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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  September 9, 2016 12:37am-1:37am PDT

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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- molly shannon. from "other people" writer director chris kelly. political commentator cenk uyger. featuring the 8g band with fred armisen and nate morton. [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. >> seth: good evening i'm seth meyers, this is "late night." how's everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ] great to hear. in that case let's get to the news. a new poll released yesterday shows hillary clinton with a two point lead over donald trump nationally, putting her safely at a two.
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republican vice presidential nominee mike pence broke with his running mate yesterday, saying that unlike donald trump, he does not doubt that president obama was born in hawaii. though interestingly, pence refused to respond when asked if it was true that he was born in lego land. [ laughter ] hillary clinton released several new spanish-language campaign ads yesterday. though i think she might be trying too hard to connect with hispanic voters. group has announced it is taking giant pandas off their list of endangered species. which is good news for pandas, but great news for, crazy seth's panda emporium. that's right, crazy seth's panda emporium is back in business and it is pandamonium over here. we got your panda meat, your panda-mite, your panda belts,
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we've even got stuffed pandas doing karate, crickey! so hurry down mate, and get your pick of the pandas now. because let's face it when crazy seth gets his paws on them pandas, they'll be totally endangered and so will these prices. we're going to eat those pandas. [ applause ] last week smuggling a half a million dollars worth of cocaine in his stomach in sidney airport. in his defense it would have cost him over a million if he bought it at the airport. [ light laughter ] how about a stomach full of cocaine.
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tastes that human can detect, said one researchers wife, next time you can just say you didn't like it. [ light laughter ] a food festival in los angeles has announced they'll be holding a seminar on cooking with marijuana. the way it works is, you put a frozen pizza in the oven and then you find it the next day when you wake up. [ light laughter ] [ applause ] >> and finally while responding to tips about a party in the heart of ohio's amish country this past weekend, police arrested more than 70 people for underage drinking. one teen drank so much that he was caught driving home from the party at speeds up to four miles per hour. ladies and gentlemen, we got a great show for you tonight. from the new film, "other people," our friend molly shannon is back on the show.
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we'll also be joined by the new co-head writer of "saturday night live" and also the writer and director of "other people," chris kelly. and he is the executive producer of "the young turks" on fusion, cenk uygur is here tonight. [ cheers ] so i'm looking forward to talking to him about the election and everything else that is going on. guys, let's be honest, 2016 has been a very strange year. to the point that sometimes you hear a news story and you think, that cannot possibly be true, which is why tonight we're go believe stories, in a segment called "that actually happened." ?? [ cheers ] >> seth: president obama expressed some concerns recently, about philippines president rodrigo duterte vigilante style justice system and this is how duterte responded on monday. >> you must be respectful. do not just throw away questions and statements. [ speaking foreign language ]
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the president of the philippines called barack obama a son of a whore. it's the worst thing anyone has called a u.s. president since someone accidentally referred to george w. bush as jeb. or since churchill called franklin roosevelt a rolling back of dicks. [ light laughter ] you know what else actually happened? a world leader gave a speech in a windbreaker. [ light laughter ] are you a dictator or a nursing home casanova? no i'm asking i have cataracts i can't see. and that wasn't even the weirdest foreign relations story because the president arrived in china on monday for the g-20 summit, and when he did, chinese officials refused to roll out the red carpet staircase that normally greets air force one so he was forced to exit from the belly of the plane. creating a situation so tense it ended with chinese and american diplomats screaming at each other on the tarmac. that actually happened. we had an international incident with a major nuclear power over
