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tv   News 3 Live at Twelve- Thirty  NBC  September 8, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm PDT

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our rebels. how we can get involved with the help of the unlv football foundation to support our players on and off the field. >> michelle: and supporting our service members and their families. we're going fill you in on an up coming care package event held this sunday on the 15th anniversary of 9/11 to honor those protecting our country. >> announcer: news 3 starts right for being with us. >> michelle: happy to have you. students who were possibly exposed to mercury had a long, long night at walter johnson junior high school. so did their parents who had to wait outside. some of them didn't get released until around 4:00 a.m. this morning. this started as breaking news yesterday on this newscast here at noon. >> krystal: some 17 hours later they were finally able to go to their parents. we had a news conference today just kind of breaking down and
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our kyndell nunley, she's been covering the story from the beginning. kyndell, what we also learned from las vegas fire, that this was the largest decontamination effort in their history. this is big. >> kyndell: that is correct. categorized as something much hugeer than at least our initial reports. i can tell you that those initial reports told us that the mercury was isolated toward the gym area and a handful of students who be affected for a maximum of three hours. well that number jumped to 17 long hours and the number of people needing epa inspection for the chemical nearly 1300. after scanning the school officials with the environmental protection agency found mercury readings past the gym throughout the school. reason enough to scan every single student and staff member on campus. clothes and shoes confiscated to stop further spread and officials worked to wash and
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initial reports went from categorized as not so much of a big deal to historical. so much so last night's efforts were unlike anything local first responders had ever seen. >> this is the largest decontamination incident ever in the history of our department. almost 1300 people were either screened or decontaminated in that amount of time. if this happened at a mall, at a hospital, any place else, it would take the same time. >> kyndell: we asked countless questions to not only the las vegas fire and rescue team but also the epa and clark county school district police department. you can get that full interview on our website, now parents if you have questions yourself you are invited to jacobson middle school tonight at 6:00 p.m. we also have the address on our website. it is open to the public. and honestly you are invited to come down and get some of those questions answered. we still do not know how the
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instrument it may have been in. hopefully we'll get that information to you tonight here on news 3. reporting live from the clark county school district headquarters, >> kyndell: , news 3. >> michelle: a murder suspect who escaped police custody and had everybody scratching their heads how this could happen. he was recaptured and faced a judge. >> krystal: we saw it play out on camera. our craig fiegener was there when alonzo perez was in court. he joins us now with what was set today? >> craig: his bail was set. the last time we saw alonzo perez, as you mentioned, he was seen, police tell us, seen in that security video managing fairly daring escape from the north las vegas police department. this morning i saw him in person in custody. alonzo perez is back in custody and this morning in court. for five days he was on the lam after breaking free from a north
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police was recorded on security video. >> he managed to break the mechanical restraints that were placed on his wrists. was able to escape from the police department. >> craig: when it was time to talk bail this morning in this court case alonzo's brazen escape was topic one. he is accused in this case of firing into an occupied structure and assault with a deadly weapon. they are crimes unrelated to the murder case on which he was being questioned about in north case and the background of mr. perez feel like 50,000 is appropriate. >> one of the considerations to that is take into account is safety of the community. >> craig: bail was set at $100,000. double the amount originally requested by the prosecution. perez will have many more court dates to come. remember he did not enter a plea in this case today.
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his public defender told me she expects he will be pleading not guilty. coming up tomorrow or monday he will have a court case with the las vegas charges leveled against him. they will be murder and other crimes related to the escape. craig fiegener reporting live at the regional justice center, news 3. >> krystal: let's talk about the clark county school district. could be one step closer to being reorganized today. the nevada board of education voting in favor of moving forward with the plan and will make its final vote today school principals and the community more control over budgets, hiring staff and what is taught in the classroom. essentially what they need for their school. supporters say the status quo just not good enough. and is not helping to improve the quality of education in our community. discussions continuing today for potential nfl stadium here in las vegas. the stadium oversight committee meeting today and you are seeing
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like. they're going to meet at 1:00 p.m. details how to fund the stadium and its location as the plans stand now hotel tax hike would be used to fund it. that plan would need to be approved by lawmakers within weeks so the committee can make its pitch to the nfl las vegas -- about the las vegas stadium. the proposed 6500 seat domed stadium would cost $2 billion. we'll han stadium meeting on later editions of news 3. and it is a perfect segue to michelle and our guest in studio. >> michelle: well, you know, we're so excited, the unlv football season has started. has it? it has. sorry for my ignorance. i do not watch enough sports. i know my husband feels differently about that wishing i was more into it. but we have made it to some rebel games. we're talking about the unlv football foundation with a goal.
