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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  September 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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days before parents were told about it. it's our top story tonight. kelsey thomas outside of walter johnson junior with a look at the investigation into a hazmat scare. >> reporter: well, reed, this is the cleanup that will continue throughout the weekend just to show you how much of a concern this is, they will not let me on campus. only people over there the epa and by that tent, if you can see that, that's where parents and kids are dropping off backpck wearing all week long. from outside, walter johnson junior looks like a ghost town. but inside it's a laboratory. parents like jeff lewis and his son casey bringing bags. >> had pants and had them screened. no mercury levels. the -- there was nothing there. >> reporter: how does that make you feel as a parent? >> we were pleased. >> reporter: it was just the
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that caused the hazmat scare. the clark county school, pat skorkowsky, talking about how they handled the ordeal. >> what's been the most disappointing? >> i think the unknowns for us because we don't have the information so it's not like we're trying to keep anything from parents. we can't communicate what we don't know. >> reporter: ccsd still investigating where the mercury came from and when. >> it looked like something, >> reporter: friday under the bleachers 6th grader bryan orellana found this same substance and told the teacher. >> we tried bringing it to him to see what it was and he was like throw it in the trash. >> reporter: the ac is off and the heater is on because mercury vaporizes with heat. >> we can do measurements to see if and how much there may be in each of the rooms. >> reporter: the district's top priority getting the clear
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>> i kind of want to come back to school right now already. >> reporter: they are doing everything they can to make sure the doors are open on monday. also happening on monday, all of the agencys that were involved with this ordeal, ccsd, the fire department, the epa, they will be meeting to discuss what worked and what did not work. kelsey thomas, news 3. >> thank you. so what does it take to clean up a contamination like? we'll hearro health district. he's been called to more than 100 mercury spills in his career. he also tell us what damage mercury can do if it's inhaled and we have complete coverage parents need to know at a monumental shakeup. the nation's 5th largest school district will be reorganized. this move puts more power in the hands of school principals and parents. nathan o'neal is live at rancho
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changes. >> reporter: yeah, around this time next year, rancho high school along with efother other -- every other high school will get more power for decision making. instead of looking to the district about how they spend their money, parents and principals making those decisions. after months of grappling, lawmakers shifting the balance school district. >> this is a huge undertaking. we're turning ult district upside down and creating brand-new school districts. >> reporter: it's a new approach that will require more community involvement than we've ever seen. >> i think people realize we really care about our education and we're working our butts to make it better. >> reporter: school principals and volunteer boards will be
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money flowing into the school. >> it will allocate more money for children in poverty, children who are english learner and those with special needs. >> you will be able to ask your breaking news pals. that's where it stops. >> reporter: lawmakers say this shakeup sends a clear message to the rest of the country about nevada and how important education is to this state. we're 49th. how much worse can we get? we have to make dramatic change to improve because no one finds it acceptable that we're at the bottom especially in southern nevada. we will not tolerate it any longer and we are going to improve. >> reporter: the school district will spend the next year training principals and staff. all of those changes are expected to be in place by next school year.
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the college of southern nevada wants to help students from the now closed itt tech institute. they announced they will close all of their campuses nationwide, including those las vegas locations. this follows the department of education investigation into recruiting and accounting practices. local itt officials say students who attended their campuses in henderson and north las vegas may be eligible for a refund. meanwhile, csn has assigned an individual to help students degree programs on each campus. behind bars, the woman accused of running over her boyfriend and leaving scene claims she's innocent. police say lahtijera howard was behind the wheel of a deadly hit-and-run. news 3's antonio castelan is outside of the clark county detention center and did howard have anything to say about this. >> reporter: reed, she didn't say much other than she's not guilty and loves her child. the murder victim's family says
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their loved one. the family says it seems history has repeated itself. >> he was a very kind person, outgoing. >> reporter: it's the memories darryl white's coworkers will always hold onto. he worked in henderson. jenkins always talked about his girlfriend, lahtijera howard. >> she was ungrateful and always demandingff couple. >> reporter: on wednesday, metro police found white's body outside of this apartment complex near pecos. the next day, police arrested lahtijera howard. they believe howard was behind the wheel. >> i'm not surprised but i'm really hurt. i didn't know it would go this far. what is the world coming to? >> reporter: white's family members in los angeles say white
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they say he was just about to break up with howard. we spoke to one relative. >> how can somebody be so cruel? if you don't like somebody, leave them. you don't have to kill anybody. all he wanted to do was make her happy. >> reporter: now the child is without parents. the owner of khee burger-chee burger. >> talked to him on sunday and he was talking about how he wants to raise his facing a murder charge. she will appear in court on monday. marie? >> all right, antonio castelan. thank you. a protest in front of the bellagio in response to a federal judge's denial to stop work on the dakota access pipeline. the protest led by members of the standing rock sioux tribe. they challenged the project saying it violates federal laws including the national historic
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water sources in water water. they challenged the decision. this sunday marks 15 years since our nation came under attack by terror. >> coming up, a look at the ceremony to remember local teacher barbara edwards killed at the crash at the pentagon. i will tell you about $6 million indevelopment -- investment. and the process of cleaning up mercury contaminations.