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and i hope the chinese can get their act together, because the next guy is going to want an escalator. now back at home, the presidential race is closer than ever and donald trump needs all the minority votes he can get. so he travelled to detroit on sunday, to attend service at a black church, where he executed the most terrifying baby kiss in campaign history. [ laughter ] that actually happened. and if you think t b seen her when he was done. [ laughter ] now i know what you're thinking, am i supposed to vote for donald trump because of the baby? no, apparently you're supposed to vote for him because of a cloud. on saturday donald trump's lawyer michael cohen, tweeted that photo saying in case anyone is unsure as to who will be our next potus the lord has chosen the people's messenger. i can't stress enough, that actually happened. a lawyer thinks god is endorsing
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hillary clinton has been endorsed by living presidents, members of congress and prominent republicans. trump has been endorsed by the weather. which is surprising given his position on climate change. >> you know, you're not allowed to use hairspray anymore because it effects the ozone. you know that right. so if i take hairspray, and if i spray it in my apartment which is all sealed, and you're telling me that effects the ozone layer? i say no way folks. no way. what's worse, a violent dictator insults our president, or someone who still wears hairspray in 2016. but i can tell you one thing, that actually happened. ?? we'll be right back with more "late night" everybody. [ applause ]
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?? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody please give it up for the 8g band right over there. [ cheers and applause ] also joining the 8g band this week he is the fantastic drummer from the house band on nbc's "the voice." who's 11th season premieres monday, september 19th right here on nbc, please say hello to nate morton right over there. [ cheers and applause ] for more nate watch "the voice"
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facebook. so good to have you here nate. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> seth: also you guys check it out fred armisen right over there. [ cheers and applause ] yeah. i'm so happy when fred's back around we love to talk one of the things we talk about the most is television. we love television, we love making it, we love watching it. i always complain to fred that i can't -- my problem is i can't watch all the new tv shows. there's so many new tv shows. fred always says i lack commitment because he claims he watches every television show, every episode of every television show out there. >> fred: absolutely. >> seth: okay, because if it was a lie, if you were just saying it to impress me now would be the time before we do this. now would be the time to admit that you're making that up. >> fred: seth. [ laughter ] >> seth: okay, that means it's time once again for "fred armisen's extremely accurate tv recap." [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: so if this is true, if you've really seen everything i'll name the show and you'll tell me what it's about. >> fred: okay, great. >> seth: the show is "gomorrah"
12:50 am
do you know it? have you seen "gomorrah"? >> seth: no. >> fred: you don't know "gomorrah"? >> seth: no. >> fred: oh, the pilot, you've seen none of it? >> seth: no, i have not seen any of "gomorrah." >> fred: nothing? >> seth: no. >> fred: it's so -- it's really good. [ light laughter ] it's well scripted. the script is great. so, the dialogue is very -- it's like subtle but long. >> seth: okay, you haven't said anything yet that makes me think you have seen this show. >> fred: i've seen the show so much. so, it's like a sort of futuristic -- there's these in further to the future. so these people in the future -- they go further into the future. >> seth: takes place in the future and people take pills and go further into the future. >> fred: further into the future. way, way beyond. and so they're like, we were already in the future. how are we this far away from present tense? >> seth: sorry, so the characters were aware they were in the future? >> fred: yes. they're so aware of it. look at all of these futuristic things around us. this is incredible.
12:51 am
that they would think that's the present for them. >> fred: it's not my show. [ laughter ] watch it. if you watch it you'll make sense of it. i don't know, this is what the story is. so they're that far in the future and they're like i can't believe things are even faster. they're so blown away by the speed of everything and so each episode -- it's so well written. it's very well written. just like the right kind of dialogue and the right kind of futuristic words and the accents are even futuristic. accent sound like? >> fred: it's just like a scottish, great. >> seth: in the future -- in the future people have scottish accents? >> fred: seth, watch the show. i don't know. and it's great. great characters. and very beautifully shot. >> seth: great. >> fred: you know? >> seth: now according to this, "gomorrah", is a drama exploring the dark web of crime, loyalty, and sacrifice at the heart of the camorra.
