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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  September 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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think french fries are to blame. we'll tell you how plus -- >> after almost 27 years danny was willing to talk. >> devastating answers about what happened to that little boy almost three decades ago. now we know what is next for that man who confessed. >> dana: 6:00 on this wednesday. the dawn glow has arrived. taking a live look at the fabulous las vegas strip where we have numerous cirque de soleil shows on the strip. there is a new one we're talking about this morning and it's not in our fine city. we have details in a little while. we're the wagners. >> dana: traffic and weather every 10 minutes. kelly is in the werth center.
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in sky 3. >> tom: flashing lights in the bowl interchange -- >> jeff: i'll pick it up from there. we are talking about flashing lights in the bowl on 15 southbound where we have an accident that is working. if you are womaning through , the slowing starts at charleston. we'll re-establish tom's signal and see how far that backup stretches. it does stretch through the bowl and a little past 245. from downtown to 215 slow moving at 10 minutes. that's the only slow spot right now. 215 westbound coming in from henderson clear. let's get a check of what you can expect outdoors. >> kelly: as we look to the south and east this morning we see clouds in the area, pretty colors out there as well. these clouds the leading edge of
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newton. that is all we're going to see out of this. high thin clouds mainly off in the distance. 94 by noon today and 98 at 4:00. i'll let you know what expect for the rest of the week anderson week end in 10 minutes. >> dana: a murder suspect informs custody and then able to escape. hours ago they got him back into custody again. kendall joins us more with this after an f.b.i. task force was able to get this murder suspect back into custody. perez is 25 years old and he was wanted accused of murdering a 31-year-old man by the name of robinson after robinson did not hold a door open for a woman at a mcdonald's. he was taken into custody after he was found inside a home.
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the handcuffs when he was alone in an interrogation room. family got news last night of perez's arrest and say they are relieved but still have questions. we spoke with his sister just minutes after she got word of the arrest. >> torture. just pain. it just hurt so bad knowing that the person that murdered my brother might get away having that feeling is something that i hope no one has to experience. i know it happens. but just knowing he's caught, i haven't smiled since i heard my brother passed and this is the first smile that's come out of me. >> kim: robinson and her family very happy for getting this man
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the first place. >> kim: think about what makes us smile and you hear from that sister puts things in perspective this morning. we have another developing story. metro still looking for the people responsible for a double murder in the northwest section of town. this happening only hours ago takes us back to last evening. the apartments. officers say once they got to the scene they found two men with gunshot wounds. those victims were rushed to umc but we got word they later passed away. they are looking for multiple suspects. that's where you come in. they need the public's help with this one. if you know anything about this crime that took two lives in our
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anonymous. >> dana: french fries may have started this fire in the las vegas valley just about eight hours ago breaking out at an apartment complex in the south heart of our las vegas valley leaving 16 people without a home, one person was injured in this. this is near las vegas boulevard. the owner of the apartment complex says a woman was cooking flies on her stove, walked away, forgot about them crews were saying get away from the building. they found asbestos inside. >> kim: a lot of you have been talking about this one and now a clark county commissioner is sounding off saying crews are using proper procedure to blast a local construction site. this is near southern highlands where we're hearing from a will the of neighbors on the program. commissioner was out there and
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with the builders and she's convinced this morning that the builder is using safe procedures when it comes to the detonation. you've heard the opposite from people like you are seeing on your screen now who live near the site. they are upset because they say they started noticing cracks in the foundation of their home not long after the blasting started. commissioner says she will continue to listen to any concerns from those neighbors and work with them along with >> dana: jury selection begins for 7 people including two of bundy's sons, both ryan and amen facing federal conspiracy charges after prosecutors say they threatened employees at a wildlife refuge in oregon. the bundies claim they used their first amendment rights in a peaceful protest and exercised their second amendment rights to
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against an eighth suspect saying he was at the standoff covering the event at a journalist. >> kim: live from rio, we are talking about the olympics that kick off today. the paraolympics start in rio. the games will continue through september 18. i miss the olympic music. am i alone here? some of today's events will include swimming, shooting, power lifting, basketball in you can go to or >> dana: we can't wait for this video vault talking about nellis air force base. you know about it now but do you know how it started? tom does. the video vault coming up in minutes. >> kim: something that's never been done before when it comes to the race for the white house.
