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tv   News 3 Live at Twelve- Thirty  NBC  September 9, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm PDT

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pirrolta here with fit for moms showing how busy moms can stay in shape. while you are with child or even after you have your babies. it's about you moms. making you feel good. take time your yourself. >> michelle: and forever home friday. the animal foundation here with an adorable pup but that we hope somebody watching will adopt. we're going to meet that puppy coming up later on. . >> annouer thank you for joining us. nevada lawmakers on the brink of voting on a major shake up of the country's fifth largest school district. that, of course, would be ours the clark county school district. >> krystal: we're taking a live look at the meeting underway. the final vote to reorganize the clark county school district is underway at the grant sawyer building near downtown las vegas. again, you are taking a live inside that meeting at the grant sawyer building.
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reorganization plan that would shift the balance of power from centralized office giving more power to roughly 300 schools within the school district. if you have school principals and volunteer boards who will be given 80 percent control of the money going to schools. some have been critical of the reorganization. specifically a fear that money would be distributed unequally to different schools. >> so children in high poverty. children who are english ua children with special needs will receive a higher weight attached to that pupil. that money will go to the school for the first time. won't be central administration determining how much money that school gets. >> krystal: if lawmaker as i prove the reorganization, clark county school district would get to work immediately with the changes going into affect the next school year. >> michelle: today the superintendent of the clark county school district took questions about the mercury spill. really that is still a big issue
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school. >> krystal: we learned that the chemical levels are getting under control. they've been able to search the entire school building so they know where the more concentrated areas are. classes expected to get back in session monday. but that is not the case today as school was out so they continued their testing and investigation. let's go to news 3's kyndell nunley for more on what's happening right now. they're inside. they're doing their work. hopefully getting things together for monday. >> kyndell: right. that is the goal here now classes might be canceled. as i move out of the way on a rolling basis students and their parents continue to walk up to this tent right here that you see live on our air. that is because this is where officials with the epa are hoping to meet with those parents and students who go here. the mercury is believed to have been on campus much longer than the day it was discovered. this unfortunately means that every day your child walked on to this campus they've run the risk of not only coming across
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the clothes they've worn since at least late last week into a trash bag to be brought on to campus where the epa will do a 40 second scan for the chemical. if there's nothing to be concerned about then you will get those items back. the concerns unfortunately do not stop there. some families didn't even know that school was canceled for the day. i spoke to one 7th grader who we not only had to tell she wouldn't be attending classes today but that she should probablom school but this time with clothes and shoes she's been wearing since last week. >> it's in a drawer and there's a lot of other clothes in the drawer. they might all be con tom natd. >> we have parts of the building completely clear and able to be used. >> kyndell: the epa will be here until tonight at 10:00 p.m. for those inspections. if there is a need they will also be here saturday and sunday as well. moms and dads, i know a lot of
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for a list of all the symptoms we've got them on our website when it comes to mercury exposure. that is reporting live in front of walter johnson middle school, kyndell, news 3. >> krystal: thank you for that. teens may think twice about choosing a sugary beverage if it has a health warning label. well they may. we'll see. researchers at the university of pennsylvania surveyed 2,000 12-18-year-olds. when there were no three quarters chose the sugary warning. when they saw warnings about obesity and die booets and teeth decay, they were eight to 16 percent less likely to choose those drinks. 62 said they were support a warning label for sugary drinks. as kiddos head back to school and they get their activities back, i should say, and get moving, psychologists at the university of alabama in birmingham have advice on how to
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and yourself. sometimes that can be really hard to do. they suggest parents limit children to one or two sports at a time and set priorities for school work and getting good grades. they say it is a reminder that your child and -- and remind your child that family is important also. make it a goal to spend time together at least once night a week. parents need to take time for yourself in and your own hobbies and not get burnt out trying to accommodate your children's schedule. that is a peg fekt our next interview, fit for moms. this is about you. >> michelle: jessica peralta who is the owners of fit for moms as shaking your head as you were talking about shaking time for yourself as a mom. making sure you do the things that you like. one part that caught my attention is spending time with the family. what you have created here for moms in our community does both of those things. it gives moms a way to workout but those moms like myself who need to take my son with me have
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tell us about fit for moms. >> we're the nation's premier pre and post natal. our focus toss getting moms to feel they best they can and not having to sacrifice time from their families. so we provide lots of fun exercises. we involve the children throughout the workouts with play, social activities, parachute, bubble, story time. all while moms get are important. once you have a baby whether it is your first or i can only imagine it gets harder after that. your first or in your case your fourth is coming soon in five weeks, it's really hard to find time to do it on your own. and it's hard to do it at home especially when they're toddler age because they're hanging off you. this gives you an opportunity to meet up with other moms and get outside and actually do something. you are going to show us a couple of things. keep in mind, she is almost ten months pregnant.