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to bring the community together and help support our home team athletics. so we have you are a former unlv football player. use to be a kicker. ken riley president of the football foundation. why is this so important? and why do we need it here for our team? >> terms of the football foundation it's so important for our community. it's important for the athletic department and football program because there is only certain amount of funds that our university can provide to our vision. our community needs to get behind the vision and support it. through the unlv football foundation is a great way to get involved. >> michelle: we were talking about this during the break. seems like coach sanchez is really bringing in some good energy, some good recruits. he talked about you really felt this could be the year. >> this can be the year. you see people out there, great recruits talking to some of the press and they tell people, we
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involved at the information. we're here to help coach realize his vision and increase his facilities. >> michelle: how long has it been -- i mean, the facilities need to be upgraded. this is something that the foundation, you know, needs to support for. >> absolutely. the facilities do need to be upgraded. many other teams in our conference that are there now and in the past that have upgraded their facilities invested in their programs, and they brought them to the next level. >> michelle: they brought them to the next le also you help with uniforms, equipment, transportation. we talked about training facilities, player development. the foundation really does a lot. >> the foundation does. people can get involved by going to our website, unlv football they cap become a member at various levels. also provides great resources and insight into the program to people who become members. we have great chalk talk lunches throughout the season for various members of the program and they get on field access at half-time at certain levels.
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program that nobody else gets. >> michelle: let's hope this year is the year. i think tony sanchez is bringing something really great. i'm really hopeful. >> go rebels. >> michelle: go rebs! i promise i'm going to watch more games this year krystal allan you and i when it comes to sport not up to par put be we try. >> krystal: and i even wore my red today. go rebel jdz we appreciate tim for being here. he can come back at any time. we love our rebels. say goodbye t lot of people unhappy about that. apple announced it will not be on the new iphone7. so what are you going to do when you want to listen to your music and so forth? well we're going to tell you what's going to happen. and how people are responding to that change in trending today. also we're so excited to bring you this interview. the douglas j. gray memorial foundation hosting its care packaging event this weekend. our michelle velez is there with
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troops in spite of her great loss. we're going to tell what you you can do to help support our troops. so important. right kelly? >> kelly: absolutely. we've got sunny skies, double-digit highs today. how long is it going to last?
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be
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from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america. that's my plan. >> kelly: it is thursday afternoon. we've got beautiful blue skies out there today. and temperatures, they're on the rise. it is going to be a warm day. but still in the double-digits. this is the o'callaghan middle school camera. a lot of sunshine and little bit of haze today. here is a look at those temperatures. pahrump, 94. boulder city also look at 94. mesquite coming in at 95. we will see a couple of triple-digits on the board today but mainly just upper 90s for highs. downtown right now 96. henderson also coming in at 96.
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winds nice and light. not an issue. there's not a whole lot to talk about on the satellite radar either. we've got clear skies all around the area. in is what's left of newton just a few showers lingering in far southeast arizona into southern new mexico. this is getting picked up in an upper-level system that's going to carry it off to the north and east. again, it's dwindling. there is not much left to talk about. highs today? overton 101. that's what we're primm 99. laughlin you are looking at ten # for your high today -- 103. overnight tonight, boulder city, down to 72. pahrump looking at 61 for a low. here is our 7-day forecast. today double-digits. expecting a high of 98. back to triple digits tomorrow. 100. 101 for bite of las vegas on saturday. but then another storm system moves in early next week. we're going see gusty winds moving in. a few clouds too.