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the story headed your way. >> tom: flashing lights and flairs down in the far southwest vavalllley.. i pledge allegiance, to the flag [continues in background] they're bringing drugs, they're brigning crime, they're rapists... you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes... t i said. ah, i don't remember." i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters... get him the hell out of here... get him out of here! get out!
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. as a doctor, i see how decisions in washington impact my patients here in nevada. so even though i'm a republican, i won't be voting for joe heck. joe heck's voted ten times to defund planned parenthood, which thousands of women depend on for cancer screenings. and heck opposes a woman's right to choose even when her health is at risk. for me and my patients, joe heck makes no sense. for me and my patients, follow your own sense of style... because, you want to be confident. t.j.maxx really helped us express our creative side. that's the best part. you don't know what you're going to find.
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we're a team. yeah.
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>> kim: we've covered missing hikers in our community numerous time we have an update on a story that sap rate ised our country three decades ago. a minnesota man confessed to kidnapping and killing an 11-year-old boy from 1989. almost three decade late they're mandeling authorities where they can find jacobus body. he detailed how he kidnapped and sexually assaulted him before
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that sent him to 20 years in federal prison. part of the plea deal was he was going to say where jacob's body was for a more lenient sentence. you are going to hear from jacob's family. it is heart wrenching what they have to say. >> dana: clinton and trump town hall forum tonight you can see here on channel 3. this is not a debate this. is the first commander in chief forum. matt lauer will moderate this thing. questions will come from the audience filled with military active duty and veterans. you can watch it here on news 3.
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what would you ask clinton trump? send yours questions to or post them on our facebook page. >> kim: president obama has announced a $90 million program to clear unexploded bombs from the done country of louse. >> the war did not end when the bombs stopped falling. 80 million munition did say not explode. they were spread lands, jungles, villages, rivers. the president toured a rehab center yesterday in the capitol city and he says the united states has a obligation to work to prevent more blood shed from the remnants of bombardment during the vietnam war. the president explaining how
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developed 2 million tons of explosives. those have killed or wounded an estimated 20,000 people since the war ended. many of us americans are getting an education of how louse played prominent during the vietnam war. >> greta out leaving the channel. she worked there for 14 years taking to facebook to explain her sudden exit saying fox has few years. she's unhappy with the way roger ails ran that network. he stepped down in july after becoming embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal and as part of that grippen received a $20 million settlement as a result of that. and connor fields who took gold
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time since returning from rio and we have it for you now. >> declaring today connor fields day in clark county and we have a key to the las vegas strip. >> kim: he was a tremendous interview. go to our facebook page if you want to see him in his own words. dana recently conducted a live interview with him. this was yesterday morning when he was honored. he has aey henderson as well. >> dana: what does a key to the strip get you into in. >> tom: i don't know but i want one. i've never had a key to the strip before so i would assume at least you can get into all the hotels but we can do that anyhow. we are in the far southwest of the valley. we have a pickup truck ha hit a
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from the damage on the truck. you have the s.u.v. a couple of yards away. a lot of damage to the rear passenger side. they have as a result that closed off northbound. pebble is closed both directions. that is from right to left on your screen. you can see the school bus is having to make a turn around there because the accident has the road closed down. serious accident. right now let's continue with . we have an accident reported on 15 south bound. we are seeing slowing that starts at charleston extends to lake mead. with that in mind we're going to bring up travel times on 15 south bound from downtown to 215. currently it's at 10 minutes. with our traffic ahead forecast based on previous data over previous days. if that accident gets cleaned up you're going to see about the same in one hour, a 10 minute
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change there. 12 minutes with the traffic ahead forecast. we have a waze user telling us about a disabled vehicle. join the team. download it from the app store and google play. just don't give updates behind the wheel. with our forecast dana and kelly standing by and talking about a lot of rain in baha, california. >> dana: not so much fun. >> kly vacationing there now. this is the picture yesterday as hurricane newton made land fall. it had sustained winds of 90. rainfall expected to be 12-inches in some locations along the baha peninsula. high surf and lot of wind. people saying they were without
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there for vacation and this is what they got. the storm moving out of that area but we're seeing it now. we're not going to get any precipitation but you are going to see high thin clouds off in the distance. this is the leading edge here of the remnants of hurricane newton. it is going to pass to our east. this is all we're going to see. check out what a gorgeous sunrise as that pops through the clouds there. temperatures as you step out t summerlin 67. green valley 71 as well. maybe a light sweater heading out the door. once the sun comes up temperatures will warm quickly. highs today in the upper 90's which here is the leading edge of clouds. that's what we're seeing on that camera there. southern arizona and southern
