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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  September 4, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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daring escape. please critically search for murder suspect escaped their custody here from the victim's family. looking for answers after thieves take off with comprised are a local woman reaches out. plus, take a stand donald trump speaking to members of the black church in detroit coming up what he had to say about civil rights and discrimination. i fully understand that the african-american community is suffered. from discrimination and that there are many wrongs that must still be made right. >> this is news 3 live today.
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a live look at the las vegas valley . kind of a gray morning out there today. jerry. >> we have a sunrise john at 6:15. twilight right now. looking really good for some good race today and some very palatable temperatures. this is an hour ago on the red rock resort looking to the east. i will put in motion you can see the sky definitely brightening out to the east. that little babies going delightful degrees on the west side of the valley. south southeast went up five relative humidity 26% 2.340 both those figures will be down later this morning. winds will be asked during today the not too bad right now generally in the 10 to 15 mile an hour range you can accelerate a bit this
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70 that's where the cooler temperatures around. 75 at our downtown studios and 77 downtown henderson but low 70s over in the southwest valley. it 70 up in indian springs mid-50s up on the mountain. 76 and mesquite and 71 over and prompt. our skies are clear. when looking at a very nice sunday. second day of a three day weekend. how about low 80s by midmorning and low 90s midafternoon. with the winds noticeable southwest at 19 and low 90s at afternoon high of 940 and tonight really going to be nice we get down entire area into the middle if you upper 60s and the winds will diminish. setting up for a very autumnal labor day not the hot stuff that we usually get on labor day. you're going to like what i have to say but interesting weather could come later on the work week i'll talk about that my main weather. >> john: some breaking news this morning while you were sleeping. a police chase to the parking lot of the link that's
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ago. all after shooting on the same block at the las vegas strip that is home to the bellagio fountain. mitchell believes two suspects opened fire at a vehicle one suspect has been arrested after that chase. another on the run. right now unknown if anyone was inside the vehicle. will continue to follow the investigation stay tuned to later addition of the news 3 look for updates on a meanwhile murder suspect is escaped from police custody and north las vegas. the victim's family are furious. relatives want to know how a wanted man got away . news 3 has more. >> reporter: escape from a north las vegas police interrogation room.
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interviewing a murder suspect. how could you let him escape. i don't understand it at all. maggie robinson still cannot believe the man suspected of shooting and killing your brother mohammed robinson escaped from a north las vegas police interrogation room.>> you don't have any more security than that? you're interviewing a murder suspect. i mean it would click you to have at least one extra person there? what's north las 25-year-old alonzo parris into custody for questioning. detectives believe he shot and killed robson outside of north las vegas mcdonald's last saturday. a couple of hours into the police interview investigates a pair slipped out of the cuffs. the murder suspect managed to steal this truck and got away. >> first to get real angry. this is the man with no right to my brothers life. for no reason.
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robinson says the murder shot her brother for not holding a mcdonald door open. if that was your girlfriend your wife whatever she was to you could have got out of your car. you should been there to hold the door open for her. >> north las vegas police consider paris dangerous. robinson has a message for the man on the run to. >> you need to say base what you did. you were wrong for what you did. they say you do the crime you do the time. you need to pay for what you >> a vermont woman facing fraud charges after police say she falsely collected money for a fallen firefighter killed her in nevada. police say 31-year-old still homes asking for donations for the family of justin beebe. back in his home state of vermont. baby died last month while battling wildfire in the eastern part of the state. holmes is facing seven counts of fraud and one count of
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one local woman reached out to us after she says thieves took off with her 250 pound statue. worth $85,000. news 3 kyndell nunley has the latest. >> reporter: for beverly boyd just walking outside her home this last week has thieves took off with a 250 pound full bronze statue that used to sit outside of her home. her husband tom was the artist. he passed away last november. every time i leave and every time i come home i look at it. >> she said before they brought home the statue was on display at the regis gather inside the