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that's the way the models are trending for the beginning of next week in the las vegas valley. look at the temperature difference. we're going to drop from 101 on saturday to 90 by wednesday afternoon. and overnight lows getting cooler too. we could see lows in the 60s. >> krystal: couldn't come fast enough. we love it! we're talking about trending. and i am not a parent but i can imagine you being one, nothing makes a parent happier than a sign they are doing something righit >> michelle: this mom did something right. heather nelson and her five-year-old who you see behind us. this is her little boy. they were running late for school. his name is royce by the way. so she was surprised when in a hurry of everything he stopped and then bowed his head. you see behind me -- okay there it is. you can see that officer. i was going to move out of the way. she is yeling at her son saying go, go, go. the officer points out he had his head bowed because he was
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it was over the loud speaker. he heard it so he stopped and he did the pledge of allegiance and so she took this picture. she was so proud of her son. she posted it on facebook and it's gone viral. way to go mama. >> krystal: all right. let's talk about this now. music star sia, she always has an interesting look. >> michelle: well the look is you can't see her. it's like from -- what's that show? with the neighbor who never shows his face. >> krystal: what's his face and what's t see i know tv shows. >> michelle: she was released a new music video. here is what's cool. it's called the greatest. the song is. it's honoring the victims of the pulse night club shooting in orlando, florida last june. accompanying music video came down as a surprise release on labor day. and so many people have watched it. >> krystal: so cool. it's been viewed 13 million times. now it's your turn to take a
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. >> michelle: that's her dancer. the girl in the middle. >> krystal: it's an m. i forgot her name. she is from "dance moms." the video so haunting as it portrays the shooting in which 49 people lost their lives. 53 people injured them video featured frequent sia collaborateor maddie zig ler. she is that 13-year-old from "dance moms." she has been featured in a lot of her videos. that's sia's tribute to those who lost their lives in that horrific shooting down in orlando. >> michelle: apple fearing backlash goes through with the big change with its new phone anyways. >> krystal: the company calls it courage. but people are saying, not so much. some are anyway.
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the story. >> reporter: if apple has its way you can kiss your headphone wires goodbye. gone the way of the tethered telephone. because the new iphone7 has no headphone jack. >> we believe in a wireless future. >> reporter: meet air pods. wired said they look like a tiny space fisherman hooked your lobes. >> priced at just $159. >> reporter: no more old ipod ads. you want to say goodbye to these things? >> no i like them. >> reporter: iphone fans have all ages. >> i am going to miss the headphone jack. >> reporter: were resistant. >> it's not broken just leave it. >> i find the wireless a pain in the neck because you got to charge them. >> reporter: but the new air pods supply five hours of listening on a single charge. those watching the iphone7 unveiling got a charge out of james corden.
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pretending to transport apple ceo tim cook to the event. presenters extoled everything from longer battery life to better cameras to water resistance that allows the new iphone to survive a dunk in the toilet. while jokesters mocked apple for its air pods and created parody products like the apple pencil. writes on things. instant recharging. this is no parody. apple introduced colors. >> there's a second new black. we call it simply black. >> reporter: wires and headphone jacks, only '90s kids will remember. >> infrared sensors detect when each ear pod is in your ear. >> reporter: the event ended with a performance by shy to show her face sia. unfortunately we couldn't see a whether or not she was wearing air pods.
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>> michelle: we have sunny here who is very close and dear to our hearts here at news 3. we've been following you since 2011 when you lost your son doug over in afghanistan. we were there at his funeral. and since then you have made sure to keep his memory alive. you started the douglas j. green memorial foundation. one of the things that you guys do is something that doug loved. >> care packages, yes. absolute >> michelle: you would send him care packages. he did two tours in afghanistan. >> he did two tours. he was constantly hungry and all he had were those lovely m reshgss that aren't very good. so he just wanted this -- these great munchies. so i would mail him packages and his friends packages who didn't have families that could afford it. >> michelle: so yesterday we would live with you at sam's club early in the morning. you did munchies for the
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our friends at 94.1. you had a goal yesterday to get 20,000 items. and $20,000 so you can stuff these care packages and send them and you blew the items goal out of the water. >> we did. it was amazing! las vegas valley, they came. they brang it. >> michelle: how many items did you get? >> 45,000 items. [ laughter ] >> michelle: double what they wanted. >> it was incredible! it was so -- >> michelle: now you have a huge warehouse full of all these items and you are going to have event which is happening on sunday which is the 15 year anniversary of 9/11. tell people why doug joined the service. >> he wanted to enlist the day he saw the twin towers burn on 9/11. he looked at me and said, mom, i'm going go get those bad guys. >> michelle: how old was he. >> 12. when he turned 18 he didn't forget and signed up. because he wanted to come back a veteran and serve his country and he was a hero.