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remnants of this hurricane makes it through. for us dry. 98 is our expected high today. mainly sunny skies. that's it. tonight a low around 77. our seven-day forecast temperatures expected to rise back into the triple digits. saturday 101. here is tom with this week's video vault. >> we've got sky 3 heading nellis air force base is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. in 1941 when the army was looking for gunners, las vegas had a population of just 9,000 and mostly as the gateway to hover dam. ed the other advantages. >> 362 days of sunshine and i lot of open space they could set aside for gunnery range and
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>> mark is administrator at the clark county museum which recently opened a new exhibit about the las vegas gunnery cool. >> what that meant was they were training the people who were going to be on the bombers using the machine guns. >> there are plenty of artifacts as well as a film created. >> and they brought in ronald reagan. >> and here they are gunners at one of america's three gunnery schools. >> it was the ft gunnery school, not the only one. >> movable guns shot from moving platform against moving targets. early training involved shooting at at the gerson a small railroad. the old rail beds for those tracks still exist today as a series of berms in the valley. there are local mountains visible in the background. >> eager and anxious to get the feel of actual combat.
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get it. >> the gunnery school made the cover of life magazine. after the war ended it closed but with the influence in washington of powerful nevada senator the gunnery school found new life. reopened as the las vegas air force base and renamed for bill nellis a pilot who grew up in search light and was killed in the battle of the bulge. >> tom: off in the distance you see a shot of base. to see the exhibit in purchase admission is $2 and includes everything else they have.
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>> kim: still to come some minnesota viking players getting down before they hit the field. it is a hilarious spin on car pool karaoke. we go from people who can't sing to this. >> dana: that is from america
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>> with that in mind let's end this to kelly with a look at weather. >> kim: here is a look at what we're seeing. search light at 71. mid and upper 90's on the way. plenty of sunshine we expect for the weekend. that is coming up in 10 minutes. >> dana: some are meant for
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>> kim: look at channing tatum. what is he doing here? it has to do with this l lovely [ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why?
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while
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diet it is person for one local so important for her to get goodies to our military. >> kim: we have the details headed your way. plus -- >> dana: boy does america have talent. the program aired here hours ago. we're going to show you the
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about. good morning. it is 6:31 on this wonderful wednesday morning september 7. >> kim: are you ready for football? we are so excited that not only are we your olympic station, we're your football station. the nfl kicking off its new season tomorrow here on channel 3. >> dana: it's a replay of the super bowl. carolina taking on faces. we're the wagners and begin with tom up in sky 3. >> tom: we're coming up on the fire we've been talking about. this is an old schooling condo complex. it doesn't look like anything is closed on las vegas boulevard. all lanes are open.
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the morning continues. for now we'll hear more about traffic with jeff. >> jeff: we had an accident on saturday deferentially south on 15 southbound but looks like that has been cleared up. no delays except 215 slow moving at 19 minutes. coming in from henderson no slow down there. clouds as we look to the southeast. a remnants of that hurricane and that's the only impact we're going to have seeing the clouds off in the distance. 94 by noon. 98 at 3:00. temperatures are starting to get a little warmer and going to get warmer still for the weekend. we'll talk about those temperatures coming up. >> dana: a nearly five day man shunt officially over here in the valley after police take a murder suspect back into
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10 hours ago near charleston and pecos taken into custody by an f.b.i. task force. perez accused of murdering this man two weeks ago at this mcdonald's. robinson was murdered because he didn't hold a door open for a woman at that restaurant. perez was arrested on friday but he got loose. he was able to break out of his hands cuffs when he was alone off. five days later he's back in custody. >> kim: the 15 year anniversary of september 11 is quickly approaching. a local group is looking to send support to our troops jeer seas. michelle joins us live. we were all at doug green's memorial service in summerlin. the young man who dedicated his life to america and paid the
6:34 am
when that happened. because of doug we are all out here this morning because we want to support the troops. this is the fourth annual munchies for the military with 94.1. they are broadcasting live from two different sames locations. it's all because of doug's mom who lost her son, paid the ago. since then we've been work sing hard because it is your mission to support our troops. you want to send care packages to the troops because that is something doug loved. >> to hear his name called, there is nothing like hearing green come get your care package. that's what these guys live for during their down time, who is thinking about them at home.
