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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  September 6, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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because we were tracking the same way. for you, you were thinking about the comeback and for me i'm thinking the star player at fsu that went and sat with a student at the lunch table and gave him a jersey. >> dana: check on the weather right now. i see we have a hurricane off the coast. is that going to impact our >> kelly: it is not. it's going to turn to the east. arizona will get showers out of that. for us dry conditions throughout the rest of the week with temperatures slowly rising. winds nice and light today. 91 by noon and 95 at 4:00. i'll let you know when we can see a return of the triple digits coming up. >> kim: we turn to this developing story. henderson police are
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it takes us to the area near the m resort. we hear that police were out there performing a welfare check at a home last night when they found two people dead. they believe one person shot the other and then took his or her own life. the victim and shooter were in their late 30's, maybe early 40's. do not believe anyone else was home at the time. the coroner will release the name of the victim >> dana: friends of this local business woman who died in death valley along with a private investigator say the details surrounding her death don't add up. her body was found august 28. friends went to that dirt road where her car and body were found. they took video out there as well. hunt was headed to celebrate her 40th birthday and they can't understand why she went down
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kurt is a private investigator. he has questions. her toyota was found more than 10 miles down a road that was not meant for cars and her body was found five miles away from her car. >> if you get lost in the desert or any place, you take the route you came from. you are not going to walk in the desert, you walk on the road you came from. we need help from here in las vegas and people waiting on her 234 fort erwin. is there foul play? we don't know. they are waiting for toxicology
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commander in chief. president obama the first sitting u.s. president to visit that country. you see the big umbrella. the president is there for three days in an effort to rebuild trust with that nation. the relationship has been strained and this comes after a cia led mission during the vietnam war left 80 million night and starting a full day of i did local si with the president there. >> dana: the president there lashed out at a news conference. the president is not apologizing but regrets cursing president
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he was asked how he planned to explain the fill phone killing of drug killers without any due process to president obama. in a statement read by a spokesman he said he regretted that his comments had caused concern and disstress and expressed his regard for president obama. right now our president not going to meet with him. >> kim: we are in full we have tracy potts giving us a preview of what to expect today. >> donald trump heads to virginia and north carolina today still explaining immigration. no cramming, no mock debate. >> i've seen people do so much prep work when they get out there, they can't speak.
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>> he managed to turn his trip to mexico into an embarrassing international incident. >> clinton is in florida today. >> hillary clinton is the superior candidate hands down. >> as this campaign enters the final stretch. early voting begins in a few weeks. the first debate in september and the election day just over two months >> dana: speaking of election day, dr. ben carson joins us from florida this morning. thanks for joining us. had the big immigration speech from donald last week and we have questions about hiss plan for undocumented immigrants here in the united states which is a big issue especially here in southern nevada because we have thousands of them watching this
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would president donald trump seek to deport southeast million undocumented immigrants? >> the key word here is prioritization. have you to prioritize what you are going to do. first thing you need to do is secure the border. that is going to be something on which a lot of attention will be focused. and then you need to make sure we enforce the now when you begin to do those kinds of things, it has a draft picks malt i can effect on what is left behind. but after you've taken care of those basic problems, then you look at what is left behind and you deal with that in a reasonable and compassionate but a fair way. because you must always bear in
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people that have gotten here legally. why should those who have done things prescribed by b placed in a disadvantage to those who have not. we recognize there are families that are together. we are not people who have no compassion as will be painted. that's the picture painted by those who want to >> dana: does a young lady who lives in our community brought her by her parents when she was a toddler from mexico. she's now an adult with a college degree. she is flourishing by all accounts. does she have to worry five or 10 years from now about being deported by a future president trump?
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appropriate things are done and the dust has settled have you an opportunity to look at all of these things in a rational way. if somebody is bleeding to death from an arterial leagues, you can spend all your time trying to sop up the blood or you can put a turn cat on. we need to put a you are the any cat on and see what deal with that in an appropriate way. >> dana: we are 63 days away from this election. donald trump has pull add lead of clinton by two points. >> kim: what was this woman thinking? she purposely sets that car on fire for revenge. it didn't quite work out the way she wanted it to.
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>> dana: protestors at the airport. what are they up celt with?
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>> kim: there is a woman in florida trying to set her exboyfriend's car on fire. adding fuel to this fire inside the trunk. according to police she thought the car belonged to her former boyfriend but it did not. witnesses saw the 19-year-old take off on a bike after this happened. this happened last month. days later police released the video and identified her.
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placed in jail and faces charges for arson. it was mistaken identity with that vehicle. >> dana: open and shut case. i can see you. some people around our country having trouble getting home after the busy holiday weekend. another computer glitch. we'll tell you all about it just ahead. >> kim: you recognize that ufc fighter
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>> kim: welcome back to the program. we opened up over a press briefing at the white house. there is a dust up this morning over name calling when it comes to heads of state.
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calling our commander in chief a son of a something. the president cancelled his meeting with the president of the philippines. >> chris: if anything breaks during that news conference we'll pass it on to you. let's focus on the werth. even though hermine is not a hurricane anymore. she's still causing all kinds of problems back east. stron w rain throughout that region. the storm may have ruined holiday plans but the people who live in that area are worried about moving forward as far as beach erosion. they've felt the economic impact. hermine is expected to weaken but may stay off the seaboard through wednesday. >> dana: we have a hurricane
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mexico. it's newton. newton is moving to the north ever so slightly and is causing a lot of problems we know in mexico and expected to drop heavy rain showers in southern arizona. what are the 87 packets of newton for las vegas? >> kim: we may dodge another one. i heard kelly say it will have impacts in new mexico and >> kelly: i think we'll see a few clouds out of this, maybe high thin clouds moving over our area tomorrow. that's going to be the only impact of this hurricane. here is a time lapse look from yesterday where we had a little bit of haze out there. temperatures in the low 90's across much of the area. winds were lighter. here is a look at the temperatures as you are heading out the door.
