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tv   News 3 Live at Six- Thirty  NBC  September 6, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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advocates speaking out against domestic violence issues and that's helped them heal and learn more about this issue. we're hearing that this trial is expected to last about two weeks. reporting live sergio avila, news 3. back to you. >> all right. thank you. the murder of a minnesota boy who vanished 27 years ago is sonned tonight. >> the man who led authorities to the remains of 11-year-old jacob wetterling last week has now admitted to boy. danny heinrich told a judge, he abducted, sexually assaulted and murdered him on october 22nd of 1989. he also admitted to kidnapping and sexually assaulting a different 12-year-old boy in january of that year and says he acted alone. today, jacob's mother spoke publicly for the first time since her son's remains were found. >> what i wanted to say today is about jacob.
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to be kind. he speaks to the world that we -- that he knew, that we all believe in. it's a world worth fighting for. his legacy will go on. jacob, i'm so sorry. >> saying sorry for his final moments, just horrific, according to the murderer's account. wetterling and a brother and friend were riding their bikes home when the suspect approached th he grabbed jay conand told the others to run. wetterling's abduction led to a federal act for maintaining sex guidelines. bill cosby has pled not guilty to his charges and more
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gretchen carlson has settled a lawsuit against roger siles. at the time, ailes was the head of the network and resigned after they launched an investigation into these claims. now that we're in the post-labor day home stretch of by cnn shows a significant change from just a few weeks ago. here's kim hutcherson with a closer look. >> reporter: with campaign 2016 entering the home stretch, a new cnn-orc poll shows a dead heat between hillary clinton and donald trump. the survey, which was conducted by phone between september 1st and 4th, finds trump leading clinton by 2 points.
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from the 7-point lead hillary clinton held. cnn followed other polls in august that showed a shrinking margin between the two candidates. clinton in must-win florida on tuesday. on the way, she joked with the press on her campaign plane that she can't take her doctor's advice after her coughing fit. >> just don't talk. [laughter] >> that's not not gonna happen. >> reporter: trump in virginia tuesday was optimistic about his chances against clinton. >> i think we'll get a lot of the bernie people because of trade if you want to know the truth. a lot of the bernie people are coming with us because the one thing he was right about is the fact that our country is being ripped off like never before on these trade deals. >> with just over two months left to go before election day, both candidates still have plenty of work to do.
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majoritities have unfavorable views of both candidates. >> one of our goals this election year is to give you a voice in this very important race for the white house. we want to hear from you. what would you ask hillary clinton or donald trump? you can send us your questions any time or post them on our facebook page. 21 people hurt following a metro link train crash. it happened in the sun valley area of that train hit the back end of a semi, which was on the tracks. one witness told police the truck tried to cross the tracks just as the train was approaching. none of the injuries are considered life-threatening. the first ever face transplant recipient in the world has died. the hospital in northern france where isabel received the transplant announced her death 11 years after receiving a new face. this set the stage for dozens of
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she died in april after a long illness. her family wanted to keep it private. she received the transplant after being disfigured by her lab. anyone skittish of getting a shot or doesn't like needles, they will need to get the flu shot instead of the nasal spray. erica edwards has the explanation. >> here we go. >> reporter: it's been the children for years, the nasal spray flu-mist. now the american academy of pede pediatrics should not get it this year. it's not been effective the past three seasons. it's unclear why. >> it's still a mystery but we can't go on giving a vaccine that's ineffective. >> reporter: the aap recommends that all kids over 6 months get
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protecting against the flu last year. even if you become infected after vaccinations, doctors say you are far less likely to have a severe case. >> influenza can take a normal healthy child or even adult and put them into the emergency room in 24 hours. this is a serious infection. >> reporter: kids we talked to said they will cuffen -- toughen up for the shot this year. eyes. >> reporter: they will continue to study the data and it's possible the mist could be back next year. >> doctors say getting the vaccine now should offer protection throughout spring. kids under 8 need two doses. you need to schedule those about a month apart. a thief on the run may have gotten away with it if not for a dead cell phone. well, ahead, how that lack of charge led to him being caught and cuffed.