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>> michelle: so you are keeping his memory alive. here's what we need from everybody at home. you guys got so many munchies it cost a lot of money to send these boxes over. >> it does. >> michelle: you need monetary donations. >> yes we do. if they want to go on our website to the douglas j. gray memorial foundation they can go and donate right there. there's a link and they can donate and that will help pay for these care packages and our event is going to be on 9/11 at cross fit appeal. th right off 95. and we invite the whole family. >> michelle: so this is the event happening this sunday. i've done one of these. it is really great family event and what a great way to spend 9/11 remembering and reflecting on what happened 15 years ago. what better way to do that than to support our military members. if you would like to be part of this here is all the information on the screen. starts at 12. you can go over there for an hour and help stuff care packages and bring the kids. this is good for them. something for them to do to give back.
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congratulations. i know doug would be proud. >> thank you. i think he would. >> michelle: i think he would too. >> krystal: he is smiling down right now. thank you so much. we appreciate you for all you do. okay. coming up tomorrow at noon, it's a fit friday! and the founder of fit for mom. she's great. she is going be here to show us how we can stay in shape during the school year even with those hectic schedules. if you are expecting -- or if you are a new mom she going to help you get it friday which brings a smile to our face because we lv our four-legged friends. the animal foundation will be here with another adorable little doggy that you probably will have a hard time resisting. so if you are in need of a little family member you definitely want to tune in tomorrow. those stories and whole lot more on "news 3 live at noon." that's tomorrow. but we have more coming up on
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danny tarkanian's carrying a lot of baggage.
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ian was ordered by a judge to repay $17 million in a failed development scheme. tarkanian refused to pay the money back, forcing taxpayers to bail him out, leaving us holding the bag. danny tarkanian's out for himself, not us.
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>> michelle: we have a couple of accidents to tell you about that metro is responding to. one near tropicana and rainbow. more on the west side of town involving a moped and vehicle. police telling us two people taken to the hospital. we're trying sort through what's happening. >> michelle: we also have another one involving a tour as we look at one of our traffic cams. this is a developing situation. and all we know is that a tour bus may possibly be on fire. >> kelly: i've seen some of the pictures. it's scorched. >> michelle: so we will have
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twenty five thousand jobs. that's how many jobs nevada's created in clean energy. that's's how many nevada jobs je heck puts at risk... when he votes big oil's way.
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protecting billions in tax breaks for oil companies. and threatening nevada's solar economy. twenty five thousand nevada jobs at risk. because joe heck's in big oil's pocket. lcv victory fund is responsible for the content... of this advertising. i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. as a doctor, i see how decisions in washington impact my patients here in nevada. so even though i'm a republican, i won't be voting for joe heck. voted ten times to defund planned parenthood, which thousands of women depend on for cancer screenings. and heck opposes a woman's right to choose even when her health is at risk. for me and my patients,
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>> steve: what's going on? everything okay? >> joey: uh...i don't know yet. >> steve: okay. i'll try that again. do you know why you texted me? why you said we had to meet asap? >> joey: yeah. >> steve: oh, i get it. it's an ambush. think you should have told me your father was gonna be here? >> joey: thought youight not come if i did. >> kayla: i thought we made it clear to you that if you need something, we're here, no matter what's going on between the two of us. >> joey: that's pretty much bull, isn't it? >> steve: joe. >> joey: it is, okay? what's going on between the two of you matters a lot. i think a shrink might say it's like...


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