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spring valley 69. centennial 73 and henderson 70 at this hour. winds nice and light not going to be an issue at all today. we've got quiet conditions, clear skies, a lot of sunshine today. we start to see clouds making their way into arizona that. is associated with that hurricane that is lifting itself way northward right now making land fall with it's going to take a curve to the east and impact arizona and new mexico while we stay dry. high today 95. plenty of sunshine. staying below normal today. tonight low 74. mostly clear skies. our seven-day forecast, those temperatures are going to be returning to normal and then climbing above normal as we head throughout the rest of the week.
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>> dana: this is the scene in san francisco. not good. people waiting as long as two hours in line to check in for their flight at british airways. they had some sort of a computer glitch there. the airline said it's information technology team are working to fix it. the geek squad is going to move in. people reporting long waits on social media. if you are airways today you want to get there early. >> kim: we've talked a lot about the black lives matter movement. this takes us to london. this is a major airport there where police say nine protestors involved with that movement brought everything to a halt. some flights were disrupted, arrivals were diverted as a
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the campaign group for black lives matter saying activist were behind this particular protest. the british arm of this movement saying it wanted to highlight britain's environmental impact on the lives of african-american people locally as well as globally. >> dana: a local man who admits he shot and killed his wife says it was an act of mercy. this is his preliminary hearing i. judge will hear evidence to decide if it's going to head to trial. he claims he shot his wife because she wanted to die. she was suffering from a number of illnesses and was in serious pain. so he went out and bought a gun
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>> kim: yesterday we told you our community lost this world war ii hero and he's being laid to rest today. family and friends paying respect yesterday during the visitation in downtown las vegas. passing away at the age of 91. one of our all time favorite people toe talk with over the years. our good friend has done whenever we needed perspective on war or people who fight it, he was our go to guy. he will be buried at the veterans cemetery in boulder city. i want to send my best to his entire family because he touched all of us here at news 3. he was a tremendous person. what a special guy as we remember him today. right now we have an early heads up of what to expect this morning on today.
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the presidential race enters the home stretch. we'll break down the road ahead for clinton and trump and what their campaigns need to do to win key battleground states. and help to beat the traffic rush. what apps will get you where you need to go the fastest. and ho damon watch granting wish little girl with a broken arm and this ufc fighter coming to the rescue. >> dana: er they were up at mt. charleston when she breaks her arm. miesha tate carries her down for two miles.
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the valley floor and facing a two mile hike. >> the mom was struggling to carry a child. >> it's a tough walk ahead. >> i got to say something. i feel like i'm the most capable person here to get this little girl to the bottom. >> proposing to carry the girl. >> i said i'm a professional athlete and more than capable to dos. >> she asked her daughter do you want me to carry you or her to carry you. to mia newsment the little girl said i want her to carry me. >> little kai at times cried. >> there were moments in time she said i wish this never happened and she'd burst into tears. >> you strong for me. we'll get you down this hill
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i got more out of it than anyone else d. that little girl was so tough to me and inspirational. >> once down she sent a message to the one who carried her. >> thank you for carrying me and for helping me. >> that little girl just lit a fire in me and she probably has no clue. she didn't know who i was. that was the most rewarding mome ever done. >> miesha said she was bullied in school for being too strong, too tough and not girly enough. >> isn't it amazing how soft a heart she has. she has a soft place in her heart. >> kim: you could tell she was getting teary eyed as she was recounting the story. still to come we have a car that
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cargo. what is inside and did they finally find it? we have answers headed your way. >> delta tallies up the cost of
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>> dana: guy walks into a gas station. he leaves his car running. that's a bad idea. this happened in atlanta, georgia on saturday night when
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takes off and steal it. in the backseat two one-year-old girls. the guy is driving away down the road. eventually they find the car and the two girls were safe and sound in the back. so the guy got more than he bargained for. no doubt he didn't want to take the kids. he was trying to steal the car. when he saw the kids he pulled over and took off. >> kim: as far as that dad who left the girls in the car. i would with the spouse once you get home. >> kelly: definitely. temperatures heading out the door, here is a look at what we're seeing pahrump 59. boulder city 68. mesquite 68. grab a little sweater heading
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>> kim: consumer reports exclusive. that new samsung phone that's been catching fire with their batteries. the experts have advice on this particular phone and they are share ate head. >> dana: firefighters fighting this house fire found out what made it especially hard to put out. >> kim: we have another briefing and in the news this morning our president obama having to field some name calling. >> the philippine president called the president of the united states a son of a you know what. that did not go over big with the white house. >> kim: it was the president of the philippines. the president on this trip is meeting with a lot of heads of
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timeout. >> kim: fire alert. we have consumer reports to the rescue if you have one of these smartphones. they have advice for you this
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questioning the death of this local business woman. they say it was probably not from natural causes. we'll explain ahead. >> kim: we're talking about the president of the philippines and what he regrets saying about our president barack obama. >> dana: 5:00 on this tuesday morning. sun wil than an hour from now on this september 6. >> chris: we welcome you to the program on this tuesday morning. we have a lot going on this morning. this is a big news day so we couldn't wait to get to work and get you up to speed. >> dana: we check in with kelly in the weather center. >> kelly: at fantastic day around the area. light winds, plenty of sunshine


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