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danny tarkanian's carrying a lot of baggage. as a real-estate developer, tarkanian was penalized for failing to pay thousands in property taxes. tarkanian was ordered by a judge to repay $17 million in a failed development scheme. tarkanian refused to pay the money back, forcing taxpayers to bail him out, leaving us holding the bag.
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welcome back. comedy actor chevy chase is going into rehab for what he calls a tubeup. tube -- tuneup. he was admitted to the hazelton medical center for alcohol problems. in 1986, he spent time at the betty fordni -- painkillers. a florida man tracks asks for a charge. >> that lead to an arrest. >> reporter: this individual is happy to be enjoying the holiday with his daughter. >> it's a debit card. it can be used as credit but that's linked up to all of the money. >> reporter: she didn't realize
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caught it. >> they said i they said had my card and asked if the man was authorized to use it. i said most certainly not. >> definitely an errorhead. that's what i think about that. >> reporter: the arrest tad spells out the whole bizarre encounter. >> i have no idea what he was thinking. it says early saturday morning, he tracked down a dep a phone to call uber. >> i think it's kind of funny. >> reporter: the deputy stopped . >> if i had a pocket full of someone's cards, i couldn't pull it out. >> reporter: but duffy did. the deputy noticed the cards were not in his name and arrested him. >> my card is safe. >> reporter: trinny it
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never expecting this. >> up didn't really hear about a lot of stuff like that in wyoming. so in coming here and just going out for like the first time ever and then that happens, your mind is kind of blown. >> reporter: she couldn't help sharing this message to duffy. >> dude, use the cops to charge your final of the time. [laughter] you just saved us all. i we a -- want to again you a look at some of the stories for 7:00. >> the hunt is on for three men accused of robbing a gun store. you won't believe how long it took them to steal 100 guns. and a billionaire brings this countryman free data on the cell phones. why the generous offer won't last long. those stories and any breaking news as it happens at 7:00. well, kevin janison will not
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you free data but he will give you the weather. >> there are days when he's hard at work and days like this. >> if you are determining what attire to wear the next number days, here at the station, the only thing we have on, channel 3. just a little suggestion there. how about the view outside. we had a crystal clear, not a cloud to be we have relative humidity humidity values much of the day down below 10%. i think that's going to probably last into the weekend. we're into the -- we're not going to see a significant change here. travel a couple of hours to the south-southeast you will find humidity. 9% at pecos and bonanza. at anthey. -- anthem. up on the mountain, bone-dry.
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the valley, if your plans take you out this evening, we've got mid- to upper 80s. pretty much along the edges and still in the low 90s in the heart of the valley. outside of town, pahrump checking in at 89 as it boulder city. mesquite is at 92 while laughlin is at 95. here is your wednesday. your hump day gets started in the 70s. probably mid- to upper 70s by the time you leave the house. low to mid-90s at lunchtime. most likely gonna peak in the upper 90s and wind will not the weekend. first two thirds of your labor day weekend. now we've gone the other way w around the country, a couple of things to watch. we've got these showers and storms, really the leading edge, the runaway clouds from hurricane newton already raining in parts of new mexico and texas. there is a lot more where that came from. you can almost see the dividing line, pretty much through central arizona.
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humidity. many some clouds up near kingman. possibly laughlin. that's about as close as they will get. we don't anticipate a chinage in the track. -- a change in the track. going up to colorado and the plain states. most of the heavier rain listen will be on the east part of the line. here are the temperatures that 83 in reno. high temperatures tomorrow, still low to mid 80s. upper 90s down south. 90 in phoenix with the clouds and 70 in san diego. caliente, 51, while sandy valley bottoms out at 67. overton, laughlin, death valley and sandy shoal looking at 94. for our valley, 74. clear sky not.
