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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  September 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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per day. what we're doing is safety and mobility. >> it will be nice when it's done. but there's pain before we get there. orange cones and detour signs, drivers can expect plenty of both. good evening, of. hope you have had a fantastic holiday weekend. i'm jim snyder. >> i'm reed cowan. we're talking about project neon. early tomorrow morning, a know about. denise rosch is live at mlk boulevard and u.s. 95. that northbound onramp is about to shut down. >> reporter: yeah, reed, this is one of the many detours that las vegans can expect during the course of project neon. at 4:00 saddam, this onramp heading northbound on 95 from martin luther king will close for two months. a little inconvenient now for a
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is. dan turner has never complained about the location of his job. >> it's great. >> reporter: near the corner of martin luther king and bonanza, it's easy in, easy out. but come tuesday morning, traffic at this intersection might be an issue. northbound onramp to u.s. 95 is scheduled to shut down. and turner thinks a backup is inevitable as confused motorists reroute. >> if that trout lane ist route lane is shut down, i don't know how far back they are gonna go. if they don't go far, everybody is gonna get right up to it. >> reporter: the closure is necessary to make room for a carpool flyover bridge that will connect u.s. 95 to i-15. one piece of the puzzle that is project neon. a $1 billion redesign to ease traffic, before and after animation showing the scope of
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>> this is a busy stretch of highway. >> reporter: this project manager spoke to us about the plans in june. >> it has over 300,000 vehicles per day and with that we experience three and a half accidents a day. what we're doing is safety and mobility. >> reporter: but first, the cone zone. >> gotta get through it. >> reporter: something turner understands is part of progress and here at this corner of the city, the front rowe >> i can see south 9 5. it's really good morning. but early in the morning, late afternoons, it's just crawling. i think it would be a good thing to widen it. >> reporter: and this onramp, scheduled to remain closed through november 15th n-dot is suggesting you make bonanza road heading west to rancho for the alternate route. the entire project will take
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denise rosch, back to you in the studio. >> thank you. we'll survive somehow. >> yes. labor day weekend is winding down. we hope you had quality time off. i want to say hello and thank you to everyone out in lincoln county. i head out there every year. pioche and caliente. fantastic people out there. >> he's the reason why i'm looking at what's available on zillow in pioche. >> there are beautiful homes. >> yes. >> kevin, i know you like it, eel be able to eavesdrop on pioche. >> not audibly but visually. we'll be putting a camera up there just in time for the winter to keep tabs on the snow. a couple of waves of high clouds, sideswiping us in northern valley neighborhoods. you could definitely see them as the day rolled on. a couple of things we're watching, that stretch of clouds
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south. this is hurricane newton. bad, bad week after labor day to go to cabo. but newton will be a player in the weather in the southwest. probably not us. probably. we'll tell you what wear-- expecting. three days later, still know no sign of a murder suspect that escaped from alonso perez is a suspect in the murder of muhammad robinson. news 3's kelsey thomas is live near near -- near cheyenne. >> reporter: there are still plenty of questions about how
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noticing a thing. this is not your typical police station. it's a bureau inside of this business complex where it happened. tonight, a retired cop is telling us these kind of escapes are not only rare but nearly impossible to pull off. >> it's pretty darned hard to break a set of handcuffs like this. >> reporter: it was friday afternoon when alonso perez broke out of his steel handcuffs. phil ramos, a retired detective, investigator tells us how hard it is to do. >> you can twist these and if there's a way to break them, you will break a bony hand if you are able to have enough strength to snap them. they don't move very well at all. >> reporter: perez was alone in an interrogation room inside this detective bureau which
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move. >> he was being interviewed which was being videotaped and audiotaped so somebody typically would be monitoring that and seen what he has doing. >> after perez escaped, police say he stole this truck and took off. the truck was discovered saturday but perez was nowhere to be found. >> how could you let him escape? i don't understand it. >> reporter: the escape angers maggie she says her brother was shot outside of a mcdonald's for not holding a door open for a woman. >> you need to just face what you did. you were wrong for what you did. >> reporter: beyond perez's escape are serious unanswered questions. we asked north las vegas police officer aaron patty how perez was able to get out of his handcuffs and out a building without to anyone noticing. >> those are details we'll be
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dissecting that. >> reporter: perez is considered dangerous. he's 6'3", 200 pounds. he has a distinct tattoo under his left ear of a jordan logo. >> my gut tells me he's long gone out of the city. >> reporter: and if you do see perez, do not go up to him. call 911. police say he could be armed and dangerous. reporting live in north las vegas, kelsey thomas, news 3. jim, pack to -- back t in the studio. >> thank you. the first woman elected to the very powerful clark county commission has passed away from heart failure. we're talking about thalia dondero. she was elected to the commission in 1974 and held the post for 20 years. then she went on to serve on the board of regents, the water valley water district. i talked with thalia dondero in 2013.
