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tv   News 3 Live at Noon  NBC  September 6, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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los angeles area as we look at life pictures right now this is in sun valley california. at least 10 people have been injured after train crashed in the area. it's very north of burbank. the los angeles fire department says a metrolink train bloody with a truck. the train was headed to los angeles and had six cars and a total of 187 passengers on board. the triage area has been set up the other trying to help with are injured. of course this is a developing story will continue to monitor the live pictures will bring you more updates as they become available. new thank you for joining us. longtime las vegas resident world war ii resident gaetano benza was laid to rest today. family and friends gather today downtown las vegas for a viewing of the funeral held veterans memorial cemetery
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people to talk with over the years. when we get a perspective on the war the people who fought it, he loved sharing his stories with us and everybody else. a brooklyn native he found himself at 19 years old part of the second landing wave on utah beach during the invasion of normandy. in 2015 france awarded benza and the survivors from his unit with the legion of honor. the country's highest award for bravery. benza passed away last week at the age of 91. members at home and in kuwait. marking the fifth anniversary of a mass shooting remember this one at the ihop carson city. hard to believe it's been five years. three guardsmen were killed and that 2011 shooting. seven other people wounded. under the present was also killed. the 33 old gunmen who had been previously diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia killed himself. soldiers and airmen held a memorial walk and run from the
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the god complex also the las vegas-based 17th sustainment brigade held a similar memorial run at a camp in kuwait. our kyndell nunley spoke with those national guardsmen in kuwait will have that coming up. family of a woman killed in las vegas has been waiting more than seven years for the case against the man accused of killing her to go to trial. while getting underway. >> live from the courthouse. the woman was killed on mother's day. >> reporter: that's correct and that was in the year 2009 potential jurors filing into the courthouse behind me early this morning to get the jury selection underway. the victim's name in the case robin jenkins she was engaged to be married to the defendant david the couples living together back in 2009 on mother's day of that year
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for domestic violence related issue they found jenkins with multiple stab wounds in that home. she later died of her injuries. this case began more than seven years for it to get to trial. the jail a block away from where i'm standing that's where he has been in for the last several years.the case was brought down because of different legal matters and legal battles. that took place prior to today prior to this trial getting started. we have spoken to the district cases that have been delayed for so long he says for him it's a priority for these cases to be put to trial and get things going instead of delaying and leaving victims waiting for justice in these cases. the proceedings happening right now. our jury selection basically giant pool of jurors being questioned whether not they will be good jurors for this case this can take anywhere between one to a couple of days and were expecting this trial as a whole to take no more than
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extent as anything does happen we will be here reporting live. early this morning henderson judge ordered a local man accused of shooting and killing his sick wife to come back to court one month from now. just before 6 o'clock on the evening of july 24 henderson police detectives said kenneth dennis kopp called 9-1-1 and said his wife had been shot. his wife 62--o spinal stenosis fibromyalgia and arthritis and he told the detectives that he brought king and unloaded gun and told her if she wanted to die she would have to shoot herself. when the police report it states that she told detectives he loaded the gun and fired at her but it doesn't it's unclear at this point if the shooting was intentional or by accident. a little girl with a broken arm.
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us sea star. your sister on me should take happened to be hiking there which heard about a little girl named clyde who had a broken arm. look i was almost 3 miles above the valley floor when she slipped and fell pricking the arm. her mom try to carry the child down but was struggling. she approached the mother and offered some help. telling the mom that she was a professional athlete would be happy to carry the girl she would consider to be an added workout. mom and l woman they enter trial want her to carrier the child pointed at tate. >> she tells us she was bullied in school for being too strong, too tough and not growing up. she said in the way down the
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thought to herself that's exactly why am strong. local olympic connor field he took home a gold medal in real. he got another honor today. >> declaring today connor field today in clark county. we also have a key to the las vegas strip. >> there you have it that was earlier racing champ honored by the clark county commission. at the weekly meeting held their picked remembered also as a key to the city of henderson overcame a broken wrist and that he won the gold in real. >> many of us here met this young man here at our studios last week. he came in and shut the gold medal and he such a humble great guy. were very happy for him.