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that will be consistent through tomorrow. 99 our expected high temperature. i do think some neighborhoods on the east side will cross that plateau. we'll all join that party. should be a nice weekend. lower 100s for highs. overnight lows in the 70s. that's one of the things we talked about during the summer, it doesn't cool down at night. now we'll have a few days -- our version of cooling down, mid-70s for an hour. >> it works. nice. >> i love it. we get off late. you go outed a midnight -- >> out -- out at midnight. >> it's great. amber has more on the tough game ahead for unlv football. >> yeah. you know, last week they were big favorites blowing out jackson state by 50 points in the season-opener. but this week, the rebels return to that underdog role.
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27-point-pound underdogs at ucla. josh rosen, quarterback, and they are true to be hungry after that heartbreaking overtime loss at texas a&m saturday. this saturday this is their season home opener, a game they've not lost since 2010. not to mention last year, they what are realistic expectations for unlv this weekend? >> well, i will be honest with you. we're going with the mind set of winning a football game. i know that, you know, from the outside it looks pretty darned tasking and touch. when you work as long as we do and as hard as we do and you invest as much time as we do, we don't expect to do anything but
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bigger, stronger, more talented. they don't blitz a whole lot. they play a really good defense. they are so technically sound. really we have to do our job. nothing special. >> that's one cool, confident and composed college kid. kickoff is scheduled for 5:00 p.m. it will be the rebels' d.a. by check out this faceoff. in new york today, he puts his wbo, tiltles on the ward
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talk. >> i don't have to throw chairs. i don't have to cuss. i don't have to act crazy to sell this fight. this fight is selling itself. i don't what i possess and what i have is in me. it's not on me. >> and finally, this evening, las vegas 51s infielder tj had it in him to win the 2016 pacific coast league batting title. it was announced today. it was a close race that came yesterday when the 51s ended their season. he went 3 for 5 and finished the season with a .353 batting average, slightly better than brandon who came in second place at 3.352. both got called up to the mets. they are in cincinnati. >> in real life, does the manager come to the player and
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is that how it works? >> i'm not exactly sure who is in charm of delivering the -- the wonderful news. i want that job, right? >> going to the show. >> thank you. still ahead tonight, another torch arrives in rio. >> this one for the paralympics when the games get one
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing.
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expecting a pleasant start to your wednesday morning. 73 degrees. wall-to-wall sunshine. you won't see a cloud on the way to a high just shy of 100. kelly will keep you updated beginning on news 3 today. that starts at 4:30 a.m. i think the birds are stilt asleep, guys. >> i think so. if you are having olympic withdrawal, the action returns to rio >> the flame arrived in rio setting the stage for the official ceremonies. caldron was lit outside of rio's brand new museum. it's part of olympic boulevard. the flame visited six brazilian cities before getting to rio. >> yeah, over 700 torch bearers carried the flame, cover about
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a lot to watch there. >> a lot of i conspiraciation -- a lot of inspiration from though athletes. >> that will wrap it up for us tonight. >> news 3 live at 7:00 -- coming
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right now -- a murder-suicide shakes a south henderson community. what neighbors say about the couple found dead in their home. wildfire watch continues in california with the saddle fire. how much flames have destroyed and an update on the firefight. and three suspects break in
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away with almost 100 guns. a deadly case of domestic violence, a husband and wife found dead in an apparent murder-suicide. thank you for staying with us. i'm marie mortera. >> i'm reed cowan. we brought you this story as breaking news last night at 10:00. it's our top story at 7:00. news 3's antonio castelan spoke with neighbors about this say that a 38-year-old man shot his wife, then took his own life. the clark county coroner still has not positive i identified the couple. police say that the 41-year-old woman was in the process of leaving the home. people living at this henderson community are still in shock over the murder-suicide that happened last night. >> this is a pretty quiet neighborhood. we would wave at each other. >> reporter: this man who did


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