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tv   News 3 Live at Seven  NBC  September 5, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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pretty abusive behavior toward a student. what led to this moment caught on cell phone video. 16-year-old boy hit and run over by a car dragged some 20 feet. i'm reed cowan. >> i'm marie mortera. luckily, an off-duty trauma nurse was there to help. all this springs way. it's our top story at 7:00. >> news 3's nathan o'neal reports the teen is still in the hospital. >> reporter: this is where anthony orozco was blindsided by the car. he was walking from his house across the street to where his car was parked. he was headed to the gym. that's when witnesses say a driver cut this corner and then hit him. >> i don't feel too good. >> reporter: 16-year-old anthony orozco in a hospital bed.
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bones and cracked spine. >> every time i wake up, i think i'm so behind in school, i'm gonna -- i'm probably missing so much. >> reporter: the northwest career and technical academy student was run over just steps outside of his house wednesday right after school went out. >> we heard a bam and then tires screeching. i went straight up to the window and saw him laying right there. >> reporter: kimberly white was there. is outside to the teen who had been dragged 20 feet down the street. >> i work trauma. so we knew what to do. >> reporter: anthony's father has been at his bedside every day. >> the doctors say he's lucky to be alive. the tire went over first -- i that's what broke his collar bone. and if it was more, it could have run over his head. >> reporter: neighbors say car speeds through all of the time.
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all and went around the corner, that's considerable distance to travel unless you were not paying attention whatsoever. >> reporter: as for the driver responsible, anthony's family says she was given a traffic ticket and released. >> it seems to me she does need more responsibility than just a ticket because he's gonna have to live with that injury, that pain for the rest of his life. >> reporter: the identity of the driver has not yet been released. we reach odd out to metro police to ask them why that driver was only given a citatio i'm nathan o'neal, news 3. the family of a missing 17-year-old sierra vista high school senior is asking for your help. six days have passed and they haven't heard from kaitlyn korn. she was last seen outside of the family's home in the southwest valley tuesday. margaret murphy, corn -- korn's mother has not been in touch with her sense.
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daughter. >> to come home, call home. call someone. anyone. a leave a message on facebook for someone. let us know you are alive. >> she's also asking for your help. take a look at this picture. if you think you know where kaitlyn korn is, call police. well, the first woman elected to the powerful clark county commission has died the heart failure thalia dondero was elected in 1974 and served for 20 she served on the board of regents and the las vegas water district. we talked with her in 2015. you are looking at her with jim snyder. she moved to las vegas in 1942 and became active in the clark county school district after marrying her husband, a teacher, who went on to become superintendent of cctd. the las vegas community gathered at palm mortuary to
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he passed away at the age of 91. many stopped by for his visitation. he was one of our favorite people to talk with over the years when we needed perspective on the war and the people who fought it. he loved sharing his stories with us and everyone else. his funeral is tomorrow at the southern nevada veterans memorial cemetery in boulder city. nevada national guard members at home and in kuwait are marking the fifth anniversary of the mass shooting that killed four people. three guardsmen died in that seven others were wounded? they are planning a memorial from the ihop restaurant all the way to the guard complex. the 33-year-old gunman also shot and killed himself. he had been previously diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. still no sign of a murder suspect who escaped police. kelsey thomas went looking for
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followup. >> reporter: there are still a lot of questions about how this felon was able to vanish without anyone noticing a thing. i want to give you an idea of where this happened. this is not your typical police station. it is a bureau inside of this business complex. tonight, a retired cop says these kinds of escapes are not only rare but nearly impossible to pull off. >> it's pretty darned hard to break a set of handcuffs like this. >> reporter: it was friday afternoon when alonso perez broke out of his and retired metro homicide investigator shows us just how hard it is to do. >> you can twist these and feel the torque that goes there. if there is a way to break them, that's the way to do it. the only problem, you will likely break some bone in your hand if you are able to have enough strength to snap these. you can -- see, they don't move well at all. >> reporter: perez was alone in an interrogation room inside
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>> this guy was being interviewed in a room that was videotaped and audiotaped. so someone typically would be monitoring that interview and would have seen what he was doing. >> reporter: after perez eskayed, police say he stole this pickup truck and took off. the truck was found saturday. but he's nowhere to be found. >> how could you let him escape? i don't understand it at all. >> reporter: the escape angers maggie -- robinson, mohammed robinson's sister, who was shot outside of a mcdonald's for not holding a door open for a woman. >> you need to face what you did. >> reporter: we asked north las vegas police officer aaron patty how perez was able
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>> those are details we'll be looking at and dissecting that. >> reporter: perez is considered dangerous. he's 6'3" and 200 pounds. he has a tattoo on his ear of an air jordan logo. >> my gut tells me he's out of the sit. >> reporter: if you see him, don't go up to him. call 911. police say he could be armed and dangerous. dozens of marines strande their charter bus caught fire. we have video from our sister station in tennessee. the ma rinse were traveling from north carolina to nashville for ma reap week. -- marine week. the highway said the bus didn't crash. they are not sure what caused the fire. the road to decision 2016 does not stop for labor day. hillary clinton has a new ride.