6:35 am
it smells like home and looks like home. this is what they want. they want their care package. >> they are going to collect items and money today. the goal is 20,000 items and $20,000. on sunday you guys are going to stuff care packages. i've been to one of your events. they need volunteers for that. people go there and put packages together and the goal is how many? >> 2,000 car packages and i think we can make that goal. they can go online and make a
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movie called avatar. this is going to be traveling the country. it started last fall. it's worldwide tour. we haven't seen any las vegas dates on the schedule yet. many people would love to see this thing in person. >> kim: you get a sneak peek courtesy of the today show this morning. will they be able to solve this mystery? this couple at an iconic spot in america. they didn't know this picture was ahead. >> dana: a new poll out in the race for the white house. we're going to talk about that and these two people taking part in something the presidential candidates have never taken part in. that is happening tonight.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my
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that's my plan. >> kim: this picture has gone viral like this. it's still a mystery this morning. they are obviously newlyweds. a tourist captured the shot of the couple. they are on the cliff at i don't
6:42 am
the photographer the turning to the media and social media helping to solve this mystery. maybe they want to remain anonymous. >> tom: this fire occurred creating significant damage to one unit here and another unit that appears to be previously damaged. you can see down inside it. firefighters still on the scene but no smoke or fire right now. this dating back to the 60's. wind didn't seem to be a factor
6:43 am
anymore wind today either although we have the hurricane just to our south. there you see the heaviest rain coming down. this is the future cast and what we expect. arizona going to get hit the hardest and then the system exiting in the overnight hours.
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>> new information about the obama administration deal with i iran that freed four prisoners. this comes after that controversial first $400 million was sent critics saying that this is paying ransome the white house denying that. there will be a lot more on this coming up on "the today show" after this newscast. >> dana: this is something we've never seen before. they are calling at this time first ever commander in chief forum tonight on nbc. hillary clinton, donald trump appearing back-to-back answering
6:47 am
>> he says he has a secret plan to defeat isis but the secret is he has no plan. >> we're going to convene my top generals and give them a simple instruction. they will have 30 days to submit to the oval office a plan for soundly and quickly defeating isis. >> dana: live to our nation's capitol. tracy potts joins us and i heard a military expert this morning promise to get the military commanders to develop a plan within the first 30 days in office is overly simplistic. >> could be. he says he wants to move on this isis plan quickly along with funding for the defense department. we may find out how much this morning. he's got a speech in philadelphia where he's going to address some of these issues. more money for the military.
6:48 am
military. and stop giving to countries that don't have democracies and trying to establish democracies there. that is not our job or goal. we'll hear more about that tonight. you hit the nail on the head. this is not a debate. it's back to back. coin toss. they both wanted to have the last word here but donald trump got it. we'll see clinton first and then before h. nbc released a poll. he's got a 19 point advantage with people who are in the military or retired veterans who say they think he would do a better job as commander in chief with the military with one exception when it comes to nuclear weapons, hillary clinton seems oh to have an advantage
6:49 am
her say. >> dana: i saw polling numbers showing 59% of americans are not confident in donald trump's ability to run the military. 52% of americans not confident in hillary clinton either. we're going to hear what they have to say tonight here on channel 3. that debate begins at 7:58. >> kim: the lighter side of politics. we're focusing on campaign gifts. one in particular from a nine-year-old to donald trump takes to us what is in his hand? a four leaf clover. he scored more than a 100 of those clovers and so he decided to pass the luck on to someone he thought could use it, donald trump. jackson sent the nominee a horse shoe as well. trump sent back a box filled with trunk gear. a shirt, a bobble head and i'm
6:50 am
headed that nine-year-old's way. >> dana: and the senate returned from a 7 week break and they are up to their same old tricks which is a whole lot of nothing. yesterday they had a bill $1.7 billion in all to help fight zika in florida. senate democrats unanimously voted against it because the bill was tied to some funding for planned parenthood or the lack there of. lawmakers are considering general spending bill. >> kim: a trial date has been set for the sex assault case against bill cosby. here he was from a prior appearance in that courtroom in pennsylvania. a judge just the other day setting that date for june 5 of next year. the case involved accusations by the employee attemptle university in 2004 when she said
6:51 am
mansion not far from the university. dozens of women since then have accused bill cosby of sexual assault. we're talking going back decades. saying they were drugged. cosby has denied all of the accusations. >> dana: number 7 is number one. who saw this one coming? colin kaepernick wears the number 7. now we have learned it's the top selling jersey. you know kaepernick refuses to stands for the national anthem. in trying to bring light to racial injustice here. he says he's not anti-american. he has since donated $1 million to charity and apparently a lot of people agree with him. his jersey now the number one seller. >> kim: the number 7 will be prominent possibly.