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price tag of $85,000. they never imagined that someone would steal it. it had to be hard to steal. >> and set it outside for everyone in the neighborhood to enjoy. >> she has filed a police report and thinks the thieves were waiting for her to leave. >> they had to have a truck. and i had to have no less than two people. probably three picnics she says what hurts most is not the monetary loss though great but the sentimental value that the >> making this $85,000 work of art to her priceless. >> please please whoever has it leaves return it. pres. obama other world leaders arrived for the start of the g20 summit in china today. obama was greeted at the
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the world leaders pose for a photograph together before the meeting started. the main goal of the summit is finding ways to sharps luggage global economic growth. donald trump told members of a black church in detroit that he wants to make their city the economic envy of the world. trump visited the great faith ministry national church where he said he came to listen . he said he understands african-american committee is suffered from discrimination and that need to be right. trump said the nation needs a civil rights agenda for our time one that ensures a better education and good jobs. >> when anyone hurts we all hurt together that's so true. so true. were all brothers and sisters. and were all created by the same god. we must love each other and support each other and we are
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altogether. >> i fully understand that the african-american community is suffered from discrimination and that there are many wrongs that must still be made right. that will be made right. i want to make america prosperous for everyone. i want to make this city the economic envy of the world . we can do that. we can do that again. >> detroit native ben carson in the church audience retired neurosurgeon who advising his campaign. us presidential election does not stop at the united states border. american citizens living in mexico city are being encouraged to vote by a group of democrats abroad. saturday the democrats through a labor day barbecue looking to get out the vote for the mexican capital in support of hillary clinton. citizens living in mexico not
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out forms so they could register to vote. the absentee ballot for democrats abroad is the official armed democratic party for us citizens living outside the country. still to come this morning you can now call her st. teresa. the vatican city is mother teresa is canonized. then a little kid with a big ticket why the city of washington d.c. thought that two-year-old with a $70 fine. and if rumored does take a village health committee came together to for seniors like barbara, social security makes a difference every month. but for the wall street types who've given congressman joe heck's campaigns over $500,000, social security could mean billions of dollars in fees. that's what privatizing social security means and why joe heck and wall street support it. under heck's privatization plan,
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heck make billions. whose side are you on? senate majority pac is responsible
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mother teresa claim the vatican today. thousands of bethel packed st. peter's square for the event mother teresa reviewed for work with the poor in india . she won the nobel peace prize in 1979 for work with, it is destitute and ill work she could even after she herself became sick. she died on work she could even after she herself became sick. she died on september 5, 1997 at age 87. from now on shall be known as st. teresa. of calcutta. the northern lights put on one
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of finland. photographer captured stunning images of the aurora friday 18 miles from the arctic circle the northern lights are produced by collisions between gases in the earth's atmosphere and charged particles from the sun scientist said the aroma of the rest of us just get marble at the dancing lights. still to come six states felt the oklahoma quake. what caused the seismic record.
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(scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam!
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an earthquake rocked north-central oklahoma. officials say the epicenter of the 5.6 magnitude quake hit about 9 miles northwest of pawnee town 2200 people one minor injury was reported officials say the barn caught fire in the neighboring home was destroyed but no other major damage was reported . the earthquake ties record for the strongest quake and recorded oklahoma half a dozen aftershocks in the same area. registering is highest at 3.6 magnitude . there are reports of the quake being felt in kansas city missouri fayetteville arkansas nebraska no word yet if those dolphins also thought the earthquake maybe that's when swimming in the ocean. jerry. >> i always want to take a ocean vacation i always had to oklahoma. >> got to make sure you check
