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tv   News 3 Live at Noon  NBC  September 9, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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>> michelle: metro tells us there is one victim transferred to um trauma. that person renounced dead after arrival. news 3's antonio castelan is joining us knee sierra vista and maryland parkway. >> reporter: police are in the middle of a homicide investigation. we are right here near maryland parkway and sierra vista. these are the sierra vista apartments. police say shortly after 11:00 a.m. this morning they received calls of shots fired and that's when they found this sidewalk. we aren't too far away from the boulevard mall that's over here in this direction. paramedic, they tried to rush the victim by hospital to get well. but that person wasn't able to make it. right over here the investigation continues. metro police have blocked off this area about a block here on sierra vista as you can see the wynn is our backdrop.
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any suspect or suspects. there's no description. so if anyone has any information into this active homicide investigation, you are asked to call crimestoppers at 702-385-5555. witnesses out here say that they heard two shots. again, we do not know if it was a man or woman that was hit but there's a active homicide investigation going on as we speak. reporting live, antonio castelan, news 3. >> michelle: we're also following other breaking news out of that's near fort worth, under lockdown right now as an armed person spotted on campus. there's no indication that was anyone armed on campus for sure. we can't confirm this but this is according to witnesses. according to the school's website, students as a precaution asked to shelter in place as police continue their investigation. of course this is a developing situation. we're going to monitor it and we'll bring you more details if
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stories. really, really busy on this friday. the big story most of us have been following the past few days the situation unfolding at walter johnson junior. canceled again today after mercury was found on campus wednesday. >> michelle: the epa and school district admitting they don't know when the chemical was brought to school. but they do know it did happen before it was actually discovered. and they're saying possibly a couple of days before they discovered it. news 3's kyndell nunley live in we all need to know, especially for those people who have students. what do they need to do if they find high levels of chemicals inside the home? or they think they could be there? >> kyndell: that is correct. yeah at least finding them, getting to that point is the biggest concern here. classes at walter johnson junior high are canceled. i can tell you 72 you dents and -- students and parents here expected to continue to arrive. the reason being is you can see the tent pushing in. this is where they want you to
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where epa officials are waiting for further inspections of the items your kid may have warn over the last few days. since this incident first broke we've heard from the inspectors and officials. also some of you concerned parents. but for now let's hear from those directly involved. that would be the kids. >> i have my shoes and the clothes i wore on friday and tuesday. >> kyndell: it wasn't a backpack over 13-year-old nathan's shoulder but a trash bag filled with everything he wore to school at johnson junior high over the last week. all my stuff was okay and that nothing was getting around in my house either. >> reporter: the new concerns are over the news that the clem cal has been on campus longer than wednesday. that's the day it was discovered. >> they're putting a wand in and making sure that everything's okay. >> reporter: that wand is part of a special machine used by the epa to defect levels of mercury. they're asking all parents at the school to do just as nathan. gathering anything your child has worn to school over at least the last week to be brought here for testing.
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vaporization off anything that's in the bag and we take our analyzer and we just put it into the bag and just take a measure. off those vapors. >> reporter: as clean up continues, clark county superintendent pat skorkowsky confirming they have a new goal. >> we're working closely with the environmental protection agency to ensure we're getting this building clean and ready to go for students to come back to school on monday. >> kyndell: n but as more and more developments come in, it is the unknown which has this eighth grader concerned. are you worried about your stuff? >> yeah. that it was going to get stuff on it. because it could, like, track through my house. >> kyndell: unfortunately the issues continue into today as well. there were students here to be dropped off and had no idea that classes were canceled again. i have an interview with a 7th grader coming up.
