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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  September 6, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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breaking news tonight, one of america's most infamous cold case misteies solved. a little boy vanished without a trace. a disappearance that gripped the nation. a shocking confession finally answers for getting close, donald trump saying hillary clinton doesn't have a close presidential look. and a sexual harassment case that triggered the downfall of roger ailes. >> parents, listen up, this affects the way millions of kids get vaccinated. national outrage, a treasure that stood for a million years, destroyed in seconds.
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camera. "nightly news" begins right now. >> this is "nbc nightly news". lester holt from washington. >> good evening, a cold case confession from minnesota appears to bring a 27-year-old murder mystery that gripped the nation to an end as a family who lived with decades of uncertainty finally learnedha jacob's parents finally learned what happened. the man who said he did it described what happened on that october day in 1989. what you're about to hear is disturbing. nbc stephanie gosk has the story. >> jacob, i'm so sorry. it's incredibly painful to know his
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>> reporter: today, patty finally learned what happened to jacob, 27 years ago, leaving the country shell-shocked. >>. >> this is one more day of agony for population 3200 in minnesota. . >> reporter: he described in detail how he says he kidnapped and sexually abused the young boy. according to reporters in court, he told the judge i was driing on a dead-end road. i noticed three children on their at the time, jacob's brother described how the two of them and a friend were held at gun point. >> he told us to put our bikes in the ditch land in down. >> reporter: he said he drove away with jacob, handcuffing him. the boy asked, what did i do wrong? he told the court he sexually abused jacob and shot him at the edge of the woods. the deputies did question him at the time but there was never and arrest.
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heinrich's dna discovered on the sweatshirt of another victim around the same time. police searched his home leading to charges of pornography charges. >> after almost 27 years, danny heinrich was willing to talk and we had to grab the moment. >> reporter: the 53-year-old told police where he buied jacob's body in exchange for not being charged with the murder. he still faces 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to the morning charges. to the deal. >> for us, jacob was alive until we found him. >> now, they have excruciaing answers to the tragedy that has consumed their lives, along with fresh grief, even after all this time. stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york. in chicago tonight, a tragic milestone as that city has reached 500 homicides so far this year, more than all of last year. in fact, august was
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far outpaing larger cities. it's an alarming rise even as violent crime has fallen sharply in other parts of the country over the last two decades. nbc's gabe gutierrez has our report. >> reporter: even for a city sadly accustomed to violence, the bloodshed was staggering, shooting after shooting mostly on chicago's south and west side, 31 people shot since monday morning, 13 killed over the labor day family, they're panicking and screaming and crying. >> reporter: the country's third biggest city hitting a grim milestone, the 500 homicides this year more than new york and los angeles combined. crime rates nationwide are far below what they were 25 years ago, why is chicago different? poor and more segregated neighborhoods prone to gang violence and repeat offenders and lax sentencing. the sentence for having a gun in
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3 1/2 years. >> if we had the gun laws in chicago l.a. and new york have we would see our violent crime cut in half. >> reporter: well-known activist, father michael playinger says chicago is a war zone that needs help. >> the city says it's broke, the state says it's broke. call for a state of emergency and get some federal resources to come in. >> reporter: caught in the crossfire, children. this 10-year-old hit while sitting on a porch with his twin sister. his aunt ss in his back. >> when it hits home, that's when you really got to wake up, like everyone has to wake up. like these are our babies that's not being able to grow up anymore. >> reporter: she is one of many family members keeping vigil at this hospital. mayor rahm emanuel's office declined to comment and it will be another two weeks before he says he will detail his plans to
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violence including hiring more police officers. to presidential politics now, as the 2016 race enters the post labor day homestretch. and in a battle that has seen no shortage of insults, today it got even nastier as donald trump and hillary clinton trade aid tax. we have got it all covered including some brand-new poll numbers. let's begin with nbc's kristen welker. kristen, good evening. >> reporter: lester, tonight some democrats tell me privately they're concerned about polls downplaying those jitters. they say the strategy now, making secretary clinton more accessible and getting back on offense. hillary clinton entering the final fall sprint with an advantage. the new nbc news battleground map shows clinton today would likely have the 270 electoral votes needed to win the white house and our new survey monkey online poll shows clinton's lead is steady at six points. but there are also troubling signs for her. a poll of likely voters out today has donald trump up by two
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now, she's sharpening her attacks. >> he clearly has something to hide, we don't know exactly what it is, but we're getting better guesses about what it probably is. >> reporter: clinton taking trump to task for saying this about releasing his taxes. >> i think people don't care. >> i just think he's dead wrong. >> reporter: but democrats are wondering why after a summer in which trump saw two campaign shake-ups and was largely under fire, she isn't running away with the race. >> worried democrats would like to see hillary clinton out there everyday not just trump, but selling herself to the american people. >> reporter: michelle obama, president obama, chelsea clinton and vice president biden gearing up to help clinton make her case on the trail. biden offering this advice. >> just open up. let them see your heart a little bit more. >> reporter: this as republicans are turning up the heat, the house oversight committee asking the u.s. attorney to review evidence about whether secretary clinton and her employees obstructed justice by deleting some e-mails just days after they were asked
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the accusations? >> no, of course not. i have no concern on either count, none. and neither do the fbi. >> reporter: clinton still batting an ongoing challenge, making voters trust her. kristen welker, nbc news, brooklyn. >> reporter: i'm katy tur. today donald trump is taking a new shot at hillary clinton, this time about her appearance. >> i don't think she has a presidential look. and you need a presidential look, you have to get the job done. >> reporter: but it's appearance and timing of illegal political donations now surrounding trump. d in 2013, the donald j. trump association donated $20,000 to the campaign of florida attorney general pam bondi. as her office was considering a fraud investigation into trump university. that investigation was never opened. today, bondy accused hillary clinton of trying to gin up outrage. >> of course i asked donald trump for a