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you want to swim with dolphins. >> the dolphins of oklahoma. anyway. let's check out on that sunrise which should be any moment now. i just happened were about 6:16 let's put this in motion looking to the east i'm confident the skies are brightening and you can see it just peeking over the horizon there. it will be an obscure today. plenty of sunshine but are is going to be very very comfbl currently 75 out on the strip winds are calm those winds are going to go up humans to 23% humans to 23% 2.350 ago to go down noticeably i think by later this morning. representative wind speeds south 14 at the henderson executive airport 740 down there. up in the northwest and 72 cooler still at the southeast wind at six. 20% relative humidity again were talking to write your
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generally 10 to 15 miles an hour. the court should be up in the 10 to 20 mile an hour range today. temperatures now generally in the 70 low 70s though on the west side. internet will look at temperatures getting down to the 60 so were going to like that. already in the 60s up at indian springs were no surprise there. 50s up on the mountains and 70 in pahrump 75 mesquite and 74 the court reading over in boulder city. officially for the airport 750 at the airport very hard for that thermometer to get below 700. 58 it tonopah 66 in los angeles and 52 both deck up in reno. nationally not a lot going on in such a part of the country some dying storms over the western plains.what's left of hermine pretty substantial it's post tropical but it's packing 65 mount our wins in here. that's tropical storm strength winds and could actually redevelop as a hurricane
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prevent that. there is something called the gulfstream advocates over that we could see another hurricane out of it. our skies are clear and no problem. as we expand the shot nothing moving in all the rain moving away from us but let's go further south. there's a mess on the coast of mexico. 80% chance of formation so were talking about a good chance of this thing here becoming a tropical depression today or tomorrow. and then forecast models have it moving up seriously mess up my seven day forecast. i'm going to keep an eye on that. i know kevin will too. hi today a pair of eights per indian springs low 90s boulder city have to like that. here in the city 94 breezy south winds 10 to 20 up on the mountain mid-60s though school mountain raise 80s doubt it red rock and 96 out at the lake. with some afternoon winds
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autumn with temperatures down into the 60s. for labor day i'm calling a labor of love 920 that's more autumnal than summerlike and mid-90s to the rest of the workweek to the upper 90s by next weekend but all bets are off if that tropical moisture moves up here. it will be cooler and a lot more clouds and particular weather. john. meanwhile a very special delivery arrived recently for young boy at a community lives and work to raise money touy a service dog for an 11-year-old hunter baker who has a form of epilepsy. tommy poole was there with hunter met his new friend who we named wax. >> reporter: boys big smile and the dogs wagging tail says it all. these two are on the way to being the best buddies. that's the message missy has for her community.
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overwhelming . hunter is nonverbal. he will have to learn and gestures to committee kate with wax. send it dumb academic or complex in a family would base with a typical pet wax has a special mission when it comes to hunter. >> before he sees her she could pick it up. it's not always going to pick it up but she's also trained visually so ponder does going to seizure she will go get help. she's trying to go find a second are the closest person near to her. emotions are only high for the family but for the trainer as
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emotions. she's going to be helping the little boy. hunter. >> hunter needs her more than i do. i can always replace her but hunter can't. remarkable story. a two-year-old is caught up in the middle of a trash cleanup mix after she was ticketed for littering. little harper westover got a $75 ticket doesn't look like somebody got a ticket after the city found unopened envelope with her name in an alley near home in washington d.c. her mom who also received a citation is a city refused to drop the ticket.the westover police the envelope fell out of their trash. >> the odyssey needs to be some common sense layered into the system somewhere. >> a public works officials
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friday said they would drop both the tickets. the first full set of college football in the books it was upset city for several ranked programs. throughout all the rankings until about week eight of the season. can't take that back a little bit with the defending champion number one ranked alabama crimson tide they still look really good taking on 23 usc. last night the charges up 3-0 jalen 39 yard touchdown pick them up 73. second-quarter bemis deep it started to buckle down on the young quarterback for usc. little pick six for mild humphrey. 17th at the half alabama. second half got worse for usc. hurts again to stuart this time 71 yards. the tide rolls 52-6. number three oklahoma the top team of the big 12 taking on 15th ranked houston.