6:52 am
revealed hours from now. they have a big reveal they are doing of some form or fashion in san francisco at 10:00 a.m. our time in las vegas. the speculation is it's the new apple iphone 7. we could get a gander at some of the new watches they've been working on in development. some believe when we talk about the new phone it could be replaced with a listening device taking out the removing the whole plug of people having? to is a about that. they could cut the cord all together and have blue tooth technology take over. the new phone expected to have a faster processer and better camera. tim cook will unveil something that has to do with a new apple creation. >> dana: tom can't wait for the release of the new blackberry. >> tom: i did have them for a long time.
6:53 am
right now looking at an accident down here at the intersections is of pebble. you have a tow truck picking up the s.u.v. involved. lot of debris on the roadway. another flat bed get this can pickup. both directions on pebble are closed. >> jeff: for the most part the freeways are clear. we have this accident working at paradise. that is an accident with injuries. with the want to show you travel times and travel ahead forecast. 95 north bound one of our busiest routes heading into the metro area. in two hours a 15 minute commute. let's get a check of the forecast with kelly. >> kim: a lot of sunshine around the area and clouds as you look to the south and east.
6:54 am
you see right underneath got a little bit of cloud cover there. that's the leading edge of the remnants of the hurricane making its way into arizona and new mexico today. temperatures as you are stepping out the door right now pretty comfortable. sunrise 67. mountains edge 72. maybe a light sweater heading out the door. you won't need it long. temperatures expected to rise into the upper 90's. here is the leadingdg there is all the rain. tucson expected to get hit the hardest. this whole thing will curve to the east. we are not can expecting any precipitation. dry for us today. boulder city 96. in las vegas today 98-degrees. mainly sunny skies. 1 so i by saturday. temperatures will continue to rice as we get into the weekend. next week another system moves
6:55 am
temperatures. >> dana: we call hurricane newton wayne. time for the water cooler. this is a teenage sensation hours ago performing live on america has got talent. she is 14 years old. she's got to make it into the finals. heidi thinks so. we're going to find out tonight if she makes it through the to the final. channing tatum hanging out with ellen and simon biles. this is a treat for simon because she has a crush on chaning. >> we got you something. let's go over here. tithe is adorable.
6:56 am
medals. >> kim: i bet they are. >> dana: we know she has a big crush on zac efron and so too channing tatum apparently. we have pictures of the two together. tatum's dancers for magic mike live getting in on the fun. that show is going to hit the hard rock hotel in march of next year. check out this 11-year-old fee no, ma'am who lives here in las 27th in the world in his age group finishing 12th at the , jr. world against the best players from the u.s., japan, south africa, india and new zealand. his best round a 68. he's had five holes in one. remember this name. the next tiger, perhaps.
6:57 am
>> kim: the next tiger without the controversy. next jordan spieth is what we're thinking. the today show is next. if you want more local news check out the cw las vegas with crystal and jeff. >> krystal: we appreciate. good morning and we are learning more about the murder suicide happening in our valley. we'll get a for example neighbors. >> jeff: a u.s. marine is deported and now he's fighting to stay in the country. up. >> krystal: it's a one of a kind dining experience where the chef cooks right in front of you. they'll show us how you can dine in style at their newest strip
6:59 am
7:00 am
?? good good morning. battle ready. donald trump and hillary clinton set to take the stage tonight at our commander in chief forum. a new poll shows trump way ahead with active service members and veterans. clinton takes a swipe at her ris forces. >> the own things that is clear is heas no clue about what he's talking about. >> what will both candidates have to do to win the military vote? $1.7 billion. that's how much the obama administration now admits it sent iran in cash earlier this year. more than four times what it initially said it delivered. what was the money for, and why wasn't the government more up


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