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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  September 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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provided by u.s.captioningg accurate now at news 3 live today a woman is fighting for her life this morning after she was involved in not one but two crashes and police say she was a passenger. details on what exactly happened. heading to court. court. some parents outraged at a mercury at a local school want to hold the school distri willing to go? saying i'm sorry. an inmate who escaped during a court hearing writes a letter apologizing to the judge. why he says he ran away in the first place. news 3 live today starts right now. >> anchor: good morning, thank you for joining us. we will taking a live look at the las vegas valley this morning. it is saturday, september 10.
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yesterday. jerry brown, another day of this? i didn't like it so much. >> you know, there's got to be a few people out there that miss those lazy, hazy days of summer. i'm kind of looking forward to fall. but today definitely going to feel a little like summer, especially as you head down toward the lake down there. you can see our skies are brightening in the east. sunrise this morning at 6:20, so we'll keep an eye on that. pretty sure it is going to rise. there. here at the downtown studios 73 degrees. winds not a big deal today. they will start to be noticeable tomorrow afternoon. humidity is up as is the dew point but that's coming down. we are in a dry pattern. the barometer is high. 80s in the colorado river valley, 50s up to there and mid 60s in beatty.
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in blue diamond. our skies krystal clear as you can see all across the southwest and today if you are planning ahead, how about 102 on the east side for an afternoon high. upper 80s by 10:00 a.m. this morning is pretty nice but upper 90s by mid afternoon. 100 by 6:00 p.m. and that will be down from the afternoon high. it is saturday night tonight. mid 70s, clear, mild evening. as i said, winds are going to tomorrow, kyndell, and they will be around through the first part of the week but blow us back into the 90s, even maybe upper 80s. i think you will like the workweek forecast. >> anchor: upper 80s. we will take it. jerry, thank you. more than a week after students may have been exposed to mercury at walt johnson junior high school the clean-up continues. the epa will be back at the school this morning after parents spent the day yesterday
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have been contaminated. parents are also getting some of their concerns addressed. >> reporter: parents say their concerns are being put to rest at johnson junior high. >> we just brought down some of his clothing. a pair of pants and t-shirt that he wore that day just to make sure there were nothing on there that was potentially hazard. >> reporter: this is one of about 40 parents brought items worn by students after middle school students came in contact with >> about a dozen of the personal belongings that have been brought by were at such a level we are going to take a look at them. >> reporter: parents say they spent money out-of-pocket to take their kids to the doctor. they look forward to moving on. other parents want to look into a lawsuit. >> my main concern is not the lawsuit behind this. it is the improving the system. >> reporter: attorney norman
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liability. >> when you have a situation where you have an unfor seen act, something probably the school district couldn't foresee the chances of them being liable are less likely. >> reporter: reed explains why parents may not be successful.
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the children, for our community, then the possibility of the success of the suit enhances greatly. >> reporter: as the epa continues to sweep the school grounds for mercury, situations like these happen more than we hear about and they are committed to help improve clark county schools preparedness. >> it may seem that we are taking the extra effort to secure and collect and screen material but we want to make sure everybody is safe at the end of the day i. >> anchor: the epa will continue to check gyms and locker rooms this entire weekend. they will be back at the school from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. tonight and if you are a parent who still has health questions, a doctor from the southern nevada health district will be at the school today and tomorrow between 8:00 a.m. and noon. the school is expected to reopen this monday. we spoke to a mercury expert to find out just how dangerous the substance is if you are exposed to it. lisle mckenzie says handling the smallest drops of mercury can be dangerous like this 3.5-inch bottle of the substance. it only weighs about a pound. he explained to us how careful crews need to take to have this all cleaned up. >> the first thing you want to do is isolate thar into the hvac system. water will evaporate and be dry. mercury will evaporate and be there for days, weeks, years. that much mercury could contaminate an entire classroom. >> anchor: mckenzie calls the removal process extensive requiring special vacuums and air testers. he says mercury is most dangerous if inhaled. then it can damage the brain,
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after two crashes one after the other within a mile of each other. the first crash happened just after 7:00 class night at charleston and eastern. shortly after that, the second collision just a few blocks down the road at maryland parkway. metro says a dodge magnum crashed into a ford mustang after running a red light while speeding. this was after the magnum was involved in a hit-and-run. a woman riding in the magnum suffered significant injuries. the driver of the two vehicles were not hurt. metro says he magnum appeared to be impaired. he was arrested after his release from the hospital. the woman accused of running over her boyfriend and then leaving the scene is claiming she is innocent. lahtijera howard was behind the wheel of the car that hit and killed darryl white. metro found white's body outside an apartment complex near bonanza and pecos.