12:52 am
>> fred: in the future. [ laughter ] >> seth: okay. give it up for fred armisen everybody. [ applause ] if you had a chance to look at the paper this morning you might have seen there was a new study on migrating tree frogs and this is -- excuse me. i'm sorry, i could be wrong here but i think i smell some smoke and that can mean only one thing, it's time for -- "ya burnt!" [ cheers and applause ] zone! we got a lot of topics to sizzle through but not lot of time. over here is the burner, let's turn on the gas and load her up. whoo hoo hoo! gadzooks! all right, first up, anthony weiner, i've seen your penis so many times i'm starting to confuse it with mine. [ laughter ] come on man, your wife works all day deleting hillary clintons e-mails only to come home and find your direct messaging your schlong to the new york post. [ light laughter ]
12:53 am
used to be a new york politician i'd look at a picture of rudy giuliani, side burn rudy. >> side burn. >> seth: anthony weiner sorry buddy, but three strikes ya burnt. laguardia airport, thanks to ongoing renovations there's so much traffic getting there that people are being forced to get out of their cars on the highway and walk to their terminal. at this point you'd get to cancun faster if you just marry a mexican and wait for president trump to deport you both. [ laughter ] the title of worst airport decades ago, stop punching, the fight is over. you won. what can you possibly be renovating? are you trying to add more hair covered ice cream cones to the floors of your restrooms? you know you're a bad airport when people say i think i'd rather go to newark. laguardia airport, your airport coach should be brn because ya burnt. [ applause ] russian hackers, how many of you are there? is hacker the only job you guys
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the country is like i see you enjoy puzzles and mischief, have you considered becoming an international menace? and listen up hackers, i got something personal to say to you. please don't hack me. just hack other people. there's plenty of freaks and weirdos out there. hack them. hack the weirdos, don't hack me. don't hack me. russian hackers, ya burnt. [ applause ] back to school shopping. why do kids have to buy a new backpack every year? did they [ bleep ] in the last one? and what's more fun than trying on jeans for mom while she asks the salesgirl if they look a little loose in the crotch. don't worry mom i will grow into them. eight times a day, every day until the hellish march of puberty comes to a close. but dude for real, you got to pick out the perfect first day outfit because if you don't look cool no one will have sex to with you. it's all about the shirt. never mind the acne colonizing your face or the fact that your voice sounds like someone is
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>> seth: let's face it, summer rules, school drools. go back to school shopping, ya burnt. running mates. hey mike pence and tim kaine, just sit the rest of this election out. no one cares what you guys have to say. you are human yogurt. you could switch places and literally no one would notice. mike pence you look like the cop who arrested teen for underage drinking and tim kaine, you look like the dad thas [ light laughter ] running mates, let me run this by you, ya burnt. [ applause ] up next, legal guardians -- [ buzzer ] ah, that buzzer means we run out of time, looks like i'll have to burn you scam artists the next time-out. this has be "ya burnt." [ cheers and applause ] we'll be right back with molly shannon.
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>> "late night with seth meyers" is taking the show to washington d.c. at the warner theater the week of october 10th.
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[ applause ] >> seth: welcome back everybody. our first guest tonight is a very funny actress and comedian who you know best from saturday night live. she stars in the upcoming film "other people" which opens in select theaters friday. it's also available on video demand and itunes. please welcome back to the show the lovely molly shannon. ?? >> seth: hi! >> hi seth. >> seth: it's so good to see you again. >> it's so nice to see you too. >> seth: i saw your movie last night it was fantastic. >> oh my god. >> seth: and i want to talk about that but we were also talking backstage you have an 11 and 12-year-old. >> yes. >> seth: i am a new parent now. 5 months old. >> i know. >> seth: very fun. >> ash. >> seth: baby ash. he's great. >> oh seth. >> seth: but do you remember back now, that you have --i mean you have little adults now. do you remember back when they were newborns and how you were as a parent? because it's trippy when all of a sudden you have a baby that you have never had before.
