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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  September 9, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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alepo was. jeanie most puts her spin on it. what a first kickoff game to the nfl season. people staying up late last night to watch it. if you are with us and tired, we understand it. we are happy to have you with us. >> krystal: stunner, 21-20. it was a fun game. >> michelle: it was a good game. that's the way to start a facebook season. >> krystal: and maybe we'll have
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going to kick things off on the right foot? >> kim: wish it was football >> kelly: wish it was football weather. we have to get through this round of triple digits. today a whole lot of sunshine. 96 by noon and 100 at 4:00. that is our expected high. we're going to vegas coming up. >> krystal: we're following breaking news. first a deadly train crash in spain killing four people. 47 others injured this. happened in the past two hours. the train derailed about 280 miles northwest of madrid. >> michelle: we're following more breaking news out of north korea, claims to have successfully tested a nuclear
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monitors detected a big blast there. they measured the quake with a 5.3. state tv said the north was now capable of mounting nuclear war head on ballistic missiles. world leaders are condemning those test. >> krystal: walter johnson middle school closed again today as the e.p.a. continuing its investigation. parents of students a that room packed last night at jacobson elementary school where a meeting was taking place. they had police, e.p.a. officials there trying to answer a lot of these questions. boy it got a lot of heated. people started yelling and screaming at leaders for not giving them detailed information. officials ignored specific
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forth. the meeting changed to an open format. by that point parents were so outraged the people answering the questions had a tough time giving the information out. >> nobody from the school board spoke. you had a police officer speaking saying i can't answer that, what is the purpose of this meeting. if you can't answer the questions, why are you speaking? >> a lot of unanswered questions even this when the meeting was closing a representative from the e.p.a. said parents can bring student clothes in a garbage bag and they can retest them. parents still a little bit upset and concerned over possible health concerns associated with their kids and mercury. the superintendent announced thursday that the students will make up the time they are missing on election day which is
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killing another man for not holding a door open was high on meth when this happened. north las vegas police released a police report on potatoes perez escaped while being questioned. his girlfriend had to use the open for perez. words were exchanged and then shots were fired. robinson obviously the victim in this case. he later died. and perez was arrested and then he escaped custody and then he was arrested again four days later. >> krystal: 12 state lawmakers on the plan to reorganize the
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they finalized the plan. >> michelle: honoring a teacher who was killed when a plane slammed into the pentagon 15 years ago this sunday. barbara edwards. we talk when 9/11 comes around. she was a foreign language teacher at the school. she was killed when the plane crashed into the pentagon. the school is a permanent memorial to her. that memorial is by the soccer stadium. edwards included in the 9/11 memorial in new york. the son of the man who wants to be the next president of the
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deporting -- >> there is a possibility that your father down the line would seek to deport her. >> donald trump , jr. in las vegas yesterday talking with dana. there they are he saider in likely great people but the slaw the law. she told us this is nothing new and the u.s. economy will suffer if 11 million people are deported. >> people will always have feelings about people being here undocumented. they need to think about the contributions we're making. >> michelle: there is her
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reactions earlier. if you'd like to see this entire interview, you can go to for the whole thing. >> krystal: the presidential candidates are taking on two different audiences today. clinton is talking about terrorism, trump is courting the religious community at a summit in washington. tracy potts isre >> donald trump takes his message to the conservative value voter summit today. then ohio pushing school choice largely focused on clinton. >> she refused to take accountability for failed policies in the middle east that produced millions of refugees. >> trump getting pushback from
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vladimir putin. >> they said he was a little more than a celebrity and then entertainer who entered politics late in life. sound familiar? what would ronald regular gone say about a republican nominee who hacked america's generals and praises russian's preside >> we need a president who understands that none of us have all the answers and no one person can fix our problems alone. >> the rescue operation continues high above the border between france and italy this morning. a group of people out for
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night. people stranded high up in the air inside cable cars. what fishes think is to blame for this problem coming up. another warning on the samsung galaxy 7 phones. if you have one you have to listen up. a government agency does not want you talking on them too long because they can catch fire. also while they are charging, what you need to know and what
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his
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there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while he's taking the shirts right off our backs. >> more than 100 people were
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stalled. helicopters managed to rescue most of them but the efforts were suspended for the night. people had to stay overnight. they were provided blankets, food and water to help the people stuck up there. cables got tangled up. they tried to untangle the lines but they failed. >> krystal: a local football player now in the nfl the national anthem. we are seeing this with colin kaepernick. he was the one that got this started. brandon marshall doing it. he was the only one in the broncos lineup. we'll find out what colin kaepernick has to say about other football players who are taking up his cause. >> krystal: a candidate who
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making a big stumble. it's shock a lot of people and
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>> that is brandon he took a knee during the star spangled manner showing support for colin kaepernick.