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over. we spoke to a relative over phone and didn't want to share her name. white had been with howard about three years and white was wanting to break up. >> if you don't like somebody, just leave them. you don't have to kill anybody. all he wanted to do was make her happy. >> anchor: the couple has a 3 years old son who is now without both of his parents. a florida inmate who escaped from the courthouse writes a letter to the judge apologizing for the day he ran away. hearing dionte managed it run out of the courthouse in july. he was recently recaptured but when he was on the run he wrote a letter to the judge saying his escape was nothing personal and even respected the judge. he said he ran away to gather information for his appeal to prove he is innocent. at the end of the day the judge didn't buy it at all. coming up, break-through
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>> anchor: welcome back. a car bomb targeting a shopping mall in eastern baghdad killed 11 people and wounded 28 others. this happened late last night. footage shot this morning shows a wide area outside of the mall covered by the charred wreckage of at least one vehicle. officials say three iraqi policemen are among the dead. the attack comes as iraqi ground forces are moving into position ahead of a planned operation to retake the militant health city
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they say is a successful test of a nuclear warhead. it reportedly happened yesterday. north korea claims the warhead can be put on any of its ballistic missiles. earlier today the united states and russia announce add break-through agreement and syria that foresees a nationwide cease fire. an agreement was followed by a new military partnership between the rival government targeting after a marathon day of negotiations secretary of state john kerry said the plan can lead to a long-sought political plan transition. it could help expand the counter terrorism fight and delivery to syrian pavilions. check out the next one. they say diamonds are a girl's best friend, this might be family. a swiss jewelry maker unveiled a
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a rough diamond is -- the rough diamond is one of the rarest types and has little to know impurities and no color. it was found last november in a mine. the dubai base trading company purchased it for a record-breaking $63 million last may. it is almost $789,000 per karat. big day ahead for the rebel football team. they on the road to face from the fighters in tonight's usc203. too good to be true? a publisher's clearing house prize turns out to be a scam. what you need to look out for.
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>> anchor: heavy rain and flooding causing problems for
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this video from wichita where as much as five inches of rain fell per hour. police say at one point there were reports of 43 cars submerged in the floodwaters and at least one driver had to be rescued. you know the saying turn around don't drown at least here locally. jerry, not too much to worry about when it comes to the wet
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have to put that in perspective when i use the word hot. by september standards we will be well above normal. it is certainly warm if you are out and have outdoor activities planned. my son was playing some lacross yesterday and it was hot out there. i was hot just watching. let's take a look at our impending sunrise here looking to the east from the red rock resort. you can see our skies clearing and high clouds drifting through. they're not going to amount to much and they will be gone by midday. if you are looking for some shade, you may be out of luck today. lots of sunshine. going to be noticeably warmer on the east side than west side. you summerlin folks and west siders in the 90s. 79 on the strip, winds are calm. humidity down 16%. should see single digits later this afternoon. dew point low as well. meanwhile noticeably cooler in the southwest valley. southern highland 70 degrees. that's kind of refreshing. the northeast always warmer corridor and 81 up at herr elementary. 73 at our downtown studios. 81 is down in henderson from downtown over to and them. mountains edge in at 80. palo verde high 73 and ce check it out. pahrump 70 degrees, 61 at the mount charleston lodge, 80 bolder city and mesquite 75 degrees over in eastern clack county. officially 78 at the top of the hour for the airport, 64 in the city of angels and 51 in the salt lake valley. nationally big frontal system crisscrossing the country, usual steam bath down here and cooler air up here. we are under a ridge of high pressure and our skies generally very, very clear and nothing coming up from old mexico or out in the pacific to threaten the calm conditions this weekend, albeit the rather warm ones. you can see the skies a few clouds drifting through mostly read. bolder city 103, 100 pahrump and 90s up toward central nevada and warmer 108 down in laughlin. for us in the city, 102 sunny, hot, dry day with winds generally easterly 5 to 10 miles an hour.