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love even more being able to say we have local libyans that one goals. and he was so great on camera. that he was saying that his dream is to become a sportscaster. i think he's on his way. >> i think you'll be good at that for sure. >> our weather has been fantastic this morning. a time-lapse look for the las vegas camera lots of blue sky out there. nice light winds temperatures in the 60s this morning across much of the area. we have since warmed up. right no 9 light wind apollo baird high school coming in 85. that's her temperature. for the rest of the day we do expect the temperature to warm up a little bit more 90s our forecast type but we got the hurricane brewing in mexico right now. will it impact our weather? we'll talk about it coming up. itt technical institute is closing its doors. itt educational services says
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including one here in the valley. the college does a closures are due to investigation and sanctions by the us department of education. over recruiting and accounting practices at the school. last week the education department banned the for-profit college from enrolling new students whose federal financial aid. itt has also been ordered to pay $152 million to the feds to cover student refunds and other liabilities. president obama historic visit to laos to real war wounds and improve relations therapy. >> historic morning laos as president obama becomes the first of the us presidents to visit this tiny landlocked nation up to 6 million people. america bomb so heavily don't yet know more. >> whatever the cause, whatever intentions, or inflicts a terrible toll. especially on innocent men women and children pick at the present enough use will spend $90 million over three years to
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>> the present here laos was the summit of southeast asian nations. mr. obama about the canceled meeting with philippine president after an insult when mr. obama would criticize him for thousands of killings of drug lords since he came to power. >> the spokesman he apologize. >> that after more diplomatic for china locked horns with which leader intense 90 minute base to base over syria. perhaps their last what obama is in office.the two unable to agree on the cease-fire. >> here laos president obama while attending the summit will also visit the relief agency that helps victims of the bombings. the government and laos said that step up efforts to help recover the remains of us troops. now back to you a lot more to come a big bite leave the house
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facing criminal charges coming up what they've started this neighborly feud and how that kosher to cause a lot of damage. ancient rock famous for its iconic shape on an oregon beach destroyed by vandals. here's a picture of what it used to look like. and here's a video of those vandals pushing it over and crumbling it in pieces picked up next for that community not hard to understand will get more information on what that community is doing. they are not happy about that. taken steps toto
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danny tarkania real-estate developer, tarkanian was penalized for failing to pay thousands in property taxes. tarkanian was ordered by a judge to repay $17 million in a failed development scheme. tarkanian refused to pay the money back, forcing taxpayers to bail him out, leaving us holding the bag. danny tarkanian's out for himself, not us.
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a dispute between two neighbors to see how being badly damaged john higdon's neighbor edgar mccullough used tobacco to damaged home and continue after he fired shots into the woods near his property. please the two-minute been feuding for the past few days intentions boiled over. mcclellan charged with aggravated criminal trespassing and felony vandalism.
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his brother is speaking out about this. >> don't know why never had a beef with them. no explanation. >> my daddy built this house. this man over your to such will be at 2 o'clock in the morning with a dozer. started pushing the house down. >> he says his brother and neighbor never had problems before and is surprised that it's come to this. right now british airways still working to fix the problem that caused hundreds of delayed flights including one from as we talk about this take a life picture right now mccarran international airport where we have checked online and we have found out the flight 275 two mccarran is delayed by at least three hours right now. if you're expecting somebody to arrive on that flight we want to give you an update three hour wait right now it's expect to land here around 9:56 tonight.
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look at the mess left behind hundreds of passengers got stuck in long lines. many of them say they waited longer than two hours and many of them turned to social media to express their frustration as a do many times when this happens. 24 cedric fox reached a $20 million settlement with gretchen carlson. she's the anchorwoman who sued fox news ceo and chairman roger 24 cedric fox released a statement today saying quote we sincerely regret and apologize for the fact that gretchen was not treated with respect that she and all of our colleagues resign from box in july. no portion of the $20 million settlement other women have also accused ailes of the same thing and he has denied all of
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today for hearing in a sex assault case against him. cosby and his legal team arrived for court this morning in pennsylvania hoping a judge throws out evidence stemming from a 2004 encounter between cosby and temple university employee. cosby maintains his encounter with former protigi andrea costin was consensual. cosby's lawyers hope to suppress the deposition cosby gave an accuser. in it cosby does admit to giving cost in several pills consensual encounter. >> the former stanford university swimmer and convicted sex offender brock turner arrived at sheriff's office in ohio to register as a convicted sex offender today. under the terms of his probation turner must check in with the sheriff's office every three months.he's also barred from parks schools and other places where children are. turner was released from a
