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tv   News 3 Live at Six- Thirty  NBC  September 9, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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mercury exposure at a local junior high school prompted a massive cleanup and decontamination return their backpacks and other items to be checked out for traces of mercury. it's been a mess in the valley. new at 6:30, a man with years of experience handling the liquid metal is talking to sergio avila about this. >> reporter: we spoke to an expert who showed us this bottle. look at how much it weighs, about 1 pound. he says even the smallest drop can be dangerous. >> it's an extremely dangerous material. >> reporter: for ten years, lyle
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colorado. he responded to more than 100 calls dealing with mercury spills. >> the first thing you want to do is isolate the area. if possible, kill all power to that area so that it doesn't get into the h-vac system. >> he shared with us photos from his work years ago to demonstrate the potency of the material. he also showed us necklaces once shown tiny amount. >> that much could contaminate an entire classroom. >> reporter: once that happens, the cleanup is extensive. >> we -- the carpet had to be removed, the desks were contaminated. >> reporter: the liquid metal is most dangerous if inhaled. >> water will evaporate and be dry. mercury will evaporate and be there for days, weeks, years.
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decontamination effort -- efforts at walter johnson junior are sake taking so long. the process of cleaning mercury is meticulous. poisoning can result to damage to the brain, kidneys and lungs. he said it's harder to find but the chemical element is more common in thermometers and thermostats. the safest place for it to be >> thank you. this woman was the voice for hope while hundreds of parents while they waited for their kids to be released. you can check this out yourself at a moment of silence today at the pentagon to remember those killed in the september 11 attacks. deputy secretary of defense and vice president of the joint
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184 people were killed at the pentagon alone, when one of the hijacked planes crashed into the building. a total of 2,977 people were killed in new york city, washington, d.c., and outside of shanksville on that day, 15 years ago this sunday. >> remembrances are taking place all over the nation. there will be many more. in the nation's capitol members gathered to honor al qaeda leader, osama bin laden. on "full measure" this sunday, there was a poll and a million of americans don't feel safer despite the billions spent on the war.
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charge have real concerns. >> as chairman of the homeland security committee, what keeps you up at night? >> our borders are not concerned. if you are concerned about isis coming in, be concerned about refugees and the visa waiver but be really concerned about our poor southern border. >> we'll have a look at the human toll and to our way of life in the season debut of "full measure" at a.m. more than 100 chipotle customers who became sick have settled with the chain. chipotle shut down restaurants after 50 people contracted e-cole lie followed by a norovirus in boston. the spokesperson said the company wanted to their -- right their customers who suffer as a result of the outbreak. the amount of the settlement has
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this is not how you want your week to end, dangling inside a car that's dangling from a parking garage. the man inside is okay. firefighters say he somehow drove to the barriers and his car went over the edge, but instead of falling, he got caught behind tension wires and hung there. >> he managed to get out without any injuries. well, disturbing photos are released from an ohio displeasant to raise awareness about the growing drug overdose id at. coming up -- we'll tell you what happened to those inside the vehicle, including the child in the back. plus -- it's friday night
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a true look at the drug epidemic being played out in headlines in the nation. >> photos released by rural ohio by the police department there, show a disturbing problem. we warn you. these are difficult to look at. sadly, the 4-year-old son in the back seat as this played out. a police officer found this
