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tv   News 3 Live at Eleven  NBC  September 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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concerned. >> and operation football. randy and amber will take you under the friday night lights and he give you all the high school football highlights. >> news3 starts right now. >> well we start with breaking news tonight. a woman is fighting for her life after two crashes within a mile of each other. >> so the first crash happened after 7:00, a little bit of a ways from this live charleston and eastern. short after, the second collision happened here, a few blocks down at maryland parkway. a dodge magnum crashed into a ford mustang after running a red light at a very high rate of speed, this after the magnum was involved in a hit and run. >> the woman riding in that magnum suffered significant injuries. both drivers were not hurt. the driver ofhe magnum was
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heartache for some family out there tonight who's no doubt in an emergency room. we'll have those highlights on and on the news tomorrow. >> i'm marie mortera,. >> i'm reed cowan for jim tonight. parents dropped off contaminated items at the johnson junior high,. >> very quiet here tonight compared to wednesday night. the epa spent the day clearing classrooms and also, checking clothing and other items brought in by parents who still had concern. but another looming question: how might the school district be held accountable? parents say their concerns are being put to rest tonight at johnson junior high. >> we just brought down some of his clothing. a pair of pants and a tee shirt
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nothing on there that was potentially hazardous. >> after middle schoolers first came in contact with mercury last friday. steve halinan from the epa explains. >> about dozens of the personal belong that is were brought by were at such a level that we want to figure out how to combat it. >> other parents want to >> my main concern is not the lawsuit behind this. it is the embetterment or improving the school system. >> attorney norman reed talks about the school district responsibility. >> probably the school district couldn't foresee, the chances of them being liable is less likely. if they are truly trying the make a change for the better for the children for our community
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greatly. >> as the epa continues to sweep the school grounds for mercury, kelenaug says things like this happen more than we realize and help improve clark county school district's readiness. >> it is just we want to make sure everybody is safe at the end of the day. >> reporter: the ep sunday to continue to check the locker rooms and the gym. nevada health district will be out here tomorrow morning. reporting live, i'm christy wilcox, news3. >> christy thank you for that. the students from johnson may have been exposed to mercury for several days but how dangerous is it to handle? we spoke to a mercury expert earlier today who showed us just
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that small bottle weighs a pound. while mackenzie says handling small drops of mercury can be dangerous, he explains the steps the crew uses to clean that up. >> water will evaporate and be dry. mercury will evaporated years. that much mercury could contaminate an entire classroom. >> mackenzie calls in removal process extensive, requiring special vacuums, air testers, mercury is most dangerous if it is inhaled and could damage the brain, lungs and kidney.
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page.if you own a galaxy note o galaxy note phone, please note. >> after catching fire, while in flames. business owner neil shediaya says this is not new. >> all phones have lithium batteries. they are prone to blow up. >> they are the same kind of batteries that exploded inside hover boards. >> two people in my family have them. i don't think it's so serious. we haven't returned ours.
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travelers not to use their notes while in plains and not to store them in luggage. he says he doesn't worry about the phone and appreciate the warning. >> that way if something does lap i know that it was either my fault or can i take some legal action or something. >> he says if you happen to have this model and you're worried about this battery exploding, just take it back to the store. >> he's okay with it. i would notnt pocket. >> alexis, thank you about that. >> texas mattress store under fire for a shocking ad campaign tied to the 9/11 attacks. they have now closed their doors indefinitely after ought the
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the owner of the stores then uttered the line, "we will never forget." >> democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is once again rallying supporters here if las vegas. she'll be here wednesday telling the voters about her vision for america. at this point we don't know where she is speaking or if the event will be open to the public. you'll be able to find the informationn >> our mission is to reach out to both candidates in extended interviews not only in our station here but our sister stations across the country. tell whaws you want to know us what you want to knowabout t.
