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tv   News 3 Live at Eleven  NBC  September 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> that was the most rewarding moment of anything i've ever done. >> and a fighter becomes a hero, ufc competitor misha tate, delivers a performance away from the octagon. all right, we want to get right to that breaking news. henderson police are suicide. i'm jim snyder. >> i'm marie mortera. >> a afare check from henderson police pool family member called to check on a loved one inside. when police arrived, they had no idea what they would find.
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murder-suicide. they are not releasing the relationship between them, we believe them to be a husband and wife and this is not the first time police had been to this house. they had been to the house for another domestic related incident, the details not known. we don't know if there were children related to these two. these were the only two in the house at the ti police investigating and what might have happened, where they were out here earlier this year and today. now, a quiet neighborhood and busy with police activity as the community is mourning the loss of the man and woman.
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>> 45-year-old victim was outside a crosswalk, crash shut down part of the intersection. >> friends of a local business woman and now private investigator, are asking questions about her death after her body was found five miles away from her car in death valley. we told you about it when it happened. news3 christy wilcox has been talking to neighbors and the story doesn't add up to them. >> ellen hong, 11 days before she died she closed on a home in las vegas and as they look into the detail, they say it doesn't make sense. friends became suspicion. >> there was something nefarious
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and took this video. they said hung traveled from las vegas to los angeles often but she was headed to fort irwin. >> it made it more confusing. about why this happened. >> if you are going to get lost, you are going to walk on the road you came in through, especially in the desert. >> they say she may have died of natural causes in the 113? heat
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methodical. >> we knew people who knew linda here in las vegas and we also need help from the public from people who knew her and were waiting for her at fort irwin. >> as the court rules out reasons for her death, figuring out why those close to her aren't raising more questions. now, when we spoke to the coroner he said it could take several weeks before they get any lab that if anyone saw her that weekend that they will come forward. christy will many cox news3, send it back to you. >> thank you christy. police are looking for a murderer who broke away from custody on friday. he stole a work truck and got away. police found the truck over the weekend but still no sign of
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mohammed robinson during an argument about not opening a door for a woman at a local mcdonald's. today we talked to retired metro homicide investigators saying an escape like this was not easy to pull off. >> it was pretty darn hard to break a set of cuffs like this. the problem is you're likely going to break some bone in your hand if you enough strength to snap these, this guy was being interviewed in a room that was videotaped and audio taped, so someone typically would be monitoring that interview and would have at least seen what this guy was doing. >> as they continue looking north las vegas police say perez should be considered armed and dangerous given what he is accused of.
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a police detective says a little girl who was found dead just very near her bullhead city nevada home two years ago, could have been sexually assaulted. her body found a few days friend, he faces murder and kidnapping charges, he also faces the death penalty. >> forged the trail with constant grace and kindness. thalia dondero, passed away
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lasting mark on our community. >> when she first walked down to the county commission they told her to take notes. when she left, she left behind what is now a national park. in 1974, thalia dondero became the first woman to be elected to the >> they told me to take notes. i said no, i'll have the same rights as you do. >> he was begging to open the plane but it was too big so we had to turn him down. >> because of her role with the
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development. fellow commissioner steve sisilac. but her impact on women in politics and power will be lasting as sandra costco puts it best. >> she left a resume we can all look back on and be proud of and left an example, for young women today, don't ask just do it. >> thalia always took the time to explain to this young reporter how things worked in this town and i'll always appreciate it. we have another passing to report, long time conservative activist phyllis schafley has passed.
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support behind the donald trump campaign. she was 92 years old. >> meanwhile, on the campaign trail, the race for white house turned into a race for tarmac space in cleveland. three campaign planes, hillary clinton's donald trump's and one for trump's pence were on the same piece of ground. one of our quoals this election year is to give you a voice in the race for white house. we want to hear from you. what would you ask hillary clinton or donald trump? sent us your questions at news
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>> a glitch in a computer program, we checked there were two fairly short delays at mccarran. >> still to come a former usc student is a hero. and a history lesson, turned >> hold on, temperatures are >> hold on, temperatures are heading back up. for seniors like barbara, social security makes a difference every month. but for the wall street types who've given congressman joe heck's campaigns over $500,000, social security could mean billions of dollars in fees.
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>> we have more breaking news to bring you now and this time we're glad to tell you it's good news. this local teenage girl has been found safe and sound. >> she just spoke with her daughter, she was last seen almost a week ago, leaving a friend's car in fort apache. kaitlin told her mother, she is on her way back home.
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a little girl with a broken arm and a long way to go to get to a hospital got help from a local usc star. >> reed cowan has the story. >> she heard about a little girl named kai with a broken arm, watch. >> i saw a group around a little girl with a first aid kit. her mother's arms. >> enter usc star misha tate. >> i feel like i'm the most capable person here to get this little girl to the bottom. >> misha tate more than capable of doing this.