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[ laughter ] having a little boy. she has three girls. finally getting a boy. but you are still teaching classes. >> i am. >> michelle: i think there's misconception when you are pregnant people think you can't workout. >> we're out there to stress to the community that there's no better time to commit to you and your baby's health than when you are pregnant. we do offer prenatal classes. although we have lots of moms who are also expecting and doing the stroller strides program where you bring your older il american ob industry tigss and gynecologists. >> michelle: why don't you show us something. this is going to make you feel bad at home if you are sitting on the couch. she is ten months pregnant. show us an idea. >> we love involving the stroller and want to make sure our kids are having just as much fun. facing toward towards your
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coming down into a lunge we're involving the glutes and the core. you can alternate sides. we take it a step further to keep the kiddos happy by getting tickles in there. we incorporate a lot of songs into our classes so they're engaged the entire time. there's different modifications to do to take it up a notch or take it down a notch. our belief is making sure that everyone mom feels successful and accomplished. so we'll offer different levels an out with other moms who are in the same situation as you. so they have the kids and they have, you know, whether they're expecting. we have to wrap up but i just want to give people the information. you guys have a website. >> we do. las vegas fit for >> michelle: if you don't have a pen we're going to lend all this up to jessica thank you. the next time we see you, you will officially be a mom of a boy. >> yes. >> michelle: boys love their
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what an inspiration. if you are interested contact her again. go to our website. >> krystal: she is awesome. and she looks great. oh my gosh! moms she is your inspiration. you can do it too. there's controversy swirling over mattress store's ad that makes fun of 9/11. and the owners are responding. hear how people are weighing in on this. what you all have to say about it. plus today is a forever home with an adorable dog you can adopt today. take them home or take i guess boy or girl home and make them part of your family. let's send it over to kelly curran. >> kelly: or boy and girl. or some kitties too. there's all kinds of stuff. and atures, especially up in the mountains, great for hiking this weekend. maybe you do want a fur baby to do some hiking.
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danny tarkanian's carrying a lot of baggage. for failing to pay thousands in property taxes. tarkanian was ordered by a judge to repay $17 million in a failed development scheme. tarkanian refused to pay the money back, forcing taxpayers to bail him out, leaving us holding the bag. danny tarkanian's out for himself, not us.
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it is 12:43 on this friday. we're almost to the weekend. here's a place you might want to be this weekend. beautiful blue skies at lake mead. the water is nice and calm. i saw a ton of fish jumping this morning out there as well. here is a look at those temperatures. lake mead right now out there at 90 degrees. mesquite 98. 93 at lake mead. laughlin 102. pahr y the las vegas valley, paradise 94. mountain's edge 93. aliante coming in at 93. temperatures will continue to climb a few more degrees. we're expecting to top out at the century mark later today. high pressure in control. tons of sunshine. quiet conditions across the southwest. that's the way it's going stay through the weekend but we do have another system on the way for early next week. that's going to bring pretty big changes to our area.
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pahrump 100. mount charleston 76. conditions are going to be pretty similar for rest of the weekend as well with winds picking up sunday afternoon. boulder city today looking for a high of 99. overnight tonight mesquite going down to low 73. sandy valley 72. this is where we're going to bottom out early tomorrow morning. our 7-day forecast? 102 for the bite of las vegas. tomorrow lots of sunshine. don't forget the sunglasses, the hats. 101 week. the next system comes in and it's going to bring us a little of the taste of fall. we're talking morning lows in the 60s. highs in the 80s potentially on wednesday. that's something we're going to be watching here pretty closely. i think a lot of people looking forward to that. >> michelle: thank you for that. time for trending today. starting with this. a las vegas pro football star in the spotlight. let me see -- after getting down on a knee during the national anthem.
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cimarron grad brandon marshall took a knee showing support for her former college teammate 49ers quarterback collin kaepernick. >> krystal: that was during the denver broncos-carolina panthers game. by the way, broncos beat the carolina panthers. i should not not north carolina, the carolina panthers excuse me anyone on a plane with a samsung galaxy note seven phone. this is serious. the federal aviation administration saying passengers should not turn on or charge their devices due to concerns over batteries catching fire. >> michelle: there's a guy whose jeep caught on fire because he left it in his car to charge. and the whole jeep went up in flames. they don't want people doing this on planes obviously. last week samsung recalled all
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some exploded while charging. a picture shared thousands of times on twitter this week gaining traction on social media. >> krystal: it was snapped at a panama city wal mart. it's drawing praise and criticism over the use of symbols of 9/11 in advertising. so these are cases of coca-cola products assembled to a tribute the 15th anniversary tribute of spleven under a banner that reads we'll never forget. some reacted in a exploits the loss of lives on that day. wal mart issuing a statement which reads in part, quote... we hold the moment in our country's history in the highest regard and nothing disrespectful intended. coca-cola public's affairs office saying this display was meant to honor local firefighters and support the organization's upcoming event. we apologize if anyone was offended or misunderstood its
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then also i want you to take a good look at this next story and sound off on our social media. this story out of san antonio, it probably will get your blood boiling a little bit. the owner of a san antonio mattress company apologizing saying it was stupid what they did after a 9/11 twin towers sale commercial sparked controversy on social media. here is a look at that commercial. >> what better way to remember 9/11 than with a twin tower sale. get any size mattress for a full mattress twin price. queen mattress twin price. king mattress twin price. ahhh! oh my gosh! [ laughter ] we'll never forget. >> michelle: so that woman there sharice, she says she is now receiving death threats. >> we are not hate. we are love.
