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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  September 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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good morning. welcome in. live pictures out of denver. are you ready for some football? >> krystal: sign me up. love football season. ready to get it going. >> dana: it's a repeat of the last nfl game we saw in nebraska, the super bowl. denver hosting carolina tonight. despite the fact denver is at home, carolina is the >> krystal: interesting. >> dana: welcome in on this thursday. let's figure out what is going to happen in terms of weather around here and across the country. for more on that here is kelly curran. >> kelly: lots of sunshine today and the remnants of newton clearing out. nothing but sunshine.
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temperatures very similar to yesterday. triple digits are returning. we'll talk about that coming up. >> dana: not a good situation. some parents are still waiting outside of a local , jr. high school here in the las vegas valley. live picture of walter johnson middle school where at least 75 students at last check still waiting to go home. their frustrated and parents can only wait outside for word on their children. classes have been cancelled there today after officials discovered a dangerous substance. they found mergery on campus yesterday. we have been watching as students have been slowly released to go home. the school district said it was important to screen every single student to make sure they are
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poisoning. some of the students have been there for 16 >> they said you need to take her to the doctor and then snatched her back in and we haven't seen him since. >> dana: we're going to have a live report from the scene. these are live pictures now. some of the parents are still out there this morning 16 and a half hours later.
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worried the parents are. a big night last night. hillary clinton and donald trump facing off, going toe to toe in two important swing states today after battling it out last night. tracy potts takes us there. >> clinton rallies in charlotte today after answering tough questions from a military audience about >> i communicated about classified material on a who willly separate system. i took it very seriously. she drew the line on ground troops to fight isis. >> we are not putting ground troops into iraq ever again and not putting ground troops into syria. and she insisted that trump
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>> i was totally against the war in iraq. >> trump needs ohio today. he said immigrants who are not citizens should be allowed to serve in the military. >> it would be a very special circumstance. he defended praising russia's leader. >> if he says great things about me, i'm going to say great things about him. >> the generals have been reduced to rubble, to a point where it'sar country. they clashed over v.a. reform. i will not let the v.a. be privatized. >> i never said take it private. i wouldn't do that. >> dana: we are offering analysis of the presidentle race as we're about 61 days away from election day. we're hearing from both political parties.
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dr. ben carson. this morning we're joined by penny lee. thanks for joining us this morning we appreciate it. clinton has a trust problem here in the united states. majority of americans simply don't trust her. how does she close that began? >> i think it's one that she did last night and acknowledged some of the mistakes she's made in the past and hhe repeating those. there is a wide segment that is never going to believe what she says but that doesn't necessarily bode into who they vote for. there are many values in which people put into their consideration when they make that vote. what she does get high remarks about is her experience, competency, steadness, ability to see her to be the commander in chief, to have that predictability one needs in that
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that she continues to address. there is going to be a certain segment that is never going to vote for her because of that issue but it's one in which she pushes forward and she continues to say how she will make amends and show what her candidacy is about. >> dana: sounds like her policy to fight isis is more of the policies of barack obama s. that working in the fight against >> we are starting to see a shrinking of the isis footprint especially in syria. but it is also one in which she would like to have more arab allies working together to arm those that are in directly on the ground and be able to fight them there in country, to be able to increase our air presence, to be able to work with our allies also and be able to stop isis from being able to have the weapons in which they
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it's also an escalation, especially on the air side and be able to go at them especially in the cyberspace which we know they have been very effective in recruiting and being able to promoted what their ideals are about. all of those things you will see her being very strong unlike trump who has devote announce except he has a secret plan whiche because he's smarter than the generals, the generals are reduced to rubble. he's going to be able to produce this super plan that nobody has a concept what it's about. >> dana: we appreciate your time. thank you. >> krystal: the big story that mercury substance found at walter johnson middle school. we have a crew on scene and have
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after hours of being kept there as a result, some of the students walking out right now because of that mercury scare, the students are finally being released. that's the update there. we'll have more. we have a live report coming up later in our newscast. the latest from walter johnson middle school. some sports fans have waited for this day. are you ready for some footbal i think most people would agree. the nfl kicking off its season tonight in the mile high city. a repeat game that happened back in february. >> dana: take a look at this funnel cloud. this is unusual because of where it happened.
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>> dana: the nfl season kicking off tonight. live pictures of the field behind me. we are getting excited. the last nfl game was played in february, the super bowl. they defeated the panthers 24-106789 new rules inc with two unsportsman like conduct fouls, moving the spot of a touchback to the 25-yard line instead of the 20. the defending super bowl champs hosted the opener since 2004 and have won all but two in that time. if you win the super bowl you get to host the first game of the season and that's happened every year since 2004 and the
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those however the broncos are two point under dogs tonight. >> a man arrested for robbing a bank. you won't believe what they told police. >> dana: apple unveiled the
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america.
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>> krystal: taking a life ever live look at walter johnson middle school. we have learned all students at that middle school have been released after police found that dangerous mercury substance
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earlier in the broadcast we brought you this information just a few moments ago we saw students walking out as well. you see police cars there, still an active scene. all students released from walter johnson middle school this morning after that lockdown due to a dangerous mercury substance found on the campus. a man doesn't want to be truck slammed into a river. he says he did what anyone would have done. police in maine saying that charles straiten was driving when he suffered a medical emergency. his truck crashed into the river. jack seeing what happened. he and others ran to rescue the 61-year-old man. police estimate he was going over 80 miles an hour.