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heading up there. you always have that option around here. 96 at red rock. winds will be light and still summer down on the lake, 104 degrees. good for aquatic activities with the water temperature at 82. that's the mid lake buoy we get that from. 73 our normal low for an overnight low. i'm going to average it out at about 76. a little warmer in downtown. it is going to be a mild night. but here is the deal. the weekend triple digits east side and then noticeably cooler evidence on monday. 96 and a breezy tuesday. with a high of 90 i'm not expecting any complaints and for kyndell a 89 on wednesday. 90 and 95 thursday and friday. this could be our last triple digit weekend of 2016. i don't know about you, but i've got my fingers crossed. i'm ready for autumn. >> anchor: something to look forward to.
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clinton is rallying supports right here in las vegas. she will be here on wednesday telling voters about her vision for america. right now we don't know exactly where she will be speaking or if the event will be open to the public. as soon as her campaign releases that information, you will be able to find out on our website as the saying goes, kids say the darnedest things. cnn reporter gary recently sat down with second graders to get their take on the presidential race between hillary clinton and donald trump. >> reporter: have you heard anything on tv about hillary clinton and donald trump. >> yeah. >> reporter: do you know they yell a lot? >> yeah. >> reporter: why are they yelling at each other, hillary clinton and donald trump? >> they are mad. >> they don't want the other person to win. >> anchor: when they were asked what they would do if they
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today is a big day for tony sanchez and the rebel football team. they take on ucla tonight. the rebels late last to the bruins last year by 28 at sam boyd stadium. tonight 26-point underdogs. the bruins dropped out of the top 25 this week after they lost a close game from texas a&m. the bruins might want to look to make a statent were last year. new quarterback hooked up with boyd for three scores in the opening win. bruins quarterback rosen worries sanchez. he may be the best sophomore in the nation. sanchez faced hill at bishop gorman a few years ago. >> he is a heck of a high school player. arguably the best in high school football senior here, arguably the best freshman in college football last year at quarterback. he will continue to fight for that the rest of his career.
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they've got a ton of talent around them and a lot of great weapons around them. they changed it up. last year high tempo spread team. now going to a pro style. a lot of 21 personnel, 22, 12 personnel. so they've changed completely what they do offensively. i'm sure they are settling into that when it comes to play calling and execution and such. >> catch that today 5:00 on the pam network. the wolfpack are on the road facing a team to make a statement. 28-point under dogs for notre dame. big fight card tonight. that man will debut in mma. c.n. punk faces mickey gall. both weighing 170. punk asked about weight cut
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as a pro wrestler. he said it was tough. >> it is not a fun thing to do. if anybody has done it, they know. i'm not going to tell you it has been super awesome or disas tress either way. it is for you to figure out. i'm setting pretty right now. i feel good. i'm here. i have a little color in my cheeks. i mean i don't look bad, do i? no? all right. thank you. it is a nice jacket. thank you very much. >> as the magnitude of the situation been daunting or is it what you expected? >> it is what i it has been fun. i really enjoyed the whole process. pressure is not getting to me, man. i feel good. >> reporter: should be a really good fight card and i really hope that punk's fighting is better than that jacket. back to you. >> anchor: thank you for that. get this. we all dream of hearing the doorbell ring and finding someone at the front door with a big check. but this publisher's clearing
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unfortunately, it is a rip off. here is maria morterta with this week's rip off alert. >> >> one victim shares her close call and how you can shut down the crooks before they crack into your bank account. >> they were telling me i was the winner on publisher's clearing house. >> reporter: mary wildman admits she was elated when the voice on the phone said she won $2.5 million and a new mercedes. >> to receive this prize have you to pay the taxes which amounts so you need to go to the bank. >> reporter: they said she needed to go immediately. time was of the essence for her to get this money to them so they could deliver her prizes. so mary and her husband went to an ohio grocery store with a western union inside. >> i hand her the cash and tell her i want to send it to this person. she looks at me and she says, i don't think you want to do this. i knew i didn't want to do it, but i was doing it anyway. >> reporter: mary insisted. the $500 was sent.