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well, it's an yarr that you you -- it's an area that's been neglected. >> now a local developer is about to put his stamp on maryland parkway. denise rosch explains this is much more than a face-lift. >> you know, it's kind of like a downhome neirh planting roots. four years ago, moving into the historic neighborhood, attracted by a certain feeling of community. now his area is about to see some major improvements. >> i applaud his effort. >> reporter: the center, part of an aggressive renovation project by developer jay dapper. >> a lot of people have spent a tremendous amount of time renovating and doing neat things
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forgotten. >> reporter: on the list, a new restaurant at the side of the old mahoney's drum shop, an interior design company, empty places getting new life. >> this was the front entrance for the familiarcy -- pharmacy. >> reporter: dapper has invested $6 million buying up key properties. >> you know, we're trying to embrace the old retro feel. >> evut that looks old. his plan, not just a simple face-lift on this shopping center. but carefully restoring her past glory. >> i've had many people say, was that sign there before? they just weren't sure and it's -- that's exactly what we wanted. >> reporter: you can't talk about this intersection without mentioning the theater, still sitting idle despite numerous attempts of renovation.
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>> the owner of the building, i think he definitely wants to sell, the question is it for the right price. >> reporter: and marcus looks forward to the finished project. >> he's doing a big effort to clean that up over there. >> reporter: dapper says it's just the beginning. his plans for sweeping improvements an widespread he hopes catches on. >> hopefully this will encourage other people to do amazing things. >> reporter: a promise of something more than status quo for a neighborhood ready for change. denise rosch, news 3. this sunday marks the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks. >> and here in las vegas, palo verde students and faculty paid tribute to barbara edwards killed in the attacks. edward was a foreign language teacher on the flight that
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memorial to her. a group of 15-year-old dancers at a studio dance in henderson are performing a special routine to honor the victims that tragedy. >> this so one dancer can keep her dad alive. allison lee lost her father two days before she was born. he was on one of the planes that crashed into the world trade center. their remember dance was to defifth parts of what happened that horrible day. her dad's memory. >> i want everything to see a positive side and we see a positive side to everything that happened to us and we want everyone else to feel that way. >> wow. the dancers performed this in january for the first time this year. all right. let's turn to weather now. it's friday. congratulations. we made it, all.
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here we are on a friday after what what -- what was a three-day weekend. shouldn't-- shouldn't we have another one? >> yeah. [laughter] >> we have gorgeous stuff coming our way. great start to your friday, that's for sure. the sun came up. the lack of wind has created a few more pollution issues. that's gonna change on sunday once the air picks up. air was in the moderate good category this afternoon. outside of the valley, the lake ready for visitors, nice calm water, blue sky, warm temperatures. red rock, same story. you can see some of the traffic out of the red rock loop. what you can't see, clouds. ann road, 101. 12%. southern highlands, 95.