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seat. he was following them as the man was driving erratically. the officer said their car skidded to a stop by a school bus dropping children off. >> minutes, you know, could have meant the difference between, you know, how it played out to what could have happened. somebody could have been killed seriously injured. >> both were revived with an anti-overdose drug. the child is being taken care of by a neighbor. the man is show the effects that drugs have every day in our nation on innocent children. a few dozen tourists in france, including some in measure ginn, rescued after being stranded in a cable car over the alps. this was a tricky rescue. more than 100 people, including a child in those cable cars above the slopes at an elevation of some 12,000 feet, it's also
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played out. the passengers were taken out and the cables jammed yesterday. it's time to take a look at what's coming up at 7:00. >> a man is in royal trouble for collecting welfare for the next two years. how many police say he had in the bank because he was living off the government. and is nothing sacred? a temple full of buddhist monks shaken. those stories and breaking news as it 7:00. all right. let's talk about your friday evening. not a bad week. >> no. not exactly what we ordered, kevin. >> are you talking weather-wise or news-wise? >> the weather. [laughter] >> come on, weather authority. >> do i get to the critique the news? >> we're critiquing the weather. [laughter] >> it wasn't a bad week. let's head outside. i have an issue. i have something that we -- i don't know if we can restore
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you are seeing a day and time lapse. there goes the sun. it's almost set. the official sunset time isn't until the sun gets below the horizon. but it's getting low in the sky earlier and earlier each day. a little bit of haze earlier. but now we're beginning to see some of that lift and with sunday's lift, we should have crystal-clear air. 100 flamingo and boulder, highway. 215, 93, only 15%. up near nellis, it's 98 and 10%. not a bad evening if you are going to head out and about. we have pretty much double digits. southeast part of town still flirting with the triple digit mark. they had a high of 103. 10 had on the -- 104 on the east side. sandy valley, 96. as we map out our saturday, at 8:00 a.m. in the low 80s.
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we have both days expected to hit triple digits. we'll feel that in the afternoon. we won't feel that much wind on saturday. that wind picks up on sunday. a few storms in the plain states moving to the midwest. we are sparkling clear. really nothing to show you here because we've got a developing area of low pressure that's not evident yet but as it develops and slides up into california. that's gonna kick up the winds. right now, around the region, rhino, 85. phoenix at 100. if you are travelingor mid-80s. we're expecting mid- to upper 70s in southern california. for southern nevada tonight, indian springs, 67. boulder city, a low of 73. high temperatures tomorrow afternoon, 104 at the lake. 76 on the mountain. 114 in death valley. 97 in st. george, utah. for the las vegas valley, 77ed 77 under a clear say.
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i think we could see 15, 25, maybe gusts around 30 miles per hour. still, 102 on sunday. on the back side of that system we'll knock the temperature down. are we ever? still some breezes, especially through wednesday afternoon. we're looking at temperatures falling to highs in the upper 80s and lows in the 60s. >> not a bad week either when it comes to the weather. >> carry on. [laughter] we'll take it to somebody who can make uspy person already celebrating the weekend. >> celebrating and pool side there, chloe beardsley. >> reporter: i can't believe i'm even working. it's been so calm out here. barely anyone in the pool. [laughter] >> reporter: and then that happens. we're live -- you've got some kids here.
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not the magician. we'll talk to them. they have a wide variety of guests here. i'm a little bit choking. i want to walk over here and say hi. you have a quite a crowd. let's introduce everybody. >> thank you. we have jaysson, his daughter. >> that's anna. >> anna. >> greg. >> kimberly and john. >> that's my folks, charlie and susan angel. >> hi, family! push. lee. >> reporter: and chris and todd have been soap nice -- so nice to have us heren and . you are wearing the -- >> martin truex hat. >> reporter: nascar. we have a vikings fan. chargers is over there. we have giants in the corner.