6:24 am
to send $5,000 more to pay for the insurance on her car. >> i knew all along this is crazy, and yet i could not control what i was doing. it was like they had a spell on me that i could not break. >> reporter: mary sent cash via express mail. when she left she had a sinking feeling in her stomach and then called publisher's clearing house directly and learned this was a fraud. she called police and her postmaster trying to track her package with the cash inside. as mary got good news. >> he handed me my envelope. i have never cried so hard in my life. he says open it and count it. my $5,950 was in there, and i was never so grateful for anything in my life because i could not believe at that point the fool i had made of myself by believing these lies. >> reporter: postal inspectors say she got caught up and felt
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insurancey scammers create. >> they want you to send it express is attempting to steal your money so you can't recover it. >> no legitimate lottery will ask for money up front to get the prize. >> anchor: mcdonald's of greater law enforcement and members of haul local agencies are teaming up to give you the opportunity to meet with the men and women who keep our community safe. joining me to talk about the annual coffee with the cop event nevada highway patrol and tony in mcdonald's. let's talk about the event that's going on this weekend. >> we are kicking off thank a cop week next week. we've teamed up again with mcdonald's. this is our third year. we do two events a year and it is an opportunity for us to meet with the community and they can come in and talk with us and ask us questions about what we're doing. what's law enforcement doing to make the community relationship that much better. they can ask us anything.
6:26 am
a free cup of coffee to do so. >> that's right. >> reporter: tony, let's get into that. let's talk about the partnership and exactly where everybody is able to go with meet with community leaders. >> you bet. mcdonald's we call it coffee with a cop and we are proud partners with all of our local law enforcement agencies. we will be hosting this event at six locations here across the southern nevada area spread out through the valley as well as out in mesquite. and as mentioned, please and join us on september 21 from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. we will be happy to provide the free coffee and we're grateful for our partnership with the local law enforcement agencies. >> anchor: i can only imagine especially for you lieutenant, this day and age it is no seek receipt the communication between law enforcement and civilians is more important than ever in recent history. how do you think this week will go and what are you looking forward to the most?
6:27 am
somebody's hand and let them understand what we are people, too, you know. they look at us sometimes as we're the villains or we are doing something where we are just doing our job and what we have been asked to do. not always is that the popular zoo decision. if they can understand that we are people and we can understand where they are coming from, maybe there is a happy medium that we can actually work together instead of butting heads all the time. >> anchor: i agree. sometimes it seems communication the saying is key is the saying fo >> absolutely. if we can get across to one person in the community, then we've done our job. because it is going to be one less person that we have to deal with on a confrontational basis and we would rather have community partners instead of community adversaries. we look forward to doing it and thank mcdonald's so much for allowing us. >> anchor: i was about to do that. we will have all the information
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>> yes, six locations across the valley. we are in your communities. we live there, operate there and get the chance to be with the individuals. so we invite these community members do come out and participate and help make our community stronger. >> anchor: tony, thank you and lieutenant you as well. coming up, closed for business. a mattress store criticized for commercial tied to the 9-11 attacks has now shut down. why the owner says this was prly coming up, how a local group of dancers is paying tribute to the victims of the september 11 attacks.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we faface. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what i'll do as president. >> anchor: right now on news 3 live today a fire sweeps true a factory this morning killing more than a dozen people. what officialing believe caused it. monumental changes.
6:31 am
thumbs up to reorganize the clark county school district. we'll tell you when all the changes are set to take place. and we're taking a look at the long and storied history of the air force base. tom hawley takes us back in time in the video vault. >> anchor: good morning. thank you for joining us. taking a live look out at the las vegas valley this morning. 2016. a good day to enjoy the weekend especially, jerry brown, if you like triple digits. >> yeah. you are going to need to slap on the old sun block if you are going out and try to find shade. you may be hard pressed to do it. let's look -- well, our sun has risen from the springs preserve. a few clouds to the east. they are drifting by pretty quickly. they will be around this morning and by afternoon we have lots
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might not be a bad day to go out there, 73 degrees and calm winds. 26% the relative humidity. i have seen lower figures than that and that figure will be coming down. should be dry today and barometer should be high enough, usually over 30 inches though not at the springs preserve. 72 downtown las vegas, 80 downtown. henderson 73. out in summerlin and around southern nevada mid 70s in eastern clark county, upper 60s over in pahrump. skies generally clear except the few clouds hardly discernible on the satellite shot. by mid morning 89 degrees at 10:00. how about 98 by mid afternoon, 100 early evening down from an afternoon high of 102 degrees and mild evening clear skies if you have any outdoor plans you don't have to throw the umbrella in the back of the sedan. we do have winds in our forecast but we have cooler temperatures. i think you are going to like the workweek. that's up ahead.