1:01 am
i remember when i, let's see --when my son was first born my daughter was -- she's 18 months older than my son. but when my son was born i did a part in "marie antoinette" sofia coppola's movie. >> seth: yeah. >> and i really want to do it so i went to work when my son nolan was only two weeks old and i remember i had to wear the make up with the big white wig and white face and i remember nursing him and he looked up like who is this lady? that is weird. and it was so funny. >> seth: out of all the people i could have ended up with i end up with this crazy lady. >> yes, yes, exactly. so i always laugh about that. but, no i love being a mom. it's the greatest. >> seth: and your kids, obviously they know you're an actress and they know you're a performer. >> yes. >> seth: and they've come and seen you in some work. you were in hotel translysania 2. >> yes, yes. i went -- i take my kids, i'm always with their friends. and we were in los angeles and we went to go see the movies. we went to hotel transylvania
1:02 am
and sophia and they were like, they were like -- after the movie they were like "your part was kind of small." and i was like "yeah." but it's good you got yourself in there. you know? they save a lot to say. >> seth: very adult. >> yes, yes very adult. >> seth: now your son saw a "transparent" billboard and was this --did he do this on purpose? because we had jeffrey tambor on the show yesterday and he was a delight. >> yes my son, you know, where we drive we just go over and we live in hollywood so we always see like movie posters and there was a big poster of jeffrey tambor from transparent, you know a man, dressed as a woman and my son was like there's mommy. and i was like -- [ laughter ] i asked, that's something that makes me laugh. >> seth: yeah. >> but i asked my husband i was like could you see why he would think that he would say that? >> seth: you know, you've got to check on it. but it's kind of on you because
1:03 am
your kids an active imagination. do you play --this is true that you play truth or dare with them? >> we do, we play truth or dare. my rule is always i like to laugh. and as a matter of fact i just went to see the movie "nerve" with my daughter stella and my son nolan and their friend sienna and sienna was like this is such a good movie for us to see because you're always making us to dares so this is like perfect for us. >> seth: yeah so what do you make 11 and 12-year-olds do as a dare? >> i do just sweet stuff that makes me laugh. like we'll be driving and my son will call out to strangers "like monty, karen, hi!" it's so dumb. it's just dumb. they always have to be nice. >> seth: right. >> we all make sienna, like if we're out for pizza i'll do like i dare you to go up -- i'll go i dare you to go up to that lady and -- just say -- you know make up a name. and we watch from a distance so she'll just go up and go "isabelle, isabelle is that you?" and there's just something about a like, a kid teasing an adult or i make them go in to like i
1:04 am
gentleman's workout and he's 11. just silly, silly stuff. >> seth: a gentleman's workout? >> yeah, yeah. or we, on the way to school i'll make my son yell out like "top of the morning to you." and we just see who responds. yeah, stuff like that. >> seth: now when you were young, you used to --which is not a place that i've ever heard young people want to hang out. you like to go hang out in hospitals. >> hospitals, i did. with my friend, anne and i grew up in cleveland, ohio. and i think it was my first in other worlds and so we used to take the train downtown and we were like 11 and we would just go to hospital cafeterias to be around the doctors in scrubs with clogs, getting tuna fish and burgers at lunchtime. the hubbub. like post surgery like quickly grabbing a bite and i liked to pretend i was a doctor. and i still actually really like that. we would just spend the whole day in the hospital atmosphere just walking around in a hubbub
1:05 am
stop -- were you such good actresses that no one ever thought those might be kids? >> yeah, no. nobody ever did. and then we also used to like to go to airports and i used to like to --so we would take the train out and just go to airports and i liked to watch people say hello and goodbye. >> seth: uh huh. >> and i loved girls that were like needy like saying good-bye to like a boyfriend. or like really like "i miss you." like really needing someone. i don't know why i found that interesting. but i was like --i was just like wow, she can really just need and like cry "i'm going to miss you!" you know, i like that. >> seth: i feel extra bad for that person. because not only were they missing their boyfriend but if they look just a little over they'd see young molly shannon just staring watching this whole thing unfold. this is very exciting you're in the new hbo sarah jessica parker show "divorce." >> yes, yes. >> seth: so tel us about that. >> that's a great show with
1:06 am
