >> please get -- please whoever has it, please return it. >> hopefully she's able to get it back. let's toss it over to jerry brown who is standing by with things to come weather-wise. there were some pretty strong winds out there. >> the air is dry. we're only in the 90s today. how about lower 90s in the forecast?
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roads near downtown are nearly free of lane restrictions project neon takes a break for the holiday. work will resume on tuesday as the nearly $1 billion project to reshape traffic in the central valley goes on for the next two years. the biggest obstacle will greet motorists tuesday morning when the nevada department of transportation will close the martin luther king boulevard onramp to u.s. 95 northbound. the 5.6 earthquake that hit seven states in the nation's heartland has injured one person.
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oklahoma where it damaged at least one building. six other buildings are unlivable because of the damage and six more homes took a hit. one homeowner suffered minor injuries but is already out of the hospital. the quake was also felt in kansas, iowa, texas, missouri, nebraska, and arkansas. well, time for a check of our weather forecast. a cooler start to this holiday weekend. jerry, not too bad out there. >> not bad at all. the air it feels like we're in the desert. but not too oppressively hot. we kept it in double digits. a few 100 dreads on the east side of the valley. not a lot happening in our skies. here's henderson at lake mead parkway and warm springs. you can see about the only thing moving is the traffic and the setting sun. we're getting a nice view of that. on the strip, 94 degrees at the miracle mile shops. east wind at 4. 5% relative humidity.
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qualifies at bone-dry. down henderson, 94. south-southeast winds at 11. that's wolf elementary. wind gauge went down to 6 miles an hour. 8% down there. 6% relative humidity on the west side. russell, 90 degrees with south winds at 7 miles an hour. we take a look at winds across the valley. generally in the 10 to 15 summerlin. 19 miles an hour out there. in terms of temperatures, pretty uniform in the mid-90s. we do have some upper 80s in summerlin. very low 90s mis's edge and the southern highlands. regionally 65 up at mount charleston. 93 boulder city. 9 6 in mesquite. and we take a look at the current reading at the airport. top of the hour it was 96 degrees down from the high of
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we're looking at 93 for a high tomorrow and you have to love that. low 90s this early in september. okay. we take a look at the regional map. we do have some thunderstorms blowing out of the utah wasatch into the front reinge of colorado and a severe thunderstorm up there. for us, moisture as close as mojave county in arizona of but it's moving away from u however, fly in the ointment. mess off the tropics. we're looking at a 70% chance of development. we're looking at a depression sunday or monday. if that moves up the coast, could be can trouble and could mess up my seven-day forecast which is pretty nice right now and has a lot of sunshine. we'll keep an eye on the system. overnight lows from the 50s up on the mountain to the 80s over in california. 70s most places and even some upper 60s and highs tomorrow,
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generally in the low 90s, even a few upper 80s. we're here in the city, 72. a breezy evening with southwest winds 15 to 25 miles an hour. the breezes will redevelop tomorrow afternoon but with an afternoon high in the low 90s. i don't think people are gonna be too upset about that. 73 at 7:00 a.m., really beautiful. not even 90 degrees, about 88 at noon with southwest winds at 13. 92 by 5:00 p.m. then the winds will be blowing. up on the mountain, som and a few wind gusts in the afternoon. a breezy afternoon on lake mead as well. but i don't think that will impede aquatic activities if you are planning some this weekend. mid-90s by tuesday through thursday and then getting up in the 97 to 98-degree range friday and saturday. how about 91 on labor day? doesn't get -- >> sounds good. >> we've been triple digits on labor day many times. those overnight lows comfortable. >> cooling down fast. nice. thank you.
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family of raccoons in florida. two baby raccoons lost their mom after the storm hit florida this past week. they fell out of a tree that the storm knocked down. a homeowner who found them says their mom is nowhere to be found. >> i feel like they are out here stranded and then are -- and then are wet and cold. they are babies. >> a rescue group took them in. hermine made a category 1 hurricane in the panhandle. it was later downgraded to a tropical storm as it moved north. coming up in sports, former rebel ryan moore was hoping to keep his share of the lead during the second round of this weekend's fed-ex cup tournament.
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we sent him here to fix it. but congressman joe heck became part of the problem. wall street invested over a half-million dollars in congressman heck's campaigns, and heck supports their agenda -- privatizing social security, handing wall street billions in fees,
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putting wall street ahead of us. congressman heck -- what's wrong with washington.
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saturday of college football has arrived. gone are the days of top teams hosting blowout teams. teams have tougher non-conference schedules. good for the fans unless you are a victim of one of those upsets
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cream of the crop of the big 12 this year. joe puts him out in front with the big touchdown run early. houston coming back. they beat florida state to end their season last year in a bowl game. looking just like they did last year at the end. greg ward to duke. houston had the lead. now here's a pivotal point in the game. oklahoma down by a few points trying a 53-yard field goal. austin will leave it short to be taken pipe bran don wilson deep. he turns on the speed down the side line to return it all the way. that was the momentum that the cougars needed to pull off the upset. that night get them in the big 12 soon. houston gets the win there. how about some other scores? wisconsin, they un-- beat lsu today and ucla, the rebels
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rebels will have a better record against the bruins next week. unlv had the day to. off. you can bet they watched the game. they are still coming off that win over jackson. they've been taught in the past to have a short memory. they lost to the bruins at sam boyd stadium last season. >> it's a big momentum booster, but we still have a where we celebrate for the first 24 hours. after that, we're back to work. >> there is a ton of stuff we have to get better at. our guys know that. we're pursuing excellence on a daily basis. we're gonna watch that film and i guarantee we'll find a whole lot we can get better.
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trouble for kyle larson. misses the complete pit. may have been the paint job on the side of his car kind of throwing hill off. final lap, defending lap chasing elliott sadler. he holds off hamlin to take the checkered flag and win his first victoried a -- victory at darlington. how about ryan moore sharing the lead and going into the second round of classic. paul revere look along out there in boston. 9th hole, gonna chip it down by the pin and put it right in for the birdie. fi fives from the gallery. smiley kaufman on 16. puts that one right next to the pin. he's up there in a tie for fing place at 8-under par. how about jordan spieth? pretty good.
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lands and he has the lead. ryan moore 7 under. two more rounds to go. they will finish up this golf tournament on the holiday on
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coming up at 11:00 there is a new big boy on the block. mississippi. a look at this new billion-dollar sky scape sneer skyscraper. and a toddler ticketed for littering. now to a unique effort to the attract tourists. a billion-dollar undertaken in one of the world's wealthiest cities. dubai has opened the biggest
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tourism. img worlds of adventure. it's a 1.5 million-square foot theme park. the privately owned park could the over $1 billion and took three years to build. finally tonight, in paige baseball when is a foul ball fair? eric campbell sent a pitch ten feet into foul territory down the first base line or thought he did. check out the spin on that ball. this type of ball movement would make a physics professor gidty. this foul ball turned out to be anything about routine. have you ever seen anything like this? >> no, i haven't. >> it's crazy.
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thank you for joining us. be sure to tune in tonight at 11:00. thanks for watching. announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give up for steve harvey! [cheering and applause] steve: hey, y'all. how y'all doing today? i appreciate y'all. yeah, i do. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey, and, boy, we got a good one for you today, folks. returning for their second day from gadsden, alabama, it's the weatherly family! [cheering and applause] and from montgomery, alabama--the gump, baby--it's the james family! [cheering]


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