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we are following developing news from bangladesh where a boiler exploded this morning triggering a fire at a packaging factory that killed at least 17 people. officials say dozens of injured were taken to an area hospital. there were reportedly 50 people inside the factory at that time. no word on what caused the boiler to explode but officials say factory safety and work conditions are a major concern in bangladesh. happening today, the man who scheduled to leave a washington, d. c. mental hospital. earlier this year a federal judge ruled that 61-year-old john hinckley is not a danger to himself or the public. he has been in a facility for 35 years and set to live full-time in his mother's home in virginia. a monumental shake of the fifth largest school district. las vegas lawmakers gave the thumbs up to re-organize the school district.
6:34 am
fresh a centralized office to giving more authority to roughly 300 schools in the district. principals and volunteer boards will get control of 80% of the money flowing into the school. despite concerns over funding, many lawmakers say the district shake-up sends a powerful message about how important education is to enough enough. >> we are 50th, we are 49th. how much worse can we get? we have to make dramatic change to improve. no one finds it acceptable that we at comes to education in this state and especially in southern nevada. we will not tolerate it any longer and we are going to improve. >> anchor: the clark county school district can now get to work immediately on the re-organization plan. training principals and staff for the transition. the changes are set to go into place this very next school year. an update to a story we brought you yesterday morning right here on news 3 about a texas mattress store under fire
6:35 am
that store has now closed indefinitely. >> what better way to remember 9-11 than with a twin tower sale. right now you can get any size mattress for twin price. mull mattress, twin price. storewide sale all day long. oh, my gosh! we'll never forget. >> anchor: so that was the ad promoting the company's twin tower sale that caused so much the owner of the store said they are closing out of respect to the families and victims of this tragedy. tomorrow marks the 15th anniversary since the attack on america by list a.m.ic extremists on september 11, 2001. according to a poll to be released this weekend on "full measure" a majority of americans do not feel more safe in spite of trillions of dollars spent on the war on terror. breaking down the cost of terror
6:36 am
42,000tsa screeners who have become part of our everyday travel. that is small compared to the overall size of the department of homeland security which has grown to almost a quarter million employees. after 15 years even those in charge have real concerns. >> as chairman of the senate homeland security committee what keeps you up at night? >> our borders not secure. you ought to be concerned about refugees and the visa waiver the porous southern border. >> anchor: all the cost of terror can't be counted. for one man remembering 9-11 is just starting to be less painful. vaughn alex worked at the american airlines ticket counter at dulles airport on september 11, 2001. he checked in two men running late for flight 77. those two men helped later hijack and crash that plane into the pentagon.
6:37 am
>> hardly a day goes by where there is not some kind of reminder. >> reporter: 15 years later and vaughn alex still has guilt. a small piece of him still blaming himself for the terror attacks on september 11. >> when it first happened, i felt very guilty about checking in two of the hijackers. >> reporter: alex was working the ticket counter for american airlines at dulles international airport, flight 77 heading for los angeles. >> these two guys come running in the front door go. >> reporter: the two almost missing the plane but alex checked their information on got them on board. it wasn't until the next day when he was being interviewed by the fbi he realized those two brothers helped hijack flight 77 crashing it into the pentagon. >> i looked at the fbi agents and they looked at me and they knew. and i just went i did it, didn't i? and they said you did what? and i go i did it.