thomas haden church, talia balsam, an amazing cast. it's created by sharon horgan. it's about marriages and all kinds of things and people questioning their own marriages. it's a i would say a dramedy. it's really good, it's really juicy. it's a show i would definitely watch. >> seth: that's great. >> yeah. >> seth: that's very high praise. >> yes. >> seth: and you --i know it's about people in different stages of you know divorce and trying to date again and you used to work for a dating service. >> i did. at the -- because this is back when technology was different. this is not online dating. >> no it was years ago where they would have people could would come in to this dating service and they would video tape themselves and then they would request girls that they were interested in and then they would call to see if that girl responded back. >> seth: girls would be shown their videotape. >> they would be shown the guys video or whatever. and then if they called back they could either not find out why or they could ask for the reasons why they were rejected and i would have to read the reasons over the phone. and they were numbered, like
1:07 am
four, personality and i would read, i'd be like -- and i would feel so bad and i didn't have the heart to do it and i would go in the bathroom and cry every time because i felt so bad. >> seth: yeah. >> i was like people looking for love and trying so hard and it's so brave to show up and date. i mean come on. yeah, i don't know. >> seth: yeah. absolutely, putting yourself on video tape too. that is --you realize now online dating seems putting yourself out there but back in the day when someone had to go and somebody had to like frame you up and light you and stuff. that's awful. >> i know. >> seth: and then we're going to take a quick minute. "other people" this is a beautiful film. written and directed by chris kelly is going to come out. >> yes. >> seth: and this is about a son who goes to sort of spend a year with his mother she is very sick and sort of spend time with her in the time before she leaves and was this a difficult role? i mean there's very funny parts but this really is a drama. was it difficult to take it on. >> i really, i just felt so excited. chris is such an amazing writer like you and i just felt so lucky to be given such a great part and i was more just
1:08 am
like this is so good and he wanted to hire comedians too because there's so many funny things that happen in dealing with death and how this family copes with this thing. so i just really just felt more excited than scared. i felt lucky, lucky. >> seth: well that's great. >> yeah. >> seth: well i felt lucky to see it. and we'll bring out chris after this commercial and talk about it a little bit more. >> thank you seth. >> seth: more with molly shannon and chris kelly after this. [ cheers and applause ] ?? ?? ?? ?? one smart choice leads to the next. ?? the new 2017 ford fusion is here.
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>> well i tried it! >> i see that. but why are you so stoned? how much butter did you use? >> just one stick. >> you used a whole stick? >> how do you know how much goes in there? >> because i spoke pot. i'm stoned right now. >> drink some water. >> good for you david. live your life. >> i will. >> live your life. u when i die you've got to live your life except you can't date anyone for a year and you can't date that slut who came to the door today. >> as in lisa the one that brought you a pie? >> only a slut would come to the door with dessert. you're supposed to bring a lasagna or something like that. >> seth: welcome back to late night. that was a clip from the upcoming film "other people" starring molly shannon and we're actually bring out our next guest as well, he was recently named co-head writer of "saturday night live" he was also the writer and director of
1:14 am
[ cheers and applause ] ?? ?? >> seth: how are you? >> good i feel like a fancy man. >> seth: you're a fancy man on a talk show. i want to talk about your incredible movie. >> oh my god, thank you. >> seth: but i want to congratulate you i was head writer when you were hired at snl and now you're co-head writer, congratulations. t it's cool. it's very weird. it's good. but it is like intimidating 'cause yeah you were my -- you were my like head writer. and so i was like that's what a head writer is to me and i'm like "i've got to be that." >> seth: oh, it's a pretty low bar. it's a pretty low bar. >> no, i truly -- i mean no i truly remember when i would like, because you're first season when you're like a writer you don't know like what the hell is going on. you're like scared to death and i remember come to you at 6:00 in the morning and you're writing your own sketches too. because like you're the head writer. but, you still have to write
1:15 am
at 6:00 in the morning and i would be like i broke my skit. i don't know how to finish my skit. like a little baby with a toy that i had broken. and i was like i don't know what to do with my skit and you were so like --i don't know. it was cool to watch because you obviously have to write a lot of sketches and help the newer writers. >> seth: well that's -- welcome to your new life. that's what you've got to do. >> i don't want to! >> seth: because there's a lot of babies there who break a lot of [ bleep ]. yeah. >> oh, no i started off by calling them babies on a talk show. no, but i mean it's a huge it's like, i'm excited. because you get to keep writing. it is like a huge responsibility because you have to think about the show as a whole. and like, i don't know. >> seth: well, here's the thing and i'm jealous of you. more impressed, i should say. but jealous because in the summers at snl i would never do anything, i would just take it off. >> yeah. >> seth: and i'm so impressed that you wrote this film and you directed it over the course of the summer and it's beautiful. and obviously this is an autobiographical film. >> yeah, yeah. >> seth: about your mother and spending time with her before she passed away and it's very funny but it's a drama.