11:08 pm no luck selling it they say hey, let's just give it away. there is a catch. you'll have to pick unthe diner and haul it off. the owners hope whoever takes it will keep it local and operating. >> fascinating. news3 is your weather authority. maybe we can bring it here. >> did we get to triple digits? >> just barely. just after 5:00. >> and we dipped our toe in. >> yes, over the century mark both tomorrow and sunday. how about that 3? guarantee, we nailed it again, six for six, is that the right graphic? how come that's not showing up
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all right i am seeing different graphics and that is not advancing. we're on weather computer 1 if that does make a difference. all right, well i'm -- okay. can we do a reboot because it's not showing up on my computer guys. >> kevin we understand that is live tv and that's situation with computers, today we have had just a few situations. >> a different kind of reboot, a piece of las vegas history getting a face lift with classic flavor. >> well a local developer is revising, several new restaurants and businesses are moving in including a new wing stop inside the hunt ridge pharmacy. >> the developer hopes to purchase the historic hunts ridge theater, this hunts ridge
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we learned today, that is actually brand-new. they want to keep the place looking vintage, authentic. >> kevin janison has taken a shine to his computer system and it's now working. hi kevin. >> i'm not sure what happened there but we'll get to your seven-day forecast beginning with our view from the far west side of the las vegas valley after the sun came up. we had a pretty nice day today but looking the other way where you could s with the wind, what else you might notice, there goes the sun, 6:54, sun is setting. days are getting shorter and shorter. look how calm, without the wind. that wind is coming back on sunday and we could actually exceed 30 miles per hour, so imagine that the ladies and
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active. one more stop takes us to spring valley, there at 80 and 19%. rest of the temperatures across the valley falling into the 80s for the most part. couple of the communities in the southeast flirting with the 90s. green valley maxed out 103. the lake coming in at 85, overton still at 90. they maxed out at death valley hit 111. at mccarran today the official temperature 100. we clicked there aobit after 5:00. well within our 3? guarantee, 6 for 6 during the month of september, $198 raised for three square. start is in the 70s, mid 90s at noon. not much wind it should stay
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without a whole lot of action going on so where are we on time here guys? i'll try the zip on through. here are your low temperatures tonight. going down to the 40s in the mountains, 60 in i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me.
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>> it's time for operation football! this is operation football with randy howe and amber dixon, brought to you by findley toyota. >> welcome to operation football, along with amber dixon i'm randy howe. two games of the week, number 1 bishop gorman, traveled to bosco, coming up. >> mowapa valley, traveled to
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legacy with the long horns home opener and it is our game of the we'll week. >> let's get right to it. it was 21-7 in favor of the legacy long horns. sky parker made it 24-7. long horns started to open it up. sam turner make some moves, off to the races, weren't done on the ground. isaiah whitehead, running over pirates, 31 yards later into the end zone. legacy won 31-7 with a simple key to success. >> we work hard every day. our coaches let us put it in this way to win, we did it for the team. >> we had to get them back here.
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>> all day every day. defense you got to stay strong. >> all right, speak of that let's get the next game going. shadow ridge high school, mustangs hosting, fired up to stay unbeaten. vikings coming in, that brings us to the raising canes play of the night. using the legs of elijah jung. the cuts there, cutting there cutting there, he is off to the end zone four cuts 62 yards, if that's not good enough for player of the flight, he had icing on it. terry young gone again, 68 yards that time, 65-14, el dorado,
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43-zip, cowboys, aden bernard, they go on to get the click trophy, enjoy it guys, you'll have it for ayear. amber. >> bishop gorman took on st. john bosco in bellflower, california. demetrius flowers, busting end zone. got on the board first, 7-0. gor 91 game would take to the
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launches it to the second string qb, a first rate wide receiver, goes on to win 35-20. the rancho rams, home opener, the 1 and 0 sierra vista mountain lions, first drive handoff to this big boy, 6', senior vista leads, seven-zip, oscar oleaga, sierra vista wins, are 43-8. foothill falls to arbor view, 43-15.
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>> welcome back to the show. time to head south. the bonanza warriors, first win of the year, something had to give tonight, the bengals were up 28 to 8 in the second half lead. christian hensley tologa, this is a pretty nice play, joseph medley somehow gets the ball, down field to daquan carter. big run in bengal territory.
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road nearby at clark, the chargers their hands full, maybe the best aaa school in the state. jordan diggs digging out some real estate. first 6 of the game. next, number 7, isaiah morris, he's having a huge year, racking up yardage, they are not going to catch him, he might be the fastest guy in the state. jags win, 42-7. powered by score stream,
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>> welcome back to operation football, take it away, randy and amber.
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>> well, this is selfie of the night. but i december the guy gave the award early and this goes to kevin child. he's one of the school board trustees, taking a selfie for us and it features our very own news3 photographer, george romero.can we get back to the highlights well i think we're having some issues, apparently. all right you're watching the
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>> hi, welcome back to operation football. take it away randy and amber. >> thanks for staying with us. so far this season, the boulder city eagles have won by a huge margin and lost by a big margin. tonight against column valley the eagles were thoug ahead of the anniversary of 9/11 this weekend -- this is not the correct highlights.okay so this is actually mojave plagues add
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bulldogs. handing it off to senior running back jaden perkins. you think he's done, he's taking the rattler defenders with him. go to the end zone, not quite, he would end up getting it done. virgin valley, shuts out mojave, 12-nothing. here is another school, sunrise mountain gets the win over spring valley, 26 2a division, lake mead wins, 28-13. >> we've got gremlins, i don't know what's going on in the computer. we got the highlights. >> most of them, a little mixed around flub-ups here and there, i thought we were going to have our stuff together. it's week 3, shouldn't we have
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football we have a lot of weeks left. >> might have coaches come yell at us. that might be happening after this newscast? >> sights you might have missed around the valley, we'll see you again next week. >> next week. ?? ?? ?? realtime closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company [ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- james spader,


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