6:38 am
people were killed. alex says his co-workers would not talk to him. only his family and close friends helped him through many dark days. >> it was pretty bad. it was pretty much a bottomless pit for a long time. >> reporter: alex has only spoken publicly about that day a few times. on the tenth anniversary and recently with story corps. even though he didn't do anything wrong, he still thinks about the lives lost and approaching the 15th anniversary he wonders if he couha history. >> i think we have come a long way. i know i have. we're commemorating something rather than mourning something, i think. >> anchor: alex says this sunday he plans to take part in a motorcycle ride from dulles to the pentagon. a group of 15 years old dancers in henderson are performing a special routine.
6:39 am
one of those dancers is allison lee. she lost her father daniel in the tragedy two days before she was born. he was on one of the planes that crashed into the world trade center. the remembrance dance is choreographed to depict parts of what happened on that day. allison says she is glad that she can honor her father's memory. of course, we will never forget the lives lost on that tragic day. in southern nevada there are several events going on this weekend to honor the victims and the first responders who bravely ran toward the destructio those events on our website we will also go back in time tomorrow morning right here on new approximates. coming up, we have a recall to tell you about this morning. this one involves eye solution. we will tell you which brands to watch out for because it is what is inside of them that could hurt your eyes. growing concerns over samsung's galaxy note 7. a man says the device caused his vehicle to explode. coming up, hear from a
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>> anchor: welcome back. two brands of purified water solutions for the eyes are being recalled due to possible contamination. it is eye wash and eye irrigation solutions. possible contamination in the products could cause a potentially sight-threatening eye flushed eye. if you have the solutions you should stop using the product immediately. concerns are growing across the country about the samsung galaxy note 7. the car's owner said he left the cell phone charging in the jeep and it ex moded. the faa told passengers not to
6:43 am
them on board any planes. alexis fernandez explains the risk. >> reporter: many people are turning to social media showing the results of an exploded body inside the samsung galaxy note 7 after catching fire while charging. one photo shows a jeep engulfed in flames. this business owner says the problem isn't new. >> all phones have lithium batteries and can blow up. >> reporter: last week samsung issued a worldwide phone recall after finding a problem inside the lithium batteries. they are the same batteries that exploded inside hoverboards. >> two people in my family have them. we haven't returned ours. >> reporter: the faa is asking travelers not to use notes on plane and not to stow them in their luggage. although this man is not worried about the phone, he appreciates the warning. >> that way if something does happen, i know that it was either my fault or i can take
6:44 am
have this model phone and you are worried about the battery exploding just take it back to the store and they will take care of it for you. coming up on news 3 live today, helping others. one man isn't letting his disability keep him from enjoying the great outdoors. how he is inspiring others like him to seek out i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way.
6:45 am
nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
6:46 am
>> anchor: welcome back. jerry brown with your weather authority. it is a warm weekend out there. we will have a lot of colleagues out today. sunscreen, shorts? >> it is not going to rain but you might want an umbrella for shade. it is going to be hot today by september standards. we just went through the hottest summer on record.
6:47 am
on the east side of the valley, 101, 102 degrees and on the 90s on the west side and pretty intense sunshine. speaking of sunshine, let's take a look at our sunrise officially at 6:20. you can see a few clouds to the east. they are drifting through rather quickly. i don't think they are going to be much of a resource when it comes to seeking shade today. sunny skies this afternoon. central valley, sahara and 15 in the mid 70s. light, southwest winds. afternoon. barometer at 30 inches evening. it just went up to 30.01. this is live on our weather bug network. the east side it is 71 degrees, a light east, southeast wind. humidity well elevated. clouds over there to the east. 31% the relative humidity in the
6:48 am
74 at our downtown studios, pushing 80 in downtown henderson, low 80s in anthem. mountains edge in at 80 and summerlin and palo verde high in at 75 degrees. around southern nevada, 61 up in the mount charleston lodge. mesquite is 76, 82 bolder city and 84 down in the colorado river valley in laughlin. aren't live, top of the hour 78 at mccarran and weather bug temperatures are updating by the second. big frontal system kris costing the country. warmer down here, slightly cooler up here. we are on the toasty side today with a ridge of high pressure over us. but not a lot in cloud cover. you did see a few to the east but they are hard to discern on our satellite doppler composite. they are not amounting to much and moving rather quickly.
