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tv   News 3 Live at Three- Thirty  NBC  September 6, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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news to kind anybody else afraid of needles. >> reed: all right. the bad news is, you have to get the flu shot this year instead of the nasal spray erica edwards explains why. >> reporter: it's been the flu investigates preference for many years, the nasal spray flu mist, and now the american academy of pediatrics say kids should not get it this year, the move after the panel of experts the nasal spray has not been effective the past three seasons and it's unclear why. >> it's still a scientific mystery, but we can't go on give vaccine that is infected. >> they recommend they get the flu shot with 63% effective in protecting against the flu last year. even if you're infected after
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>> influenza can take a normal healthy child or even an adult and put them into an emergency room in 24 hours. this is a serious infection. >> kids we talked to say they'll toughen up for shot this year. >> i hold my breath and close my eyes. >> they are will continue to review the spray and it is possible it could be back next year. erica edwards, nbc news. >>oc vaccine now should offer protection through the spring. those under the age need two doses if they're under two and done a month apart. >> 15 minutes ago, senators voted down a bill designed to help fight the zika virus. the bill failed 62-46 and the lawmakers were against the provision in the bill that would
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parenthood and the cdc director is warning his agency is almost out of money, the money needed to kill mosquitos and find a vaccine. >> most people are back to work today, including members of congress. >> that doesn't mean they showed up at 9:00 a.m. to show up for work as our correspondent discovered. >> reporter: so it's about 9:30 in the morning, the tuesday of labor recess, and today is the day they return back to work, but all around capitol hill, most of the hallways are still pretty empty. the cars shuttle the lawmakers to the capitol, those are mostly empty too. it's a sharp contrast with the rest of washington, where most everyone is back to work. the lawmakers have been out of
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some visitors, including this lady from france. >> we have a little vacation for the kids and the school but not our congressmen. >> 7 weeks is more leave than i get. >> if they would get more done, it wouldn't seem so long. >> a recent gallup poll show that 18% of americans approve of the job that congress is doing, a rate that has remained under 20% for this is is the government affairs. >> [indiscernable] communicators, fund-raisers. >> and she says that congress should be focused on two things. >> we have to fund the government because we ran out of money on october 1, and secondly, we have to address the zika crisis. >> so will they deliver? >> if you've got four weeks and
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handle that. >> still up in the air is if republicans will try to impeach the congressman . >> marie: the u.s. will spend $90 million over the next year to help clear bombs that dropped that doubled a speech today. the president said over a nine year period, american warplanes dropped bombs on laos more than world war ii and korean war. >> thousands of laos have been killed, children playing, the wounds, a missing leg or arm lasts a lifetime.
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he announced but because obama is the first sitting u.s. president to visit laos. >> reed: former fox news reporter settled for $20 million. carlson said she was fired from fox news after accepting sexual advances when pennsylvania judges set a june trial date for the sexual and felony charges. he went to court looking feeble today. the prosecutors hope to have 13 cosby accusers testify at the trial. the accuser say they were intoxicated by drugs or alcohol that cosby gave them before they were sexually assaulted. specifically, the drugging charge and molesting of rita
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he maintains the encounter with her was consensual. >> isis carries out a deadline attack in iraq. more details from the terrorism alert desk. >> from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm michelle marsh. a british court sentenced a radical preacher for more than five years for inspiring support for isis. the court said he and his associate were a threat and they would not stop preaching their message of he is a familiar face to britain. he was a number of leader in post sharia law and there was a suicide bomber attack that killed at least 10 people in central baghdad and 39 people were hurt in the attack. monday's blast happened not far from the site of another isis suicide attack in july. that attack killed 324 people. and isis has now banned women