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you guys, in the studio, and kevin does not get to eat this. it says, thank you, news 3 weather authority. you guys are the first people who have ever gotten us a cake for doing this. so thank you so much. >> awesome. >> no, no. thank you. we want to thank news 3. and our sponsors. we couldn't have done it without you >> i'm gonna start looking for houses near bermuda and cactus. >> reporter: we're going to start eating this cake. >> yeah. >> reporter: and if we happen to have a little bit left over, we may or may not bring it back. >> that's a big if. >> reporter: for now, back to you. >> big party there. big if. >> i want them for neighbors. [laughter] let's talk about sports. amber has more tonight in
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high school football season. about now local teams should be feeling more at ease. more settled in. hopefully clicking on both sides of the football. that is the feeling here at "operation football." tonight at 11:00 we'll have the highlights from nine different games. randy howe joins us live from one of them right now. randy? >> reporter: yes, thank you, amber. it's hard to believe it's already week three of "operation football." maybe the biggest game is not being played. bishop gorman is on the road. bosco in california. that's on fox sports west. we'll have the highlights at 11:00. we have quite a few games throughout the valley. they will be pretty good. our game of the week this week will be the moapa valley pirates. 3-a state power making the trip down to las vegas to face the long horns. longhorns, they are 1-0 after a
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schedule this year. legacy only has four home games. as for the pirates, they come in at 1-1. they got a big win against hurricane utah and the head coach brent lewis said it could be a rebuilding season in moapa. >> we'll be very young this season. anticipate a lot of sophomores and juniors that we feel are capable but it will be a good test for our coaching over the last ten years. >> tell pea about what's made this team so -- so strong. >> it's about seniors stepping up and being the leaders. the great coaching staff we've had. they've been doing this for years and years. it's about leadership. >> reporter: all right. some of the other games, pahrump at boulder city.
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virgin valley coming to town to take on mojave. we'll get our first look at the western warriors. they take on bonanza. valley at shadow rim. that's where i am right now. shadowridge looking to go 2-0. the mustangs look fired up. i'm fired up for week number three of the high school football season. i will send it back to you. >> give that mustang a big hug for me. and operation football is where you can catch a glimpse of se the fans in the stands. upload your pictures using burst. go to to the big boys of football now, where broncos' linebacker and las vegas native brandon marshall lost a big uponners -- sponsor last night. air academy federal union said
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representation of the organization and its membership. marshall was supporting former college teammate colin kaepernick in recent weeks. and sat and neiled during the national anthem. finally this evening, the u.s. open saw a strange men's seemmy final today. novak faced his opponent but he give up at times. novak took the first two sets, 6-3, 6-2. the next set, not on his game. rips his shirt. not all of the way. he has the fabio look going. in the end, the play does not work.
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if you are gonna rip your shirt, do it all of the way. >> might as well. >> sweaty hands. i understand. >> slipped right out of his hands. an unusual world record attempt taking place in a backyard. >> what the man hopes to accomplish by building this
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suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while
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here is a look at what's coming up at 7:00. okay. it's not your typical backyard play set nor is this your average teeter-totter. >> an illinois man is trying to break a world 0 record on this huge teeter-totter. he started working on it back in 2014. some 50 feet high, more than 100 feet long. his goal is to make it into the guinness book of world records. >> so two officials of guinness, they were there measuring, taking notes. guinness says it will get chuck know if this makes a record in about two months. >> interesting. well, i think maybe he's inspired a whole new thing for disneyland and other theme
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at least it appears to be a recliner. >> you need an end table next to it. >> how about a bunch of pillows all around just in case? why not? all around just in case? why not? >> thanks to watching. danny tarkanian's carrying a lot of baggage. as a real-estate developer, tarkanian was penalized for failing to pay thousands in property taxes. tarkanian was ordered by a judge to repay $17 million tarkanian refused to pay the money back, forcing taxpayers to bail him out, leaving us holding the bag. danny tarkanian's out for himself, not us.
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right now -- more answers tonight about the start of a dangerous mercury exposure incident at a middle school. we'll tell you what the students are telling us now. well, it's official. the clark county school district is breaking up.
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your life and how soon you will see them. and a man in royal trouble for welfare fraud. how much money investigators say he had while living off the government. breaking news right near the springs preserve. a motorcycle has crashed into a car. this happened just about an hour ago at valley view and meadows lane. >> metro says the motorcycle rider has been transporto serious. we're starting to see police officers arrive on the scene there. we're not sure of the exact condition of the motorcycle rider. we just are thinking about this person and their family. police are asking at the area of springs reserve, valley view and meadows, avoid the area tonight. >> you tried to tell a teacher and what happened? >> he said he was too distracted. >> that's a student at walter


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