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media. her campaign logo is on the tail. some 40 reporters were sorted on -- seated on the flight. donald trump traveled to cleveland. he was joined by mike pence as he discussed manufacturing jobs in the united states. >> the country, in terms of manufacturing -- in terms of jobs, out of our system, our manufacturing jobs are being taken out of the manufacturing system. >> well, mr. trump told the union rep hillary clinton is a secret supportive of the trade deal which he says would be a disastrous turn for manufacturing jobs inspect united states. trump later scheduled to visit a
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israeli officials say at least two people were killed and more than a dozen injured when a building collapsed in tel aviv. rescue teams worked all day and into the night to find people trapped under the rubble. official says a multi-level underground parking garage collapsed, bringing down a crane which then caused part of the building to collapse. the cause, still under investigation. well, across the country, schools are short bus drivers. >> one district didn't hesitate toer tormenting a student, they didn't hesitate to take action? 20 minutes can save a life. how a 12-year-old boy learned that necessary skill to save his sister. i hope you enjoyed your labor day. i think it's safe to say people out on the water did. i will have your number forecast coming up next. we have a gradual warming trend on the way.
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we sent him here to fix it. but congressman joe heck became part of the problem. campaigns, and heck supports their agenda -- privatizing social security, handing wall street billions in fees, but risking our retirement in the stock market, cutting benefits, putting wall street ahead of us. congressman heck -- what's wrong with washington.
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new at 7:00, a bus driver has been fired after this video shows the drive remember allegedly abusing a student. you see the bus driver there. they've identified her as mary black. she was fired of a cell phone video surfaced showing black pouring water on a student after the student said he accidentally dropped it. the opener of the bus company said he fired the driver despite staffing shortages. a texas man lucky to be alive after bystanders rescue him from a burning car. this scene caught on cell phone video. lauren lee spoke to one of the good samaritans who stepped in to save a life. >> there was somebody in there, trapped in there. >> reporter: you got him out? >> yeah. >> reporter: all right. >> all banged up. >> we're having a few issues with that story.
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a later edition of news 3. to london, which marked the 350th anniversary of its great fire with the spirited show on the river sunday. american artist david best designed the 394-foot long model of the skyline. that floated on the river and set on fire. it was also re-creating the great fire of london back in 1666. city was burned. tens of thousands of people left homeless, the fewer than ten people died from the flames. the installation took two months to build and was quickly burned to ashes. the wildfire in california has grown to more than 25,000 acres. the gap fire in the klamath national forest is 30% contained. the fire has been burning for a week. it forced new evacuations in
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we can tell you that more than 1800 firefighters and army firefighters were there to try to get it out. investigators are still trying to figure out why it started in the first place. turns out mom really does know best and what a time to be right. a missouri boy uses his brand-new life-saving skills on his sister. this is 12-year-old kyle pratter who pushed back when his mom wanted him to take a free cpr class. he never imagined the skills would be put to the test until he saved his 9-year-old cone this car. >> i said i got this. i pulled my sister out of her seat and did the haim itch will maneuver. >> makes me emotional. she was crying really hard and squeezing him. >> kyle will get an award from the ambulance district.