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was about. she was saying he was under investigation by my office at the time and i knew about it, none of which is true. >> reporter: despite bragging during the primary, he knew how to work the system. >> i've got to give it to them, because when i want something i get it. when i call, they kiss my [ bleep ]. >> reporter: both bondi and trump say there was no impropriety. and the campaign says donald trump paid the irs fine. going into the final stretch, trump is hoping to focus on national security will bury the distraction. today unveiling the endorsement of 88 retired generals and clinton and he smiles. boy, would he like to see her. that would be easy. because just look at her decisions. look how bad her decisions have been. >> reporter: more challenging news for donald trump, "the dallas morning news" is withholding it's endorsement of him, it's the first time the paper has refused to endorse a gop candidate since 1964. the editorial board writing it shouldn't reflect the gop future and does not deserve your vote. a program note,
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clinton and donald trump will appear live from aboard the "intrepid" in new york city, in our nbc commander in chief forum, answering questions, that's 8:00 eastern and 7:00 central on nbc and msnbc. turning overseas now as president obama announced $90 million to clear unexploded bombs from the vietnam war in laos decades ago. wh he has been met with insulting and in some cases down right rude behavior. >> reporter: president obama on an historic trip to laos tonight after an asia trip that's been a series of stumbles and snubs. at a high stakes summit, a staredown between president obama and vladimir putin. shrugging off u.s. outrage over suspected attempts of hacking.
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hackers these days. china piling on too. when air force one landed, no stairs for the formal arrival, instead they had to lower the stairs in the belly of the plane and the white house press corps blocked from covering. a u.s. official arguing this is our plane. the chinese response? >> donald trump seizing on that. >> they wouldn't even give him stairs to come out of air force one. >> reporter: most stunning, the president of a major ally, the philippines, insulting mr. obama, calling him a son of a e. mr. obama then canceling their meeting. >> i have never heard a serious head of state or government describe an ally head of state or government in that regard. >> reporter: is america less respected or as some day did the president lose credibility three years ago, threatening to attack syria and then backing down? >> when obama didn't deliver on his promise to use military forces as pledged, something went out of
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>> reporter: a triumphant last visit to asia that so far is anything but. andrea mitchell, nbc news, washington. there's a new extreme weather threat charging toward the u.s. just as another fade is a way. hurricane newton made landfall in san lucas, mexico, earlier this morning as a category 1 storm. it's expected to reach the u.s. by middato flash flood watches already in effect in arizona and new mexico. meanwhile the remnants of hermine are expected to die out along the east coast by thursday. it was back to school for millions of kids across the country today and as flu season approaches, there are new recommendations from the american academy of pediatrics tonight that children should not be vaccinated with nasal spray, instead they should be given shots. it's a big change from previous years. nbc's dr. john torres joins us now to explain. john, why this change? >> health officials are saying
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spray, the flu mist because over the past couple of years, studies have shown it's only been 3% effective. compare that to the shot that's 63% effective. in the past this nasal spray did work, we don't know why it lost its effectiveness, experts are trying to figure that out. but the concerning thing among u.s. doctors is children might not be getting their flu vaccines at all because the nasal spray is not available. the problem is they're one of the more vulnerable groups affected by the flu. thos death. the mist is available now and is recommended by everyone over the ages of six months, but again, october is when we start the flu season. lester, like most years, we don't know when it's going to start or how bad it's going to be so it's best to get protected early on. $20 million, the massive amount being paid to former a news anchor's sexual harassment lewis against ousted fox news roger ailes, why he won't have to pay a dime of it. and police open fire on a bank robbery suspect who led
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we're back now with a major settlement in the sexual harassment case that rocked fox news and cost roger ailes, one of the most powerful men in media and republican politics his job. former anchor gretchen carlson went public accusing ailes of inappropriate behavior which he denies, but tonight, she's victorious. nbc's cynthia mcfadden
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>> reporter: gretchen carlson, the former fox anchor who sued fox ceo roger ailes for sexual harassment today got a $20 million settlement and an apology. we sincerely regret and apologize for the fact that gretchen was not treated with the respect and dignity that she and all our colleagues deserve. carlson released her own statement, saying she was ready to move on to the next chapter. how big a deal is this settlement today? >> today's settlement is a big deal. million and they forced out roger ailes, the head of fox news, she got her money, she got her apology and the man who allegedly harassed her is out. so for her its a great day. >> reporter: it's a stunning turnaround for the company who initially backed ailes, but changed course after an investigation disclosed that other women claimed they too were harassed. >> reporter: one of the biggest discussions in the settlement discussion is that gretchen
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the other women had taped inappropriate conversations with ailes. >> reporter: ailes himself paid none of it. 21st century fox picked up the entire tab and paid ailes paid twice that amount to walk away this summer. we learned today, long time fox host, greta van sustren abruptly resigned, saying fox has not felt like home to me for a few years. while a source close to the situation said it came down to a financial some see it as an indication of things to come. >> this is the slow motion dismantling of the machine and the roster that roger ailes has built over the last 20 years. this is not the last, we're going to see over the next months more and more people leaving because roger ailes is the glue that held this group together. >> reporter: and word today from sources that two other sexual harassment cases besides carlson's have also been settled by the company. cynthia mcfadden, nbc news, new
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we're back in a moment with a mystery behind this beautiful moment captured on
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i pledge allegiance, to the flag [continues in background] they're bringing drugs, they're brigning crime, they're rapists... you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes... blood coming out of her...wherever [pledge continues in background] you gotta see this guy; "oh, i don't know what i said. ah, i don't remember." i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters...