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we're miracle mattress. we make miracles happen. and for our lives to be in danger, that's not what we ever wanted. >> sharice says she didn't realize this 20 second ad would cause the controversy it has. >> it was stupid. um, it was a stupid idea that we sent out. we apologize for our stupidity. and we really hope you forgive us for what we've >> reporter: she says they filmed the ad earlier this week wanting to get the word out they would be having a twin tower sale for the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attack this weekend. but to many on social media the concept was immediately taken as offensive. >> you don't see people making fun of things that happen at pearl harbor when, you know, the japanese attacked us. you don't see people making fun of any other war. why is a terrorist attack on such monumental buildings okay?
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the most tasteless thing i've heard. >> you see the piles of mattresses. she says they planned to have two towers of mattresses depicting the once standing towers in new york city. >> it's offensive to everybody. should be offensive to americans. as an american making the video and especially living in san antonio i don't know how you could perceive that as not being offensive as funny or creative marketing. that's not what it is. >> we'll n mattress says they will donate 30 percent of their sales this weekend to the 9/11 foundation. >> michelle: all right. so again we want to know what you think about those two things. first the display in wal mart out of the coca-cola boxes. then that commercial. let us know did you find them offensive? you can reach out to us on facebook. here are our facebook links. then here are our twitter handles.
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let's lighten things up. it is friday. first we got fit and now we're talking puppies. you can't go wrong with puppies on a friday. >> krystal: it makes you smile especially with a name like this puppy has. it's cocoona. and it's holly from the animal foundation. she has a great personalities and lots of energy. >> lots of energy. she is -- she knows you are talking about her. she is very outgoing. sgheets along with other dogs. sh we think there's a little jack russ until there too. >> definitely see it. how precious. let's talk about, you know, kind of what's going on at she the shelter in terms of where you are. at capacity. >> we do have specials going on. it's the adopt an mvp month. so all of september we have $25 adoption fees for chihuahuas six months and older and waived fees
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>> a little bit of everything. >> we do. we definitely have a lot of animals. we're not completely full. but always neat adopters. >> michelle: that's always a good incentive to get people down there. >> krystal: and one thing that i've been hearing actually a couple of my colleagues are doing. they're fostering. let's a talk about that. a lot of people when they go down there think i have to adopt but maybe they're not ready to make that step. what are the options. >> fostering is a animals who just need a little more tlc. maybe they're sick or young or injured. they need a foster home. we have several animals available for foster from kittens to we have a pit bull named marmalade who had a couple of injuries and she needs a foster home. so definitely foster if you can. >> krystal: you cap foster any type of animal. >> yes.
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fosterless and see animals who need a home. >> michelle: i just noticed this and that's only because i got a little -- i don't want to say a lecture but i got a lesson on good dental hygiene for dogs. her teeth are in really great shape. i wonder if she was taken care of at some point. you don't know because she is stray. >> we don't know but it's definitely a possibility. if you are looking for a pet for your pet that definitely come see us at the animal foundation. [ laughter ] >> michelle: thank you so much. cocoona we hope you get adopted. if you are interested you better get down there quick. thank you so much. stay with us. we're back after this. >> tom: thanks to everyone who took part in tom's trivia challenge. the answer to the question in what year did las vegas become part of the state of las vegas
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one entry randomly chosen from all correct answers wins a room at casablanca for one night and one spa or golf. go to the news 3 lv twitter page at end of the show for the name
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>> krystal: we brought you this information earlier in the newscast. nevada lawmakers have just approved this coming in to the newsroom just moments ago -- a major shake-up of the country's fifth largest school district. so, basically, what's happening in a nutshell, this is a reorganization plan that is shifting the balance of power from central office and giving more power to the roughly 300 schools within the school district. >> michelle: a school
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than 80 percent of the money that goes into their school. some have been critical of this the reorganization specifically in fear that money would be distributed unequally to different schools. clark county school district will get to work immediately with the changes going into affect next school year. this is a big vote. we had teams down there waiting. and we just got word moments ago this is the choice they went ahead and approved the plan and this is going to affect everybody. anyone with of the twitter feeds to get an idea what played out as the decision making progress was going on. obviously parents will have a lot to say about this. we'd love to hear from you. weigh in and let us know what you think. it affects your kids. >> michelle: have a great weekend everybody! happy friday.
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>> rafe: hey. >> gabi: hey, thanks for meeting me. i really needed a dose of big brother. >> rafe: oh, no. what's wrong? >> gabi: it's just mami. she left. she left town. rafe... >> rafe: what? >> gabi: i don't know. [crying] [somber music] ? ? [phones ringing] >> hope: steve, are you sure there isn't anything i can do? okay. will you tell her we all love her and i'll be there first thing tomorrow morning? take care of yourself. your aunt kay is out of surgery and stable. >> jj: i could use some good news. >> hope: yeah. >> shawn: a brain bleed like that it's-- >> hope: it could've been fatal.


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