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the militant group has beaten and killed women in the past for refusing to wear the conservative garments. the leaders banned the burkas after a group of women carried out an attack against several isis commanders. from the terrorism alert desk, i'm michelle marsh. >> new studies show tiny particles in the brain the risk of alzheimer's. there is now research that provides the first evidence that tiny particles of magnetic pollution can find its way into the brain. >> there are millions of this magnetic pollution particles in the brain. in one gram of human brain tissue, there will be millions of these magnetic pollution particles. >> what effect could that have. >> there are a million opportunities to create damage
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>> no definite link between this and alzheimer's. >> chevy chase, comedian and actor has been checked into this rehab. he entered rehab with an addiction to painkillers. >> to u.s. senators are calling on the trade commission to investigate the maker epipens. they want to know if antitrust laws were violated by mylan. they said they would not purchase competing products for a year. mylan made headlines for the high price hike of 400% and the contracts do not include purchase requirements and it
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more than 700,000 free just a seconders to 65 -- injectors to 67,000 schools. apps competed for 50% of the user's time in the month of july. that never happened before. >> it's the 10th time for northern california football teams >> ahead at 3:30, you have to see the facebook video that is now going viral. >> the games are about to begin in rio once again. the arrival of the torch for the
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r the content of this advertising. . . >> marie:welcome back. you heard the saying, love thy neighbor, right? >> a dispute between neighbors leaves one tennessee man lead him to take heavy machinery to his neighbor's home and destroy it. one neighbor said he used a backhoe to damage his home after he fired shots in the woods near his house. the two men have been feuding for days and tensions boiled over, police say. >> i don't know why. no explanation. >> my dad built this house. this man decides to come over here at 2:00 in the morning with
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the house down. >> reed: well, think about it this way. he's charged with aggravated trespassing and felony vandalism. the other was arrested for reckless have been through so much after being rescued from the flood waters in louisiana, the new purpose in life goes a long way to getting back on her feet. the historic flooding in louisiana has left thousands without homes, with many with no choice but to seek shelter and the most impact ready the animal. >> there are very few pet friendly shelters, so unfortunately some people have no choice. they can't bring their dogs or
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>> we made the lovable ally and supreme, zoey, collette were rescued in indiana after displaced by the flooding. with the non-profit pit sisters coordinate what other organizations to bring them in jacksonville. >> we are getting them vet care, spade and neutered and ready to go. >> their journey does not end here. they will participate in the tails program which stands teachi life skills. >> what we learn from the inmates, they learn patience, teamwork and responsibility. >> as the dogs become accustomed to their new homes in florida, the rescued animals will now do all the rescuing. >> we have seen firsthand folks changing completely by interacting with one dog. >> the power of our pets. we know that lesson well, huh? okay, it turns out that even football, the toughest football
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>> reed: we're talking about the minnesota vikings. it's a good thing they have football to fall back on. it's their day, because here's why. [singing] . >> reed: okay, some not so bad. pool karaoke and a local deejay was in the driver seat with a brief break for their preparations for the season opener on monday a moment that is sure to go viral. >> marie: no doubt about that. many people believe in karma, and the you do, the next installment of the bo paskey
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story has gone wild online. >> beau and his mother were a special guest against their game against florida state. check out that hug. beautiful. they gave him a personalized jersey and the two have already developed a special bond in the days and travis did something simple, right, he sat down when he saw that he was sitting alone at lunch in the boys middle school. >> according to the broadcasters, beau went down to the field and they were losing 28-13, and beau on the sidelines, the seminoles stormed back to win 35-34. beau's buddy, travis even scored a touchdown. >> you know what, it prompted so many conversations, even in conversations in my house. what do you do when you have a child eating alone?