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1982. thalia dondero was 96 years old. county commissioner, steve sisolak, she was a trailblazer who cared deeply about this community and served it with distinction. she broke the glass ceiling and became the first county commissioner and today the majority of our board is female. well, a 16-year-old boy dragged some 20 feet. luckily, an off-duty trauma nurse was there to help. the teen is still hospitalized. the family says the driver responsible walked away with a traffic ticket. it happened near durango and deer springs. nathan o'neal is there now. you talked to an off-duty nurse
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anthony orozco was blindsided. he was walking to where he parked his car. he was actually headed to the gym. witnesses say that a driver cut the corner here and then hit him. >> at the hospital right now. i don't feel too good. >> reporter: 16-year-old anthony orozco in a hospital bed. the straight-a student worried about his broken bones and cracked spine. >> every time i wake up, i still think i'm behind in school, i'm nn missing so much. >> reporter: the northwest career student was run over steps outside of his house on wednesday right after school went out. >> we heard a bam and then tires screeching. i went straight up to the window and saw him lating right there. >> reporter: kimberly white was there. >> and the shoe was there. >> reporter: she ran outside to the to the teen.
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>> the doctors tell me that he's lucky to be alive because where the tire went over first, i guess it was -- they said if it was a little bit more, it could have ran over his head. >> reporter: neighbors say car speeds through all of the time. >> even if you didn't make a stop at all, that's a consider distance to travel unless you were not paying attention whatsoever. >> reporter: as for the driver responsible, anthony's family said ticket and released. >> it seems to me she needs more responsibility than just a ticket. he has to live with that injury, that pain, for the rest of his life. >> reporter: and the name of the driver has not been released yet. we reach odd ut to metro police to ask them why that driver was released with just a traffic ticket. so far we've not heard anything back from them just yet. reporting live, i'm nathan o'neal, news 3. >> all right. thank you.
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>> kaitlin christina korn left with no extra clothes, or a phone. her mother is worried. and then b-29 bomber part of a traveling tour. where you can see it and the others before they fly on out. and of a week of fun and art in the northern nevada desert, the burners are coming home from the burning man festival. a look at the mass e underway.
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a 17-year-old sierra vista senior has been missing for six days. family members of kaitlyn korn fear she may have been forced into the sex trade. news 3's antonio castelan joins
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fort apache. this has to be a another long night for the family. have they heard from their daughter? >> reporter: i spoke with kaitlyn's grandmother and she said she still has not heard from her. the family is hoping that kaitlyn will come back home soon. >> like i'm just waiting. >> reporter: margaret murphy tells us the difficult situation she's in as she wonders where her 17-year-old daughter is at. last time she saw her was >> she was excited about going back to school, about being a senior, she has some credits to make up and she seemed really dedicated and looking forward to doing the extra work. >> reporter: murphy says she left in a car with a friend. she left with nothing, no phone or extra clothes. she fears her daughter may be in trouble. >> she won't get out of this with assistance, like she needs to be rescued or someone is
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is and see her and actually remove her from the situation. >> reporter: murphy says the thought of her daughter being forced into the las vegas sex trade business is in the back of her mind. >> and have her drugged up. maybe give her a lot of xanax or whatever drug they are using. >> reporter: murphy hopes her daughter comes home soon. you are not in trouble. you haven't done anything wrong. i'm not mad. i'm concerned. the local authorities. jim? >> okay, antonio, thank you for that. we'll hope they get word here soon. the funeral for the world war ii veteran, benza, will be held tomorrow at southern nevada veterans memorial ceremony in boulder city. he passed away last week at the age of 91. we told you about that when it happened. a steady stream of people
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visitation. he was one of our favorite people to talk with over the years whenever we needed perspective on the war and the people who fought it. he loved sharing his stories with us and everyone else. his funeral with full military honors starts tomorrow morning at 9:00 out in boulder city. a world war ii b-29 is at henderson's airport as part of a commemorative air force airpower history tour. it began active service to it's best known for missions over japan. tours of this and the other aircraft begin wednesday at henderson airport. they go through sunday if you want to run out there. admission is $10 for adults and 5 bucks for kids. we'll have more information on the link section of kevin janison sure has a tough act to follow because this weekend was just about perfect. a little breezy maybe. >> so perfect, indeed. bragging rights for kevin janison. >> it's interesting, in other