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of a six month sentence.for sexual assaulting an unconscious woman at a frat party in stamford in january 2015. hurricane newton has made landfall as a category one hurricane and mexican state of baja california today. it arrived with winds up to 90 miles an hour and hurricane is expected to make a second landfall in mainland mexico early tomorrow. the stove could bring rain into the southwestern us as it makes its way inland. we've been watching all of the storms here we saw just went through florida. her meeting with the first one that florida seen in 11 years. so definitely the season for hurricanes. >> definitely. it's been an active one, san lucas seen reports on twitter reporting some pretty minimal damage so that some good news hurricane has since we could work much talk about that a second but first i want to talk about what were saying here locally. no effects of that right now
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camera. little bit of haze out there still lingering we had all that smoke in the air back on sunday from wildfires burning in california. some of that still around. temperatures this morning we have low and upper 60s across much of the las vegas valley right now sunrise coming in at 92 centennial coming in 88 temperatures increase make a couple more degrees that's about it today. temperatures will remain below normal. here is a radar picture here at home nothing. clear blue skies gorgeous conditions for us. let's look to the south and east parts of arizona and really into new mexico seeing showers and thunderstorms let's take the camera look for the south we can see why here's networking still a category one and has weakened somewhat sustained winds at 75 miles an hour continue to track its way
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going to be hawking a little bit more to the east. the biggest impact is extra good to be around tucson area. keep that in mind especially tomorrow planning a traveling into arizona especially around tucson flash flood watches have already been issued there to spending quite a bit of rainfall from's going to hook its way to the east through new mexico were not going to see anything out of this. the most that were going to see some high clouds as we look to the south and east. no our area. today, sunny skies 95 degrees that's expected hybrid winds of the southeast this afternoon about 5 to 10 miles an hour. we like to overnight tonight mostly clear skies 74 that's expected low tomorrow maybe some high clouds in the area that's about it. notice the slow warming trend report to be at 100 degrees by friday and saturday that's 101 with plenty of sunshine but looks like temperatures expected to take another dip as we get into early next week.
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digits as long as it's not humid it's not too bad. >> the overnight is great.>> early morning nice and cool. officials with the oregon state police are looking into a case of apparent vandalism at a popular state park it's a well-known rock formation that was toppled by a group of vandals caught on video. >> at makes me mad to see the video. it's not the first time vandals have been caught on tape destroying natural a clip shows the rock formation come crashing down.and what sounds like the words got it. this is what oregon's state police and parks department reviewing this morning. what appears to be an apparent act of vandalism at a famous sandstone that until now had stood for generations. >> we don't have all of the facts with the ship. we've seen a video that the media turned up over the weekend and that really is all we know about it.
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the iconic pedestal cake wanda stood on a landscape more than 18 million years old. a picture-perfect spot for newlyweds or to watch the sunset into the sea. the parks department .the seven foot tall 10 foot wide rock formation known as a duckbill collapsed naturally. that is until david callis posted this video. >> the first thing that i talked to was it was a safety hazard. one of their buddies apparently broke her leg on top of the rock. >> it's hardly the first time we've seen natures beauty toppled. >> two years ago two boy scout leaders were given a year probation and find after they shoved over a 170 million -year-old rock formation. after but if hodges paid $1000
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the photo of her name carved into a red rock wall in sedona arizona. this morning in oregon it's unclear if anyone will face charges or fines. a spectacular sandstone that stood the test of time until it was toppled in seconds. 1a toppled it over the first words work out of. i wonder police are going to say god him when i catch >> there on video. >> i am so glad somebody was taking video of that and that has surfaced. millions and millions it's it's gone. there's no way to repair that. >> architects plan to build a rain forest inside of the hotel. that is cool. >> coming up look at the newly
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it. >> a tropical rain forest
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upcoming rosemont hotel residue but is legitimate grand burial. architects say the over 75,000 square-foot rain forest will include avenger trails sandler speech splash pool waterfall streams in the rain forest cafi. also going to be a prehistoric thoracic inspired marsh. the complex will consist marsh. the complex will consist of 253 story towers and will welcome its first guest in the year 2018 i can see something like that here. >> that's plans to go to dubai probably ever. >> nextel news 3 lava tropical 30 national guard members are honoring their peers who were killed in that deadly shooting in ihop and carson city it was
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we sent him here to fix it. but congressman joe heck became part of the problem. wall street invested over a half-million dollars in congressman heck's campaigns, and heck supports their agenda -- privatizing social security, handing wall street billions in fees,
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putting wall street ahead of us. congressman heck -- what's wrong with washington. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. coming up. honoring the following five years ago government open fired ihop and carson city killing three nevada national guard member's another person how the national guard is honoring
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the annual run walk fall event happening this week and strive to create safe learning environments for children in our committee. will tell you how you can get involved coming up. bringing hawaii to las vegas. you can enjoy the culture of the pacific islanders this week and without having to leave town. were not giving her treat trip to wife but hawaii is coming to you will go to fill you in on the oldest hawaiian festival >> good afternoon. thank you for joining us. nevada national guard members here at home and overseas taking time today to remember those were killed at that ihop and carson city. hard to believe it's been five years. >> five years ago today when a gunman opened fire killing four people including three guardsmen. news 3's kyndell nunley is


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