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weekend but it's like summer is just barely hanging on. >> kelly: we could see another triple digit day later on but becoming less and less likely. here is a time lapse look outside. this is from yesterday. a lot of blue sky around the area. some haze out there. temperatures stepping out the door. warmer than it was earlier this week when we had morning lows in the 60's. mid and upper 70's across much of the valley. eldorado coming up in at 76. downtown 73. mountains edge 78. still a great morning to get out, go for a run, take the dog for a long walk. satellite radar picture, quiet
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high pressure in control through the weekend. another storm system will work its way in next week. forecast high today 100 even. winds 5-10. tonight 77 for the low with clear skies. our seven-day forecast 102 is the forecast high for saturday. that is bite of las vegas too. looking at triple digits on sunday. monday check out those temperatures. i've got 89 for the high on wednesday. >> krystal: that is something to be excited about. people are getting excited about this. the prospect of the oakland raiders coming here to las vegas. local leaders nearing a decision. this is the proposed stadium. they were meeting about that 65,000 seat stadium.
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out to make a decision on the $1.9 billion stadium you are seeing on your screen. it requires a big investment from the public of $750 million. that would come in the form of a room tax. >> i'd like to move forward. at the same time, i don't want the public on the hook for a billion dollars. >> i think we're getting close to bringing this to a close where we're going to agree on 95% of the >> the committee could put the stadium to a vote next week. developers need a decision by october for the raiders to make their relocation case to the nfl. >> michelle: wells fargo has been fined $185 million and 5200 wells fargo employees have been fired after what they discovered
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that $185 million, the total amount fine from california and federal regulators whether or not say the wells fargo employees were illegally opening up millions of accounts for customers who had not given authorization. the employees did this to meet aggressive sales goals and opened more than 2 million bank and credit card accounts combined. many of them the customers had no with overdraft fees. the employees will pay restitution. fur a wells fargo customer who was affected by this, you shouldn't have to do anything. wells fargo should reimburse you any money you lost. don't use your samsung galaxy note phone on planes.
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fire. the company said they were stopping sales on the phones and recalling 2.5 million of them. now the f.a.a. doesn't want passengers to turn on the phone or charge the note 7 phones while on board planes. they don't want people to stow them in any checked baggage. >> a newborn baby has been awarded a lifetime of free flights after flight. they were flying on a libyan airline. she went into labor. the flight's crew helped her deliver that healthy baby boy. the mother named him after the plane's captain. she was very grateful that everybody knew what to do and
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>> 7 lion cubs have made their first appearance in china. the cubs are not able to survive on their own, they got to stay close to momma. park staff gives them regular training and will place them back in one year. >> they are working on their roars. here is a look at what is coming up after this program on "the today show." >> coming up on a friday on clinton and trump's fight has become for the battleground states that will decide this election. nearly 20 years after her murder john benay ramsay's brother speaks out for the first time. hoda serves up a remarkable surprise and a live performance
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>> libertarian candidate gary johnson slipped up on a question about syria. he's far from the first to make a mistake like this. >> we dare to you try and look away even if you've seen it ten times already. >> what would you do if you were elected about aleppo. >> and what is >> you are kidding? >> no. >> 11 out of 14 people we asked on the street couldn't identify the syrian city as the epicenter of the refugee crisis. >> what is aleppo? >> i don't know. >> an animal?
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probably wouldn't know the different between aleppo and alpo. >> the capitol of isis. >> the isis capitol is not aleppo. the "new york times" made the same mistake and then printed a correction and then a correction they have goff sha questions. governor bush gave as quick as the goff sha. >> do you agree with the bush doctrine? >> in what respect. >> when cain was asked if he agreed with president obama on libya , the silence was
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>> what wasn't twirling it was third department he would eliminate. >> what's the third one. >> gary johnson first thought aleppo was an acronym, i blanked but trying to guess could be worse. >> a three word sentence meaning end of campaign. johnson what is aleppo. trebek sighing that is correct. >> krystal: what an election cycle it has been. a writer for a newspaper calls out a news anchor for her choice of clothing. ed the to do with the story the anchor was reporting on. we'll show you. it's caused quite a fire storm. what happened as a result of
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>> this news anchor was criticized for wearing skinny jeans while reported in the case
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the article said this woman from krare looked fine from the waist up but the jeans were jarring. she asked if she had worn different pants. the article and tweet caused a fire storm on social media. i saw her response on her facebook page calling her out for turning this tragic situation about a boy who went finally found after all that time into a discussion about pants instead of focusing on the brutal murder of a young boy. the newspaper apologized and pulled the article and wrote an apology. >> krystal: the u.s. open coming to a close this weekend. we'll talk with tracy austin is about who to watch.
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>> krystal: not happy. school is out again at walter johnson middle after that mercury was discovered. we showed you on this program yesterday how kids stayed in there for 17 hours finally reunited with parents.
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held last night. we're going to take you inside. plus -- >> there is a possibility that your father down the line would seek to deport her. >> it's a possibility, yeah. >> we sit down with donald trump , jr. and ask him tough questions about his father's immigration plan including immigrants here in las vegas who have been open about their family situation. we'll have that coming up. >> how several workers fargo bank opened millions of unauthorized bank accounts and how much the company must pay back. >> good morning everybody. we are happy to be with you this morning and what a beautiful start to our weekend as we take a look outside. >> we are happy to be here this


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