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priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. in arizona today, a wild high speed police pursuit caught on camera, robbery suspects taking off, authorities giving chase and viewers watching it all play out including a dramatic ending with police opening fire on the suspect's suv. nbc's miguel almaguer has details from arizona. police pursuit lasted 45 minutes. after a bank robbery in avondale, arizona. >> they just did a maneuver on him. there we go. the police did the pit maneuver. >> reporter: the suspect's vehicle hemmed in by officers, giving chase, jumping from unmarked cars. >> shots are fired. >> reporter: unloading round after round into the suv.
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of a bank robbery. >> reporter: it unfolded on live television and on the web. shocking viewers across the phoenix area. >> he already shot at police officers, he's endangered the public for half an hour now as he's driven throughout the city recklessly. >> reporter: police say the driver was pronounced dead on scene, two other suspects detained close to where the pursuit began. no officers or civilians hit or injured. >> shots are fired. >> reporter: tonight, it's still unclear how shield hit several times. >> we know that he intended to escape at all costs and put anybody in danger. >> reporter: a high speed pursuit ending in a hail of gun fire, all captured on live tv. miguel almaguer, nbc news, arizona. turning to something a bit more uplifting now, an epic wedding photo has turned a newlywed couple into a viral sensation, but nobody seems to know who they are, standing on the cliff of yosemite national
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breathtaking shot last week, but they were gone before he got their names so he has turned to social media to help him solve the mystery. when we come back, a much more sinister mystery in the great outdoors. who are the vandals caught on camera destroying a
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finally tonight, want to tell you about a mystery along the picturesque oregon coast line. authorities are hunting for the suspects caught on camera destroying famed natural landmark. it stood for a millennia, as our gadi schwartz explains, it was toppled in mere seconds. >> reporter: they rocked it back and forth, then a crash. this six-second video clip proved that the formation called "the duckbill" pictured in hundreds of posts did not topple naturally as park rangers first suspected. >> they knocked something so beautiful down that will never be there ever again, it's just heart breaking. >> david callus took the video and tried talking to the group that pushed the rock over. >> they were all being rowdy, laughing about it, you know, it was a complete joke to them. >> reporter: but just getting to the 7 foot tall
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for years telling people to keep out. including people now posting tributes to the sandstone feature, overlooking the waves. >> when you see it, you stay on the right hand side. >> reporter: online, the search is just beginning for the people in the video and it's not the first time the internet has taken vandals of mother nature to task. they helped catch a woman whose drawings of creepy things ended with her banishment from national parks. and this case of a very similar rock that led to a year's probation and thousands in fines for these former leaders of the boy scouts. now on the picturesque coast of the pacific northwest, rock that once served as a pedestal for people, the latest to be brought down by man. nbc news. >> a real shame. that's going to do it for us on this tuesday night, i'm lester holt, for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching
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. right now on news 3 live at 6:00 -- outrage and concern over the manhunt for a murder suspect and the lack of answers as to how this could happen in the first place. justice delayed. more than seven years after this woman was brutally murdered. the case against her fiance is finally moving forward. classes canceled, schools students show up to it technical only to find the doors locked. what happens next? on the run. we begin with what is now a nationwide manhunt for this accused killer who escaped police custody in north las vegas. >> tonight there's outrage that alonso perez is still on the loose. good evening. i'm reed cowan. >> i'm jim snyder.
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on friday. when any weren't looking, he slipped out of the handcuffs. he's accused of murdering a local father outside of a mcdonald's. it's our top story tonight. kelsey thomas is trying to get answers for a second day about how this guy ex -- escaped. >> reporter: detectives say they are not going to talk about how perez managed to there any ideas. but the family of the man killed are upset and say enough is enough. >> it's just irritating that these are the people that protect us when we're sleeping, while our kids are protected. how do you feel protected when you let a murder suspect escape? >> reporter: distraught is the openly way to put it.


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