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find duke catalog wide open for the touchdown and the lead but oklahoma led 17-16 at the half here's a turning point of the game oklahoma going for 53 yard field goal in the third quarter the kick ashore. brandon wasn't going to take it 109 yards away from the other end zone. he's got some open field. this could return it all the way for the touchdown 109 yards big 12 soon after beating oklahoma. the first game of the season. number five lsu and the candidate unranked wisconsin and lambeau field. third-quarter wisconsin 6-0 adding to the lead cory clement with a touchdown badges up 13-0. third-quarter wisconsin quarterback brought used to make a mistake. picked up by two davis white is could return it into the end zone for the
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the tigris until raquel got grown up with the game-winning field goal through the uprights wisconsin pulling the upset hundred 38 yards 20 carries with no about some other scores to tell you about the next two opponents for the unlv program next week to go to ucla they were upset by texas a&m 31 -24 after that make a trip to central michigan maybe presbyterian 49 -3. former rubble the lead of the second round of the torch classic up there in boston in attendance yesterday night potential summerhays chip in for birdie. one other property former shriners when right here in vegas:-) kaufman on 16 great shot here stick it right by the pen. info birdie place a underpar jordan spieth heating up he shot leaderboard little bit
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top 87 hole your leader kevin going to knock this eagle and take a one-shot lead why more for shots back at seven under round three. later to another milestone the world's number one tennis player and the woman sighed serena williams take on sweden's johanna larson. carmelo anthony in the crowd . six time u.s. open champion serena rolled into the sweet 16 6-261 when clicked a grand in open air history she passed martina navratilova tied roger federal for the most read some victories from a man or woman so williams will have to go so williams will have to go for 308 and the record all to herself on monday. that's going to do it for sports back to the jersey shore preparing itself for tropical storm or mean. what people are doing in order to stay safe from the intense weather. once it is now home to the
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coming up. intense storm along the jersey shore during the post-tropical storm or mean coming up will tell you what they're doing to stay safe and watch out for fixed metro issued a warning about thieves
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imposters. this morning's heroes one woman is on a mission to help children with incarcerated parents. will tell you what she's doing and how she's doing at coming up at news 3 live today starts right now. live from las vegas this is news 3 live today. good morning happy sunday thank you for joining us. a live look at the las vegas valley the sun is come out it was time to wake up for the day jerry. >> last time we checked john from our red light camera the son just peeking over the eastern horizon . let's see how it's going right now. oh boy. ray bans anybody i'm telling you it's going to be a bright one today. but it's good to be pleasant. 99 the high gets difficult to drop that about 50. currently 71 at russell. very nice over the west valley
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that's headed up humans you dew point that's headed down. go to be beautiful today. 73 and the northwest valley. really looking quite nice you could see the wind speeds generally the 10 to 15 mile and arrange spring valley posting 90 mile an hour sustained winds. which will get up toward 2 miles an hour by this afternoon. mid-70s generally lower 70s on the west side down to the southwest valley 75 over in mesquite 69 and pahrump 70 in indian springs river in the colorado river valley in laughlin. our skies are clear they will remain so if you're planning your day 83 by midmorning southwinds at 16 low 90s mid afternoon and early evening with the winds up a bit down from a high of 94 and tonight just beautiful. beautiful going into labor day. with overnight lows in the 60s. complete forecast up ahead . john. much people in the jersey
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storm coming ted greenberg reports in. >> reporter: along the jersey shore rising waters. now bernadette mccollum is bracing for what could be near record flooding around her house on yacht mccollum is bracing for what could be near record flooding around her house on yacht avenue in cape may.>> cape may could see some of the highest water from hermine especially tomorrow night and monday morning. some dull plan to stick it out. >> although not mandatory many beach communities have been encouraging visitors to leave the barrier islands before conditions become treacherous. earlier this evening blowing sand and beaches being eaten away the angry ocean has
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the 4th ave., beecher north while point. were here for another week. what are we going to do for another week. no peach. for most these are dangerous waves. surfers in cape may call them perfect. >> is very big and very shallow pretty scary but it's a good waves. we now have a l a a bit of following a chain reaction outside of southern california amphitheater the injured several people. officials of the crash happened saturday during the pacific symphony in irvine.police and elderly man struck a fence another vehicle and several pedestrians before hitting a parked car in an unoccupied police car. the impact of that crash pushed the police vehicle
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picnicking before the concert. officials say nine people hurt including for who suffer traumatic injury. the cause of the crash is under investigation. authorities outside seattle investigating a bizarre car accident that began with two young kids allegedly stealing their parents car and driving it to their grandmother's house. lindsay: reports in. >> reporter: it wasn't over the river and through the woods. but two kids and federal way were soaked in grandma's house i took a car and crashed it according to police. >> neighbors ran to see what the commotion was 317 place 21st avenue sw. finding to banged up cars but only one adult behind the wheel.