6:49 am
also in pahrump they hit 100. as you move up to the north, 90s from indian springs up to alan mid 70s up on the mountain, 96 at red rock and on the lake it feels like summer, 82 the water temperature and 104 the air temperature. mid 70s overnight should be pretty nice evening on the mild side. then we triple digits on monday with afternoon breezes and more breezes tuesday into wednesday. with temperatures 89 to 90, hey, do i hear any complaints there? >> anchor: we'll take it, jerry. thank you so much for that. in the next one, where there is a will there is a way. a man in colorado is helping to make that way a little easier for those with mobility disabilities who haven't lost already sense of adventure. here is his inspiring story.
6:50 am
>> reporter: some believes mountains are meant for climbing. then there are the hearty few who believe they're meant for crushing. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: jake o'connor is one of those souls. >> you've got to be strong and fit. >> reporter: jake has never been one to shy away from a little bit of dirt and sweat. >> who wouldn't want to just ride up a mountain trail or jeep trail or something like that and be with nature. >> reporter: he wasn't going to let a construction accident that left him paralyzed 15 years ago change that. >> i am a paraplegic. >> reporter: jake is not all that impressed with himself. >> i think anybody can do it. >> reporter: he is more impressed with his dog nicky's best trick. >> she is the best trail dog i have ever had. >> reporter: when you leave in a place like crestabutte this is a way of life. except for jake, it is a little bit more than that.
6:51 am
sometimes because i have designs in my head. >> reporter: jake's company reactive adaptations are one of the only ones in the world making adaptive mountain bikes. >> i am continuously amazed to see where people are taking these bikes and what they do with them. >> reporter: these bikes are jake's life now. even though he didn't ride much before his accident. >> before the accident i just wanted to claw climb rocks. >> reporter: he doesn't want to be called a mountain biker. >> i don't label myself >> reporter: a her mitt who is helping people like him. >> so here it is. your brand new off-road hand cycle. >> reporter: tim was a
6:52 am
6:53 am
>> yeah. >> reporter: when he heard about jake's bikes, he had to have one. >> i'm excite today go back. a wheelchair can only get you so far. this is a chance to get back to some spots that i know from before being in a wheelchair. >> he has a tall head. >> i have a big head. this is way too small. >> reporter: if you can't tell by now, jake is not much of a softy.
6:54 am
6:55 am
he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president. i just cannot support donald trump. what we know today is nell u. s. air force base is
6:56 am
anniversary. in 1941 in the months before the u.s. entry into world war ii, las vegas had a population of just 9,000 and was mostly known as the gateway to hoover dam but it had other advantages. >> 362 days of sunshine and a whole lot of open space out there that they could set aside for gunnery range and bombing range. it did make sense. >> reporter: mark hall patton is administrator of the clark county museum which opened a new exhibit what was then called the las ve >> what that meant was they were training the people who were going to be on the bombers using the machine guns. >> reporter: there are plenty of artifacts as well as a film created when hollywood began to shore up support for the war effort. >> they brought in ronald reagan. >> here they are student gunners as one of america's three vast gunnery schools. >> it was the first flexible gunnery school. >> reporter: flexible meant movable guns shot from moving platforms against moving targets to simulate air combat.
6:57 am
the old rail beds for those tracks still exist today as a series of triangular berms in the far north valley. in a scene where the training progressive distinctive local mountains are in the background. >> they are eager to get the feel of actual cam bat in air-to-air shooting they get it. >> reporter: the guary school made the cover of "life" magazine. after the war ended it closed but with washington and part mccarran the gunnery school found new life. >> we opened in 1949 as the las vegas air force base and renamed in 1950 for bill nellis, a pilot who had grown up in search light and killed in the battle of the bulge. >> reporter: to see the exhibit in person stop by on boulder highway. admission is two dollars and includes everything in the museum.
6:58 am
>> anchor: tom hawley taking us back. warm this weekend, not so much next week, right? >> 100 yesterday, 102 today, 102 on sunday with some breezes developing. the breezes blow us back down into the upper 80s and lower 90s. take them.
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. on the attack. the war of words with hillary clinton and donald trump ramping up with some of the nasty jabs yet. >> she could walk into the rena right in the middle of the heart and she would not be prosecuted. >> you could put them in the basket of deplorable. islamaphobic and xenophobic. you name it. >> and barbara streisand puts a


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