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to tell her school was canceled and she should probably come back with bags in hand to be inspected by the epa. those inspections will go on until 10:00 p.m. tonight. reporting live in front of walter johnson middle school, kyndell nunley, news 3. >> krystal: thank you for that update. weave all seen the -- we've all seen the dramatic escape on police in las vegas. now we're learning the back story behind this murder suspect's arrest. police say that this murder suspect escaped from nort was recaptured later and he was high on crystal meth when he committed a deadly crime spree. in a new police report police say alonzo perez robbed a woman at gunpoint at an atm on east lake mead. not far away at a mcdonald's perez allegedly killed mohammad robinson after an argument over who should have held a door open for a woman. sunday marks the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.
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a coordinated attack. terrorists flew two planes into those twin towers at the world trade center. they attacked the north tower at 8:46 the south at 9:03. after burning 56 minutes the south tower collapsed. a third plane struck the pentagon. that happened at 9:37 a fourth plane crashed in the field in shanksville, pennsylvania when passengers and the crew heroically nearly 3,000 people died that day. >> krystal: palo verde high school students and staff paid tribute to a teacher who worked at the school who was killed on flight 77 which crashed into the pentagon on 9/11. [ taps playing ] the high school's airforce rotj held its annual flag dedication remembrance ceremony in remembrance of the victim
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memorial to her. she was included in the 9/11 memorial in new york. the house has passed a bipartisan bill today allowing families of september 11th victims to sue saudi arabia. 15 of the 19 hijackers from from saudi arain wra. president obama is expected to veto the bill over concerns it would expose americans to legal risks overseas saying if the americans can take the saudis to court forei the same thing to americans. >> michelle: this brings us to our question of the day. do you feel safer than you did 15 years ago? let us know how you feel about this. we really would like to hear what you think as we, you know, make our way into this weekend as we look ahead at 15 years remembering that day which for any of us who remembers that day it's something that i think will be burned in our memories forever. it really was the day that changed the world.
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shut down itt technical institute. this affecting so many people. itt tech announced it's closing all of its campuses nationwide including locations right here in las vegas following a department of education investigation into recruiting and accounting practices. local itt officials say students who attended both campuses, the one in henderson and there's one in north las vegas, may be eligible for a refund. meanwhile csn has campuss to help those students effectively transfer and complete their degree program. and hopefully that goes off without a hitch. because can you imagine all of that work and for some of them they had already paid for classes. some were so close to graduation then they just closed the doors and there was no one there to answer questions. what do they do. >> krystal: hopefully they have resolution to that. okay. we're going to switch gears all together and talk about how you
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weekend when it comes to the weather. >> kelly: if you are planning outside activities you want to make sure you've got sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, too. especially if you are heading out to the bite of las vegas this weekend. here is a time-lapse look at what we've seen morning. it's nothing but blue skies. a little bit of haze out there as well. you can see those mountains a little hazy in the distance. temperatures, it's going to be warmer today. becker middle school coming in at 96 degrees. winds out of the south southeast at two miles per northwest, west northwest winds now five miles per hour. that just updated our reporting station there. we are expecting triple digit highs. right at the 100 degree mark. then temperatures start falling. as you head home from work around six and firing up that grill, 98 degrees. 92 by 9:00 this evening. temperatures falling into the 70s tonight. but we'll take a look at the highs we're expecting for saturday and sunday coming up. >> michelle: dozens of pregnant
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infected with the zika virus. that is not good news for them. >> krystal: it's not. the spike in cases reported by state health officials who are moving ahead with the controversial aerial spraying program in an effort to stop disease carrying mosquitos from spreading. nbc's tammy leitner has more on that. >> reporter: they completed the first round of aerial spraying with nail it here in miami beach this morning. it was scheduled to start yesterday but was delayed because of angry cases continues to increase. for months, florida officials have been aggressively spraying mosquitos on the ground. now for the first time in miami beach they're spraying from the sky. but some florida residents worry the chemical being used could be harmful to their health. cases of zika are exploding. florida healed officials now confirming 84 pregnant women in the state have contracted the virus. on thursday, scientists and doctors held a forum to share the latest information on
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transmission. pregnant women will be infected in our community. >> reporter: the meeting coming one day after a baby born to a zika infected mother was found to have microcephaly. a congenital defect causing severe brain development issues. back from summer recess congress failing to pass funding to fight the spread of zika. congressman jolly holding up a jar of mesquite on the house floor wednesday urging colleagues to get it done. >> now they carriers. but they could be. can you imagine, colleagues, the fear and anxiety in this chamber if these hundred mosquitos were out side this jar. >> reporter: another round of spraying scheduled for sunday morning. >> michelle: north korea confirming today it has conducted another nuclear test. >> krystal: we're going tell you how world leaders responding. >> michelle: plus, if it seems too good to be true -- you have
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what you need to know about a new scam popping up. >> krystal: and it's fit friday. the founder of fit for mom las vegas is here to show how moms can stay in shape even as little ones head back to school. that coming up at 12:30.. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing.