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just three and five years old. and managed to start the suv get it out of their driveway and into the nearby intersection. t boarding the driver of this volvo sedan. tonight there's still debris in the road and the car at the house where the kids live they weren't home when we stopped by . neighbors tell us they're just glad it wasn't worse. >> my action was thankfully there okay. los angeles now home to the tallest building west of the mississippi river. construction crews lowered the final two sections of the wilshire grand spire on saturday morning making the building stand 1100 feet above downtown los angeles streets. the historic project towers over the next tallest building in the west bank tower at more
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unique addition to the downtown la skyline for project manager say the wilshire grand will be part of a massive mixed-use center with a hotel office complex in shopping mall. >> the tower expected to open on march 17 but fear not las vegas will still number one jerry get a lot of this. the tallest man made point at 1149 feet is still the stratosphere on the las vegas strip. there's the applause.
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street performers who want money for picture with them. kristi wilcox spoke to performers who want the people work for the others taken out of the equation. >> reporter: like this d street performers and performers like anthony harris. getting tips are about having the right attitude. but now metro office telling strip guest to photo ops. please ensure the surveillance video of two men posing with people for tips to police those men grabbed her arm and wouldn't let her go until she paid cash. performers out here 70s crooks give them a bad rep. >> the two men were were arrested for robbery. but even with the few seemingly
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performance of las vegan five. [indiscernable] others say it's just about having a little patience and time. >>. [indiscernable] dea cracking down herb silica be e what they're looking for whites now legal coming up bird, it's a plane actually legal now a new drone rules mean more of the remote copters could hit new drone rules mean more of the remote copters could hit the
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ands in property taxes. tarkanian was ordered by a judge to repay $17 million in a failed development scheme. tarkanian refused to pay the money back, forcing taxpayers to bail him out, leaving us holding the bag. danny tarkanian's out for himself, not us.
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today's health wash taken steps powerful orb called greater the most restrictive classification of the controlled substance act. southeast asian plant so the face on the internet similar brain receptors. federal drug officials are concerned is being used as a replacement for drugs like heroin. it's been linked to 15 deaths in the us so far. researches california state university moderate bay said to look into what exactly taken part when it comes to sexting. probably thinking sexting as part of the boarding process it
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relationships more likely to sexting than single people. according to researchers sexist to be more comfortable with the idea of close intimacy but also tend to worry more about what the partner thinks of them. men are more likely to send women text propositioning sexual activity. a legion of superheroes came to wichita kansas to help open a new children's hospital. happened on friday ironman spider-man and thor scale down wesley's medical center children's hospital delight of young patients and parents. one such patient is 10-year-old omar mattie was being recovering from a broken bone suffered when school lockers spell on him. his father is having a hospital so close is a blessing literature did hospital took about two years to build it features 15 private intensive care rooms. new faa is losing their grip on the drone industry. will business take off that's coming up.
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for seniors like barbara, social security makes a difference every month. but for the wall street types who've given congressman joe heck's campaigns over $500,000, social security could mean billions of dollars in fees. that's what privatizing social security means and why joe heck and wall street support it. under heck's privatization plan, retirement security gets risked on the stock market. and the wall street types supporting joe heck make billions. whose side are you on?
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g up. welcome back. he is jerry with the weekend weather forecast. what's it going to look like? what's exquisite. we 99 official high that satisfied a lot of people with a lot of us out there you know who you are you want more. you want it all. i'm going to give you some more
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for labor day. we that's pretty hot labor day holiday spirit here's the view i'm importing the camera east let's point what you can see the sun has risen those beautiful buildings down las vegas strip are still glistening including the stratosphere still the highest structure sorry la west of the mississippi. henderson airport 72 degrees down henderson executive winds are calm certainly going to come up human to dew point will be dropping precipitously l just in just in the two 1572 just delightful with the westwind debt six and southwind at 12 in the central valley oops this is live tv folks went down to seven miles an hour. 76 degrees sahara and the 15. 16 mile an hour wind sustained winds at centennial in the northwest valley went down to 15 generally 10 to 15 mile an hour winds in the valley will be in the 10 to 20 mallon arrangements this afternoon.