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you always should. >> the payback there, worth it. >> the rio is preparing for 2016 paraylmpics. >> we are outside the rio brand-new museum of tomorrow, more than 7 hurricane newton torch bearers carried the flame in the relay. >> it isn't only four years of training and hartford work that will be on display at these games. it's a lifetime of incredible perseverance, grit and passed through every paraylmpic games. >> this runs september 7th, so tweet us in what makes you smile. >> make sure to join the conversation on facebook, also
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so find us on facebook and twitter. >> time now for what is ahead at "news 3" live at 5:00 today. >> reed: there is new concern for a product being sold to medical marijuana patients. at 5:00, why the industry is joining forces to protect children. >> after seven weeks, the people you elected to run american's business are back to work but still squabbling over the issues. at 5:00, just what americans think of u.s. lawmakers, and we just heard they voted down zika funding, so there's traffic. >> marie: we want to show you amazing images from the juneau spacecraft that continues to send back spectacular pictures never, ever before seen. these images of jupiter and it shows the southern aurora and this is first time experts have seen the southern point in such detail. the juneau spacecraft took the photos to study how the sun and
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forecast. >> with the sun affecting us with the 90s yesterday. >> we'll be hitting the triple digits very shortly. >> marie: again! >> gear up for very hot week and weekend, if that doesn't give away the forecast already. it will warm up very quickly and today, warmer than yesterday with again, with am of people getting rained on. in red rock, beautiful blue skies across the err a. one thing, we started off at 65 degrees and overland, 92 and the rest of us, the temperatures well below the normal this morning, not going to be as cool overnight tonight, so certainly
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temperatures, mostly in the 90s, you can see, but 89 degrees for summerlin, 93 degrees at the lakes and 98 for sunrise at the moment and the winds 10 miles an hour for the rest of the neighborhood decreasing a we get closer to midnight. a look at the lows across the region, 51 degrees at mt. charleston and the upper 60s for lake mead and 57 degrees for primm so quite a variation. 69 for mt. charleston, 95 for pahrump and 93 for boulder city and moderate winds across the area there. we're going to see dry weather continue for next few days, expect lots of sunshine, not much happening on our side of the satellite, but moving farther southward south, we're
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per hour winds. it will continue moving northward, again, making an impact on the mainland part of mexico and across the southwest, bringing abundant rainfall as the remnants of the storm weakening, it's far away from us, so we're not expecting much of an impact from that moving from arizona into new mexico over the next few days. overnight tonight, looking at lows in the mid-70s, so year normal for this time of the year. not quite as cold as thi morning, though, 71 degrees for overton and 57 degrees for primm and the highs, warming up with the temperatures cranking up to 99 degrees tomorrow afternoon in the above normal category and will continue for next few days with the triple digits expected by thursday continuing into friday, and your weekend is going to be a toasty one, not going to last forever, though. thankfully, we're back in the
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>> marie: and we know fall is quickly approaching. i can't wait. >> reed: thanks. >> you wouldn't think of tennis as necessarily a contact sport but someone at the u.s. open was at the wrong place at the wrong time. a player uncorked a 123 mile per hour serve and a youngster couldn't react quick enough and was hit below the belt. that prompted a concern from the player and actually asked the ball boy, in the back. he asked him if he was okay and this youngin smiled and said, i'm good. i'll fine. i'll continue to hang back here and maybe stay away. >> reed: anyway, back to what chloe was talking about, with relief in the morning, and you
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before my kids went to school, we actually sat down and read and the print books are more popular than the digital formats and 65% americans have read a print book, double those that read e-books and those are at 73%. that figure hasn't changed since 2012. >> the last book i read, which is great for your ryan is when ms. biedergarden gets ready for kindergarten. >> i don't remember that. >> burns the midnight oil. >> sounds good. i have to pick it up. >> i'll help you with that one. >> that does it for "news 3"
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [cheering and applause] steve: thank you. thank you. all right. i appreciate y'all. thank you. thank you. i appreciate you. yeah, i do.
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i'm your man steve harvey, and, boy, we got another good one for your today. returning for their third day from columbus, ohio, it's the champs. it's the joyce family. [cheering and applause] eddie: ohh! steve: from louisville, kentucky, home of the derby, it's the fox family! [cheering and applause] ha ha ha! everybody--everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and the possibility of in ford edge right there. [cheering and applause] hey. let's go meet the fox family. hey, kim. how you doing? kim: i am awesome. steve: good, good. y'all from louisville? kim: yes, sir! steve: kim, introduce everybody. kim: i am so excited to. this is my beautiful mama and best bawbaw in the world. steve: whoa, whoa, whoa. you lying. kim: no, sir. steve: hello, miss queen carol. how you doing? carol: i'm ok, steve. steve: yes, ma'am. what do you do, ma'am? carol: well, i am an elected


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