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that's my plan. it was doggie destiny was mr. bonenejangles expecting the perfect toy at an amazing price? of course not. he's a dog. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find,
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a train crash in spain has killed four people. we have found out since this morning that includes at least one american tourist. 48 other people were injured in this crash. the train was heading to marineo, located -- porrino lo the crash happened. emergency services dispatched doctors on helicopter to the scene to help with recovery efforts. so far that american tourist has not been identified. >> krystal: north korea made an announcement today on state run television confirming that it has conducted a nuclear warhead explosion test for the fifth time. japan says south korea's governor promptly the action. president obama says any actions by north korea would have serious consequences. the announcement comes hours
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a blast near the country's test night. european agencies measureed the quake magnitude of 5.3. a video showing flash flooding taking over court yard of a museum in arkansas. it happened yesterday from bensonville. the water pouring down the staircase. the same storm flooded streets causing several cars to stall. there were also several reports of downed trees from that storm. i thought we were look at that parking structure under unlv. that area under the linq there. >> kelly: that's what i was thinking yesterday. but not here. we are dry not just today but all weekend. and even into next week as well. let's start things out with a live look outside. this is a picture from red rock visitor's center. this is a time-lapse. so far this morning it has been
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looks like people out there doing some hiking. it is cooler up there but it is still going to be pretty warm this weekend. highs mid-90s at red rock. so make sure you've got plenty of water. try to hike earlier in the day. here is a look at the current temperatures in the las vegas valley. summerlin 94 degrees. downtown coming in at 97. henderson, 95. and nellis 94 degrees. temperatures are going to keep climbing this afternoon. we're expecting those triple digits in the las vegas valley. some locations going to make night the upper 90s this afternoon. triple-digits with us over the weekend. as high pressure remains in control. clear skies all across the southwest today and through the weekend. things are going to get changing though but that's not until sunday night. for today looking at a high of 100 degrees in las vegas. sunny, warmer. winds shifting northeast at about five to ten miles per hour. now as we get into the overnight hours tonight, we're talking clear skies, 77.
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in fact winds stay light most of the weekend. tomorrow if you are heading out for bite of las vegas want to make sure you got the sunscreen with you. 102, the expected high. 101 on sunday. nice pool day right? if your pool is still open? a lot of backyard pools are. here is a look at next week. that's where things start changing. sunday night that's when we'll see the winds start to kick up. they're going to monday through wednesday as we're looking at winds gusting to 30 miles per hour. monday 96. by wednesday we're talking highs possibly in the upper 80s and morning lows in the 60s. so a little bit of a taste of fall. >> michelle: i'm excited for fall. you know that. >> krystal: i know. [ laughter ] she is ready. >> michelle: a lot of people dream of hearing the door bell ring and finding somebody on the
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things saying you are a big old winner $10,000 for life. >> krystal: sign me up. maybe not for this. publisher clearinghouse story was no fantasy. it was a rip off. marie mortera explains. >> marie: one victim shares her close call and how you can shut down the crooks before they crack into your bank account. >> they were telling me i was a winner on publisher's clearing house. >> reporter: mary admitted she was elated when the voice on the phone said she won and a new mercedes. >> to receive the prize you have to pay the taxes which amounts to $499 and about five --. >> marie: time was of theenceence so they could deliver her prizes. so mary and her husband went to the ohio grocery store with a western union inside. >> i tell her i want to send it to this person. she looks at me and says i don't think you want to do this.