6:48 am
henderson 77 green valley not much of a temperature range at this time of the morning. the ski and at 75 upper 60s overnight at pahrump radiation down in laughlin 80 on the button and 56 way up in tonopah. let's take a look at our national map moisture down the gulf the remnants of what was harming still packing 65 minor winds despite the fact that supposed tropical water cold out here we drove the gu possibility that could get up to 74 mile an hour winds and reform as a hurricane but it's out to see now so let's concentrate on our weather. clear skies really smooth sailing nothing coming in from the pacific here of the california coast but down here of the mexican coast at the poker down around in here 80 percent chance of formation for tropical depression which could move up the baja really mess up my seven day forecast.
6:49 am
today up on the mountain to 92 in boulder city. 94 here in the belly and that's pretty nice five degrees drop from yesterday. 66 in mount charleston with the cold mountain race and 96 down on the lake with some afternoon winds which voters should take notice of. domition went overnight about 60s that the touch of autumn in the air with a labor day high of 92 it's going to feel more at tom to the rest of the work week. with a gun that caveat that maybe we could get some tropical moisture in her later in the week. let's doubt the triple digits. nevada skies could soon be cluttered with drones. all because of a new ruling from the faa that opens the door to commercial flights.>> drones they take amazing photos they deliver our groceries or the supposed to. but right now they can't be of because of restrictions on everything from who can fly to wear. right now other people have
6:50 am
all sorts of stuff but they can't use them for work like the news for example. when we shoot this kind of stuff we have to use selfie sticks. that could all change. today's ruling is a flashpoint. flashpoint tells us comes a three-part decision from the faa on monday. first you can now ask airports for permission to fly. second, you don't need full days notice to get airborne and finally this one is big, no more pilot license. now you can take a test the 107. aviation or aeronautics but he tells us not exactly the easiest test. that is just one of six recommended readings by the faa the test questions like what is the floor the savanna airspace at the shelf area which means test prep also industry said to take off. >> plans on both thanks to
6:51 am
they need to pass that test. for him maybe now nobody will live up to its potential. >> when nevada got excited december 2013 we got excited about becoming a drone test site. he wanted this to become central. >> still to come are christine introduces to a woman who's been working with kids making that her passion. how local hero is touched the lives of las vegas youth.
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[bell] (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almomot anything. even mer-mutts. (1940s aqua music) rmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two.
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coming up. print significant but likely to live in neighborhoods the supportive families one woman hoping to fill that gap through a program >> reporter: useless bullied lonely those are just some of the words teens are using to describe themselves. what you see when you look into the mirror? thanks tina see something else potential and hope. >> trying to educate and inspire children to do more and be more and skies the limit pickets she started it's okay to be different.
6:55 am
and help break the cycle of incarceration. >> it takes less than five minutes to get in trouble take a lifetime to get out. >> as a former corrections officer for the state of nevada she saw the young men and women coming in and of the institution. at home she found herself desperate to find a way to prevent her son from the same pickets i was a mother single mother five boys at the time i second into a lot of trouble hanging out the wrong crowd pics which look for resources she was told she had to wait until after the sun was incarcerated for her to receive any help. >> since 2011 she's helped more than 100 children through it's okay to be different. >> a lot of kids think it's a badge of honor. my uncle has been there my aunt's been there for my mom's been there so i think it's okay to be there. it's not okay. >> tiffany her three kids to
6:56 am
some other family members. >> 's she seen positive changes in them recently. go down the right path. this is why fight so hard to do this for the a write here our future. so if i don't step in of somebody else doesn't step in to help save our children then who will? >> if you know seminar committee was gone above and beyond please tell us the story you can submit them on our facebook page news 3 lb .com. one will look at this weather no triple digits. no i think it's worth looking at let's go over and 99
6:57 am
be a little breezy this afternoon south winds 10 to 20 but about domition went overnight temperatures dropping down into 60s. probably not the airport but every everywhere else in the 60s and 92 for labor day. which you have to love and then bid 90s as i was saying earlier a tropical disturbance down in mexico that could come up and totally blow out the last part of my seven day but right now and sunshine. mostly sunny skies through the end of the week.
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this is life-threatening. >> more than a photo op ?? good morning and welcome to sunday today on this labor day weekend. i'm willie geist. watching wild weather and an even latest vield presidential campaign. and later.


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