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instructor. tropical storm warn has been issued midweek for other parts of new england for hermine. back here at home, if someone is gonna complain about the weather, maybe it was too breeze over the weekend. maybe. >> stop complaining. it's beautiful. [laughter] >> right, chloe? >> i thought it was great. if you were lucky enough to have today off, i'm jealous. you got a and i hope we like the cooler weather. we'll see things warm up over the next few days. hope you took advantage of today. outside mostly clear this evening. earlier this afternoon. not as warm as yesterday. only 94% was our high temperature this afternoon in las vegas. we'll see the gradual warming trend over the next few days. a recap of this afternoon, mostly sunny skies. you can see a few scattered high clouds filtering in over the
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why wouldn't you? it's labor day, most people have the day off. a lot of sunshine and quite a bit of activity up at mount charleston and also in the valley. pretty nice weather conditions. blue skies across the board. you can see the clouds thinning out at the evening continues and a beautiful sunset happening behind me. that's a look at the time lapse. temperatures outside right now, though, 92 degrees at child haven near pecos and bonanza. elsewhere, 83 degrees near sandy valley and in 90 degrees at ketterson high school. high temperatures, 88 in summerlin. 93 in sunrise. we'll see the numbers increase over the next few days. right now we're all in the 80s at the moment. winds are continuing. pretty light. not a factor. the dry conditions are going to continue over the next few days. we will see a lot of sunshine
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cover. but really nothing too crazy. it was pretty nice. hopefully, you were able to get outside and enjoin the outdoors. we're tracking this newest hurricane. this one's newton. you can see it off the coast of mexico. it will continue to move northwest. receipt now, it's moving at about 16 miles an hour, sustained winds are about 85 miles an hour. continuing to move into the southwest. it's not set to impact our area. we'll still see a lot of 71 degrees for your overnight low. winds will be fairly light throughout the rest of the evening. it will be cool again. if you liked the temperatures overnight, you will like tonight. 97 degrees for overton. 95 for tomorrow for pahrump. and waking up in las vegas we'll be starting off in the low 70s. expect the low 80s by 9:00 and 90 degrees by noon. it will be a great day to enjoy the outdoors. maybe go for a run before going
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temperatures just a couple of degrees below normal for this time of year. winds will pick up by the afternoon out of the east. maybe up to 10 miles an hour. but overall we're looking at calm conditions that will continue. the gradual warming trend is on its way all the way through thursday and into the weekend where we're expecting to hit the triple digit threshold, again, starting on saturday. we talked about this earlier. the bite of las vegas is going on this saturday. so just gives you an excuse cream, sandwiches. >> cool off. have a good time. >> thanks. well, some of you are just back from gran -- grabbing dinner out. >> consumer experts have the best and worst restaurants for your buck. and an unbelievable world record involving an acrobat and
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we'll talk about the national wing eating champion. he's successfully defended his
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trophy and heartburn. he is also the reigning champion with nathan's hot dog eating contest. >> okay. if labor day weekend isn't your thing, enjoy some pizza. today is national cheese pizza. if toppings. the modern day pizza as we know it actually originated in italy. if those stories didn't make you hungry, you must be packed from your labor day feast. americans will spend an estimated $70 billion this year at restaurants.
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work hard for? kim wagner has that. >> reporter: nearly half of every dollar budgeted for food is spent eating out. and much of that money will be spent at table service restaurants where you can sit down and be served. where should you be eating? consumer reports surveyed nearly 70,000 readers about their experiences at close to 2 who 2 who restaurant best deals and meals. >> diners want a sure thing. they want a clean restaurant, tasty food, and good value. >> reporter: for conbem tari fare, hillstones and season 52 stand out for food and ambience. while it's not inexpensive it's one of the few restaurants topping the rates where you can grab dinner for 40 bucks or less.
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regardless of price, try capital grill. but dinner runs 64 bucks a person. you will spend less than half of that at a long horn steakhouse. you do give up on service and ambience but their service vested several other chains including outback. >> it's all about expectations. people are not necessarily looking for the same ning in a 20-dollar meal as they are in a 60-dollar meal. >> reporter: new to downtown summerlin, dave & buster's is at the bottom of the ratings for value, food. some. in the end, there are plenty of choices to keep most diners happy. overall most people think they don't get a great value at chain restaurants. the consumer reports survey did find that people are much more
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restaurants. nearly 60% of people say the value they get at a local restaurant is either very good or excellent. kim wagner, news 3. coming up at 1 is:00, a -- 11:00, a political pioneer has died. a look back at thalia dondero's millions are holding onto their pants as one man tries to back flip his way into the records. >> watch this. flip, flip. >> whoa! >> he missed it. this guy right here was trying to break a world record. watch this. and -- >> nice! >> there he goes. >> i guess that qualifies.
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>> a lot of cheers, high-fives. he held the record in 2013. someone beat it with a back flip length of 7 feet, 8 inches.
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lights, camera, access. a promising lineup for the ne tvw season. i'm scott evans. so many shows and so little time. we'll tell you which are the ones to watch this fall. plus, the aliens have landed. >> do you come in peace?
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out-of-this-world season on the voice as mylie cyrus and alici a keys join the coaches. >> i got an 83/20 diving for the record. >> they call it a miracle on the hudson, but behind the scenes hero pilot faced scrutiny after saving so many lives. >> we love a fashion icon. >> and add style star to oscar winner to the growing resume. we will show you exactly how hollywood's newest earned the honor. >> maybe it is because of my scandinavian background. >> the fall tv season is upon us. welcome to "access hollywood." if you missed your favorite tv stars, they are back and welcome reboots too. we are about to break down the new shows that will have your dvr working over time. here to tell us which shows are worth watching is variety reporter elizabeth wagmeister. lots of the to watch.


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