1:16 am
this than what you do for your day job. >> yeah it was weird. when i wrote it i had no intention of like this is going to be a movie that gets made. i just wanted to kind of flex a different muscle or see if i could write something a little more tonally different or like you know at snl, i've also written for "broad city" and stuff they're just hard comedies and i was curious of what it would feel like to try to write something that was a little more more dramatic and the fact that it got made was such a surprise. i was like great, you know. then i also, like molly you had said i wanted to cast a lot of comedy people in it too so that it wasn't like drama nonstop. >> seth: yeah. >> so that it wasn't like a slog. >> seth: and i have to imagine because of how personal a film this was the most important part was casting your mother and -- >> yeah. >> seth: i know molly was your first choice and is it true, molly, that when you guys first met that you invited chris to a taco party. >> molly: i did. i had a taco party at my house, that's right. >> seth: was that a taco party you were already having and then
1:17 am
have to throw this guy a taco party. >> molly: i love it. i was already having it. >> it was one of her famous taco parties. >> molly: yes, yes. it is a famous taco party. >> yeah. >> molly: but, anyhow but i did invite you and you didn't you like that there were like kids running around. and the whole family. >> yeah it was just nice, i don't know. this is so like cheesy. i truly like --you know the movie is autobiographical but it's not 100% true. and so it's like i don't like -- when i watch the movie i'm not like that's exactly my sister or that's exactly my dad. but the role of my mother i really cared about. and so i do see my mp and i wanted to, and so i went into this taco party everyone was like so nice and was oh my god molly is going to be great t in the movie. she is so talented but they were like aside from being talented she is the nicest person you'll ever meet. and i truly like was in the car on the way like back from the taco party and i call my sisters and i was like i think the woman that plays our mom is going to be very nice. i like that both of my stories end with me crying. >> seth: yeah. >> molly: that's so sweet.
1:18 am
but it's always i ate too many tacos. so the pot brownie scene that we saw coming into this. >> yeah, yeah. >> seth: must have been so much fun to shoot. was that super scripted or was that -- >> no, it was great. because it was -- there definitely days where you'd look at the call sheet and be like "ooh, this is going to be a sad one." all day long. >> seth: yeah. >> and there were some days where you'd be like "okay great this is the scene where molly tries medical marijuana for the first time. this will be fun." it was like watching a one woman show it was so fun and she was -- the whole crew was just kind of sit back and relax and just watch what she would do and it was weird. we were talking about this earlier. it's based on a real thing. my mom is like a wonderful but like conservative woman. she had never tried drugs. she would never dare to try drugs, or at least that's what she would tell us. and i was in new york at the time in the real version of it, so i wasn't there. and she was home with my dad and my sisters. and she called me and she was like "chris i'm going to do drugs." she didn't like want to do medical marijuana but she was like i'm going to do it and she
1:19 am
and so she called and left me a voice mail was like your mom is a bad ass and now she is about to take drugs. i was like -- and i got the voice mail and i was like "i wonder how that will go" and then i went underground to do some ucb shows all night and i was underground for like hours and then when i came back up i had all of these voice mails from my mom and i was like what could have happened and the voicemails were like here we go. and then number two was like i don't feel a thing. drugs have nothing on me. and then the third one was like, uh-oh. and the fourth one is like your dad isn't looking at anything. he's not looking at anything. like he's looking but he's not. and then the fifth one was like we may have to go to the emergency room. it was like so funny to just have this like full narrative displayed. and so then for the movie i just i took that and put myself into it. >> seth: well that's fantastic. seriously. it's such an accomplishment for both of you. it's a beautiful film. >> thank you. >> seth: really everyone you must see it. it's fantastic. molly shannon and chris kelly
1:20 am
>> thank you. >> seth: "other people" is in select theaters and available on itunes friday. we'll be right back with cenk uygur. ?? [ applause ] ha-ha-ha! um-hmmm! hey! nikki! what are you doing here? you tell me, stephen. what? i'm snapping. now you're with this thing? no! it's not you! it's verizon! they limit my data. i had to choose. come on, girl. let's get us a man with unlimited data. why pay verizon more for data limits? introducing t-mobile one. one price. unlimited data for everyone.