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>> marie: mary insisted. the $500 was sent. then she was told she would need to send $5,000 more to pay for the insurance on her car. >> i knew all along this is crazy. yet i could not control what i was doing. it was like they had a spell on me that i could not break. >> marie: mary sent cash via express mail. when she left she had a sinking feeling in her stomach. then called publisher's clearing house and learned this was a fraud. postmaster trying to track the package with the cash inside. as opposed to so many other sweepstakes victims mary got good news. >> he hands me my envelope. i have never cry sod hard in my life. he says, open it. and count it. my $5,000 $950 was in there. i was never so grateful for anything in my life because i could not believe at that point the fool i had made of myself.
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to the false sense of urgency scammers create. >> anybody that wants you to send it express is lying and it is an attempt to steal your money and do it in a way you are not going to be able to recover it. >> no legitimate lottery will ever ask for money to collect a prize. with this rip-off alert i'm marie mortera. >> michelle: good information to know. firefighters rescue a cat from a fire. the whole thing caught on camera. they do this more than people >> krystal: coming up a look at the incredible scene that played
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sand jobs. that's how many jobs nevada's created in clean energy. that's how many nevada jobs joe heck puts at risk... when he votes big oil's way. joe heck's taken hundreds of thousands in big oil money... and voted their way... protecting billions in tax breaks for oil companies. and threatening nevada's solar economy. twenty five thousand nevada jobs at risk. because joe heck's in big oil's pocket.
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over 20,000 nevadans rely on planned parenthood for access to basic health h services and critical cancer screenings. but congressman heck voted to defund planned parenthood and was willing to shut down the government over it. heck opposed roe v. wade and voted to criminalize abortion. congressman heck is what's wrong with washington.
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>> michelle: you know what? we sure do have some frisky curious bears. because we keep finding stories of bears in places they should not be. this one inside of in placer county. that's near lake tahoe on the california side. you can see from the video this guy has more interest in food of course than reporting crime. >> don't do it! no. better not. [ laughter ] better not. [ laughter ] >> krystal: he's like should i? should i? it looks like somebody's kid. >> michelle: someone's kid or dog got caught. busted.
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face. >> krystal: you see with the kids and with your dogs and cats. that's great. a cat named aislea has used one of his nine lives. we're talking about cleo the cat. >> michelle: cleo survived a house fire on monday and three dedicated first responders saved his life. he was trapped inside. i'm sorry cleo we apologize. cleo is a she. we said he. she was trapped. firefighters ran inside the finally found her in the basement. according to the post on the fire department's facebook page, cleo appeared lifeless as firefighters rushed to help her breathe. they used an oxygen mask. i just wanted to give you a minute to listen in. there she goes. she is okay. it took about 30 minutes but they saved her life. i love that story. they saved her life. i love that story. we'll be right back every
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i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
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>> michelle: right now on "news 3 live at 12:30," final vote. lawmakers meeting today discussing a possible restructuring. we're talking about the clark county school district and its budget. we're live from that meeting with how much of an impact this could have on your schools. >> krystal: and it's fit
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pirrolta here with fit for moms showing how busy moms can stay in shape. while you are with child or even after you have your babies. it's about you moms. making you feel good. take time your yourself. >> michelle: and forever home friday. the animal foundation here with an adorable pup but that we hope somebody watching will adopt. we're going to meet that puppy coming up later on. . >> annouer thank you for joining us. nevada lawmakers on the brink of voting on a major shake up of the country's fifth largest school district. that, of course, would be ours the clark county school district. >> krystal: we're taking a live look at the meeting underway. the final vote to reorganize the clark county school district is underway at the grant sawyer building near downtown las vegas. again, you are taking a live inside that meeting at the grant sawyer building.


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