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into the water there crossing one of the busiest streets before he hit the water in that community. >> dana: caught on video, a sight in arizona. funnel cloud spotted in williams in northern arizona as thunderstorms rolled through the area. the funnel cloud never did touch the ground they say. if a funnel cloud touches the ground we call it tornado. hurricane newton being blamed for bringing a string of flash flood warnings in effect for part of the state. i don't know fits still considered a tropical storm. let's find out. >> krystal: let's go to kelly for a look at what is going on. you've been keeping us up to speed with how this was moving and how some people were feeling the effects. >> kelly: not much left of it. spotty showers.
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here is a look from yesterday. i want to show you those clouds that we did see. this is the only thing we saw of newton. you see the clouds just barely making its way over las vegas and retreating during the evening hours. that was about it. i remember from college we had one pass kind of close to us. i remember my professor taking me up on the roof so we could see that shieldnd really i did cool experience for me. here is a look at temperatures 24 morning. porsche dies 77. paradise 77. not bad if you are heading out for a morning jog. here are the remaining showers left in arizona and new mexico. it's exiting the area though. we're looking at quiet conditions today and through the weekend and warmer.
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tonight clear skies, 75. our seven-day forecast, here come the triple digits, 100 tomorrow. it's going to be short lived. we have another storm system on the way next week. wednesday morning 69-degrees for the low and 90 for the high. >> krystal: let's fast forward to wednesday. loving those temperatures. north las vegas police mistakes were made when a murder suspect managed to escape while being questioned. we're talking about perez who even in handcuffs managed to get away. >> we are very aware that mistakes were made. >> you at home are watching surveillance video of perez, amazingly north las vegas police were not. this camera, the only thing
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>> using some of his body weight that it snaps. >> police reenter the room not noticing his broken cuffs and walk out. the camera is still on but. >> we did have a live feed but nobody was monitoring. >> 40 minutes passed without anybody watching him and it's time he used to >> he takes a chair and puts it up against the wall. climbs up on the chair. knocks out ceiling tiles. climbs into the rafters and exits the building. >> police ask about him leaving the building. >> he wasn't seen by us. >> for days police worked to find perez who was arrested tuesday. family of robinson murdered and the reason police arrested perez
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they ask the same question why was no one watching. and is the officer who was in charge still on the case? >> yes, it's his case. >> policy changes are in place and regret is replaced with resolve. >> i wish it hadn't happened but it did and we take steps to make sure it didn't happen again. we're not >> dana: a woman in arizona died after being shot on a freeway while calling 911. that woman called 911 while driving alone. she said three men in a work type truck were driving aggressively. she thought they were targeting her specifically. this caused a chain reaction of other accidents. one woman in another car taken to the hospital with minor injuries. crashes sent two other people to the hospital.
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was following that shooting victim. >> krystal: a man accused of robbing a bank said he committed the crime because he would rather be in prison than with his wife. he gave a teller a note saying he was armed. when authorities arrived, he was waiting for them in the lobby with the cash he had taken. he has been charged w robbery. >> dana: happening today, ryan lochte expected to be suspended by the u.s. olympic committee today because of this. he admitted to lying about that situation at a gas station in rio during summer games. lochte is being suspended for 10 months by both organizations. 12 time medal winner. three other swimmers said they
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officer. they vandalized a bathroom and the security guard did pull a gun on them and did demand money to fix the damage. the three other swimmers are going to be punished but not as severe as lochte. he won't be able to compete in next year's world championships in july. >> coming up on a thursday here on today, who for being the next commander in chief? we'll break down what trump and clinton had to say during our forum. also ahead, new information on the suspected suspensions facing lochte and three other swimmers for that incident at a gas station during the rio olympics. we have that and a special steals and deals on your fall fashion must versus as we get started on a thursday morning
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>> krystal: let's talk about apple going through a major change apparently. >> dana: the company is calling it courage but people are piling on apple today. >> if apple had its way, you can kiss your head phone wires goodbye, gone the way of the telephone because the new iphone 7 has no head phone jack. >> we believe future. >> meet air pods, they look like a tiny space fisherman hooked to your lobes. no more dancing with wires like in the old ipod ads. want to say goodbye to these things? >> no. iphone fans of all ages -- >> i'm going to miss the head phone jack. >> fits not broken leave it.
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the neck because have you to charge them. >> hours of listening on a single charge. the unveiling got a charge out of james corden singing car pool karaoke while pretending to transport tim cook to the event. longer battery life to better cameras to water resistance allows the new iphone to survive a dunk in the toilet teres mocked apple for air pods and created parody products like the apple pencil, writes on things, instant recharge it. apple introduced two new iphone colors. >> there is a second new black we call it simply black. >> wires and head phone jacks only 90's kids will remember. >> one more thing to worry
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performance by the shy to show her face -- unfortunately we couldn't see whether or not she was wearing air pods. >> krystal: a couple celebrating more than 50 years of marriage taking pictures to celebrate their anniversary. we're going to show you why the stay with us.
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today. >> dana: how cute are they? they have been together for 57 to mark that anniversary their granddaughter arranged a photo shoot for them. she immediately thought of a notebook when she saw this couple. she thought that would be a fun theme for this shoot. photos instantly went viral after she posted them online. >> krystal: i love it. >> dana: some people upset about some new housing on the campus
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find out why some students are
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>> you have 500 people out here. your kids are going to be fine, we are just checking them, we didn't get any of that. >> dana: locked down 16 hours
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school. can you believe this story? we're live from the scene to tell you why coming up. >> krystal: a murder suspect back in custody. we're finding out more about how he managed to escape as he was being interrogated in handcuffs. >> dana: apple reveals the iphone 7. it is something that is not on the phone that has people talking this it is 5:00 on this thursday morning. are you ready for some football? sports authority field out of denver. >> krystal: kicking off no other place than here on channel 3. >> dana: game time is 5:30 but we'll have prelims here on channel 3. >> krystal: we're ready to get this thursday morning started.


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