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?? >> seth: welcome back everybody, our next guest hosts the popular online news show "the young turks." he is the executive producer of "the young turks" on fusion which premieres september 12th, please welcome to the show cenk uygur. ?? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: how are you? >> awesome.
1:26 am
so this show, "the young turks", millions of subscribers online but it's also -- >> not a big deal. >> seth: so, what? >> not a big deal. >> seth: not a big deal at all but also now, a television show on fusion. so explain how this is all going to work. >> yeah, so "young turks" is online every day two hours. easiest watch is probably "the young turks." now we got a fusion show on television monday nights at 8:00 and it's going to be fantastic. it's going to be super high energy. it's on college campuses. we're going to harvard, usc. across the country and it's going to be awesome. >> seth: and this is about sort of the upcoming election and how college students are interacting with it. were you politically active when you in college? >> i was actually, but back then i was a republican. [ light laughter ] >> seth: you're very progressive now and it's interesting because usually people become more conservative the older they get and you went the other way. >> it's a mistake, by the way. [ light laughter ] >> seth: how did this happen? what was the shift?
1:27 am
was a dork and i wore a little bow tie. >> seth: oh, that's a dead give away of a young republican. [ light laughter ] >> no, it's actually worse. i did not wear a bow tie, it wasn't that bad. but i did -- i literally held a pro-war rally. >> seth: a pro-war rally? >> yeah, yep. >> seth: that's as far right as you can go. >> yeah, pretty much. >> seth: for no reason? you just wanted one? >> we weren't having one and i was like come on. when are we going go to war? i'm a republican. let's invade something and then grenha it was during the persian gulf war and i saw all of these hippy liberals, oh no, lets not go to war. and i was like, no, lets bomb some things. >> seth: gotcha. >> and so i'm doing the rally and you know who shows up? fox. >> seth: fox must have been so excited to see you. >> yeah, now back then there's no fox news but it was local fox and they show up they're like, you're for war? they're like, we got to have you on and that was my first ever tv appearance. >> seth: wow, that's fantastic
1:28 am
first tv show that you had you took a learning annex class. >> yeah. >> seth: on what? what was the class? >> so i finished law school and a friend of mine said you should take this class on how to start your own tv show. >> so that was the actual title of the class? >> that was the title. right? and i'm like, that's mental. like, there's no way that's true. she's like, no it is, it is. go take it. and i sat there for 45 minutes. the teacher, it was almost like trump university. [ light laughter ] the teacher was like oh you go they have to give you their own tv show. >> seth: so legally he was claiming -- >> legally, yeah. so i was like there's no way that's true. i'm already jingoistic and i'm like i love america and i'm like but they can't give out tv shows. that's the craziest thing i've ever heard so then i get a law job in washington. i leave the first day early so i can take orientation at the local public access like she told me in the learning annex course. so i go down there and i'm like i would like my own tv show and
1:29 am
this is amazing. america is the greatest country ever. >> so how fast after did you have a working tv show? >> like a month. >> seth: wow. >> yeah, i mean "working." >> seth: but still, that's a good place to start. like a minor leagues for television. >> are you kidding me, seth? i went on there and i went with three of my friends. the first show was an hour long. half on politics and half on philosophy and everybody else was like eh, and i walked out thinking yes, nailed it. i'm like that's what i'm going >> seth: that's perfect. now, you were a vocal supporter of bernie sanders and you went out with him a bunch to rallies and stuff. did you get a chance to hang out with him behind the scenes at all? >> i did a little bit. i did. the first time after one of his rallies in l.a. we went to dinner together. and i got in the motorcade and it was super cool and we get to cut through all the la traffic which is like the greatest thing that ever happened to me. >> seth: also, it's so great in l.a.