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you want me to carry you or her to carry you? she said i want her to carry me. >> she's like burst into tears. >> tears and pep talks, too. >> if you're faster we'll get you down. i felt like i got moreu than anyone else did. like that little girl was so tough and inspirational. >> once down, kai sent a video message to the one who carried me. >> thank you for carrying me, thank you for hipg me. >> honestly that little girl just lit a fire in me. she probably last no clue, she didn't know who i was. that was the most rewarding moment of anything i have ever
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sort of wrapped around and around and around my heart i loved this story. this is the girl power part. misha told me she was bullied, in high school, for being too tough, to strong. this is why i train, the lightbulb came on. she is bonded with kai forev. a local world war ii hero will are laid to rest tomorrow. gaitano benza passed away last week at the age of 91. and over the years has just been one of our favorite people to talk with. was always available whenever we need a perspective on the war and the people who fought it.
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southern arizona rming memorial, in boulder city. >> closure will make way for a new fly over bridge connecting the 95 to the i-15. several detours connected to project kneen. neon. >> a fantastic holiday weekend is coming to a close, kevin told us it was going to be a great one. >> kevin, maybe maybe some brezs breezes near the lake?
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spaghetti bowl? they should serve a new dish. we had those breezes saturday and sunday but they backed off. a marvelous labor day. the scattering of clouds popped up in the extreme northwestern parts of town. they have booted and scooted on out of here. sun went down lights came on, beautiful day, as you can imagine labor boats leaving their slips, why not. very heavily populated with people recreating, can't blame them. very dry air mass is back. already down to 77 pleasant degrees, and 16%, 82 and 13%, nice evening for a walk, mid to
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it warms in some of the neighborhoods, pahrump is 69, lake coming in at 85, boulder city at 79 for the moment. at mccarran, it made it to 94?. easily within our 3? guarantee. low temperature of 69 first time in three and a half months we have dipped into the early riser, no doubt about it. tomorrow i don't think we'll get there. we'll start in the 70s officially. it should stay below 10 miles per hour. lots to get you caught up with, tropical system, hermine
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one to two inches of rain and winds gusting to 40. lester side swiped the hawaiian islands, after giving them ten foot waves, and the winds will take it back up and probably towards western canada as your regular kind of storm. closer to home, those clouds have zipped up to wyoming tonight. you talk about speeding along i-15, three have cabo will not be happy, second hurricane to hit cabo for three years. as long as it follows the expected path, it will not impact southern nevada. we need water but we should stay
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low 50s in pahrump, indian springs, chilly in lincoln county. 96 in mesquite and triple digits in laughlin. high temperature, you bounce back for tuesday, officially 96?, some neighborhoods could see a couple more. and then your seven-day forecast speaking about a couple more, degree a day. overnight lows in the mid 70s.
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>> new at 11:00 when you think of the oregon trail, pioneers and covered wagons come to mind. >> modern day adventure, called oregon trail off-roading. jason havasu and several of his
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>> for purposes of the story they are still fun. 5,000 mile trip, took the group 32 days, the group followed the original trail as closely as possible and documented it all on youtube. >> they say while it was grueling at times, it was well worth it forging friendships that will last a lifetime. coming up here tonight, a ball boy goes flying in oakland and the video might give you a little
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and i approve this message. as a doctor, i see how decisions in washington impact my patients here in nevada. so even though i'm a republican, i won't be voting for joe heck. joe heck's voted ten times to defund planned parenthood, which thousands of women depend on for cancer screenings. and heck opposes a woman's right to choose even when her health is at risk. for me and my patients,
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>> vegas native chris bryant and the chicago cubs opened their three game series with the milwaukee brewer who has a sin city connection, chris >> left center field, that will go. >> yeah, bottom of the second and he crushed one to left neverland. center field, home run number 33 for number 33. besides that the cubs kyle hendricks threw seven strong
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in college football, the number 4 florida state seminoles were the four and a half to five and a half point favorites against number 11 ole miss but at the half they were down 28-14. after that of the locker room on fire. francois threw for 419 yards. 23 unanswered points, and the noles take down ole miss 45-34. johnny manziel back in college.
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quarterback, reported li reenrolled. before his life took a downward spiral. his classes are reportedly online only. back to school for johnny football. meanwhile, serena williams, advanced to the u.s. open finals, grand slam victory, passes roger federer, in all time finals. saving the players from getting hit, ended up doing the exact opposite. sometimes when you just try so lard it doesn't work out -- oh just slipped. he had the best intentions,
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the knocked him on the side of the head. >> oh, okay. >> all right, take it off.
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"it's halloween time my frightful fiends, and disneyland is ours!" "going down!" "boo!" (screams) halloween time at the disneyland resort means there's wicked fun in both parks...
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>> all right well i guess that's about the only time we have. viewers? we're not done with the triple digits are test. [ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- will smith,


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