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humidity. a couple of neighborhoods coming in at that triple digit mark. but not -- but not many. 104 on the east side of the valley. several 102s through the heart of town. mountain is down to 68 degrees while boulder city is coming in at 98. overton today, 106. death valley hit 111. mccarran's mercury topped out at 100. another above-normal day. we'vee far this month. but we'll have a couple of those above-normal days over the weekend. start in the 70s on saturday. mid-90s at lunchtime. lower 100s in the afternoon. and for the sixth day in a row, no wind. it should stay below ten miles an hour. that will not be the case on sunday. that helps to clear out the air. closest cloud, southeastern arizona. you can thank high pressure for that. but a little ripple will form
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that will kick up the wind and bring down those temperatures that won't be as warm next week. boulder city tomorrow at 100. laughlin heading to 107. indian springs will max out at 97. for the las vegas, clear. the rebound in the afternoon, 102 degrees. again, plenty of warmth. not much wind tomorrow. same story out at the lake, which will be pleasing for lakegoers. water temperatures still at 83. mount charleston's air temperature, 76 after that school morning low of 43 and here is a look ahead. another 102 on sunday. but sunday afternoon the winds pick up. those will be the winds of change as we get to next week we're talking 96, 91, 89. more breezy afternoons. overnight lows in the 60s. there will be an increase and maybe another run at 100 by late next week or weekend. it's still september.
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my great friends. i got to begin with the kids out at gray elementary. we sent them packing and then brought in the third, fourth and fifth graders. had a wonderful time talking about literacy and how important it is reading. then we went across town and hung out with my friends at the therapeutic recreation department in henderson. had a wonderful time doing some reading. want to thank both schools and groups for having me out today. making sure [laughter] >> thank you for sharing. love seeing those smiles. >> thank you. there's already a person celebrating the weekend. she's there with a few of our friends at our barbecue. >> chloe beardsley at our backyard tailgate winner near bermuda and cactus. >> reporter: we're off to a great start. a lot of people hanging out in the pool. that's where the kids are.
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we had food and then this happened. we ate it all. i can't bring anything back to the studio. you can see this place certainly filled with a lot of people. they've got the barbecue sign even though we're doing backyard tailgate and i promised you i would introduce to you criss angel. and her husband [laughter] >> reporter: tell me about the ins and outs of your backyard. >> we love the black bottom hotel. the water features are nice. >> we have a table where we entertain. people can sit around the table, have drinks. >> reporter: and i can tell, you have a lot of people here during the summertimes. what do you think is the max
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here? >> probably, what? >> 30, 40? >> reporter: and you have these coomb custom chairs. tell me who are these people. let's introduce them to live television? and where did you get the chairs from. these are awesome. >> this is eileen and phil. >> they are friends of ours. and we got the chairs on amazon. >> reporter: oh. so you can just about buy anything awesome on the internet us enjoying some time -- >> with the really large kid in the middle. there he is. say, hi, jason. >> reporter: kids of all ages enjoying time in the pool. this is just the beginning of this party. we have another surprise for you that's going to take the cake. we'll show you what that is -- coming up in just a half an hour. stay tuned. >> all right. another magic c-r-i-s-s angel in the valley.
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>> the man inside this dangling car managed to get out before it was too late. we'll tell you what happened coming up. and then hillary clinton cocoming
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welcome back. hillary clinton will be making her way back to las vegas soon. her campaign says she'll be here wednesday to talk about her vision for america. specific details about her visit or if it's open to the public have yet to be released. as soon as they are, we'll let you know and have it at our mission is to connect the presidential candidates to our viewers, to, you, to petter inform and empower.
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participate. tell us. what do you want to know? what issues are relevant to you? what would you ask donald trump and hillary clinton? share your thoughts by e-mailing us. we want to give you a voice in this important race for the white house. imagine this, you are stuck in a cable car, 12,000 feet up. >> it happened to hundreds of people and it gets worse, they were all stuck at night. finally rescued. plus -- as the epa and ccds officials continue to clean up mercury at a middle school we'll hear from one expert about the dangers of mercury and how to clean up that kind of dangers of mercury and how to clean up that kind of co i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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s either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america.
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mercury exposure at a local junior high school prompted a massive cleanup and decontamination return their backpacks and other items to be checked out for traces of mercury. it's been a mess in the valley. new at 6:30, a man with years of experience handling the liquid metal is talking to sergio avila about this. >> reporter: we spoke to an expert who showed us this bottle. look at how much it weighs, about 1 pound. he says even the smallest drop can be dangerous. >> it's an extremely dangerous material. >> reporter: for ten years, lyle


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