1:30 am
you know people are thinking brad pitt and tom cruise and then it's bernie. [ laughter ] >> which, by the way they're slightly more excited about. >> seth: i bet, yeah. >> like i remember one time we were in berkeley, we went to dinner again and like the place was going crazy. it was like elvis was in the building they're like bernie! they're like ripping their hair out. so we're at a some what fancy italian restaurant in l.a. and it's the first dinner and i'm like i wonder what he's going to order. and i'm sitting right next to him and his wife is on the other side and he looks at the menu, going to go with the gnocchi? what are we going to do here? he turns to her and goes so they have spaghetti and meatballs? and she's like no honey, they don't have spaghetti and meatballs, they have lasagna. he's like i'll take the lasagna. [ laughter ] >> seth: a man of simple taste. >> yeah. >> seth: now i know we both made the observation that when bernie talks it looks like he is trying to get the waiters attention. >> oh, yeah, i love that. >> seth: i've said he's trying to signal for the check but i think i like yours more.
1:31 am
>> seth: because bernie would only ask for stuff that's gratis he doesn't want to order stuff that's going to cost more. he wants free lemon wedges. [ laughter ] >> and if anybody's paying for that it's the government [ applause ] >> seth: there you go. a lot was written. the narrative was to some degree that bernie helped pull hillary to the left. you are skeptical though as far as how progressive she would be if she finds her way to office. >> yeah, they're not going to like this. no, i don't believe it. i think it's just a ruse, like oh, yeah, progressives and independents. sure i'm against the tpp. obama can you go ahead and pass it right away? i'll have to see it. but i don't think she's a real progressive, no. >> seth: another thing you've talked about is how trump is running on being a business man. that is sort of his claim to fame and yet you've pointed out not great at it. >> no, he is horrible at it.
1:32 am
businessmen. so george w. bush couldn't make money in oil in texas, and trump couldn't make money running casinos. there's a saying, the house always wins. and he bankrupted himself running three casinos. like it's never been done before in american history. he is a record breakingly bad business man. so one time he's applying for a loan from deutsche bank and he's like oh i'm worth $3.5 billion. and yeah, this is a loan, you actually have to actually prove when they asked him why'd you write $3.5 billion when you weren't even close to a billionaire? i based it on psychology and my own feelings. [ laughter ] that's not a thing. that's not a thing. you can't like my own feelings on a bank loan. >> seth: for $3.5 billion. >> he's like, i feel like a billion bucks. [ laughter ] >> seth: i will say this, i can't wait for the three debates. the vp debate, do you think anyone will watch this? do you think it will be the
1:33 am
that the vp debate already happened. >> seth: yeah, that's a good point. [ laughter ] it just happened and we don't know. [ applause ] we'd have to find tape of it. 'cause i'd like to see how it went down. congratulations on the show and all of your success. and i'm looking forward to the fusion. >> thank you. thank you seth. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: cenk uygur everybody. "the young turks" on fusion premieres september 12th. we'll be right back. ??
1:34 am
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my thanks to molly shannon, chris kelly, cenk uygur everybody, fred armisen, nate morton, 8g band. stay tuned for carson daly. see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] ?? ?? ?? ??
1:37 am
?? ?? ?? >> carson: welcome to "last call," i'm your host


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