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forward to spring after they've endured the cold. we love fall. >> yes. >> once we've had a few weeks of 110, 115, it's nice to get the temperatures in the low 90s and morning lows that feel cool. we live in a great playground while most of our 300,000 visitors never left the strip. several -- several southern not surprising, very comfortable up on the mountain brushing that 70-degree mark. that's nice. over at charlotte hill elementary, that's located near bermuda and warm springs, 93 degrees but only% relative humidity. desert doing its thing. up in the northwest part of town, 10%. rancho, coming in at 91 and 8%. rest of the numbers across the
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it was the east side of the valley that had the warmest reading. 97 for a high. but we have plenty of neighborhoods that plateaued today in the mid-90s. mountain down to 62. pahrump is checking in at 87. high temperatures took triple digits in overton and death valley. at mccarran, the top temperature, 94 degrees. about 4 degrees below normal. morning low in the 60s. haven't been in the 60s since the 21st o months of temperatures at least in the 70s and we had morning lows in the 80s and a couple of those in the 90s. tomorrow i think we'll bottom out in the lower 70s. we'll still get to 90 at lunchtime. like today, wind not a factor. should stay below ten miles per hour all day long. latest on hermine and, it's still stormy on the cape. but they won't get anywhere near the weather they had earlier in
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states. 20, 30-mile-an-hour sustained winds and 1, 2 inches of rain. lester has moved north of hawaii. boy, check out what lester did to the waves. the eastern and northern-facing beaches of hawaii had 10-foot waves. we don't get the often on a newscast to say surf's up, dude. but we do today. lester continues to weaken as it pushes off to the northeast. interesting thing about lester, it may go hit western canada as your generic s a little patch of clouds will miss us to the north. now it focuses on newton. it's a hurricane. it looks like it will hang a right and have more of an impact with the leftovers on new mexico than southern nevada. these things are -- have a mind of their own. we'll watch it. mesquite, 67. high temperatures tomorrow, boulder city at 94. laughlin, 100. even 70 up on the mountain. for the las vegas valley,
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probably not the 60s tuesday. 96 the high temperature tomorrow with plenty of sunshine and we'll inch upward from there heading into this coming weekend. 97, 98. triple digits do return this weekend but just barely with overnight lows in the mid- to upper 70s. if you are heading out to the las vegas food festival, plan on the shade. and it's caught on camera. >> coming up, what she didn't know what about the car's owner. it was five years ago today that a gunman opened up fire in
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welcome back. nevada national guard members at home and in kuwait are marking the fifth anniversary of a mass shooting that killed four people at a carson city restaurant, including three members. soldiers and airmen are planning a tuesday memorial walk and run at the ihop restaurant to the guard there will be a similar run in kuwait. seven other people were wounded in that attack. the 33-year-old gunman killed himself. he had previously been diagnosed with paranoid schizophreniaia. all of those who lisk their lives for others are getting a special treat.
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them. the firefighters at fire station 6 say this is great. they are appreciative of today's labor day lunch. >> we feel fortunate. i know on labor day, a lot of people get the day off. we have to come to work and so do police stations and fire stations. we feel fortunate that they appreciate that and that we're -- we get to reap the benefits of their well being generosity. >> they sure do. and they've earned the breadsticks. this is the 15th year that olive garden has celebrated our first responders. the little boy who was killed by an alligator at disney world in florida would have turned 3 today. >> a look at how his family celebrated his birthday today. and with nine weeks to go until the election, it's home stretch for the presidential candidates.
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turf in ohio.
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well, there they go. tens of thousands of burners are making their way out of northern nevada. >> they just got done celebrating with thousands of their closest friends at the annual burning man festival. here's terry henry to show us the mass echo dangerous today. >> reporter: -- mass exodus


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